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  1. Go back to the first page of the topic and read it. If you want your account deleted, you must follow those instructions.
  2. Absolutely true. My point was that most of the individuals in these categories actually do have some official employment, and that usually involves a salary. Those salaries are not small, even if the actual amounts money they receive in other ways are much much larger. If you read my previous post, you'd have noticed that I'm very much of the opinion that immigrants, documented or otherwise, do not cost "us" substantially more than any other citizens - in fact, my belief is that they usually cost less.
  3. I'm dubious about this logic. My understanding is a bit different: If people are actually "rich" (i.e. upper middle class or higher), while a large proportion of their income is not "earned" (and therefore incurs no social security tax), they usually have a fairly significant amount of "earned" income, on which they do pay social security tax. However, the amount of "earned" income that is subject to social security tax is capped at a fairly small number (in the low $100k's per year), so the capped amount of social security tax they pay on their total income (or even their "earned" income) becomes a very small percentage indeed.
  4. Well! I've only read the OP's beginning to the thread so far, and I have to say that is not where I was expecting that post to go after reading the title. Interesting perspective, and that's an understatement. My contribution: In these days of Faux News and social media disinformation campaigns, I prefer first to ask the question: "Is X true?" I have yet to see anything much in the way of hard evidence that immigrants (or even immigrants from Latin America specifically) are a net cost to US taxpayers.
  5. Not a known side effect of the drugs in Truvada. If the appearance of the symptom coincided with starting PrEP, here are possible connections you might want to get checked: 1. If you are taking blood thinners or medications or supplements that can have blood thinning effects, the Truvada might be boosting their effect because of a drug interaction. This group includes (in additional to actual blood thinners like warfarin and coumarin) a lot of common painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, as well as St. John's Wort. 2. It is possible (though not likely in this timeframe IMO) that the PrEP is causing issues with your liver or kidneys and the bruising is a side effect of that. You should be getting regular blood work to monitor for liver or kidney issues, though. If you are, I wouldn't worry about this one. Of course, it is also possible that it is something completely unconnected that just happened to kick in about the same time. Disclosure: I'm not a doctor or medical professional, I just know a lot about it; you should get medical advice from those people in preference to stuff you find on the internet.
  6. I love the pics!  That hair is god-damned glorious!!

    1. viking8x6


      Thanks! I cut it a few years ago - it was time for a change, because reasons. But I do still miss it occasionally. I look at pics of myself from when I was younger and realize I had no fuckin idea how foxy I was back then.

    2. ErikRaw


      still looking good today!

    3. viking8x6


      Sexy yourself!


  7. Go back to page 1 of the topic (using the convenient "<<" button provided). Read the instructions. Follow them. Otherwise, nothing will happen.
  8. My lab is Quest and on my test results page, for the past couple of years, since I created my account, it just lists undetectable. The first two results showed a below 20 viral load. The last two results just states undetected with no value. I’m by no means an expert or a medical professional, but it’s my understanding the test shows reactive or positive because the test checks for antibodies in your blood, not necessarily the virus. I know someone who has/had HEP-C and they get flagged every time they get tested, but the virus is still dormant in their system. I read an article where if an undetectable person was to perform an in home HIV test, they still will test positive because of the antibodies in our system. I agree, it’s very confusing. meds. OK, here's how it works: THERE ARE (AT LEAST) TWO DIFFERENT KINDS OF HIV TEST. There is an antibody test. Home tests (Oraquik) are this type. So are the ones that most clinics and doctors use for routine screening. This is the test people usually refer to when they say "poz" (you have tested "positive" for the antibodies). It detects the antibodies to HIV that your body makes when you are infected. Either you have them (if your body has had an immune reaction to an HIV infection) or you don't. Even if the HIV were to be completely removed from your body, you would still have them. This is why the Hep-C test shows positive even though it may be completely cleared. It is also why I test positive to Hep-A and Hep-B even though I've never had them. I had the vaccines, and those caused my body to generate an antibody response just as though it had actually been infected. Then, there is a viral RNA test. This is the kind that tells you the "viral load". It measures the actual number of copies of viral RNA in one mL of your blood (approximately). The technology of these tests has improved over the years. They are currently capable of detecting 20 copies of RNA per mL. Anything less than that, and the signal is too small to read, so it is literally "undetectable". Some labs will report this as "< 20", and some will report it as "not detected". If you look at the actual test results, they will specify exactly what the valid range of measurement of the test is (in the results @Olderkinkybiguy posted above, this looks like "Reportable range: 20 copies/mL to 10,000,000 copies/mL"). For purposes of "U=U", the current state of the medical arts tells us that a blood virus level of anything lower than 200 copies per mL effectively lowers the chances of transmission by sexual intercourse to zero. Actually what it does is make them so small that they are unmeasurable given the amount of statistical data we have available. Practically, what it means is that your chances are much better of being hit by a truck [or insert improbability metaphor of your choice] than of catching it that way. This is how you can be "undetectable" even with a viral load of 20 copies/mL (which is in fact detectable with the sensitivity of modern tests). Ain't science grand?
  9. This is not correct. The web site you linked specifically says that 2 members of Congress have sent a letter to the State Department asking them to do this. Whether the State Department has done so is explicitly excluded. However, (1) their concern appears to be based on fairly thin evidence and (2) there would be little conceivable purpose in adulterating antibiotics in this way.
  10. I'll kick it off with this still - can anyone tell me a title/studio for this on with Drew Sebastian? He's a bit younger in it, so I guess it's from a decade back or so.
  11. This topic is for posts in search of information about a full (professional) porn video, given a clip or still or some reasonable description. Posts of this nature can be put here directly, and old ones may be merged into this thread (if I or another moderator gets time). You are encouraged to respond with the name, studio, and optionally dates and stars, of the video in question. If you include a link, please link to a legitimate online source for the video. Remember, folks, we want to support the porn industry (or at least the better players in it), so they keep making this stuff. Because making it yourself is a LOT OF WORK!
  12. To get a post deleted, edited, or moved to a new forum, just use the "Report" option (available from the '...' button at the upper right corner of the post) and describe the needed change in your report. A moderator will take care of it. The correct forum for this one is the main "HIV Fetish - Bug Chasers, Gift Givers, etc." forum. You can put topics there as well as in the various specific subforums, just as you can with the General Discussion forum.
  13. Well, this topic is very timely for me! I'm sure this has happened a few times in the past, but as luck would have it, the most recent was only yesterday (literally)! I was absolutely horned AF yesterday, cruising on Grindr and not really expecting anything, as I had a work meeting scheduled for 5pm and wouldn't really have time to get out to meet anyone before it. Spotted this cute ginger cub I hadn't seen before, only about 20 miles away (that's close by for here), with several public pics (kudos!). Gave him a compliment ("very sexy"), not thinking too much of it. He came back almost immediately with mutual interest and was really hot to play. In fact, he wanted to come over right away. Well, it was only about 2:30 and I figured "why the hell not? when the Goddess gives you a gift, you say 'YES'! " So I give him address and directions, and he got here (after a slight detour for getting lost, because Google). Absolutely as cute as his pics and totally revved up and rarin' to go! He got his clothes off in record time, hopped on the bed on his hands and knees with his butt (a very cute butt it is!) all ready for eating. So I ate him out a bit, and then fucked him good and proper. Had the poppers handy, so he had some and I had some and before you know it I was unloading deep inside him. Plowed it into him and "churned the cream" (his words) for a while until I went soft. A very hot fuck. As he's getting dressed, I suddenly have this feeling I've seen him before somewhere. So I asked if we had ever met. He said "no", so I wrote it off to deja vu. He was in a hurry to get home, so he had a quick wash at the sink and hit the road. About 2 minutes after I closed the door behind him, my brain suddenly coughed up the detail on where I'd seen him. He and I had exchanged messages (and maybe a phone call) about 10 years ago when I was trying to find a job (at the time I was in the same - rather narrow - scientific field as he is, and his company would have been a very appropriate fit). So I had seen his picture on LinkedIn. I remember thinking at that time that he was super cute and it would kind of suck having him for a boss because I would be tempted all the time. Small world, indeed.
  14. Absolutely HATE the whole idea. NOBODY owns my ass but me. Nor my dick either. Not even my fiancé. And the idea that anyone would assert such ownership without so much as a nod to dialog or negotiation is repugnant. Further to that, my impression is that many of the guys who consider themselves "alpha" tops, or who are territorial, jealous, possessive, controlling, etc., have serious self-esteem problems and I don't want them anywhere near me... but if they do decide to tangle with me, and start to play that card, NOTHING brings out my top side faster.
  15. I'm pretty sure there are some members who actually believe they were infected pre-1980 (and kudos to them for their tenacity in making it through those many years when meds were not what they are today!). I'll let them comment here themselves if they see fit.
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