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  1. This appears to me to be extremely dubious at the very best. Much more probably it is complete nonsense. Any electrical conditions that destroy bacteria and viruses are also extremely likely to destroy living cells. The conditions mentioned in the 2018 article you reference above are certainly not compatible with human life.
  2. ... global climate change, pandemic disease, peak carbon ... The world is careening out of control. One has to be secure-minded indeed to face it every morning. It helps to remember that control - of anything other than oneself - is largely an illusion. And now, back to our regularly scheduled program...
  3. I consistently shoot larger loads when I have am aroused for a longer period (either foreplay or edging) before I ejaculate.
  4. Comparisons are odious. That said, for me personally, none of the features described would constitute a controlling factor in which person was more attractive. Except possibly being willing to participate in a particular role that suited my mood of the day (I'm 50+ versatile and sometimes really want to top, or bottom, though I'm almost always willing to do both). Factors that matter a lot more: Can they put more than two words together in communication and conversation? Are they passably good at indicating what they enjoy and understanding what I enjoy? Can they plan a connection and show up for it in anything less than geological time? Do they look like a man and not a prepubescent person? Etc...
  5. If it "wasn't really", they did rape you. You can choose what to do about that, but it is absolutely OK to call it what it is. You can get PEP for that if you do it promptly. I suggest that doing so might help you to feel more in control of the situation and give you time to make a considered assessment of your feelings about HIV risk.
  6. It would be unwise to rely on that... as someone said earlier in this topic,
  7. The only sure way to find that out would be experimentally... and the necessary experiment cannot ethically be done. In theory one could look for antibodies, but that wouldn't give an actual efficacy number.
  8. Those were removed because they included off-limits fetish material.
  9. Gee, do you think he'll recuse himself if they take up a reversal of Loving vs Virginia? 🤨
  10. I'll second this. My choice of words wouldn't be that I don't trust them, rather that I'm aware that they are just people, too, and have their limitations and make mistakes sometimes. Medicine, for all its progress, is in many ways still more a practice than a science. True. Having worked in that industry also (not in marketing, thankfully), I can say that while many of the people in the industry are in it because they believe in saving lives or improving quality of life, the companies are in it for the money. Because capitalism.
  11. Extremely well done. Kudos! and Thanks!
  12. Biggest - probably a friend of mine who's at least 9" (real measured inches, by comparison with mine which I know accurately) and medium thick. Alas, he's not an anal top, but I deepthroated him, which was delightful. Smallest - just this year, a local baby cub (legal, but barely) who's about 4" but the tip is super slender, only about 0.5 inch diameter (under 2" girth). It's a bit thicker at the base. He has fucked me once so far. I enjoyed it, but more for the load and the connection than for the physical sensation of being fucked.
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