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    53; GWM; brown hair; grey eyes; poz for 19 years now, on meds and undectable
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    The only porn experience I have is posting dick pics on line ;)
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    Mutual piss play; getting piggy; I'd love to try blood play; I want to get into being fucked. I want to give myself up to some guy and let him use me. Love just rough sex-biting chewing and whatever else may happen

    hard limits-women and anything illegal

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  1. if you violate codes like serving food in an establishment not licensed to serve food, then you deserve to be shut down; you're one food poisoning case away from bankruptcy anyway
  2. I won't lick envelopes but I'll eat a stranger's ass we are strange creatures LOL
  3. I don't. I think it's almost common nowadays.
  4. I'm not surprised that Gulch isn't open yet There was a little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant like a block of so from Eros. I always went there to eat after playing at Eros
  5. the city is too expensive for something like that and with all the apps, I'm not sure if guys would actually be interested I'd add dark rooms to some of the bars. Make them membership only.
  6. I used to go to Eros when I was living in SF. it was good place to just get off. I did spend a lot of time at Folsom Gulch. That place was just sleazy as fuck and I loved it.
  7. I've never seen the issue discussed and I'm really curious. I have one trans guy following my Twitter who's a chaser.
  8. you have an obligation to spread your gift
  9. hot story but I have a stupid question would the effects of the little blue pill survive the heat of cooking? I get hung up on these weird little details LOL
  10. I'm @pig_wv on there and I have a buttload of porn on my account 🙂
  11. you're already following me @pig_wv and I just sent you a follow request
  12. just sent you a follow request
  13. @pig_wv on Twitter

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