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    Kinky Raw Sex
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    For me a hole is a hole. Don't care what u look like, or what age you are (as long as you are of legal age) My cock will love your hole. Love fuckin POZ holes; will take POZ COCK too.
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    Pigs, groups, orgies, poz, piss, dark rooms, saunas, parks, apps, horny fuckkers with dirty minds, RAW; love rimmin and being rimmed felching, snowballing, fist as a top!

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  1. Leatherman667

    Complete conversion

    Great writing and story. Don’t wait for next part.
  2. Thanks for this. Sorry out of ‘likes’ today.
  3. How does that happen for uncut guys?
  4. Leatherman667

    Any guys been pissed on by multiple guys at once?

    Have heard about the Mine Shaft! Was it as decadent as people make it out to be? Anywhere like it in NYC now?
  5. And then they may well become poz!
  6. Leatherman667

    Experiences at CumUnion

  7. Leatherman667

    Tops - how many different holes have you seeded

    Been in 1000's of holes! Bred about 600!
  8. Leatherman667

    Number of different guys who have fucked you more than once?

    Into anon fucking; so I don't know. I may have fucked a number of guys I have met in clubs in Amsterdam more than once; but often do Darkroom and GH so its hard to tell.
  9. As a top I like to fuck poz bottoms. I tend to think that most bottoms whith their ass up in a bathhouse, or in a sling are probably poz!!
  10. Leatherman667

    Experiences at CumUnion

    My question would be what are the holes like; it doesn't matter about the guys as long as they have willing holes.
  11. Leatherman667

    Curious about trying bareback

    Well did you do it?
  12. Leatherman667

    5 loads yesterday. No idea who they were feom


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