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    Degradation, chemsex, sleaze, BDSM, watersports, verbal, facials/bukkake, roleplaying...
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    I'm a punk transman who's mostly straight when I'm sober, but I think parTying would unleash my inner pig. I really haven't experienced much gay sex, but the idea has always been a turn-on, especially stories where a straight guy gets coerced or forced into it, and ends up a totally depraved, cumsoaked slut by the end of the story.
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    Details upon request.
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    I'm into BDSM and watersports, but my ultimate fantasy is for a top to get me slammed for the first time, and use me bareback, also for the first time. I love the idea of having my inhibitions stripped away more and more as you turn me into a chem-fueled cumdump. Let's get sleazy.

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  1. Hi Filth ... thanks for following m8. Hope you had a good w/end? xx:*:Pxx

  2. Thanks for the rep Filth xx

  3. This whole thread puts the "gold" in "comedy gold."
  4. So, I'm transitioning FtM, which is basically the same as puberty, and all the fun stuff a boy experiences as he becomes a man is happening to me. Over the past few months, I've been blessed with hair along my jawline, over my tummy and chest, and you guessed it, on my ass (Spoiler alert- my profile picture is no longer an accurate depiction of what my bubble butt currently looks like). To be honest, running my hands over the soft fur on my buttcheeks makes me feel sexy as hell, and I can finally understand the appeal of bears, otters, and cubs- body hair is fucking manly! My newfound furriness is a testament to the testosterone running through my system. I'm stronger, smellier, and hornier than ever before, thanks to testosterone's impact on my muscles, pheromones, and sex drive- qualities associated with being a man. However, our society upholds some standards of beauty that are contrary to aesthetics that have traditionally been associated with masculinity- hairlessness being one of them. This leads me to my question: are hairy asses sexy? I know some guys go for bears and some go for twinks- everyone has their own preference- but I'm also curious about whether or not it's sexy just as a general rule of thumb. For example, many people can agree that high heels are sexy, even if they don't personally have a fetish for feet or shoes. That's basically what I'm wondering, but I'd love for the discussion to include personal points of view and individual sexual preferences, too. Also, while we're on the topic, would anyone care to explain the differences between bears and otters? And if a young bear is called a cub, is there a similar term for a young otter? I'm curious about the nomenclature, but will admit I'm also wondering if there's a label that would accurately describe me.
  5. Today I'm heading to Provincetown for a full week- anyone else on the Cape? I'd also love some advice on where to find some nasTy fun, esp. FtM-friendly spots.

  6. I'm heading to Provincetown today for a full week, and was wondering if anyone else is around, or if anyone can offer any tips or suggestions on where a budding cub of a FtM can get used and abused. I would love to lose a couple of my virginities, namely my virgin asshole, never taken loads bareback, and never tried Tina (ultimately wanna get slammed). Also into piss, cum, BDSM, and getting my front hole and my face fucked. Pics in my profile- use your imagination to picture what I'd look like on the business end of your cock, hopelessly spun and drenched in your piss and cum.
  7. I really want to meet a top who will utterly defile me and turn me into a filthy little chempig.

  8. Man, I hope someday soon I get to experience that feeling of utter degradation as I'm used by a roomful of men to empty their bladders all over me and their balls up inside me. I love imagining how it would feel to have gallons of hot, stinking piss flowing over my body, while my holes overflow with load after anonymous load of thick, sticky cum. Reduced to nothing but a receptacle for strangers to relieve themselves, with all the dignity of a dirty cum rag or broken urinal.
  9. Yo, I talked about feeling this way in a thread I made recently, "Crossover Between Watersports & Chem Sex." Basically, I love how scat looks in photos and videos, and it turns me on to think about being so thoroughly defiled. Unfortunately, the smell and my inhibitions have scared me away from delving into it.It's a huge fantasy of mine to get slammed, then slathered in shit (I have no interest in eating it), especially if I'm not expecting it. I love the thought of getting spun and sucking a dude's dick, and without warning he takes a huge, runny dump while fucking my face. I love imagining how warm and gooey it would feel, oozing down my body, ruining my clothes; my favorite mental image is the thought of the top scooping up a fistful and smearing it into my hair, intentionally making it difficult for me to ever be able to wash off his stinking waste. It really turns me on to imagine being under the influence of something that would make me bask in something so nasty and completely depraved. I can't wait to find a top who'll get me fucked up and turn me into an utterly sleazy raunchpig.
  10. Anyone in Boston/New England wanna get this straight boy spun and use my virgin hole until it overflows?

    1. BosCloudyPerv


      In Boston and would love to turn u out fuck u and breed you even better make ou my fuck toy

  11. I was made to be used- to have my veins flooded with chems, and my holes flooded with cum. I'm just a vessel for debauchery and disease, and I hafta learn to embrace it.

  12. Anyone in Boston wanna teach this tight little bonus hole boy his rightful place as a fucktoy? I wanna get slammed and used for the first time.

    1. SweatyKum


      Would love to help you.

    2. Poz2play


      You sound so fun to play with. Love fucktoys.

  13. Ohhhh fuck. I've only ever been with guys who were the height of respectful and kind, and when we did it condomless there was never any doubt that they'd pull out and shoot wherever I asked for it. They knew I wanted it in my face, so they must have realized I liked feeling like a dirty little piece of meat. I wish they'd taken the initiative and forced me to take their load; I secretly wanted it, and probably would have fallen for them a little bit if they'd treated me like that, instead of being so damn nice.
  14. Fuck, this is a really hot fantasy. I especially like chubbybear's story- the fact that he got so soaked in piss that he was dripping, while wearing the only clothes he had with him, is incredibly hot to me. Dude, did anyone comment on the fact that you reeked of piss throughout the rest of the night? How did you get home? I did a performance with a friend of mine at a fetish party at a nightclub once- I don't want to post too many details, because it would be easy to Google it and there's pics of me, but if you message me privately I'll point you in the right direction. Anyway, part of the performance consisted of me getting a 3 minute golden shower, onstage in front of a couple hundred people- my friend was drinking beer after beer before we went on, to make sure they'd be able to piss enough. My friend pissed so much, for so long, that the whole stage was flooded with it. We had put down five or six puppy pads for me to lie on, to absorb the piss, but it was nowhere near enough- so obviously, you know I was soaked head to toe. I think some people thought it was fake, especially the "tourists" who were there for the thrill, but really didn't have much experience with BDSM. The reason I believe they thought it wasn't real piss is because a bunch of people slapped me on the back or put their arm around me, telling me what a great act it was, immediately after I got offstage, when I clearly had not cleaned myself off yet. Who knows, maybe they were closet pisspigs, haha. Anyway, when I agreed to do it, I was pretty green, and didn't know anything about the backstage areas of Manhattan bars- I actuallly assumed there would be a shower that I could use, haha. Oops, no. There was a sink, which was a blessing, and I splashed water around as best I could, and used a ton of those cheap brown paper towels that aren't absorbent at all. I put clean clothes on and went back out to enjoy the party. I thought I'd done a good job cleaning myself up, but hours later, near the end of the night, a photographer got a bunch of us together for a group photo. As we all squeezed in and put our arms around each other, the chick behind me sniffed the air, curling her lip. "Why do I keep smelling stale piss?!" she demanded loudly. I kept my mouth shut, but I know wherever that group photo ended up, I'm grinning like the Cheshire Cat in it.
  15. Hey fellas, how's it going? I'm a total newbie to this lifestyle, so this may turn into a bit of an introductory post for me. Please either forgive me if I mess up the slang terms and stuff, or punish me and make sure I get it right next time ;p Basically, I'm a transman who's always been mostly into women, but also very into raunch and cum, too. I'm almost 5 months into my transition, and I feel like testosterone is definitely having an impact on my sexuality, an effect which I've heard is quite common. It's kind of hard to describe, but basically it feels like my masculinity is more animalistic than I expected- I was a fairly restrained, eloquent ladies man prior to starting T (testosterone, not Tina), but actually having testosterone controlling my urges and personality is making me care less about men's fashion and convincing women how charming I am, and more about down and dirty fucking and getting off. In the past, I've given and received golden showers (mostly with women, but occasionally with dudes or crossdressers), and it's one of my favorite activities. I love the physical sensations- the warmth as it splatters in my face, flowing over my skin and soaking my hair, the distinctive smell- and the way it feels emotionally- knowing that my partner is marking me like an animal, feeling like a piece of trash for getting off on something so filthy and depraved. Most of the women I've done it with are definitely *not* into pigplay though, so I've always had to wash off before we moved on to sex. My whole life, I've been extremely aroused by the idea of really filthy, nasty, depraved fucking- I mean just wallowing in our combined filth, letting it get ground into my hair and slathered thickly over every inch of my body, cumming hard from the awareness that I'm enjoying being utterly defiled. I gave up on the idea of brown showers when a girlfriend convinced me that it's gross, and the point was driven home the first time I witnessed a guy getting fucked up the ass and the smell of his shit being churned filled the room we were in- the smell definitely turned me off. But goddamn, a part of me still wants to know what that warm, stinking mess would feel like flowing over my bare skin, my face, even my coating my genitals in hot, thick slop and letting strangers fuck it into me, like lube. The part of me that wants to be a pig is making my dick throb right now, but there's another part of me that makes me too nervous to act on my filthy fantasies, and I want to silence that apprehension. I'm also hesitant about taking loads bareback- thanks to T, I can get creamed in both holes without worrying about pregnancy, but now I worry about disease. I've always wanted to be a cumdump, and when I've been with guys and felt their cock throbbing as they spurted seed, I wished they weren't wearing a condom. I fantasize a lot about how it would feel to get filled with thick, hot cum, to take loads one after the next until it's oozing down my legs and squelching obscenely with every thrust. The idea of being subjected to an anonymous, condomless gangbang makes my fun size fuckmeat rock hard. I want it so fucking bad, but, just like with scat, I'm too apprehensive about the consequences to pursue my fantasy. Okay, so here's the meat of my post: I want to give in to my fantasies about no holds barred pig play, and let myself get completely used in the filthiest ways possible. I've used IV drugs in the past (though not T yet), and know that injecting coke, for example, obliterates ALL my limits, and makes me so horny I'd happily consent to, and get off on, just about anything. From what I gather, T (not meaning testosterone, this time) is even better for bringing out one's inner depravity. I would love to find a partner, or a group, that would get off on busting a few of my cherries, and turning me from a straight boy who's secretly an inexperienced but eager pup, to a complete and total, fullblown fuckpig. The idea of being drugged, either with my knowledge or stealthed, in order to get me fucking and sucking shamelessly, and indulging in the nastiest raunch the top wants without hesitation, completely fueled by piglust, makes me so goddamn horny. I want that release. I want to silence my shame and doubt. Here's my main question, though: Is combining chem sex with pig play frowned upon? Can I be cosidered a pig if I need to be high to get really nasty? Or is drug-fueled debauchery accepted/normal? Thanks for reading all this, and thanks in advance for your feedback. Also, if anyone in the Boston area is into the idea of getting this little stray transboy fucked up and turning me into a total fucktoy, let's exchange numbers. I'll also send pics if you want, sorry I've been too apprehensive to post any in my profile.

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