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  1. Yeah, this definitely lacks verisimilitude. Because tops who do this are just asking to be bitten accidentally-on-purpose in a tender place.
  2. Apologies, sir, for the inappropriate post. I’m new to this site. It’s not clear where to post stuff….

    1. viking8x6


      Not to worry, none of us knew all this when we first arrived. Here's where to look to find out where things go (and what things not to post at all):


  3. Gentlemen, that's more than enough of the borderline personal attacks. Discussing the science behind health issues is fine. Bashing each other while doing it is unnecessary and unwanted.
  4. https://barebackbastards.com/4924/nice-dick-and-he-talks-dirty/
  5. Moderator: Part 4 takes a detour into the bisexual zone. You can read it in the straight/bi forum, here. Here's the first bit as a teaser... Part 4: Between Meetings, Caught Being A Slut. The next few days were fairly typical for me. On Tuesday I got picked up by construction worker. He had a big work van so we just pulled around to the back lot. He was decent but didn't last long enough. I think he was just a little too excited about shoving his bare cock into my litte butt. Wednesday I sucked a guy off on his car. 30 minutes after he fed me his cum, another guy picked me up for the same thing. I loved sucking his cock with the taste of the first guys cum still in my mouth. Thursday a guy drove me to a wooded area and parked in an empty opening. We got out and he popped his trunk. I bent over the back of the car as if I was looking for something in the trunk while he dropped my pants to my knees and shoved his raw cock in. A few minutes later I heard a car coming and said to stop. But he said he was close and kept fucking my tight hole. He announced he was cumming and pushed deep just as a red minivan came into view. The minivan came to stop as the guy gave the last few trusts, draining the rest of his cum into me. The minivan started to move, turning around in clearing before starting to drive away. There was no way they didn't see what was happening. The top stayed in his position until his dick softened to the point that it was pushed out by my ass...
  6. @ellentonboy You are totally misconstruing the intent of the OP. The argument is that even though the people providing the sex aren't getting paid, because the owners/operators of the bathhouse are getting paid, it is tantamount to a brothel. @ErosWired is not promoting or advocating anything that is not currently taking place. He is describing a possible interpretation of the existing nature of bathhouses and their operations.
  7. It is certainly all right to ask the question. But by asking for it, you are implying that the person is a liar. So it's likely they will be offended, as you found out.
  8. Chlamydia is notorious for having very subtle symptoms, or none at all, especially in females or in locations other than urethral. I've had it a number of times and barely noticed. This is actually one reason for its prevalence - a lot of people are running around with it and don't realize they have anything, so they don't get treated. TEST REGULARLY!
  9. That depends on whose navel is receiving the gaze, and whether one considers oral gratification a form of enlightenment.
  10. WOOF! Sexy pics and profile, man!

  11. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

    1. Blake


      Anytime handsome! 

  12. Moderator: This topic, which was a bit questionable to begin with, has devolved into sheer conjecture about victimization. It's inappropriate here, and arguably inappropriate anywhere else.
  13. The original posted version violated the "community harm" policy instated in 3/21 (you can read more here) He and I discussed the issue and came up with some minor tweaks that brought it into line, and it's back up now.
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