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    For me a hole is a hole. Don't care what u look like, or what age you are (as long as you are of legal age) My cock will love your hole. Love fuckin POZ holes; will take POZ COCK too.
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    Pigs, groups, orgies, poz, piss, dark rooms, saunas, parks, apps, horny fuckkers with dirty minds, RAW; love rimmin and being rimmed felching, snowballing, fist as a top!

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  1. All depends on situation. If I’m bottoming in a sex club I like to get as many loads as possible. For me 5 loads in an hour is better than 1 load. An hour long top would not work fo me!! Unless he could give me multiple loads.
  2. I’m much the same. Love sliding in on other men’s loads. Also love sluts.
  3. What about talk about Sat anic sex? It seems to be banned too.
  4. Would like to get my hole up against one of those GHs! Get your ‘hopefully’ poz cum!
  5. Poured beer into a guys hole in Dirty Dicks Amsterdam and drank it out of it. Did it 4 or 5 times and then fucked him. It was piss night!!! Started to get fucked more often (raw).
  6. Do you honestly think the cops watch the Phoenix? I doubt it.
  7. Has anyone spent Christmas in Berlin? Is it busy?
  8. I love to eat the cum out of another guy's hole. More loads the better.
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