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  1. Asshats. And idiots - Caverject (Trimix) is not in fact an illegal drug. All you need is a different email address, though. No biggie.
  2. I'm living by myself now, but back when I was in a long-term relationship, that was exactly how it worked for us. We both worked from home, and spent a great deal of time together at the house (either working or doing home or recreational tasks). If I didn't hook up when I was out exercising, I would simply say that I was going on a play date if we happened to cross paths as I was headed to the car. Or just that I was going out (without specifying). It was not especially odd. If I was planning it ahead of time, I'd usually check with my partner to make sure there wasn't a conflict. These
  3. It occurs to me that one difference between BZ and all those other sites that seem to work fine is that it uses one of the "expanded" top-level domains. That suggests it could be a DNS issue. I know the ISP I use for mail and web services does not provide them, for example. And I have observed in the past that when my internet gets wonky, it's just as often a DNS problem as it is one of actual connectivity. Maybe if the issue resurfaces, those who are experiencing it could try the experiment of hitting some other sites in the expanded top-level space to see whether they also exhibit the p
  4. I tried to do this last year. Clearly I picked the wrong year LOL. Haven't started one this year (despite actually having had a few encounters). I keep thinking it would be a good thing, if only for those occasions when an STI crops up... but maybe I'm loath to get serious about it because then I'd have to notice just how little sex I'm actually getting 🤨
  5. I love the question! In my experience of adult relationships, they are seldom just one "kind". Each one has its own unique combination of sex, friendly love, passionate love, and all the other ways two people can interact (including the negative and dysfunctional ones). Putting a label on them is convenient mostly for explaining to people outside the relationship, and even then it doesn't always work. I long ago lost count of the times I tried to explain to people in my gay chorus, "This is my partner, 'Q'. And this is her husband 'P'. We all live together." The relationship in question h
  6. Or even worse, they are ideologically motivated to intentionally omit medical accuracy and useful information from the sex-ed programs they create.
  7. There are a lot of postings in its listing on Squirt. Cops patrolling from marked vehicles are mentioned several times, but it does sound like the place is quite active and people aren't overly worried. Just realized you probably know that already. Wishing we had better cruising options up in my area.
  8. Here's a second shot where the faces are clearer... hoping it helps.
  9. Here's another one I'd like to know about. I'm sure I've seen the top before - I thought in a TIM video, but I couldn't find him there. He's aggressive and sensual, which is a nice combo, though he's not my usual type. Sorry for the light flare - it's a problem with the original media.
  10. So, I ran across this vid of two bearded and tatted guys fucking at a urinal today, and from the length and the content I'd guess it's commercial work of some kind. Anyone know? Or at least who the guys are? It really turned my crank (I confess I didn't even make it halfway through before I blew a huge load)...
  11. Posting in this thread to bump it, but also because I've noticed a lot of newer people who don't seem to have seen it. I've been here way too long to remember whether one gets a link to it when one joins the site. @rawTOP Perhaps it would be good to install a permanent link to this thread in the main forum tree view, as you did at the top of the Backroom section for the recent thread about AIDS/STI fetish? I think it would save some grief for both newbies and moderators. Thanks, as always, for all you do!
  12. [think before following links] https://barebackbastards.com/41951/big-cock-seeding-my-hole/
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