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    Kinky Raw Sex
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    For me a hole is a hole. Don't care what u look like, or what age you are (as long as you are of legal age) My cock will love your hole. Love fuckin POZ holes; will take POZ COCK too.
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    Pigs, groups, orgies, poz, piss, dark rooms, saunas, parks, apps, horny fuckkers with dirty minds, RAW; love rimmin and being rimmed felching, snowballing, fist as a top!

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  1. Leatherman667

    AIDS wasted top breeds muscular bottom

    More drugged than aids ridden. Would like to fuck him!!
  2. Leatherman667

    Who are they?

    I hope he is 18+
  3. Leatherman667


    Well done. I think one of the loads was mine.
  4. Leatherman667

    Thawed bottles of cum

    Great to bring frozen cum to a sex club and fill a bottom with it. Then fuck it in and let others do the same.
  5. Leatherman667

    Craving cock

    That’s why darkrooms are so good; you can just go from cock to cock and loud to load.
  6. Leatherman667

    Craving cock

    It is becoming more popular. See men in suits, freeballing too
  7. Leatherman667

    RIm or be Rimmed?

    Love to rim; could have my tongue in a hole for hours, before I fuck the hole.
  8. Leatherman667

    The Bull

    Glad to hear its still open!
  9. Leatherman667

    Best load of Amsterdam

    A great place to go for hot sex! Always have a good time there.
  10. Leatherman667

    Tips for being a good bottom boy

    Always take my piss!
  11. Leatherman667

    The Bull

    Can anyone tell me if the BULL is closed down? Seems so on it's website!
  12. Did the fuck session ever happen?
  13. You been treated for the gono???? Great you go it. also the chlamydia!
  14. Leatherman667

    Top Reluctance?

    Fucked a guy in a darkroom last night, while another pig cleaned my 'not so clean' ass out. Another guy steps up and begins to fuck my wet hole. He left me a deposit as I continued to fuck the slut bent over in front of me. Shot my load in him, and moved on to the next hard cock.

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