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    Trans Masculine (FTM)
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    Degradation, chemsex, sleaze, BDSM, watersports, verbal, facials/bukkake, roleplaying...
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    I'm a punk transman who's mostly straight when I'm sober, but I think parTying would unleash my inner pig. I really haven't experienced much gay sex, but the idea has always been a turn-on, especially stories where a straight guy gets coerced or forced into it, and ends up a totally depraved, cumsoaked slut by the end of the story.
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    Details upon request.
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    I'm into BDSM and watersports, but my ultimate fantasy is for a top to get me slammed for the first time, and use me bareback, also for the first time. I love the idea of having my inhibitions stripped away more and more as I'm reduced to a filthy little drugged-up cumdump. Let's get sleazy.

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  1. Hey, for awhile now I've been wondering if there's a way to view the header images on a person's profile page; I know you can click on their profile pic/icon, and a larger version will pop up, so I assume there should be a similar feature for the header/background image, but can't figure it out. Often the background image looks wicked hot, but it's obscured by the text and profile pic over it so it's hard to see. Please let me know if there's a solution. Thanks!
  2. So I was kicked out of my house by my folks recently- my mom just hasn't been able to deal with my transition- and although I've been able to stay with friends, I'm technically homeless. I've been finding ways to make money here and there doing odd jobs, but it hasn't been reliable, and lately I've started to wonder about being a rentboy/hustler. Do people still stand out on the corner and whatnot, or is it all done through the internet nowadays? I was gonna go on rentboy.com, but apparently it's been shut down- is there another site I should check out? I know Craigslist used to be good for that sorta thing, but it seems like they've cracked down on it. I'd really appreciate any tips or advice about working as an escort in the Boston area- are there certain places where guys go to pick up "dates"? Any estimates of what I should charge? Any other info you think I oughta know? Thanks guys!
  3. I would get you all sloppy drunk then bring you back and breed you. pump you full of my toxic cum as well as fill your hole with my hot piss then place you in a diaper with a plug in your hole until your body absorbs every drop of my fluid. when I am done you will be sent on your way in a diaper for you to use as a urinal piss yourself and be a pig

  4. Diaper Pissing

    Oh man, that's hot. I've heard once you get "un-pottytrained" it's pretty much impossible, as an adult, to go back. It's definitely a hot fantasy, I get off on imagining a dominant gradually forcing me to totally lose control over my own piss, just making me into a filthy little animal for their amusement.
  5. Is that a Bad Dragon toy you're violating yourself with in your profile pic? :D

    1. versbareguy


      Yea man, that's Rex.  So fun to play with!

    2. FilThFiendFtM


      Nice! He looks fun, hehe! I really wanna get some of their stuff. 

  6. Diaper Pissing

    I really wanna try wearing, and pissing in, a diaper. I heard the warm, wet feeling of your piss spreading all over your junk, and the way the diaper holds it right against your crotch, feels awesome. I would also love to meet a dominant partner who would get off on degrading me by making me wear a diaper, and do nasty stuff like forcing me to drink a lot of fluids and then piss myself until the diaper overflows in a public setting. Diaperboy, I'm curious- did you make yourself incontinent due to wearing a diaper and teaching your bladder to just go, weakening it until you couldn't control it even if you wanted to? Or did some sort of medical problem cause it?

    One more question! If I start a club, can I change its name down the line? For example, I'm thinking about starting one called "Boston Sleaze," but I don't know how many Bostonians are actually on the site; it occurred to me that, if not enough guys are joining, I may want to change the name to "New England Sleaze," or something. Thanks!

    Thank you for clearing that up for me, I appreciate it.

    Awesome, this sounds really cool. Thanks rawTOP! Could you tell me if we can start groups that have a "Backroom" focus (substance use, pozzing, etc.)? What I have in mind, specifically, is a group for guys in my area who are interested in PnP. The only time I've gotten in trouble on this site was for a post I made in my city's Regional Hookup forum, wherein I described how drug use was part of what I wanted in a hookup. I would also like to make sure that such a group wouldn't be considered redundant, since there isn't currently a place for regional PnP discussion. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks for the rep Fiend xxx:*:2thumbs:xxx

  11. Hi Filth ... thanks for following m8. Hope you had a good w/end? xx:*:Pxx

  12. Thanks for the rep Filth xx

  13. Unintentional water sports

    This whole thread puts the "gold" in "comedy gold."
  14. Hairy Asses- Sexy or Not?

    So, I'm transitioning FtM, which is basically the same as puberty, and all the fun stuff a boy experiences as he becomes a man is happening to me. Over the past few months, I've been blessed with hair along my jawline, over my tummy and chest, and you guessed it, on my ass (Spoiler alert- my profile picture is no longer an accurate depiction of what my bubble butt currently looks like). To be honest, running my hands over the soft fur on my buttcheeks makes me feel sexy as hell, and I can finally understand the appeal of bears, otters, and cubs- body hair is fucking manly! My newfound furriness is a testament to the testosterone running through my system. I'm stronger, smellier, and hornier than ever before, thanks to testosterone's impact on my muscles, pheromones, and sex drive- qualities associated with being a man. However, our society upholds some standards of beauty that are contrary to aesthetics that have traditionally been associated with masculinity- hairlessness being one of them. This leads me to my question: are hairy asses sexy? I know some guys go for bears and some go for twinks- everyone has their own preference- but I'm also curious about whether or not it's sexy just as a general rule of thumb. For example, many people can agree that high heels are sexy, even if they don't personally have a fetish for feet or shoes. That's basically what I'm wondering, but I'd love for the discussion to include personal points of view and individual sexual preferences, too. Also, while we're on the topic, would anyone care to explain the differences between bears and otters? And if a young bear is called a cub, is there a similar term for a young otter? I'm curious about the nomenclature, but will admit I'm also wondering if there's a label that would accurately describe me.
  15. Today I'm heading to Provincetown for a full week- anyone else on the Cape? I'd also love some advice on where to find some nasTy fun, esp. FtM-friendly spots.

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