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    Sex is entirely dichotomous in power and biomechanical function. Male dominance and pleasure are the indivisible foundations of life itself. From the moment that the man demands entry to the cunt to the moment he puts his Excellence back in his pants, the subordinate partner's function is to worship him and be ruthlessly exploited in return. Such is the power and glory of the Phallus.

    Penis and vagina are uniquely matched for the deepest male pleasure and satisfaction. Their union alone aligns natural men with the instinctive, reproductive, fundamental meaning of life. Other means of penetration are inferior epiphenomena undertaken for reasons of erotic variety, birth control, female unavailability, dominance, punishment, or severe gender dysfunction (i.e. homosexuality).

    To be at all successful, male-homosexual mating requires an authentic, penetrative male to conquer, degrade, and spiritually castrate his chosen victim. The inferior pseudo-male must be forced to accept his infra-female status and learn to regard himself as a mere servant and object of penetration.

    A good faggot-breaking isn't always permanent. If vestigial resistance arises, it is righteous and good for the man to use his strength and iron hardness to punish resistance and force compliance. Only when his fuck power is completely unrestrained can he achieve deep union with the undeserving rectal cunt and breed his godseed into it.

    Wickr: CuntHammer
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    I wish. If I were free of financial threat, I would record myself breaking and seeding a young virgin. The tears of a freshly-violated boy (or girl) are supremely gratifying.
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    Phallic supremacy. A righteous man has the unambiguous desire to dominate and penetrate. He is a paragon of aggression, entitlement, and intact male instincts. His penis is the center of the universe and the weapon he uses to enforce the natural law that he embodies. He is proud to breed, even when his spawn are aborted.

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  1. I don't think there's all that much distance between male desires and pornographic content. The urge to dominate and degrade is widespread. And you probably have a face that makes for an attractive target.
  2. Which country is that? I'm making travel plans.
  3. Your other cunt is in your face. I think you're morally obligated to give it up to all the men you've teased so far.
  4. It's an honor to have a man with such a distinguished and affirming ideology follow my page, Sir. Phallic supremacy is a truth I work to uphold as a subordinate pseudo-male. My flesh remains limp when I'm penetrated, because it knows better than to seek pleasure when pleasure is not mine to be had. I hope to be punished and degraded by knowledgeable men like yourself to advance in my pursuit of phallic supremacy. Cheers.

  5. Herpes is forever when you get it. A lot of people have mild symptoms, but some have extreme pain. HPV infection is also a certainty. You will only know about it if you happen to get warts. They can grow inside your anus. There is no treatment, except to remove the warts surgically. Some of the many HPV strains are largely asymptomatic but can go on to cause anal cancer. There's nothing inevitable about the shift from having a few raw encounters to exposing yourself to an endless stream of disease. You can choose to find a boyfriend/owner, or at least limit your risks. Youth is on yo
  6. Thank you Sir for liking my photos and albums.  I'd be honoured to have you using my cunt and filing me with your cum.

    Hundreds more pics and vids of me on www.twitter.com/jonny4dad

  7. At least they realized that condoms are ugly and offensive.
  8. ...is adulthood. Women are responsible, too, probably moreso, and they're not men.
  9. I found reading your background was more than intriguing, maybe captivating. It helps me to understand and clarify my true sexuality. 

    1. Phallarchist


      I'm glad to have helped. It would be impractical for me to try to impose phallarchy on the world at large, but I do hope to convince receptive individuals to align themselves to the harsh and beautiful truth of the male imperative.

  10. I want to see the full process of insertion, whether it's a slow push or a brutal one-stroke slam to the hilt. I don't know why studios so often cut from suck to mid-fuck.
  11. Fundamentally, 1. Have a penis that gets hard. 2. Use it to fuck and breed. Of course, there are other secondary sex characteristics and factors that determine degrees of manhood. E.g., fag breeding is a simulation. If you've never fucked your seed into a vagina, then you're clearly missing an experience that's central to having a penis and being a successful male of the species.
  12. No, not at all. Natural body hair is essential.
  13. I'm sure no one thinks it's a legally-binding document. As you suggest, it would be a way to make sure the candidate knows the parameters of the proposal and to gauge his actual level of desire for it to happen.
  14. I have digestion mostly in mind. A faggot has to have an empty stomach or an empty and cleansed colon to be useful. It's unrealistic to impose both conditions on a boy's body every day. It's better that that he take enema rest and heal on alternate days at least. A 2:1 ratio also goes some way to satisfy the male ego and desire for variety.
  15. I would match one man with two boys. Faggot cunt requires a lot of maintenance time, so having two in circulation increases cunt availability for the man. If a boy had a random male urge, he could dissipate it in the other boy (with the man's permission) and return to female service.
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