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Trying to find specific video

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I've been trying to find a specific bb video.   Has an Asian guy in a jock strap getting sucking a black guythem gets his hole eaten them gets fucked... towards the end he begged for the black guy to poz him and knock him up.   Looked like it was in a dorm room

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    • By nstyprvypoz
      50yo daddy pig looking to slam with open minded boys and bears. I was a chaser, now a gifter, open to getting new strains myself, and all other bugs, fisting, nut torture, WS, I'm in Portland, looking for extended play action.
    • By BritRawBottom
      Liverpool Neg bottom needs pozzing up:
      Saturday March 17th & Sunday March 18th
      Looking for toxic / full blown guys to rape my ass and breed me with their toxic loads and get my neg ass pozzed up. Hunting for high VL strains to do the job - will be up for anon breed or rape scene or gang rape... taking ANY bugs and rough my ass up with toothbrush so the virus enters my bloodstream. Message me and arrange to come and help convert this neg ass once and for all ☣️ Text/WhatsApp 07720 874351
      wickr = rawbanginboy 
      sleazier the better - ass open 7am to 7pm 

    • By BritRawBottom
      Liverpool Neg bottom looking to take poz/toxic tops to use my Neg ass and breed me HARD and deep.
      Wreck/prep my ass with a toothbrush or cruel condom and fuck/r@pe me hard and deep infecting my ass with your toxic load
      looking for tops to breed me or organise a group conversion party for me
      TEXT/WHATSAPP - O772O 874 35I
      Wickr - rawbanginboy
    • By bugchaser73
      I am absolutely gagging for poz loads and want to get it done tomorroow 9Mar or by the end of the weekend.
      I’m based in Manchester but will get a train to where you are.  So Northwest /Yorkshire/midlands
      to msg me quicker....
      kik bbsubslut
      whatsapp zero seven seven three four three one three two five three
    • By Mixedracechaser
      A journey through the conversion of an Indian virgin to a pozzed slut (mostly fantasy)
      Gay porn had fascinated me for years. The way men thrust their cocks into men who either wanted it or didn’t made me hard. I was a curious teen especially about being with a man or feeling more submissive and my curiosity led me firstly to wearing tights for men online, mutually enjoying the view of each other’s webcams. This led to more x-rated shows with bare bodies and homoerotic chats. I guess I was groomed but I enjoyed every minute of it. 
      My first experience of real man flesh was with a friend. We would act out scenes from plays in our sheds, and make sure the leads always got naked and ended up massaging each other. That was the first time I got hard from feeling a penis. 
      My urges developed into cam chat and gay porn. I stopped watching women and ended up on more and more hardcore gay stuff. Started with the light “man fucks his neighbour” to “bareback orgy” almost overnight. That’s when I learned of breeding. The feeling of hot semen enter your body, the real dedication to gay anal sex life. But I wanted something more...
      Deep inside me was an urge to be converted somehow. Make my body a vessel for man juice and enjoy the wonders of man on man intercourse.
      Leo was my first. Hung and Brazilian he took my virginity nicely and showed me how Latino men fuck Indian men like myself. I’m not hung but I have a nice penis, a bubble butt and hairy brown skin. I’m not super tall but I am cute. I was scared to let him finish inside my anus but my mouth was equally suitable. That was just the first time...the following time I let him finish deep inside my anus. I was rocking on top looking him in the eyes when I felt the first drops spew into my rectum. He had a monster cock that made me gape and my ass hasn’t been the same since. I gagged on it when he entered, and I was leaking out my ass from it when he left.
      But taking a large unsheathed penis in my ass still wasn’t enough without the gift. I started reading how bugchasers were a thing and how there was a subculture if other men like me. If receiving toxic cum turns me on I must be a bugchaser. Sucking in the woods which I had done on occasion was nice but didn’t hit my spot. 
      Enter Andy. A 61 year old northern man with a 7 inch rod. He  had the gift but something just felt right. I was cycling through a woodland near my house. My house is in the suburbs and is close to a campsite popular with older men. It was a quiet spring afternoon and I was enjoying the warm weather. The path I was cycling on meandered through several glades where the odd tent was situated. At the end of the path was a bigger tent nestled in thicker bushes. A man comes out in just his shorts and shoes...
      Son, stop for a moment please. Come talk to a lonely man and enjoy the weather with a cold beer. I was alarmed but since I wasn’t rushing anywhere I agreed. I said my name was Dil and it was nice to meet him. I’m Andy he said, rubbing his small belly. I’m living here for a bit to get away from it all. 
      I was curious. To get away from what I asked. Men! He said and laughed. It was at that moment I clocked he was gay. Something inside me turned me on: wow this afternoon could get steamy if he’s interested. I noticed a bulge in his shorts and a flirty glint in his eye. Yes, I’m gay is that ok? Without giving my lust away I said, that’s fine as I’m gay too. I couldn’t tell where that came from, I hadn’t ever come out to anyone. I was so good at acting straight. 
      Well isn’t it more lucky day he said. He unzipped his shorts and winked at me. I asked him whether he liked indian and he said that it was his favourite and weather he could order one. I needed to take this opportunity: let’s go inside your tent and let’s get to know each other better.
      We ran into the tent and we stood facing each other. I’m glad you stopped me I said. This could be a long afternoon. He smiled and asked me: 1. Will you receive? 2. Can I cum in you? 3. Do you promise to tell no one. I didn’t say anything but got undressed and kissed him. He kissed me back passionately and started massaging my bare cheeks. He got naked and he through me into his sleeping bag. Right, let us begin, we are men at work. 
      Working on what I asked. Working on your breeding and conversion. I was confused, I was already out and gay. What are you converting me too? I’ll tell you after. I whispered to him: don’t worry, I chase it. He smiled and took my head and brought it to his now erect penis. I devoured it with my tongue feeling along the rim of his thick bell. It tastes amazing with his slightly sweaty aroma. I just kept thinking this is it. My fantasy will come true. 
      He turned my body around and without saying a word, spat on his cock and thrust it into my loose indian hairy hole. Years of playing had relaxed my sphincter to pussylike elasticity. I was in heaven. I knew when he would spunk in me that would be it. Thrusting doggie style into me again and again as the tent shook with male pleasure. He flipped me over and I finally got a good look: a barrel chest, strong arms and a wide cock. 
      He looked me in the eyes and said. Welcome to poz camp, you have been pozzed. He moaned and strained and withdrew his sodden cock. Just like that I had received what I wanted. I was sweating from the way he was pounding me and he was glistening. I could see the inside of my anus on his penis and his semen, I could feel dripping out of me. Am I poz now? Yes, and I want more of you. I was exhausted but I had the energy to kiss him and thank him for converting me. I stayed a little longer talking about what would happen to me and he offered to introduce me to his friends Dick and Peter, his converters. I stumbled out the tent and with a sore naked ass, got changed in the dark and cycled home.
      His toxic cum was still inside me and I went home to clean up having a cheeky taste before getting in the shower. By the following week the flu had kicked in and Andy was nowhere to be seen. But I had a new love for gay sex and a bug chaser near me was keen to meet a new member of poz camp. Me.
      More men my age uploaded into me and my daisy chain formed. Soon I was having poz threesomes with my converted. Weekends went by when over 10 loads had shot into me. Andy woke up my gay passion for man sex and poz fun. I’m now in a relationship with a 55 year old poz top who likes me wearing nylons while he pounds my bare bottom and fills me up. 

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