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I'm a total top and have been almost my whole life, however when I was just starting out exploring gay sex, I thought we both HAD to bottom and top equally, or somewhat equally. I had fucked my best friend several times at this point and he always seemed to love having my thick cock pounding a load into his hole.  He had repeatedly eaten my hole and fingered me, and it mostly felt good so one summer day I was so horny it was nearly painful and I decided to invite my best friend over for a fuck.

I was masturbating in the bathroom to kill time and started fingering my asshole.  It felt good, like I said I was incredibly horny.  I grabbed a dildo shaped object and put oil on it and slowly pushed it against my hole.  The object had a round end that was the thickest part of it, and it tapered down to the thickness of a finger.  The thickest end wasn't really very thick, about the size of a half-dollar coin.  It hurt like hell getting it past the second anal ring, but since the object tapered so much it was mostly smooth sailing after I got the thickest end past my inner ring.

I slowly worked the thickest end in and out of my hole, trying to get it relaxed and used to penetration.  About then my buddy showed up and we got onto my bed and began sucking each other's cock.  He was leaking precum more than usual, so I guess we were both more than the usual amount of horny.  He got between my legs and started sucking my cock and fingering my hole.  I rolled over onto my stomach and he got the hint and crawled on top of my body, forcing my legs open so they were spread wide.  He spat and lubed his cock head, ready to penetrate my ass.

Now I should say, that the biggest thing I'd had up my hole was the object I had just recently been fucking myself with and his cock is still, as of today, the biggest I've ever seen in real life.  It's over nine inches, uncut and incredibly thick.  I felt him place his wet cock head on my slightly oiled hole and start to insert his monster cock into my virgin hole.  Initially I cried out, although UI knew the first time would hurt.  Looking back all I can say is how dumb and uneducated we were.  We should've been using oils, or lube or anything besides just our spit to have our virgin holes fucked the first time and many times after. 

Anyhow, it felt like a telephone pole was being pushed into my ass and up into my stomach.  He lay completely on top of me working his gigantic cock in and out of my battered hole.  I was crying but he couldn't see it. All I could do was lay there and take his cock hoping he'd cum as soon as fucking possible.  It didn't take long, but it felt like an eternity before he finally filled my hole with his cum. 

I immediately went to the restroom and expelled an enormous amount of cum and some blood, but surprisingly I wasn't bleeding as much as I felt like I should be.  I rubbed my tender hole with my fingers and stuck two fingers inside my cummy hole while I jerked off, shooting cum all over my chest, stomach, wall, and floor. 

My first time getting fucked was a painful experience, but we didn't know the proper way of losing or taking a virgin hole.

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Painful and bloody is a great way to start. How else will fags learn that they exist to suffer for male pleasure?

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    • By subdirtyjohn
      my number to poz me up aids guys wkecome   07428391353
    • By ohvisit
      Yesterday I posted a party ad on BBRT and after some vetting settled on ten potential cocks to load me up. Five out of the ten guys ended up showing--three at the same time! 
      First up is a 40 year old married Latino guy who wanted an anonymous scene with no one else present. He shoves his dick in my mouth, and I initially feel disappointed that his dick is quite small. But he keeps growing, and the next thing I know I'm sucking a thick 7 inches. After he is completely erect, he wastes no time and positions himself behind me, shoving balls deep--but with little lube. The pain is intense, but he is on a mission to cum in my ass, and I'm not about to stop him. He fucks me probably less than a minute, breeds me, and quickly leaves.
      About 15 minutes pass, and in comes this handsome 24 year old black guy. He has me suck his cock, which grows to a respectable 8 inches. While I take him deeper into my throat, he begins to finger my hole. He realizes I've already taken a load, and he starts calling me a cum dump, a whore, a slut. This man is sexy as fuck. He moves behind me, lubes up with gun oil, and gently pushes his cock into my hole. He moves his dick around in my hole, and you can hear the squishy sound of the other load being churned. He starts to fuck me hard. Just as he gets into a rhythm, a tall slender and very good looking black guy enters, and it's apparent they know each other. The second guy takes off all his clothes and stands beside the guy fucking me. I take a quick look back. The new guy has a massive 9.5" bbc--long and thick. All I could think is: Are they going to trade off? Am I about to take that huge dick? The young black guy continues to fuck me while the other guy utters all kinds of nasty things in his ear: "Load up that white pussy. Breed him. Give him your load." I start moaning loudly, and it's evident the guy is about to bust his nut up my ass. Right before I think he's going to cum, though, the guy with the huge cock tells him to pull out. He shoots his load on the young guy's cock and orders him to fuck that load up my ass! The young guy pushes in, and a couple of strokes later he blasts his black babies in me.
      He stays in my hole for a few minutes, and before he pulls out, in walks an exceptionally tall well-built black guy in his late 20s. He pulls off his pants, walks over to the side of the bed, and rubs a huge cock across my lips. As I later verified, he was packing 10.5", which might be the biggest cock I have ever taken. He forcibly shoves his dick deep into my throat, and by some miracle I manage to not gag. When the young guy finally pulls out, the new guy reaches around and fingers my hole. He pushes in two fingers and whispers to me that he can feel the cum loads in my ass. His cock gets even harder in my throat--to the point that I can't take much more of the abuse. He walks behind me and lubes up. He gently eases the first half of his cock up my ass. I take a hit of poppers, and the moment I screw the cap on, he shoves his entire black snake in my hole until I hear his balls smack my cheeks. I yelp from the intense pain of this nearly foot long bbc sitting so deep in ass. He fucks me hard doggie style for about five minutes, then shoves me forward on the bed until I'm resting on my stomach. His dick is so deep at this point that I can't take much more. My prostate is being battered. I've cum in my jockstrap without even touching myself. Then suddenly he slows down and says he's going to breed me. He pushes in as far as he can get. I feel his cock spasm, shooting his load deep in my bowels. He pulls out quickly, but I manage to tighten my hole to keep the seed from leaking out. Four loads in an hour...not bad at all.
      A few minutes after the black guys leave, a Latino guy in his late 30s enters the room. He roughly shoves three fingers in my hole, pulls them out, and tells me to suck the cum off them. Apparently already erect when he arrived, he pushes his thick 8 inches into my ass, relying on the cum to lube him up. He fucks hard and deep for maybe two minutes before dumping his load into me. My ass needs a break by this point, so I'm glad the other guys don't show.
      After a brief rest, I squat over a glass and let the cum drain out. Two of the guys said they hadn't come in a week--that might explain the ridiculous volume of cum from only five cocks. I lift the glass to my mouth and let the warm cum slide over my tongue and down my throat. 
    • By bend4it
      Does anyone know of any saunas in London or as far north as Luton which have Bi-sex days and bareback is popular? Thanks.
    • By Slipitupme
      My latest adventure....
      I headed down to the sauna last week – the first time I had been there in months. The familiar excitement gripped me when I stripped off in the changing room (it was a “no towels” day), lubed up my arsehole and walked naked into the sauna which is on three floors.

      I climbed the staircase to the first floor, passing a variety of nude men of all shapes, sizes and age groups (though mostly older guys) and felt the Viagra kick in and my cock begin to fill out.

      Just off the corridor is a small dark room with a walk in wet room area for piss play, and an open area with a fuck bench in the middle.

      Several old trolls stood around wanking and waiting. I saw a figure standing in the piss area and stepped into it. He was tall and thin and was holding his limp cock tightly round the head.

      On a whim, I sat down on the cold, wet floor and looked up at him. He pointed his cock at my face, released the head and began to piss over my face. The stream got stronger and I opened my mouth to taste it and let it dribble and splash over my body until I was drenched.

      Another man stepped into the area, coming close and watching the other man piss on me. His cock grew hard and I took the opportunity to suck it as the man stopped pissing by squeezing his cock again.

      It was a beautiful cock – long and smooth with a slippery mushroom head.

      I got to my feet and bent forward, spreading my buttocks so he could see my hole was lubed and ready.

      Wordlessly, he got behind me and slid his cock up inside me. As he began to fuck me, I felt a warm trickle on my backside, then a stream as the other man pissed over me, the warm liquid splashing over the cock as it entered me.

      After a while, the automatic shower turned on to wash the floor, so he stood back, stepped out of the cubicle and pulled me over to the bench.

      Dripping with piss, I blushed with shame as the other men watched me being led over to the padded bench and forced face down onto the leather. He got behind me and I felt his cock slide up me again and his body lying on my back. Figures gathered round to get a better view.

      “Dirty little pig, aren’t you?” He growled in my ear and I could only groan in response as he fucked me.

      “Wallowing in all that piss,” He whispered. “Yeah.  And we know what else pig’s want, don’t we? They want to get knocked up.”

      He slapped my bottom and thrust hard into my rectum.

      “That’s it. Open your little hole for me. Gonna give you some dirty cum to go with that dirty piss!”

      I gasped with pleasure and excitement, knowing what he was going to do, and welcoming the thought of taking his seed.

      “Ahhhh…yeah.. here it comes you pig!” With that he thrust hard into me and shivered in orgasm. I felt his cock throbbing in me and knew I was being filled with sperm.

      After a few minutes, he pushed off me and slapped my bottom. “Thanks, mate.” He laughed and left the room.

      I lay there gasping, drenched in piss, with his toxic sperm dripping from my hole.

      I’ve noticed there is always some troll eager to take advantage of me when I am vulnerable and exhausted after being fucked. Some old troll too ugly or too filthy to get his cock accepted by anyone.

      Sure enough, as I lay there gasping, I felt calloused hands on my hips and a thick, stubby cock probing my dripping hole.

      As it slid up me, I glanced back and saw a fat, pale body, and a sweaty face with matted mousy hair and a glimpse of what looked like bruises on his torso.

      But his cock felt so good I could only lie there gripping the bench as he fucked me. I felt fingers probing beneath his balls and a finger pushing into me next to his cock.

      “Fuck, he’s wet!” said a voice. The man in me didn’t last long.  Puffing and panting, he shot his load, filling me with spunk and goodness knows what else.

      He pulled out and my gaping hole released a wad of sperm over my balls.

      “Who else wants to fuck him?”

      I rested my head on my arms and sighed, giving myself up to the pig in me as they lined up to breed my arse…

    • By ohvisit
      I met up with a 22-year old muscular, dark-skinned black college guy at his apartment about six months ago. He told me to let myself in the unlocked front door, lock it behind me, and come upstairs. His bedroom door was open, and there he was sprawled out naked, stroking his thick 9.5" cock. I noticed the blinds were open, clearly visible from the parking lot. For a moment, I hesitated, feeling uncomfortable with the idea of being seen in this way. As I started to approach the bed to take that beautiful bbc in my mouth, he ordered me to take off my pants and underwear. Then he got up off the bed and shoved me down with my ass hanging off the edge of the bed. He handed me a bottle of poppers and, in a stern voice, told me to take some deep hits because he intended to fuck me deep until he bred me--no stopping, no pulling out. So, I took four long, deep hits, and my head was spinning. He had lubed up his massive black cock with vaseline and indeed wasted no time. I felt his cock brush against my hole. Then he pushed hard, shoving his entire cock in my ass until his balls slapped my ass. I yelped out loud and he smacked my ass hard. He immediately started to piston fuck my hole and continued for nearly ten minutes. Suddenly he shoved his cock deep in my hole and announced he was breeding me. My prostate had been beaten up in the process, and I needed to cum so badly. I started stroking, hoping to release my load. But he pulled his cock out of my ass abruptly and told me to get dressed and leave. 
      This week, out of the blue, he messaged me saying he needed to unload in some white pussy ass. I immediately responded and asked when he'd like me to drop by his apartment. He said he was working at the university library and was so horny that he wanted me to meet him there as soon as I could. At this point, I have no idea where exactly a safe meeting place might be in the library. He tells me to come to one of the men's restrooms on the third floor; he would be in the center stall and would open the stall door when I tap on it. It's late afternoon when I arrive, and there are far more students studying on that floor than I anticipated. When I enter the restroom, I notice there's no way to hide or be discreet when someone else enters. How the hell is this going to work? There are two guys at the urinals taking a piss, and they'll soon be out of the restroom. I walk past them to the stalls in the back, noting that the stall on the left is occupied. Nervous about getting caught, I lightly tap my foot under the center stall rather than tap on the door. He opens the door, and I see that he has his backpack and a jacket blocking the view of the next stall. Wasting no time, he turns me around, pulls down my pants, and sticks a spit-lubed finger in my ass. Conscious of the guy in the next stall (who is very quiet and might be cruising, I ponder), I suppress a moan. As he works a second and then third finger up my hole, I glance back and see him dribble spit into his hand. He gets his big black cock nice and wet. Without warning, he grabs me by the hips and literally shoves me down on his cock--all the way. His spit didn't provide enough lube, and the pain was horrible. But I couldn't even moan for fear of being caught. He pushed me down by the shoulders as hard as he could, impaling me on his ridiculously hard, rigid cock. He started to sway his hips, churning his dick deep in me. His dick was hitting my prostate, and it hurt. Then he starts lifting my body up and down on his cock. Periodically he would push me down hard on his cock. By this point, he's not even trying to be quiet.
      Thankfully I hear the guy in the next stall jacking his cock, and as I glance up, I see him peering over into our stall. It's another beefy black guy who, as I later find out, is on the football team. The fucking continues for another five minutes (which feels like an eternity at this point) until I feel his cock twitch. He's flooding my hole with his cum. Just like before, he tells me to pull up my pants and get out. So I scramble into the other empty stall with my pants pulled only halfway up. I can feel cum leaking out my used hole and dribbling down my legs.
      As I start to close the stall door, the big football player--who towered over me at nearly 6'5"--pushes it open. Aggressively, he pushes me over the toilet, pulls my pants down, and rams his beer-can thick 8" black cock in my ass. He had not lubed his cock, and even with the cum in my hole, the girth of his cock made it painful. I attempt to pull off his cock, but he grabs me hard at the waist and impales me repeatedly. I had willingly taken the previous cock, now I was basically being raped by a football player. The fucking continued for maybe two minutes, and he came deep in my ass--no words spoken. He zipped up his pants and quickly left the restroom.
      The guy in the next stall who had first fucked me walks over and tells me he had arranged for the football player to fuck me. He assumed I'd be fine with the forceful fuck. Out of breath, I just sighed and sat on the toilet, letting the cum leak from my battered hole. He was right: the whole scene was hot. But I couldn't believe it happened in a public place that was so risky. The football player messaged me and said he wants me to meet him at his apartment for fun sometime soon. I'll share the details when it happens...

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