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    Trans Masculine (FTM)
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    Degradation, chemsex, sleaze, BDSM, watersports, verbal, facials/bukkake, roleplaying...
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    I'm a young, 100% passing transman who's mostly straight when I'm sober, but I think parTying would unleash my inner pig. I really haven't experienced much gay sex, but the idea has always been a turn-on, especially stories where a straight guy gets coerced or forced into it, and ends up a totally depraved, cumsoaked slut by the end of the story.
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    Details upon request.
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    I'm into BDSM and watersports, but my ultimate fantasy is for a top to get me slammed for the first time, and use me bareback, also for the first time. I love the idea of being corrupted and degraded, having my inhibitions stripped away more and more as I'm reduced to a filthy little drugged-up cumdump. Let's get sleazy.

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  1. Homeless Diaper Pissing...?

    Awesome, that all makes a lot of sense. Are there any particular brands of diaper that you'd recommend, or website you prefer ordering from? Thank you so much for taking the time to give me so much information and advice, it's wicked helpful!
  2. Homeless Diaper Pissing...?

    Can anyone give me some information on what pissing in a diaper is like? What brands are best? How much can you piss before they overflow? I'm currently in a rather unique situation: I'm homeless, and primarily sleep in a sleeping bag in the backseat of my car. It hasn't been that bad- if I keep a positive attitude, it's actually kinda fun- but I am having an issue with waking up, desperately needing to piss, in the middle of the night. Massachusetts in January isn't really the ideal climate for stepping outside at 3am to relieve yourself- generally I just sorta hang out the car door, but I'm dreading the day somebody sees me and calls the cops, or I somehow end up getting piss inside the car or something. Ultimately, I just hate getting out of my nice warm sleeping bag to relieve myself. I've always been into golden showers, and before becoming homeless, I'd sometimes get off on making myself piss a little bit while I jacked off. There were a few times where I actually indulged in deliberately pissing the bed, not to mention all over myself: I'd drink a whole lot of fluids, and hold it as long as I could, stroking my prick until I lost control. Feeling my hot, dirty piss spreading all over me, soaking more and more of my pajamas and bedding; hearing the heavy stream gushing from my overloaded bladder and splashing obscenely in the puddle of urine I was wallowing in; knowing I was shamelessly wrecking the mattress- fuck, it turned me on and felt so hot to degrade myself so completely. Sometimes I'd nut so hard I'd fall right to sleep afterwards, contentedly marinating in the filthy urinal my ruined bed had become. I'd wake up a few hours later, swaddled in the stink of my own stale piss, and immediately get boned again when I realized I'd drunk so much that my bladder was aching for release all over again... Since my circumstances are different now, I need to be much more cautious: it's important to me that I don't ruin my sleeping bag, or the car's upholstery. Ideally, I would like to be able to completely empty my bladder twice- in the middle of the night, and first thing in the morning- without all that piss overflowing- do they make diapers that can withstand that much? Also, does the piss stay warm in the diaper? I really get boned imagining how it will feel to have my junk and ass soaking in hot piss all night long, but if it gets cold instead, it will be extremely uncomfortable, especially on nights when the temperature dips into the teens. So, any tips, suggestions, or recommendations? Thanks!
  3. Pissing in public

    Fuck, that's hot- I like how the wristband lets you know "this is no accident," and also serves as an invitation to onlookers. I haven't gotten a golden shower in ages, I'd really love to get back into it. Generally, as a straight guy, I've preferred to receive them from women- but women are rarely into getting truly piggy, especially in public. I get off on the idea of one or more men making me kneel on a filthy public restroom floor while they pull their dicks out and unleash a torrent of hot, stinking piss all over me, deliberately directing the stream to ensure every inch of me is doused in it. I also agree with you guys that it's hotter when you're fully clothed- for me, I think it has to do with the added degradation of my clothing being ruined, plus it'll take longer to dry off, and even when dry, the clothes will hold onto the stench of stale urine, making me smell like a dirty urinal until I can get home and change. I've been thinking a lot about getting some diapers to try pissing myself, without anyone being able to see. Maybe eventually I'll work my way up to just letting my piss flow, and soaking myself freely like a total pig.
  4. I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    Oh man, this got me instantly hard. I've hooked up with guys a handful of times but never let them cum inside me- usually they wore a condom, or would pull out and spew all over my face. I'm very apprehensive about getting an STD, and prior to my transition I was afraid of getting pregnant. I really did love the feel of raw cock fucking my unprotected hole, though, and it especially turned me on when I could feel my hole getting gooey and slick with his precum. It really turns me on to imagine being held down by a top, helplessly squirming while the anonymous perv on top of me plunges his cock as deep inside my unprotected hole as possible; Finally giving up, and giving in to the undeniable pleasure of feeling his tool bloat and throb, splattering hot gobs of thick, gooey jizz inside me, forcing me to be a cum dump.
  5. Homeless transboy looking to try hustling

    Thank you, I already met with someone at Fenway, who told me another organization I could go to. When I went to sign up for the organization they'd recommended, the people there very kindly told me to come back when I'm an "outside stayer;" i.e. sleeping on the street, or in a car, etc. Basically I'm not homeless enough yet. I'll check out AIDS Action Committee, but I don't have AIDS, and I'm hesitant to take funds/resources away from people who really need them.
  6. Hey fellas, I've been homeless for a few months now, and I decided to come down to NYC to get a change of scene, crash with some friends, and check out a few concerts. While I'm in town, I thought it might be cool to meet some sleazy guys and let them use me like the cheap, horny, little lowlife I am; I have never let anyone cum inside me, nor have I ever been fucked anally, but despite being straight, I'm wicked turned on by cum- I love letting a guy dump thick, hot prickpaste all over my face and in my hair, and the thought of letting men spurt load after load of scum inside my tender, unprotected holes gets me wicked horny. I'm not sure if this is allowed to post on here, but I would really be into whoring myself out- I desperately need the money, plus it's a huge turn on for me. I would also really like to try someThing, which I've been penalized for posting about outside of the "Backroom" section, but if you take a look at my profile and some of my posts, I feel it should be clear what I'm talking about. I fucking love the thought of how dirty and degenerate I'll feel, getting exploited, degraded, and turned into a nasty whore. Please message me if you're in NYC and wanna use a straight, homeless transboy, and be the first to leave my holes gaping and sloppy with loads of your seed. I'll send pics and can answer any questions you might have about me. Thanks!
  7. I'm coming to NYC next week- wanna turn me into a piss soaked, slammed up, cum drenched piece of human trash?

  8. Viewing Profile Header Images

    How 'bout on an iPhone? I don't have access to a desktop computer.
  9. I'm coming to NYC next week- wanna turn me into a nasty, slammed, cum soaked piece of trash?

  10. Hey, for awhile now I've been wondering if there's a way to view the header images on a person's profile page; I know you can click on their profile pic/icon, and a larger version will pop up, so I assume there should be a similar feature for the header/background image, but can't figure it out. Often the background image looks wicked hot, but it's obscured by the text and profile pic over it so it's hard to see. Please let me know if there's a solution. Thanks!
  11. So I was kicked out of my house by my folks recently- my mom just hasn't been able to deal with my transition- and although I've been able to stay with friends, I'm technically homeless. I've been finding ways to make money here and there doing odd jobs, but it hasn't been reliable, and lately I've started to wonder about being a rentboy/hustler. Do people still stand out on the corner and whatnot, or is it all done through the internet nowadays? I was gonna go on rentboy.com, but apparently it's been shut down- is there another site I should check out? I know Craigslist used to be good for that sorta thing, but it seems like they've cracked down on it. I'd really appreciate any tips or advice about working as an escort in the Boston area- are there certain places where guys go to pick up "dates"? Any estimates of what I should charge? Any other info you think I oughta know? Thanks guys!
  12. I would get you all sloppy drunk then bring you back and breed you. pump you full of my toxic cum as well as fill your hole with my hot piss then place you in a diaper with a plug in your hole until your body absorbs every drop of my fluid. when I am done you will be sent on your way in a diaper for you to use as a urinal piss yourself and be a pig

  13. Diaper Pissing

    Oh man, that's hot. I've heard once you get "un-pottytrained" it's pretty much impossible, as an adult, to go back. It's definitely a hot fantasy, I get off on imagining a dominant gradually forcing me to totally lose control over my own piss, just making me into a filthy little animal for their amusement.
  14. Is that a Bad Dragon toy you're violating yourself with in your profile pic? :D

    1. versbareguy


      Yea man, that's Rex.  So fun to play with!

    2. FilThFiendFtM


      Nice! He looks fun, hehe! I really wanna get some of their stuff. 

  15. Diaper Pissing

    I really wanna try wearing, and pissing in, a diaper. I heard the warm, wet feeling of your piss spreading all over your junk, and the way the diaper holds it right against your crotch, feels awesome. I would also love to meet a dominant partner who would get off on degrading me by making me wear a diaper, and do nasty stuff like forcing me to drink a lot of fluids and then piss myself until the diaper overflows in a public setting. Diaperboy, I'm curious- did you make yourself incontinent due to wearing a diaper and teaching your bladder to just go, weakening it until you couldn't control it even if you wanted to? Or did some sort of medical problem cause it?

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