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  1. Actually I'm a multiple cummer. Back in High School and College I could fuck and cum for 12-plus times in a row never going soft or taking a break. I can still go 2,3,4,5,6,7 times depending on the circumstances. I may shoot nothing out around the 5th or 6th time, but the next load I've got it back again.
  2. PART 2: Marcus and I continued to see each other, as friends, at parties and bars with our mutual buddies. Most of the time he'd have his girlfriend, Chloe, with him. Our relationship changed subtly. We acted more relaxed around each other and he would touch me in a "bro" way, much more often than he did before we had sex. We were definitely closer and sort-of intimate in a bromance kind of way. This went on for a few weeks, without either of us ever mentioning the night he finally came inside someone (me), which was the first time I'd ever taken a poz load. This Friday night we pre-partied at our buddy's apartment and Chloe, his girlfriend, was there again. She was very pretty, and I really liked her. We had even begun to get closer. It was her idea to go out to the club, she wanted to dance. Nobody wanted to go though, but Marcus was obligated as the good boyfriend to take her dancing. Chloe tried really hard to convince other people to come along, but everybody wanted a more chill night in. She particularly put her efforts into persuading me to go with her and Marcus to the club. She was dancing up on me, and said,"Marcus can't dance, come on, you have to come so I can have a dancing partner. Pleassse?" I looked at Marcus and he just gave a shrug and a smile. I caved to peer pressure and decided I would tag along and go dancing with them. Marcus had booked an Uber and it didn't take long before we were piling in the back seat together. The Uber driver asked,"Where to?" Chloe immediately responded,"Majesty!" I looked at Marcus questioningly because while it was the biggest and best dance club in the city, it was also predominantly gay. Chloe saw the look on my face and me looking at Marcus and said to me,"Come on, it's the best club for dancing, and you don't have to play like you're straight around me anymore." We all laughed and Marcus just shrugged and smiled again, "She calls the shots bro." We got to the club about midnight and surprisingly the line was out the door already. We got in quickly, and first order was Chloe going to the bathroom, while Marcus and I got everybody drinks. While he and I were at the upstairs bar getting all the drinks he said,"Thanks for coming out tonight man. I know you didn't really want to. Just so you know, I didn't tell Chloe you were gay, she's actually the one that told me the night before...you and I...well in the sauna... Chloe found out from her co-worker, I think you would call him a twink. haha. Anyways, you apparently fuck him on the regular." I gulped a big swig of my drink. Damn, my throat got dry all of a sudden, and I was beginning to sweat. ---So he found out I was gay the night before he fucked me? Hmmm. Chloe popped up between the two of us, grabbing a drink from Marcus with one hand and grabbed my hand with her other, dragging me out to the dance floor,"Come on! Let's dance!" she yelled. I actually really enjoy dancing, and she and I lit the floor up. We were on the dance floor for a solid hour, thoroughly soaked in sweat. Marcus would watch us from the sidelines, refreshing our drinks and had a small table ready for us with bottled water for when, or if, we ever took a break. We had an amazing time. I started to get a little tired, and she had to pee, so we finally made it to Marcus' table. She said she was ready to go home, so Marcus ordered an Uber and while we waited she was still dancing next to the table in between Marcus and myself. He was behind her as she ground her ass against his crotch, his mouth was on her sweaty neck, and his hands held her tiny hips tightly. His strong hands. Chloe moved my hands to her hips too, then moved them on top of Marcus' hands. He was still kissing Chloe's neck, but he was looking straight into my eyes. It was the first time Marcus and I had touched intimately since the night he came in me. We got to their apartment, and Chloe insisted I come in for a beer and to wind down. Chloe was drunk and very horny, she was all over Marcus. I wasn't jealous, it was nice to see. But it was getting me horny! I was watching music videos on the TV when she drug Marcus to their bedroom, for obvious reasons. I resigned myself to the couch and laid down. I vaguely heard Chloe cumming, she wasn't quiet, and it sounded like she really got off. It wasn't ten minutes later when Marcus came out of the bedroom in just gym shorts. I immediately noticed he wasn't wearing underwear and was still somewhat hard. Marcus went to the fridge and asked if I wanted another beer. I said,"sure, but shouldn't you have some water? I heard Chloe in there, and it sounded like you probably need to rehydrate." Marcus laughed as he handed me my beer. He was standing in front of me, his still semi hard cock about a foot from my face under a thin layer of mesh gym shorts material. I could smell the sex from him and it made my face flush and my dick harden. Marcus said,"I"m surprised you heard us over the tv, these walls are pretty well insulated. And you know I don't gotta hydrate, you know the way it is with me and my girlfriends. I can't cum with a condom and they won't let me fuck them without one." He put his hand on the side of my face and lifted it up looking down at me,"nobody's ever let me cum in them, except you." I couldn't even look at him now, because his cock was fully erect in his shorts right in front of my face and I couldn't control myself one second longer. I grabbed his cock and gave it a squeeze. He put his beer on the table and dropped his shorts, put his hand behind my neck and used his other hand to aim his thick uncut cock at my mouth. I eagerly sucked his throbbing monster into my mouth. I could taste the condom residue and when I deep throated him I could smell Chloe's pussy on his pubes. It excited me so much, that I undid my pants and pulled my dick out and started stroking as I vigorously sucked his cock. I was bouncing up and down on it as he told me to,"suck that dick. I know you want it. You want this load don't you? You want my cum inside you, don't you? Tell me.." I came off his cock and said,"yes. I've missed your cock, and I want your cum inside me. Wherever you want to put it." He quickly yanked me up from the couch and grabbed my pants and underwear and jerked them down, pulling my feet out of them. He kissed me hard on the mouth and slipped his tongue inside me. I moaned into his mouth and felt his hands on my ass. He pulled his mouth back for a second and stuck two fingers inside my mouth and I sucked them as he moved them in and out. He pulled them free from my mouth and spit on his two wet fingers, reaching around and began to push them into my asshole as he grabbed my head with his free hand and kissed me hard again. He got his fingers up inside me to the knuckle and again, I moaned into his mouth. Marcus was being aggressive and I loved it. He turned me around and pulled off my shirt, he wrapped one arm around my waist and pulled me against him. His muscular pecs and stomach were against my back and his cock was snugly in my ass crack. He spat into his free hand and I could tell he was lubing up his cock, seconds later I felt his cockhead pushing against my hole. It breached my opening and I sighed in pain and pleasure while he kissed my neck and forced more of his stiff cock inside my ass. He moved forward, causing me to have to put my knees up on the couch, he pushed my head forward so I was bent over now in doggy style. I felt his hand firmly grasp my hips, he started fucking his big cock in and out of my hole. My asshole felt so good as he longdicked me. Feeling his slick cock sliding all the way in and out of me had me leaking precum and I grabbed my swollen cock to jerk off while he pounded my ass. "Oh god, Marcus, fuck me. Shit that feels so good. I can't wait for you to finish off inside me," I said. Marcus responded,"You like this big black cock? You want my poz load up that pussy?" I told him to please cum in me, fill me up good. We were making quite a bit of noise at this point, but I didn't care if Chloe woke up and saw us even, it felt so good, I wasn't going to let him stop until he unloaded in me. I could tell he was getting close too, he was fucking me so hard, my ass was getting plowed into at such a fast rate, I was glad he had lube on his cock from the condom that he used to fuck Chloe not too long ago. Just thinking of that made me hornier, and I wanted his cum even more knowing that his girlfriend never took it. Marcus began moaning and saying,"oh fuck, here it comes. I'm about to blow. Ah shit, ah shit, ah shiiitttt." He slammed into me deep and I felt his cock swell and thicken stretching my hole out more as he pumped me full of his poz cum. He kept himself buried deep inside me as I continued to jerk off and I was getting close. I guess he could tell I was about to blast his couch with my cum because he grabbed my hand and stopped me. "Wait, please?" I said, "please let me cum with you still inside me." He slowly pulled out of me, grabbed me and turned me around face to face. His lips met mine with force and his tongue snaked into my mouth to wrestle with mine. His hands moved up to my shoulders and pushed me down firmly so that I was seated on the edge of the couch. I briefly watched a few seconds of the music video playing as hot shirtless guys danced around a diva. He dropped to his knees and grabbed my legs, and spread them wide. I felt so open and powerless. He looked down and aimed his rigid cock at my wet hole, while his hands held my ankles wide and high I felt his cockhead on my hole right before he slammed fully into me. I gasped, my mouth was in a permanent "O" because that thick dickhead just punched my prostate and he held it there applying pressure to it, squeezing the cum out of it, making it escape through my cock onto my stomach. He immediately began fucking me at breakneck speeds, and it brought me back to the first time we fucked. He was able to blow a second load within minutes of the first one last time, and this was how he did it. I hoped it was happening again, remembering it last time was enough to bring me off, my body went stiff and I began shooting cum into my open mouth and all over myself as he rammed my prostate. I was drenched in my own cum as I watched him build up to his second orgasm, he moved his hands to my hips and thrust himself as deeply as he could and I felt his cock swell yet again pumping his load into me. I think we were both exhausted at this point. He pulled out, and he lifted my limp legs to slide my underwear back onto me. He laid my motionless body down on the couch, put his gym shorts on, and crawled up next to me, pulling the couch blanket over us. We both blacked out. The morning sun shined brightly through the living room window curtains. Music videos were still playing on the tv. I was disoriented for a minute while my mind processed where I was, and why I was there and what had happened. Marcus was still snuggled up to me under the blanket on the couch. His arm was around me, and I felt his erection against my ass. I was worried, Chloe would wake up and catch us like this. I shook him and told him to hurry and get up before his girlfriend woke up. He yawned and stretched a little. He said,"Don't worry, she sleeps like a zombie til late. Last night was amazing man. Watching you and Chloe dance last night had me hard half the time I was at the club." I was like,"what? You were sitting at the table in the club with a boner watching your girlfriend and I dance? You fuckin' pervert. No wonder you're hard right now." Marcus said,"You call me the pervert, but you let me fuck you like a cum hungry slut and you've taken four of my poz loads in your ass and acted like it was a gift from heaven." My mouth hung open in disbelief, but he had a point. I was a total cumslut when it came to him fucking me. I mean, he's fucking hot, straight, hung, and cums gallons and not just once. I laughed and said,"okay, okay, that's me in the moment, yes. I kinda separate those moments from you and me, as buddies. Right now, we're blurring the lines and it has me freaking a little." Marcus, ran his hand down my side and grabbed my underwear to yank them down. He brought his hand up to his mouth and spit in it, moved it to my mouth and said,"spit." I did as he commanded and spit in his hand. He reached under the blanket and lubed up his rock hard cock. He pushed into my hole with relative ease, but I could feel the friction. I groaned, and just let him do what he wanted to me. Marcus smiled and said,"see? you don't even try to stop me from fucking you when a minute ago you were worried about Chloe waking up? You're a whore for me." He was right, I couldn't help it either, his thick bare cock filling my hole up deeply was irresistible. I went from worrying about his girlfriend waking up to not caring if his grandma walked in on us as soon as his cock began to push into me. He firmly held my hip as he fucked slowly in and out of my hole. His massive loads from last night were enough that he didn't need any lube besides our spit to enter me. It wasn't as slick as last night, but he was going so slowly that it didn't need to be. He propped his head up on his hand while he rested his elbow on the pillow looking down at me. He looked so casual...from the waist up. I again warned him,"we better stop before Chloe gets u...." Just then the bedroom door opened and Chloe walked out in just a t-shirt, her tight pert tits were clearly bra-less and she wore a thong, her ass cheeks bounced as she went straight for the kitchen. Meanwhile Marcus simply moved his eyes from me, to the tv and began watching the music video. Marcus said,"Good morning babe. You feel okay? I came in here after you passed out to keep my homie company and we kinda blacked out here." Chloe turned around looking disheveled but glowing, she smiled and said,"I actually feel really good. I think all that dancing and then a good orgasm was what I needed last night. You guys look so cute, do you two want some coffee?" I was dumbfounded, as all of this unfolded before me, Marcus' cock was STILL deep inside me and he was still slowly fucking me. Marcus looked down at me and said,"you want some?" with a big smile. I knew he meant, did I want his cum, but he was trying to shake me loose to answer Chloe about the coffee. I stammered, "Uhmmm, yeah. Sure, yeah I want it...I mean, some. Some coffee, yes, please." Chloe responded, "great! two coffees coming up!" Marcus laughed, "yup, coming up!" as he continued to fuck my hole, picking up a little speed. Chloe had her back to us working on the coffee, and Marcus looked down at me, kissed me hard on the lips and whispered,"you ready for it? you want me to cum up in that hole?" I said,"yes, breed me again..." He tensed up and I felt him blasting inside me again as his girlfriend finished up our coffees. She brought them over to us and handed each of us our own cups while Marcus was still inside me. Chloe said, "I gotta put some pants on, it's freezing in here," as she bounced to the bedroom. Marcus pulled out of my asshole, and pulled up his shorts and sat up. He winked at me as he brought his cup to his mouth. I just shook my head and said, "whatever Marcus, it's your funeral." and rolled my eyes. He laughed into his mug.
  3. Most of my friends are straight and through them I met their straight friends, that's how I met Marcus. He was 19, just graduated high school and was now living in the city going to college. Marcus was very good looking. He was only 5'6", but half black and half hispanic, with an incredibly picture worthy face. I'd see him at my friend's house when I'd go over there to party. We all drank, and half of them smoked. He was the only one that didn't really drink I'd tease him a bit because of that, until one night after I kept trying to get everyone, including him, to take shots of tequila together. My buddy, who's apartment we partied in, caught me alone in the kitchen and quickly said,"don't say anything, but the reason Marcus doesn't drink much is because he's afraid it will mess with his HIV meds." Obviously, I had a very confused look at my face because I'd met Marcus' girlfriend and the one before his current one, so my bud went further to explain,"He's not gay or anything, but he was born with it, his father apparently got it when he was in prison at a young age from using drugs and didn't know it, so all of his kids were born with HIV." I was shocked, and sad for Marcus. We got the tequila shots and took them into the living room and we handed everyone their shot glasses, except Marcus. I guess that's where I made my mistake because, I always tried to get him to drink, and when he wouldn't drink what I offered him, then I'd down his shot for him. This time I didn't even offer him a glass. I didn't think anything of it, but he's a smart kid and he apparently figured it out. Later that night, everyone was pretty messed up one way or the other, and there were only four of us still awake. My buddy and his girlfriend, Marcus and myself. My friend's girlfriend started to doze off and suddenly threw up a little bit on her shirt, so while he dealt with cleaning her up Marcus jumped up and took his shirt off, and said to me, "let's go down to the hot tub!" It was about 50 degrees outside but I was drunk enough, that it sounded like an adventure. Besides, this was the first time I'd seen Marcus shirtless and quite frankly I wanted to see a lot more. He was so lean that you could see all of his muscles, and boy did he have a lot of muscles, they were well hidden under his hoodies and sweatshirts he always wore. He was smooth and just had an incredible body in general. We grabbed some towels and I realized we didn't have any swim trunks, to which he responded, "no one's gonna be down there, we'll take our clothes off under the towels and just slip in the hot tub naked." I was all in! "Let's go then!" I exclaimed. I couldn't help looking at Marcus' back as I followed him down to the pool and hot tub area. This little guy wasn't so little and he was ripped. My mouth watered watching his tight bubble butt bouncing going down the stairs. Fucking hell, I was getting hard just watching his back and ass! We got to the hot tub, the courtyard lights were off, since it was the colder season and no one used the pool or hot tub. It was dark so Marcus didn't bother getting undressed under the towel and neither did I. Obviously I couldn't help myself from looking, and saw his cock, rather I stared at his cock and it was so hot, beautiful, uncut and looked about 4-5 inches soft, it was thick and he had some big low hanging balls too. Again, my mouth was watering, and I had to very quickly get into the hot tub because I was half hard in about two seconds after seeing him naked. We were chilling and chatting in the hot tub, I asked about his current girlfriend, and he caught me off guard by giving a serious answer saying,"she's hot as fuck, but she won't let me fuck her raw dawg, cause she scared of getting HIV." Although the news didn't surprise me, his admission of it did, and he saw the look on my face. "Look, I know our buddy told you, when you brought the tequila shots in, it was the first time ever, that you didn't offer me one. And I saw the way you tried not to look at me. I go through this every time someone finds out." I kinda stammered a bit and just sheepishly said,"you're not as dumb as you look. Yeah, he told me, and I'm sorry man. You know, I have friends that are HIV positive too, I hope you know I don't think less of you, I was just caught off guard because you're straight, and I don't know any straight positive people." Marcus went on to tell me about his frustrations with just about anyone he dated. He said, he hadn't been able to cum with a condom in years and his girlfriend's would rarely, if ever, let him raw dawg their pussies and they definitely never let him finish inside of them. He even had a couple girlfriends get on PrEP and they still didn't let him cum in them. I was kinda shocked and blurted out,"They were on PrEP and wouldn't let you cum in them?!?! That's stupid, hell, if you're paranoid about alcohol messing with your meds, I know you're undetectable, and I'd let you cum in me even if I weren't on PrEP." I can't believe I just said that. I quickly, followed up with,"I mean, if I were your girlfriend." Wait, that didn't sound right either, so I chimed in again,"I mean, if I was a girl and on PrEP." He was laughing at me, and responded,"It's cool, I know what you mean. So...you said you were on PrEP?" Did I? Oh yeah, I said,"even if I weren't on PrEP..." I didn't quite know what to say, so I just said, "uhmmm..." Marcus was so chill though, he laughed again and moved over next to me, putting his arm around my neck and comforted me, "You think I didn't know you were gay? Remember...I'm not as dumb as I look." We laughed together. I felt relaxed again, and affirmed what he already knew. "Yeah, I'm gay and yes I'm on PrEP." He asked if I was a top or bottom, his bluntness surprised me. I said I'm a top. And I don't know why, but I volunteered that I had bottomed in the past, it just wasn't my preference. He stood up in the hot tub, and since he had his arm around my neck, his cock was literally inches from my face now. And it had grown. His thick cock was somewhat hanging at about 6 inches now right in front of me. He said,"come on, we better go dry off in the sauna before we put our clothes back on." He walked toward the sauna while I hopped out and grabbed my towel to cover my fully erect cock. My 7.5 inch beer can cock stood straight up and was like concrete. We got into the sauna and he was totally naked, he didn't bring his towel. I just held my towel over my cock basically and sat down. I couldn't help but look at his growing cock. And he noticed. "You ever suck a black guy's cock?" I was still buzzing on alcohol and the whole situation that I just responded,"yes, I love suck big cocks." He laughed as he started stoking himself. He was a very solid 8 inches and quite thick. He nonchalantly said,"come suck this big black cock then." I immediately got up, letting my towel drop and went straight to his dick and enveloped it in my mouth. I was high from this whole scene, I wasn't thinking rationally, I just wanted this gorgeous straight guy's big cock in my mouth. He was moaning and groaning telling me to "suck that big cock" and "yeah, get it all down your throat." I had grabbed my towel and put it on the wooden bench so I could put my knees up on it and lean over his cock better. Trying to get more of him into my throat. The sauna was hot and we were both sweating like crazy, he continued to moan and as I got my mouth all the way down to his pubes he grabbed my head with both hands and started to throat fuck me. I was loving having this straight guy use my mouth and throat as a fuck hole. He seemed to be enjoying it so much and I didn't want it to end, but I did want his cum. As he kept fucking my mouth he moved one hand down the back of my head and neck and was carressing me from my neck to my ass. He'd grab my ass and squeezed it, and rubbed my cheeks. Our bodies were so slick from sweat, his hands on my body felt electric. He even began to slide his fingers in and out of my crack, stopping on my hole and gently pushing into me. We were sweating so much that I realized he was collecting the sweat from my back and using it as lube to get his finger into my tight hole. Once he broke past my hole's resistance, he sunk his finger into my hole. It felt amazingly tight and slick and I moaned around his dick. He started saying,"shit man, shit yo' mouth feels good on my cock. Keep doin that and I'm gonna bust," as he started finger fucking me faster and harder, I felt so vulnerable and slutty being used by him. I wanted to swallow his load so I began moaning and sucking him harder and faster. "I'm gonna cum man," he barely got out in between hard breaths. I moaned around his cock that I was bobbing up and down on,"mmhmm, mmhmmm," encouraging him to blow his load down my throat. I felt his body tensing up and he had two fingers buried in my hole but was just wiggling them around inside me. His hand on my head started pushing my face all the way down on his cock hard as he thrust his cock down my throat and I felt it stiffen and swell, he whisper yelled,"ohhhhh fuck! ohhhhhhhh, I'm gonna cum man. I'm gonna cum. Swallow that load bitch. Take it!" his body spasmed and he began blasting his jizz down my throat. I felt it shooting hard into me, there was so much, it was like a water canon and I was swallowing it as fast as it came out. He pushed his fingers in as deep as they would go up my ass, as he shot his cum into my stomach, that he finger punched my prostate, it was like he hit an electric buzzer. I was swallowing his never ending load and suddenly my body spasmed for a few seconds and I shot one blast of clear liquidy cum out my cock so hard that it coated his thigh. We were both coming down and I still had his cock in my mouth. Neither of us had gone soft, he slowly slid his fingers out of my hole and rested his hand on my ass. Through his labored breathing he said,"damn. I hadn't cum from a blowjob in at least a year, and I've never cum that hard from one. I wasn't sure you would let me cum in your mouth, but you made it pretty clear, you wanted it. You acted like a fucking fat chick cumdump, "he laughed at his own words. I pulled off his still hard cock, and responded, "one out of three isn't bad, as long as it's the cumdump one." Marcus chuckled,"well you're not fat and you're definitely not a chick, but we should see if you're truly a cumdump." I sat up and looked at him with a look of confusion and maybe surprise. "You said you were on PrEP," Marcus told me, "and that you'd let me cum in you, right?" I shook my head "yes" for sure in the affirmative. Oh my gosh, is he really talking about fucking me right now? This hot straight guy. I thought I was going to consider myself incredibly lucky that he let me blow and swallow him, but now he wants to fuck me. "It's been so long, I don't think I can take such a big dick though," I told Marcus. He stood up, his cock was pointed at the ceiling, and he grabbed me, pulled me up then pushed me back down to where my face was right in front of his cock. I grabbed it, still hard as a pipe, and took it back into my mouth. He was thrusting in and out of my mouth slowly and said,"I'm not gay, but I haven't had anyone ever take my cum, and I just need to know what it feels like to shoot inside someone, without pulling out, and raw, no worries from either party, I just need to breed someone. Will you let me? I'll go slow and if you can't handle it, you can suck me off again." I didn't respond, I just kept sucking his cock. He instructed me to "get it real wet. Leave a lot of spit on my cock and come off of it" I did as he told me, and he got down on his knees, now my aching hard cock was in his face, but not for long. He grabbed my ankles and lifted my feet off the wood floor, making me lean back on my towel on the bench. I looked down toward my cock and saw him holding my ankles up and spread out, and his beautiful face, his eyes staring at my hole. I watched him spit on my hole, his eyes were glazed over with lust. He dove into my ass and I felt his tongue immediately working into my hole. It was me this time, that grabbed HIS head, as he tongue fucked my pink hole, getting it wetter and more relaxed. It felt fucking amazing, his tongue was powerful and felt like a slick muscle massaging into my asshole. I began to moan like a bitch. I wasn't used to this feeling, I was the one that usually ate ass like a champ causing bottoms to turn into sluts. The tables had been turned, and I wasn't mad that it was a hot straight guy turning the tables, and turning me into a cumslut. He retracted his tongue from my ass and came up, still holding my ankles spread out like a whore and scooted in close, I felt his big wet cockhead hit my hole. He was looking down as it pushed into me and occasionally looked up at my face to see how I was taking the pressure. It felt so good. He was thick, and hard, but I was opening up for him. He was going so slowly and he had been so perfect, that I was relaxed the entire time and suddenly his cock entered me deeper. I sighed,"ahhhhhh, fuck..." drifting off to a place of pure pleasure, "oh my god, your cock feels so good, keep going" Marcus pulled my legs up and rested them on his muscular shoulders, my ankles were by his head now. He began sinking more of that beautiful straight thick black poz cock into me. I was in heaven, as he filled me up, stretched my hole and finally rested on my prostate causing me to precum onto my stomach. He was looking down when the precum poured out,"did you cum?" Marcus asked. "No, your cock is hitting my prostate and making me precum," I explained. Marcus smiled,"damn, I didn't know a guy could get wet from being fucked. You sure you're okay with me cumming in you? I don't want you to regret this or freak out when I get close to blowing my load like some of my girlfriends. It's caused me to kinda panic now during sex." I looked at him directly in his eyes, "Marcus, I'm on PrEP, and even if I wasn't, you're undetectable. I've never had anything in my ass feel this fuckin good, if you don't cum in me, I'll be mad! I want you to use my hole, and don't look back, fuck me hard and cum in me as much as you want." He smiled and I could see the worry leave his face completely. He slide his hands down to my hips and started to pull out slowly til his thick cock came out, he was looking down watching his fat cock go all the way in, then all the way out of my tight wet hole. I felt like, from the waist down, my body was being jerked off. I felt pleasure all over my sweaty skin and deep inside my bowels as his huge cock fucked in and out of me. I began to stroke my cock, using the copious amounts of precum Marcus was milking out of me as lube. He even reached down and jerked me for a minute as he purposefully pushed his dick deep into my prostate and forced more precum out. He collected it in his hand and brought it up to his face and sniffed it,"smells like sex," he said right before licking it all out of his hand. He started to really fuck me now, his cock was pounding my ass so hard, we could hear the "thwap thwap thwap thwap" of his hips hitting my ass as he drove his monster into me. He was breathing hard and sweat was pouring off of his body. His muscles were tight and straining as he fucked his rod into my guts. I could tell he was getting close to cumming and I didn't want him to start feeling self conscience about breeding me, so while I stroked myself, coming closer to my own orgasm, I commanded him,"awww yes, fuck me Marcus. I want you to blow that big load of cum deep inside me. Shoot that poz load hard into me. I want to feel it blasting my insides." I think that did the trick, he was mumbling,"oh oh oh I'm gonna cum, oh fuck I'm gonna cum man, I'm gonna cum." I retorted back to emphasize how much I wanted it,"do it, breed me, breed my pussy, cum in me Marcus, I want you inside me." "AHHHHHH FUCK! I'm cumming! AHHHH I'M FUCKING BREEDING YOU! TAKE IT! Take it!" I felt his cock swell and pump and blow his load deep inside me, watching and feeling him explode inside me turned me on so much that I started cumming too. I shot cum past my head onto the wall, and began shooting cum onto my face and chest, he continued to fuck me as I was cumming. He looked down at me with my mouth open in ecstasy as I climaxed all over myself and started pounding my hole harder and faster than he was before. My body was a rag doll being fucked by a mechanical being, it felt like his body became a robot with no loss of energy and all the strength of a machine endlessly pounding my ass. I didn't know what was happening at this point, I just let him do what he wanted, it still felt good, as I was coming down from my orgasm, I didn't care what he did to me. In about two minutes of this renewed power fucking he slammed deep into me and screamed,"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" as he unloaded yet another load into my ass mere minutes after his first load. The machine was gone, and he melted down onto me. He rested his elbows on the wooden bench I was laying on. My legs still on his shoulders and were now against my chest, his forehead rested on mine and his cock was still buried inside me. Marcus was trying to catch his breath, but forced himself to say,"thank you, thank you, thank you." Then he kissed me on the lips. "Truly, that was the best fuck I've ever had. I guess it was my first REAL fuck to be honest. I can't tell you how much that meant." He kissed me again, this time he forced his tongue into my mouth and we made out. He slowly let my legs go and slide down and his cock gently slipped from me. I felt his cum leaking out. It felt good actually. It all felt good. We quietly got ourselves together, and gathered our things by the hot tub. We walked up the steps toward the apartment. On the way up, I broke the silence,"Marcus, that was amazing, it was something I've never quite experienced either, and I loved it, but that's all it has to be. This one time, we did this thing, and it's just between the two of us. I'll never tell anyone and I don't want to lose you as a friend." We were at the apartment door now, he said,"I know. I trust you." He paused a minute and put his hand behind my head around the back of my neck,"you really gave me a gift no one ever has before and I won't ever forget that." He gave me a quick kiss again, opened the apartment door and said,"maybe it won't just be a one time thing."
  4. Getting Caught Part 3: After the football game, seeing my best friend's older brother walk off with his girlfriend and him asking me to make sure I still had his cum in me from earlier that morning, (in code) damn it, I was Friday night horny. I went to the local hang out and met up with a bunch of buddies, we cruised around town, messing on our phones, and listening to music. I got a message from my best friend to see if I wanted to come over and "chill." I was definitely horny, and said I would later that night but I was having too much fun right now. Plus I wasn't driving at the moment so I didn't get to decide where I was going. We cruised around for some time, then headed back to the gas station where we all parked our cars. It was getting late, around midnight. So the town was pretty much dead. All my friends had gone home and I was in the store grabbing a drink and was about to head over to my best bud's house. I came out of the store and went to the dark side of the building where I had parked and just as I was about to get into my truck I saw my buddy's older brother pull up in his car. Of course I immediately got excited and I diddled around, trying to linger outside of my truck so he would see me. He pulled up and I could see in his car, his girlfriend was in the front seat and his fellow classmate and football player, Bert was in the backseat. My buddy's older brother rolled down his window and said to me,"you don't mind running Bert home do ya? Me and my girlfriend don't have much time until she has to be home." (he winked at me) I smiled and replied,"yeah, sure, no problem, you two don't get into too much trouble." we all laughed as Bert got out of the car and it drove off. I didn't mind taking Bert home, it was just a five minute drive to the trailer park outside of town anyway. Bert smiled and laughed,"hey, thanks man, you're a life saver, I was afraid I was going to have to sit in the front seat parked on a dirt road while those two got their rocks off." "HA! Like you'd mind, you'd probably be trying to take videos of them going at it," I retorted. We got in the truck and it wasn't long before we were at his mom's double-wide. He said,"pull around to the north side and park by the steps to the back porch." It was dark and there weren't any lights on in the house. I killed my lights and before he got out he told me he appreciated me taking him home and to come inside. I was really wanting to get to my best bud's house so I could fuck around and get off, but Bert didn't ask me, he told me, and shut the truck door before I could even answer him otherwise. We pounced up the back porch steps which led to a glass door, it was unlocked and we went right in. Looked like it was his bedroom. Bert said,"take your shoes off man, stay a minute." He turned a small lamp on and pulled a curtain over the back door. He had a mini fridge in his room and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I said,"sure, whatever you got." He opened the fridge and grabbed a couple bottles of monster energy drinks and told me to sit down. There was a bunk-bed and that was the only place to sit, so I sat down and he came over and put the two energy drinks on the dresser next to the bed. His crotch was at eye level, and I couldn't help but look at it. He always wore tight pants to show off his bubble butt and nice package... and gosh damnit I was horny. He smelled so good too. Like soap and flesh. I opened my can as he was picking up clothes around the room and shoving them under the bed. He responded to hearing my can opening,"hey, don't start yet man." Confused, I stopped with my mouth open and the can up to my lips when he produced half a bottle of whiskey from under his bed. He smiled at me with that near perfect smile,"I owe ya a drink or ten." I laughed and thought to myself,'okay, I can't say "no" to him, I'll just take a shot and head over to my buddy's where I can fuck a load or two in him. He told me to grab a couple shot glasses in the top dresser drawer and pour us some. I found them, but they were more like two-and-a-half shot(s) glasses, so I only filled them up halfway. He turned on the tv and quickly pulled his shirt off while he messed with the DVD player. I see him shirtless all the time in PE, at track meets, swimming, and anywhere he can get away with taking his shirt off. And I don't blame him, he was about 5'7" with nice wide shoulders, but a very muscular lean body that tapered to a V at his waist. He had the most beautiful skin, smooth and slightly caramel colored compared to my pale white ass. He had grabbed the remotes and was walking toward me, or the bed rather, when I had to shake myself out of staring open-mouthed at him. He had nice pecs, defined abs and his nipples made me drool. Dark and slightly big, but not too big. He stopped at the bed, again with his crotch practically in my face and looked at the shot glasses and laughed,"I'm a full grown man, not a ken doll, let's fill these glasses to the brim, you won't notice when you shoot them anyway." He sat down on the bed beside me and turned with his glass raised,"to getting me home!" We each shot our whiskey and quickly chased it with our energy drinks. "One more," he hoarsely said as he got up and grabbed the whiskey off the dresser. Again, his crotch was right there...right in my face as he poured into my glass. He stayed standing as we cheered to another shot and gulped our chaser. That one burned, and I started coughing a bit. He had walked over to the tv and had his pants on the ground as he grabbed some tight gym shorts that he quickly pulled on. "Fuck," I thought to myself as I saw him push his bulge into the shorts. He came and sat down next to me. He poured more shots...geez, I wasn't gonna be able to drive if I have another one. I told him, I couldn't do it, I had to head home. Really, I just needed to get to my buddy's so I could cum in his ass. The shots and energy drinks had my head buzzin' and so were my balls. I was getting damn right horny now. He put a bunch of pillows against the wall so we could lean back and handed me another full little glass of whiskey,"come on man, don't leave me hangin' I already poured them. Last one, then we can just lean back and watch a movie for a minute while you drink the rest of your energy drink and sober up a little." I couldn't say no. I wanted to. But he's older, cooler, sexier, so much sexier and just in a pair of shorts that looked more like boxer briefs. I wasn't thinking clearly as we downed another glass and leaned back. He started the movie, he said,"lemme skip to one of my favorite scenes." The first images that popped up on the tv screen were two naked women, one older than the other, eating each other's pussies. My eyes must have been the size of golf balls, cause Bert just started laughing and jabbed me,"what? like you don't watch porn? Look at the big ol' titties on the mom and those mosquito bites on her daughter." So...I looked. There I was, half drunk watching the two women go to town on their pussies with my best bud's football mate nearly naked on his bed. I was getting hot. I know it was nerves, but I started sweating, but tried to play it cool. "Take your shirt off man," Bert instructed, "you're already sweating and it's just us." I don't know why, but I did, I peeled off my shirt. I was pretty self conscience about my body because I was so skinny, but I didn't look sickly at least. "Take your pants off and get comfortable, besides your boner might break your zipper if you don't," Bert said staring and smiling at my crotch. Shit. He was right, I had been so nervous about this whole situation it never registered to me that I was harder than a fucking shotgun barrel. I immediately tried to cover my raging boner up with my hands but he grabbed them and pushed them aside as he yanked my jeans button open and pulled down my zipper. "Relax man, shit, I'm hard too, that's what porn is supposed to do," he said as he quickly got up and grabbed ahold of the bottom of my jeans. He was pulling my jeans off me, while I squirmed around, I wasn't really fighting it now, and my underwear came off with my jeans anyway, so I was stuck. Besides he had a valid point. We're just guys, watching porn, so of course we're going to get hard. And that's when I looked at his crotch as he pulled the rest of my jeans off my body. He had a good solid 7 or 8 inches in those shorts. "Fuck it man, I'm horny, we might as well jack off at this point," he said as he opened up his dresser drawer and produced a small jar of vaseline. He tossed it on the bed in between where we had been sitting, dropped his shorts and tighty whities. His cock bounced out of them and he sat back down on the bed. He had a thicker than average 7 or 8 inch cock. It was rigid as hell with a really big mushroom head and it had a nice curve to it's shaft, making it seem shorter than it actually was. He was completely shaved like a porn star. He caught me obviously staring at his cock,"don't say it, I know, my dickhead is huge, but hey, I've never had any complaints, except maybe when it first goes in," He snickered. At this point, I didn't know what to do, but he was naked, all I had on were my socks, porn was playing, we were both hard as rocks and slightly buzzed. So I just went with it, as he was already rubbing vaseline all over his dick. He reached over and started rubbing the excess on my cock. Which was a big surprise. His hand rubbing lube all over my dick was almost too much. "There, that's better. Don't worry, I just got too much vaseline out, you're only getting the first half of a handy tonight buddy," he laughed and winked at me. So we started jerking our own cocks as we watched the two ladies on screen eating each other out when a young guy appears in the background watching the women peeking around a wall. He's jerking his cock watching the two women when suddenly the "daughter" notices him and says,"what are you doing home so soon little brother? Well, looks like you're enjoying watching us, why don't you come over here and help us out." The young man gets naked on his way toward the two ladies and lays down on the bed with them. The "mom" starts to sit on his face and tells him to "eat mommy real good." He begins licking her pussy as his "sister" pushed his legs up and starts licking his asshole. That made my dick jump, as I knew very much how amazing having my asshole licked and tongued felt. Bert stopped shuttling his hand and I could feel his eyes on me as I jerked,"have you ever let a girl eat your ass," he questioned me. "No, ew, what if it wasn't clean?" I responded. So technically I hadn't had a girl eat my ass...but his football mate has several times, but I wasn't about to volunteer that info. "He looks like he's really enjoying it," still watching me with his burning gaze. I didn't respond, I just kept my eyes forward and continued jerking off, I was hoping he'd just cum and then I could find a way to get out of here and get my dick wet and balls deep in my best bud's ass. That's when he grabbed my leg and pulled it off the floor and up onto the bed. Within a few seconds I had one foot on the floor and the other, well, he had put my leg behind his back on the bed. I was spread-eagled as he moved into the gap he had created with my legs wide open. He basically had one leg pinned behind his back against the wall and was now sitting on the bed with me somewhat wrapped around him. Finally I looked at him. I couldn't keep watching the film and pretend like he didn't just handle me like a rag doll and our bodies weren't touching, warm skin to warm bare skin. We stared at each other and he looked down in between my spread legs,"damn, your hole is smoother and pinker than that porn stars'," he half whispered with his deep, hoarse voice. I audibly gulped and continued to jerk my cock. He put his hand on my inner thigh and began to rub it. God it felt good. I thought I'd almost bust right then, but he kept his hands moving up til it got to my groin and he reached around the base of my cock and balls and began stroking my taint with his thumb. His eyes were full of lust, I just laid there stroking and watching him, unable to move or utter a word. His thumb had been working it's way to my hole and soon he was rubbing and pushing directly onto my asshole. I was laid out like a whore, and there was nothing I could do to make it difficult for him to reach my hole, so I just let him do it. He grabbed the vaseline again and got a good amount out with his thumb and started rubbing it all over my hole. It was beginning to relax and open up. Well, the outter ring was opening up anyway. He was fucking me with his thumb while he jacked off. He had stopped watching the porn the second he grabbed my leg and spread me out. "Fuck, man, your hole feels good. Do you like that?" He asked as he looked at my face again. I didn't say anything and I didn't move a muscle, except for the fact that I was still stroking my cock. "It's cool if it feels good, that guy on the porn sure likes his hole played with," he broke the silence,"tell me if it feels good. Say it." "Say it,"he told me,"tell me the truth, tell me you like it." He was looking hard into my eyes and thrust his thumb in deep, when he told me to "say it." I moaned when he thrust his thumb into me, to the knuckle and I grabbed his wrist and held his thumb deep inside me, I started to slowly release my grip on him when he started pulling his thumb out, and immediately put two fingers inside me, but was careful and slow about it. He found my prostate quickly now that he could get in deeper with his fingers. I moaned again, and he sat up on his knees in between my legs pushing against my prostate with his fingers and leaned down over me. I looked up at him. He was about 6 inches from my face looking into my eyes,"say it," he told me again. "say it," he said as he punctuated "it" with his fingers pushing hard against my g-spot in my ass. I half moaned, and half spoke the words,"oh god." He leaned down so that his face was against mine, his ear was by my gapping mouth as I tried to catch a breath. He whispered into my ear,"what was that? What did you say?, "he stuck his tongue into my ear, "tell me boy?" I couldn't resist any longer, I was going to out myself, it was too late anyway. We were naked, he was in between my legs with his fingers deep up my ass stroking my prostate his body on top of mine and our mouths on each other's ears. I moaned harder as he dug deeper into me,"fuuuck, it feels good," I finally croaked out. He pulled his body further into mine, and I felt his fingers leave me as that huge mushroom cockhead of his was firmly planted just inside my hole and he was pressing hard to get past that inner ring. His dick head was truly huge, it was bigger than a meaty massive mushroom, and it made my mouth water just thinking of it, but it was getting a lot of resistance from my inner ring. He kept pushing, and I tried to remember the trick that his football mate taught me. I began to breath purposefully, and push my hole out, as it started to give way, his huge cock head got stuck again. I think we were both getting frustrated. He wrapped one muscular sweaty arm around my head and turned it as he began kissing, licking and sucking on my neck and ear. He had his other hand trying to force his cock past my hole. I was squirming, enjoying everything, everything except the pain of his massive bell-end forcing me open. Hell, it felt like it was ripping me open. Tears started coming down from my eyes, and I was whispering,"ow ow ow ow ow, it hurts, it hurts. Please? Please stop?" He bit my ear hard and sank about an inch of his cock into me. His huge head was wedged where my inner ring was stretched out around it, tight as fuck, and it hurt like hell. It hurt so bad I wasn't whispering any more,"FUCK! That hurts! Take it out!" It felt like he was holding a baseball bat at it's thickest end with my asshole wrapped around it. He turned my head so that we were face to face, lips to lips, I was gasping for air, and he told me,"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I can't take it out. I can't stop now. Please? Just give me a couple seconds? Please." He pushed harder into me and my mouth opened wide and let out a loud painful moan,"AHHHHHHHRRRRGHHHHhhhh.......," he put his mouth over mine and thrust his tongue into my tongue. He was passionately kissing me. Deeply and so intimately, he was breathing so hard and still making out with me, that's when I realized he was halfway inside me now. His huge head had gotten past my inner ring and my hole was now snugly around his shaft. The worst part was over. Wow, I thought, Bert is hard as stone and he's halfway inside of me. He continued to kiss me with so much emotion. I wrapped my arms around him, feeling his tight muscles all over his back and arms, down to his bubble butt and closed my legs against his small waist. He was moving his cock in and out of me now, and was going in balls deep. He picked up the pace, and once I had my legs wrapped around his waist, he went in deeper. Holy fucking shit, that monster cock head hit my prostate and my eyes rolled back in my head. It felt like someone had my prostate inside their fist, milking me from the inside out. I began leaking cum out my piss slit so much that it felt like I was almost pissing myself. It was a mixture of relief and pleasure and still just a little bit of pain as he fucked into my hole. He would still kiss me deeply but also enjoyed coming up off my body far enough to look down at me and see the pleasure he was giving me. He tried to pull all the way out a couple times, but it hurt too damned much. He said,"that's okay, I can stay inside you forever." Part of me was hoping he would, but most of me knew I wouldn't be able to handle it. He found the right pace and position that he was pummeling my prostate perfectly. He started whispering with a dry deep voice,"fuck, fuck, fuck, you're too fucking tight, I can't wait much longer." Which was good, because I kinda wanted this to be over, and also never end... "Fuck me. Fuck my hole. Cum inside me," I heard myself telling him, "blast your load deep in me, cum on my prostate, cum in me, cum in me, cum in me." I was furiously jerking my cock at this point and was already about to explode. Bert, kissed me hard one last time and reared his muscular back up as he pounded in as deep as he could go, and I felt his cock throbbing, my hole was stretched tightly around his shaft as it climaxed, pumping and forcing his load up through his cock, making his cock head swell to what felt like the size of a fist against my prostate,"I'm fuckin' cummin', I'm breeding you deep, oh fuck! fuck! fuck!," he roared. And I felt it. I felt it eject through his dick and cause his bell-end to blossom and swell, I felt his load shoot directly onto my prostate, hard, over and over, and, "Oh my god! oh god! oh shit! Fuck! fuckfuckfuckfuuuuuuckkk," I started yelling as my cock exploded between us, covering our bodies in my hot wet cum. It was shooting out of me as forcefully as he shot into me. He collapsed down onto me. We were soaked in cum and sweat, we couldn't move. Just breath. We could only muster the energy to try and catch a breath. Eventually, we were back to somewhat of a normal state, and his cock had gone down to about half it's fully erect size. Thank god too, I was scared to death that he was going to have to pull that massive mushroom out while still fully boned up. It still hurt coming out, but it was manageable. He lifted up my leg and looked at my hole,"damn. it went right back to being pretty, tight and pink. Just a little wet," he joked. We kinda laughed together. Yeah, we just did that, we laughed at him looking at my wet hole after he just fucked the cum out of me, and into me. He leaned back against my leg, and the wall, still in between my legs. He slumped over. Gesh, he had a body hot as hell, his muscles were really pronounced covered in so much sweat and cum it looked like he'd been lathered in baby oil. He saw me looking at his body, he looked down at himself and mentioned,"I've never seen anyone cum like that before, you came buckets man." "Oh? You've seen a lot of guys cum huh?" I asked with a smile. "Nah, you know what I mean, like in porn and yeah,sure, me and the guys sometimes jack off with each other, but that's it, nothing queer," he scoffed. I think he noticed the hurt on my face when he said "queer," because he immediately grabbed my legs so I couldn't go anywhere, and looked into my eyes,"I didn't mean that. That's not what I meant. This wasn't gay or anything." I could see the confusion on his face when he said that. It looked like he had the weight of a hundred elephants on his lips,"What was it if it wasn't gay then?" I quipped. He couldn't find the words at first. So he just started babbling, and got some sentences together,"I, uh, I uhm...okay, alright. Yes. Okay. I just fucked a dude. Okay, it was more than that. I fucked you, or we fucked each other, I guess. At some point you gotta admit we were fucking each other, right? I mean you liked it too, you said so. But there were parts where maybe we were sort-of making love. But just getting off. No, no, it wasn't just getting off. Not "just" that, I mean, like, there were moments between us...right?" Wow, he meant that part. And I had to admit it. I had to admit it to him, like now,"Yeah, I'm afraid there were some moments...between you and I." We got very serious then, and he crawled up next to me and pulled the blanket over us, and kissed me. This time he was very soft and gentle, but just as passionate as before, just much slower and focused. He kissed me for awhile, then pulled back and said,"I'm definitely gay. For you at least." We softly laughed and fell asleep like that and I woke up early the next morning naked and slick from the summer heat. I felt his hard cock against my thigh. I whispered to myself,"I hope you weren't just gay for me last night and that's it..." I heard him stifle a laugh against my neck,"dude I've been awake for 15 minutes waiting for you to come back to the real world so I could kiss you. In broad daylight." I laughed as he rolled on top of me and we began making out. Somewhere along the line I ended up with my legs wrapped around his waist running my hands over his tight body, and he was slowly pushing up into my hole again...
  5. PART 3: Once my tennis buddy started college, he kept dating girls and joined a fraternity. He didn't respond to any of my communications, which was fine, I tried a few times and stopped bothering him. I suspected he had found a groove he was happy with or was simply trying to go deeper into the closet due to the pressures from the frat brothers. I went out to dinner, or rather, drinks mostly with a couple buddies one night and low and behold there was a large table of frat guys all sitting together loudly drinking and enjoying themselves and there he was amongst them. My little hispanic tennis player, Eric. I thought, well, I'll just text him so that if we do happen to run into each other inside the bar he wouldn't be caught off guard. I just simply texted,"Fair warning, I'm here in the bar and saw you at the big table with your frat bros." It took about 5 minutes before he responded with,"Dude! Don't come up to me or anything they don't know about that part of my life." I shot back a text,"I'm not going to out you, you dumbass. You were a good fuck, but that's it." I kept on having fun with my buddies and we decided to get the check and head out to the club. We were out dancing and I had switched to water as soon as I got to the club because I was driving. We danced for a few hours and about midnight or 1AM, my buddies became too sloppy drunk to continue, which was fine with me. It was time I got them back to their apartments. I dropped off my last buddy at his place and when I got back into the car I saw I had a voicemail. I opened it up and of course it was my tennis player. He was obviously drunk. He was apologizing for his earlier text at the bar and asked me where I was and to please call him. I went ahead and called him and he didn't answer so I assumed he passed out. But he called back a few seconds later. He was still drunk and said he was at his dad's house because he was out of town and wanted me to come by. I told him,"no, you're drunk and you'll regret it later." He started begging me and telling me he just wanted to say sorry, that he didn't want to do anything with me. Yeah right, I thought. I went ahead and went to his dad's house though and he met me at the door in his skinny jeans and no shirt. barely able to stand. I grabbed him and took him to his bedroom, he was slurring his words apologizing for not responding to my texts or emails and for his behavior at the bar. I kinda rolled my eyes and just kept saying everything was okay, it wasn't a big deal and I wasn't mad at him. He said he had to pee, but he fell into the wall as soon as he got up from the bed. I grabbed him before he hit the ground and drug his little 120 pound frame into the bathroom and quite easily pulled his pants down and held him and his uncut cock in place so he could piss. When he finished, I pulled his underwear back up but left his pants undone. I scooped him up and took him back to bed. I laid him down and pulled off his skinny jeans and socks and tucked him under the covers. I went to the kitchen and got him water and grabbed a little trashcan from the bathroom in case he needed to puke. This wasn't my first rodeo when it came to babysitting someone wasted. He was sound asleep and snoring when I got back to his room. I woke him up and kindof forced him to drink a cup of water. I told him that I had to leave but he wouldn't let me go. He was trying to kiss me and unbutton my pants. But he was too far gone. Based on our past history and how bad he wanted my cock I thought about just ripping his underwear off, fucking the hell out of him and leaving. But...maybe I had a little soft spot for the kiddo. I told him I'd get naked and get in bed with him to stay the night if he promised he wouldn't do anything except cuddle and go the fuck to sleep. He agreed, thinking I'd be weak and give in. He was partially correct. I shucked my clothes, got under the covers and yanked his underwear off. He and I both were sporting erections. He immediately went down on my cock and engulfed it with his small mouth. "eh, why not, I'll let him suck me for awhile since he'd never done that to me before," I went weak for it. I don't cum from blowjobs, they feel great but they don't make me cum, so after letting him suck me very enthusiastically for about 15 minutes, I could tell he was getting tired, so I pulled his head back up to the pillow and told him,"no more, you promised just cuddling, so go to sleep." He said,"please? just let me make you cum in my mouth?" I grabbed his naked ass and pulled his body into mine and put his face next to me and I kissed him. It was a very intimate kiss, and made me want to plow into his boyhole so so so badly but I didn't. I held him in place until he stopped fighting it and he immediately fell asleep. I stroked his naked body for an hour or more and rubbed his hole with my fingers and spit before I too fell asleep. That next morning, I woke up with him still tightly snuggled against me. I started stoking his body again, running my hands all over him from his ankles to his ears, I touched him everywhere. He woke up with a steel erection against my thigh. It took him a minute before everything from last night fully sank in. He was sober now, and not much hungover. He started apologizing again and asked if we had sex. I said,"no, but you sure wanted to." He started crying. I didn't know what to do really so I just held him and told him it was okay. He told me how he had been with his girlfriend since he started the fraternity and he loved her and loved fucking her, but it just wasn't the same, and he missed me. I asked him if he missed "me" or just missed me fucking him. He just looked at me for a minute and finally said,"I, I, I don't know." I kissed him and his body became putty in my hands. I asked him if he still wanted me now that he was sober and he moaned and said,"please? just do whatever you want to me." That was a green light for me. I laid him on his back and started kissing him again, and made my way down his body with my mouth until I got to his cock. His back arched and he groaned hard as he grabbed onto my head while I sucked him balls deep into my mouth. I got his cock wet enough that the spit dribbling down his balls was easily caught with my fingers and quickly transported to his tight hole where I slowly began working my fingers into his ass. I opened his hole up while I continued sucking his beautiful rock hard uncut cock, enjoying copious amounts of precum from him. Once I found his prostate his body began thrashing against me like waves on the edge of a cliff. I was unmoving as his body pushed and pulled against me. He was moaning and breathing hard and began telling me how good my fingers felt and he was getting close to cumming. I redoubled my efforts on his prostate and cock and true to his word he let out a loud and an uncontrollable," OH FUUUUCKKK!" as he began shooting ropes of cum into my mouth. I greedily swallowed all of it. He was panting and basically completely out of energy as he laid still while I kept my fingers buried in his little ass and my mouth never left his cock. His cock started to go soft, but as I kept stroking his prostate he got hard again in just a couple of minutes. I had added a third finger into his hole and decided I had enough spit down there, he was ready for my cock. I removed my fingers and kept sucking him while I grabbed his legs behind his knees and pushed his knees up to his chest exposing his wet hole. My cock was already at his entrance rubbing my mushroom head against his slick opening. I began to push forward while I held his legs against him and my cock head finally popped into his outter ring. He moaned hard and I began thrusting my thick head in and out of his hole. He was saying,"oh god, oh shit. fuck. oh fuck." He was definitely enjoying it so far. So I began to push my iron hard red bull can thick cock harder into him. I was hitting his inner ring and it wasn't opening up for me. He said,"wait wait wait, it hurts, you're too thick." I reminded him that he's taken my cock many times before and to just breath, and push out, that the pain will be worth it once I'm all the way up his hole. He did as instructed and grabbed onto my arms that were holding his legs in place. He began to push out and breath and my cock started pushing past his tight inner ring, it gave way and I pushed past it and kept going until my balls were smashed against his ass cheeks and I was buried deep inside him. He was squeezing my arms hard and saying,"oh god, you're so fucking thick. You're tearing me open." I held myself as deep in him as possible for a minute as I slowly started kissing his lips as he breathed hard into my mouth. He finally started to relax a bit and gently kissed me back. A few minutes longer and we were passionately making out. His hands were carassing my arms now and I started to pull my cock out an inch or two and push back into him. He was still very tight, and having just spit for lube the friction against my entire cock felt beyond good. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out for long. I was fucking in and out of his ass at a fairly good pace when I almost came in him. I immediately stopped and felt a little bit of cum pour out of my cock inside him. He stopped kissing me and asked if I came inside him. I said,"a little, but I'm not done." He said,"don't cum in me this time please? I don't want to give my girlfriend anything." I pulled my cock out of him and saw his hole clench up tight. He said,"wait, you can keep fucking me, just pull out when you cum." "Oh, I'm not done fucking your pussy yet," I said as I turned him over onto his belly and pulled his ass into the air. I started pushing my cock back into his hole and he moaned like a girl. I grabbed his thin hips and started plowing into him. He had one hand grabbing onto the headboard and the other hand stroking his cock. I was fucking his hole hard now and my hips were slapping against his ass, as my thick cock pounded in and out of him. I looked down at his small frame. His back was tight and lean, his muscles were taut as I continued my assault on his hole. His face was against the mattress with his mouth open groaning, it was too much. It was too fucking hot. I plowed into him so fast there was no turning back and I blew a massive load inside him, all the while pistoning my rod in and out of him. I don't think he noticed I came in him since I never slowed down. I quickly pulled out of him and flipped him onto his back. I hopped off the bed and within a few seconds yanked his limp smooth body to the edge of the mattress and rammed my cock up his ass. He gasped out loud and grabbed his cock and started to jerk off as I kept fucking him. In this position my thick mushroom head was beating his prostate repeatedly. He had a steady stream of precum leaking out onto his belly and he was looking directly into my eyes as his body was being rammed into. He was breathing so hard he could barely get the words out,"I'm fucking gonna cum dude." "FUCK man! Keep fucking me. Fuck my ass." "Oh shit,"he said,"fuck man, oh god, I'm cumming." "Blow your load boy!" I told him,"fucking shoot that cum all over yourself faggot." He started moaning a long deep,"ahhhhhhrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh" as he began spraying watery milky cum all over his smooth caramel skin. It was a massive amount, I couldn't believe it since it had just been maybe 30-40 minutes since I swallowed his first load. The sight was too overwhelming, I looked down at my huge cock pounding in and out of his tiny ass and all the cum he was shooting onto his body and I lost it. I barely had time to tell him,"I'm gonna cum!" He made no attempt to get away, he was still shooting small amounts of jizz out of his cock and looking directly into my eyes, I told him for the last time,"I'm cumming, I'm gonna cum! .... OH FUCK! I'm breeding your fucking hole man, oh shit! Fuck!" I was blowing load after load up his wrecked hole when I noticed his face as we kept eye contact, he was clenching his hole around my cock as I continued shooting inside him, I picked up the pace and was fucking in and out of his ass. His hole was incredibly slick from all my cum that my cock was sliding so fast in and out, in and out, in and out, watching my thick cock covered in cum going so quickly back and forth into his hole, it was a mere minute before I felt another load coming and that was it, I came again. I started blowing yet another load into him. This time, I didn't say anything, my body told him what was happening, my body was jerking and tensing as I loaded him a second time in a row. Making it the third time I bred his ass within the last hour. I collapsed onto him and pushed his body further up the bed so that I could get onto the mattress without pulling my cock out of him. We laid there completely worn out. I was still hard and inside him. I just laid down on top of his cum soaked body. It felt good. I wanted him cum on my skin, and I wanted to feel it between out bodies. He pulled his legs up with the little strength he had and locked his ankles around my waist as we laid there. He finally half said, half whispered,"I think I missed you...and your cock." He kept his girlfriend. And we became monogomous for a good year, monogomy in the sense that he was the only guy I fucked bareback and I was the only guy he let fuck and breed him.
  6. Getting caught Part 2 It had been a couple weeks since my best friend's older brother had caught us and subsequently ended up fucking me. Everything was normal, he never let on that we even did anything. Which was cool, 'cause that put me at ease and made me feel like he really would keep my secret. It was Friday, another football game day. Everyone wore our school colors, the cheerleaders wore their outfits and the players wore their jerseys. I had gotten to school a couple hours early to hang up some artwork in the art room, which was in the same building as the basketball gym. There were a couple offices, two school rooms, two locker rooms with showers and the workout room all in the basketball gym. The art room was separated from the weight gym by two metal doors and in between those doors was a short hallway, two storage closets and a small bathroom. I had gotten the key to the art room the day before, got to school early and let myself in and started hanging the paintings. I had only been at it for about ten minutes when I heard someone knock on one of the metal doors separating the weight gym and the art room. I thought that was odd, but just thought one of the coaches got there early and needed something. So I went and unlocked the metal door, opened it and to my surprise it was my best friend's brother standing there. I was surprised and said,"Oh! I thought you were a coach, I'm just hanging up some paintings before school starts." Still acting like we hadn't fucked two weeks ago. He said,"yeah, I saw your car wasn't at your house on my way back from my girlfriend's this morning." I assume he had gone over to his girlfriend's house early in the morning while her parents were at work to fuck her. He did that often. We chit chatted for a couple minutes when he said he had to get in some chest exercises and went back into the weight room, leaving the metal door open. I figured, I'd just lock it back when I was done. I could hear him working out for about 20 minutes then I heard him yell,"hey buddy, can you come help me real quick." I went through the first metal door assuming he needed a spotter and was surprised to see him standing in the little bathroom instead of the weight room. There he was shirtless, again, showing off...and I realized we were alone again. He said he had gotten a piece of metal stuck in his hand but couldn't see it well enough to get it out. I looked at his hand, but I was standing in the way of the light, so I sat down on the toilet so I could see his hand better. I saw the tiny sliver of metal in his hand and started to push around it til it was far enough up I could pull it out. "Got it!" holding up the little piece of metal. He said,"thanks man," and playfully patted the side of my face with his hand. I smiled, then he did it again, this time he left his hand on my face. I looked up at him and swallowed hard. His crotch was at my eye level and I could see that HUGE cock of his was beginning to get hard. He started rubbing my lips with his thumb smiling down at me, then pushed his thumb into my mouth. Yet again, I find myself experiencing intimacy in ways I've not experienced yet. His brother, my best friend, and I fucked, but sucking and fucking were all we did. He began slowly pushing his thumb in and out of my mouth through my lips. This immediately got me aroused and I was trying to cover my boner again. He smiled and started rubbing his growing erection in his shorts. He quickly reached over and swung the bathroom door closed and locked it then went back to stroking his cock and fucking my mouth with his thumb. I could see he was fully hard now. "It" was standing straight up and forcing it's way past his waistband. I don't know how or why, but I reached forward and pulled his shorts down to release his massive cock. It was beautiful this up-close. His cock was ten inches and as thick as a beer can, with a big head and uncut too. I gulped, he removed his thumb from my mouth, grabbed the base of his cock and said,"it's okay, go ahead and suck it if you want to. I know you want to try fitting this big thing in your mouth and get your tongue all over it." I slowly reached out and grabbed his cock and began to lick it. It felt so good to have his cock in my mouth. I pulled back a little and said,"I can taste your girlfriend." "Tastes good, doesn't she?" He responded. I had to admit, it did taste good. Really good. Why was it suddenly 190 degrees in here? Fuck, I was horny. I started sucking his cock with enthusiasm now. I wanted to make him cum in my mouth. He moaned,"yea, suck that cock. ahhh, you're better than my girlfriend, you can actually get half of it in your mouth." I don't know why, but I felt...proud? Yea, I was proud that I was a better cocksucker than his girlfriend. Wow, I really must be gay. He told me to get my dick out and jerk off while I sucked him. So I wasted no time in doing so. I was sitting on the toilet, with my jeans around my ankles, jerking off and sucking this straight quarterback's giant cock. He kept telling me how good it felt and to use my hands on the part I couldn't fit into my mouth. I could tell he was getting close to cumming too, when he grabbed the sides of my face and pulled my mouth off his dick. He held my head in his hands and looked down at me smiling and slowly made me stand up while he lifted my face. We were standing face to face with our cocks in between our bodies. He wrapped his muscular arms around me and pulled me close to his body. He was giving me a tight hug, resting his head on my shoulder, I could feel his breath on my neck, our cocks were smashed together, he slid his hand down my ass and began running his fingers up and down my crack, resting on my hole and massaging it firmly. I moaned against him. He turned his head slightly, his mouth was against my neck and I felt every bit of his hot breath against my skin, then, he kissed my neck. A long kiss with his wet lips on the skin of my neck at the same time as he pushed a finger up my hole. Again, I moaned. I had my eyes closed and just stood there, letting him do whatever he wanted to me. He began to kiss up my neck, across my cheek and when he got to my mouth, he pressed half of his lips against mine with our mouths barely open, and just breathed. He was finger fucking my ass while he stayed like this, when all of a sudden, he breather out at the same time I breathed in which caused me to literally breath in the air that he just breathed out. It was the most erotic thing I'd ever experienced and I felt like I was about to pass out for a second. He said,"suck my tongue," and proceeded to stick out a very long tongue. No wonder it felt so good when he tongue fucked my hole for the first time. It was warm and moist and felt like I was sucking a tiny cock. He pulled back a little bit, knelt down where his face was at eye level to my cock and gently removed my shoes, then pulled my feet out of my jeans and started to raise up, licking my cock for a split second on his way up. He reached behind me and lifted me up and put me on the sink. Sliding his hands and arms along my legs pulling them up until my knees were resting on the inside of his arms. "Wrap your arms around my neck," he commanded. I was immediately lifted up into the air, being held there by his strong muscular hard body. I felt his cock press against my hole. There was no way it could enter me like that. He quickly sat me back down on the sink and squirted a bunch of soap into his hand, rubbed it all over his huge head, picked me up in the air again and sat my hole down right onto the end of his dick. It painfully entered me about an inch. I moaned but let him continue pushing in and out of my hole. He sat me down on the sink again, and got another big amount of soap, rubbed it on his cock, picked me up again and this time forced half of his ten inches into me. I let out a loud,"OW!" He kissed my cheek and told me to breath and push out, just like last time. In thirty seconds he was balls deep inside me again. When I felt his balls on my cheeks I also felt a strong sensation deep in my ass, his massive bell-end hit my prostate hard in this position and I began to leak precum. "Fuck. No one can take this dick all the way." he breathed against me. He started bouncing my body up and down on his cock. With him holding me in the air like this, there wasn't a way to fuck me slowly. So he didn't. I was getting rammed up and down onto his monster dick. Every time he would bury himself up my ass it would hit my prostate. He started going so fast it felt like I was being jacked off, even though I couldn't touch myself. "I'm gonna cum in you," he moaned,"you want me to shoot my big load deep in your boy pussy?" I had never heard the phrase "boy pussy," and under any other circumstance I would've hated hearing it, but right now, he was right and he was plowing into my g-spot so fast I couldn't think clearly. "Please cum in me, Cum in my pussy," I said loudly as our bodies forcefully slapped together. It came out of nowhere, we both started to feel it hit us like a truck. The pleasure we both felt all over our bodies could no longer be contained and it was about to be released. He pushed my back against the wall, while still holding me in the same position and growled as he began to pound my hole like a fucking machine, then his whole body went rigid and began to shake and I felt his cock throbbing hard inside me blasting load after load into me at which point I began shooting all over both of our stomachs, chests, and neck. I was cumming so hard and so much that he looked down at my spasming cock and I shot cum all over his face. He slowly let me down, his cock was still slightly in me as we leaned against the wall. He kissed me real quick and told me to lick my cum off his face. When I was done, his cock had come out of me and he said,"You still make me cum harder than anyone. Try and keep my cum inside you 'til after the game tonight. I want to know you're in the crowd with my load inside you." He pulled up his shorts, unlocked the door, and went back to lifting weights, leaving me naked with the door open to take care of myself. That night after the game, all of students went down to the field to congratulate the team. He was there with his top off, coated in sweat hugging his girlfriend, as they walked past me. "Good game man!" I yelled. He turned back and said,"did ya keep that thing I gave ya?" I was shocked he said it, but I didn't let my face show it,"sure thing man, right where you put it." He winked at me with a smile, grabbed his girlfriend's hand and walked off to the parking lot.
  7. Part 2 After that night of the homecoming, Mark and I had become really good buds. I'd see him often at his brother Ray's house, which I regularly visited. Mark and I would sneak off here and there and have some fun giving each other bro-jobs. He started dating this really cute girl, who was a few inches shorter than he was and had a massive rack on her. Her tits were firm and perky, and he'd tell me how they fucked all the time and all the details. It turned me on every time he'd talk about it, and he knew it. He loved getting me hard without touching me, particularly when other people were around. He'd laugh to himself every time he knew he got me to bone up. One night, Mark, Ray, Ray's girlfriend, and I were all at Ray's house drinking and having a good time on that same sectional where Mark and I first experienced each other's mouths. Mark's girlfriend was out of town so we were getting a little drunk, and Ray pulled out a joint. I can't smoke the stuff, but I don't mind if other people enjoy it. I kept drinking, while everyone else got high. They didn't over-do it or anything, they all shared half a joint, and had a light buzz going on. Mark and I could tell Ray's girlfriend was enjoying the high as she began to get more frisky with Ray in front of us. She would playfully rub her tits against Ray and say she wanted him to cum on them. She grabbed Ray's cock through his shorts and he was blatantly erect. Mark and I just looked at each other and laughed. Finally Ray couldn't handle it any more and yelled at his girlfriend,"Alright! If you're so horny, we're going upstairs and I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you." She simply got up, took her shirt off and threw it at Ray and walked up the steps. Ray looked at Mark and I with big eyes and said,"well, I guess I'll see you boys in the morning then." We all laughed as he followed her up to the bedroom. Mark and I were watching tv and having some beers when we heard Ray's girlfriend moaning. Mark laughed and said,"you know who moans like that?" Of course I knew he was talking about his girlfriend, I had heard enough stories by now and I knew what he was he trying to do to me. He was trying to get me hard, so I said,"yeah I know who moans like that, you do, when I stick this fat cock up your ass." His smile faded and I thought to myself I'd crossed a line, but he took a big swig of his beer and said in a very shaky voice,"we can find out." Now MY smile was erased, and yup, you guessed it, I got hard as steel in seconds. He looked down at my crotch and laughed,"I knew that would do it." I quickly quipped,"Don't tease me, unless you're gonna please me." He got up from the couch, walked over to where I was seated, leaned down and whispered in my ear,"I know where Ray's roomie keeps his condoms and lube, you're gonna fuck me tonight." I didn't know if he was just high and trying to one-up me or what, so I played right along, and pulled my face back from his ear, grabbed his face with my hands and pushed my tongue into his mouth. If he was trying to shock me, I wasn't going to be outdone. He didn't resist, in fact, he sat down on my legs and started kissing me back. His mouth tasted like beer and weed, but gosh damn, I loved it. He was wearing basketball shorts and I could easily see he was hard as we made out for the first time. I began to run my hands up the back of his shirt against his skin, pulling him closer to me. I slide one hand down and grabbed his bubble butt, it was so muscular and firm, that I moaned into his mouth, he reached back, grabbed my hand and put it down the back of his shorts. While we kissed and tongued each other I slide my hand down his smooth crack and found his hole. I began to massage it firmly with two fingers. He was smooth, but also slightly...wet? I broke our kiss off and said,"you're wet, you've had something in your ass today when you jerked off just like you used to." Mark replied,"remember the pic I sent you homecoming night of the little red bull can in my hole?" Hell yes I remembered that picture. I jerked off to it all the time. "Well tonight, I used the bigger can, so I could be ready for you," Mark said while he looked directly in my eyes. Okay. So Mark wasn't playing any games with me. He legit wanted me to fuck him tonight. And I was 1000% into it! "Go get those condoms and lube now," I told him. He got up and went to the bedroom. He came out of the bedroom and was looking around like he'd lost something, then went to the kitchen and came back with olive oil and a condom, I looked at the olive oil and he just shrugged and said,"can't find the lube, we gotta make this work. Get naked and lay back, I'm gonna sit on it so you don't tear me a new one." I shucked my clothes and laid back just like he asked as he pulled off his clothes, took the condom out and started rolling it onto my erection. I have a pretty thick cock, so the condom wasn't going down very well. Mark put some oil on my dick and the condom started to slide down it now. It was so tight it almost hurt, but I didn't care, I desperately wanted inside Mark's ass. I guess I always have wanted to be in his ass to be honest. He got on top of me, I started rubbing his legs on both sides of me as he oiled up my condom covered cock and began to sit on it. I knew he already had a big can up his ass earlier today, but fuck was he tight! He would sit down on it just a little bit then come off of it, then back down again, until a few inches were going in and out of his hole. Everything was going pretty well, he came off my cock again, and added more olive oil. This time when he sat down on my cock he put about half of me inside his hole then we seemed to have hit a barrier. My dick was stuck halfway up his tight hole. I could tell he knew we had a problem too. I didn't want this to ruin the moment so I pulled his face toward mine and started to kiss him again. I told him how tight and good he felt, and how I've been wanting this for a long time. He began to relax and get into making out, he adjusted his position so he could kiss my neck, and that's when it happened, his hole gave in, and in one moment I was balls deep inside him. He grunted hard and gave a deep moan against my neck and said,"Fuuuuuuuuucckkkk dude." We stayed like that for a bit, he was breathing into my neck and my cock was literally throbbing inside of him. He started to rock up and down on me now, fucking himself on my cock. He leaned up and sat all the way down on my cock again, this time when he bottomed out I guess my cock head found his prostate because precum poured out of his foreskin. Mark moaned again and the look of pleasure (and maybe some pain) was all over his face. He started riding me faster and breathing hard when all of a sudden I felt it...the condom snapped. I wasn't surprised that it happened because I'm very thick and it was extremely tight on me and Mark used oil as lube which I knew from sex ed degrades latex. What DID surprise me was the fact that Mark felt the condom break too and we froze, locking eyes. "You're all the way in me...bareback now. You're like REALLY inside me." Mark stated I didn't know what to say, I just shook my head "yes" with this dumbfounded look on my face and my mouth hanging open. Mark breathed out,"god it feels so fuckin good, you're huge and you're entirely inside me...raw." He started to ride me again, so I just went with it. I was grabbing his legs and rubbing his body all over, I'd pull him down and into a kiss every half a minute. His cock was still drooling precum when he sat on me fully. We were both getting into this, a lot, when he reached back and grabbed the base of my dick and started to slowly come up off of it. When my head pulled out of his hole it even made a "pop." He pulled what remained of the condom off my cock and said,"follow me." I didn't hesitate, I immediately got up and followed him into the kitchen where he tossed the condom pieces into the trash then bent over the kitchen table. I came up behind him and looked down at his big muscular ass, saw his tight wet hole and pushed the whole thing up his ass. He let out a big breath,"yesss, fuck my hole." "You want this dick, Mark?" I retorted as I began pounding his ass. My thighs were slapping against his firm ass cheeks as I plowed into him faster and faster. I couldn't handle seeing my cock pistoning in and out of his hole much longer. It felt incredible and I was getting close. I struggled to get the words out,"I'm gonna fucking blow man." Mark was jerking his cock feverishly under the table and moaned out,"fucking don't pull out, just let me finish, cum in me if you have to, but don't stop fucking me!" That was it. That did it. I started blowing a huge load up his ass, and did just as he said, I. KEPT. FUCKING. HIM. As I shot my load up his ass and kept fucking him as fast as I could his whole body tensed up and he was breathing out,"oh god I can feel your cum. fuck. oh shit. oh god. ohhhhhhhhhh!" as he blew his load onto the kitchen floor. I was still fucking him, and to my surprise when I heard him say those words and he started blowing his own load, I began blowing ANOTHER load up his ass,"Mark, I, I, I'm cumming again, oh fuck dude, I'm cumming in you again, ahhhhhhhhhhh." We were both covered in sweat and coming off our orgasm high. We were trying to catch our breath as I slowly pulled out of his ass. He stood up and we just looked at each other like, well, like we just had the best fuck of our lives. Oddly enough, that's when we heard what could only be Ray's girlfriend, having a very loud orgasm upstairs. That snapped us out of our blissful fuck haze and we realized that we were naked in the kitchen, with our clothes in the living room, our bodies covered in sweat with his cum on the floor and my cum leaking down his leg. Mark and I gave each other "oh shit" looks of panic and started cleaning up our mess. We went into the living room and grabbed our clothes, I said,"go to the bathroom and try to push out my cum and get dressed, I'll put something on tv." Mark had just walked out of the bathroom before we heard Ray coming down the stairs. Mark sat down on the sectional on the other side across from me and Ray just laughed and said,"damn, I fucked her so good it smells like sex down here too." Mark and I laughed too. Ray grabbed us all beers and sat in between us on the sectional and started watching the football game. Mark had pulled up his legs onto the couch while he drank his beer, I looked over at him, and he winked at me, slide his hand down to his shorts and pulled them up enough for me to see his wet hole with my cum still around it. He just did it for a second, but it got me hard anyway, and he just chuckled into his beer can as I grabbed a pillow to cover up my boner.
  8. I had been in college for a couple years, staying pretty much to myself. I jerked off a lot and was pretty down low and not out. But I had been chatting with this high school senior in the same town for months, we would just talk dirty to each other mainly, sexting and sending naked pics back and forth, never showing our faces and never exchanging names. He admitted that he jerked off a lot with things in his ass because he came harder with something stimulating his insides. Obviously I repeatedly offered my cock but he didn't want to meet up or have sex with another guy. I found it extremely hot that he was hesitant and also a virgin to a real dick. On the night of my college's homecoming, I did the typical things college guys did for Homecoming. I went over to a buddy, Ray's house with friends before the game and got a little drunk. We went to the game and that sobered me up, so we decided to leave early to start the party back up at the house. After homecoming, the party started to get really fun. There were tons of people there. I guess word got out in town because in a matter of an hour, the house was packed and the huge backyard was completely full of drunk people. I had been drinking beer most of the night and it was time to break the seal so I headed to the bathroom, once inside, I sat down to take a leak so that I could check my phone and of course had some messages from the high school guy I'd been sexting for most of the year. There were the usual messages, he had sent me a pic of a smaller red bull can in his hole. It was so hot seeing his hole stretched out around the can. It looked tight as hell too. It was a good thing I was done pissing because I got an immediate erection. So of course I took the time in the bathroom to snap a pic of my hard cock to send to him. I mentioned that I was at a party and couldn't wait to get home to jerk off to his pics. I calmed my cock down a bit, washed my hands and headed back out to the party. I met a lot of new people including my buddy Ray's lil brother, Mark. I should say that I "re-met" his lil' brother, I didn't recognize him, it'd been two years since I first met him and he grew the fuck up. He was hot as hell. He was shorter than my 6'2" frame, I'd say he was about 5'7", but he had a wide muscular chest, a little waist and from what I could tell a pretty good bulge in his shorts. Not to mention his ass was crazy bubblicious. Being slightly buzzed I couldn't help but kind of flirt with him for a bit. But I couldn't be too obvious about it of course. We kept running into each other throughout the night, and I could tell he was getting a little tipsy. Not much, but enough that he was becoming friendlier and bolder. He always had this goofy big smile when I ran into him. I went to the garage to get another bag of ice out of the freezer for the keg. When I opened the freezer I heard Mark come in the garage too. I just said,"had to get another bag of ice for the keg man, can you get one too so I don't have to make two trips?" "You probably need to put some ice down your shorts," he said in a smug tone. Not to be outdone by his bravado I said,"a whole bag wouldn't be able to keep this thing down," as I grabbed my crotch and shook it. He looked at my bulge as I grabbed it, and kept looking at it, a little too long. I was beginning to wonder about him when he remarked,"nice shorts, they looked lighter blue in the pic," with the biggest cheesy grin on his face. Holy shit. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks. HE is the high school guy I've been sexting!!! I guess I couldn't keep the shock off my face cause he was like,"it's our secret man, as long as you let me see it. I don't wanna do anything, I just want to see it hard in person." I had beer courage so I thought to myself,"fuck it, if he wants to see it, then I'll show it right now." It took me about five seconds to get rock hard and pull it out. He just stared at it for a minute with an amazed expression on his face. He popped back out the door, looked around, then came back in the garage and shut the door. He quickly walked over to me, his eyes never leaving my stiff boner. He was a couple feet away from me looking down at my throbbing cock. He finally looked up at me, and his face was so fucking hot I wanted to start making out with him right then, but figured that wouldn't go over well considering how he'd made it clear over the year during out sexting that he didn't actually want to do anything with a guy. He stared into my eyes, let out a big breath and said,"it's thicker than a red bull can." His breath smelled so good, like beer and mints. Mark looked back down at my cock and surprised me when he wrapped his hand around it,"damn that's so thick dude," he mentioned as he squeezed my rod. His hand couldn't wrap all the way around my dick and he kept squeezing it,"it's hard as a rock too," he gulped. I figured we had extended our luck as far as we could being at such a big party so I mentioned we better get the ice to the kegs or someone would come looking for us. He reluctantly let go of my cock and agreed to help me with the ice. As I got into the freezer and we loaded our shoulders with bags of ice my hardon eased down enough that it wasn't too obvious in my shorts. We got the ice around the kegs, and got back to partying. Eventually the party thinned out, and there were maybe 30 people left. A small group in the house, some people on the front porch and myself, Ray, Mark and a few others had built a little bonfire in the backyard and were sipping on some beers and just talking and laughing. Mark was getting a little drunk and thus bolder. He'd wink at me when no one was looking or look straight at my crotch, at one point he had a beer can in his hand and when no one was looking he put it in his mouth real quick. I was surprised he could get something that wide in his mouth, but it turned me on instantly. I got hard, but since I was sitting down, I could manage hiding it from everyone. Everyone except Mark, who would stare at it and laugh. He knew what he did, the little trouble maker, and found it really funny he put me in that situation, trying to hide my boner from everyone. Later that night everyone had gone home pretty much except the people who lived at the house, Mark and myself. I was cleaning things up, everyone had gone to bed, Mark was on the sectional in the living room watching a movie, so I finally joined him. I didn't sit directly next to him, just in case someone came into the living room. The only light in the room came from the tv. Mark got up and started taking his shoes off, he said he was gonna go get a pillow and a blanket. It seemed to take awhile, so I took my shoes off and positioned myself snugly in the long end of the sectional. When he came back I noticed he had changed into some mesh basketball shorts and a tank top that showed off his muscular body and I could see his nipples. Which...of course, made me hard again. He immediately noticed and joked,"man, you're hornier than a dog with two peters." He put his pillow right on my lap, jumped onto the sectional with his blanket and laid his head onto the pillow quipping,"maybe my head will keep that big thing down." He was on his side with his head in my lap on the pillow watching the movie when he put his arm under the pillow to get more comfy and bumped my erection with his arm. He laughed and said,"really? still hard?" I chuckled,"well if you hadn't come in here half dressed showing off that body and putting your mouth so close to my nether regions then maybe I'd be limp by now." He reached under the pillow and grabbed my cock through my shorts, looked up at me and smiled,"does this help?" "It might help me cum if you're not careful," I replied. "Would that be a bad thing," Mark responded. I whispered,"no." He started stroking me through my shorts which felt amazing, I didn't do anything for fear of crossing a line with him that he might not want to cross. He said,"whip it out man, so I can feel it skin on skin." I quickly unbuttoned my shorts and let my rod loose. Now he was turned on his side but this time toward my cock, not the tv. I could feel his breath on my shaft as he stroked it. I was so horny at this point that I decided to be a little bold and mentioned how impressed I was that he got a beer can in his mouth earlier and suggested he try getting my cock in there. He hesitated, and I held my breath hoping I hadn't ruined the moment, then he went down on me. I sucked in more air as I felt his mouth slowly go down on my entire shaft. It was warm, wet and felt fucking good as hell. This whole night of taboo flirtations and partying had me over excited and when he got my whole cock in his mouth and throat without even gagging I almost exploded right then. I grabbed the back of his head and warned him not to move or I'd cum. He stayed motionless as I calmed down and told him to keep going. He was taking my cock all the way down and into his tight throat and back out again. He began to speed up his bobbing, going quicker now. Again I had to grab the back of his head telling him I was about to shoot. This time he pushed my hand off his head and went double-time on my cock, I lasted about ten seconds longer when I started to pant and whispering,"oh shit, oh shit, oh shiiiiiitttttt," while I blew my load down his throat. I could see his neck muscles working on swallowing every drop of my load. He kept sucking me for a few minutes and finally pulled my dick out of his mouth. He smiled up at me saying,"I wasn't expecting to ever do anything like that with a guy, let alone like it. But that was hot when you came in my mouth, it felt so good having that thick hard meat exploding in me." I was still hard as a missile, and told him how much I loved his mouth and the fact that he swallowed my cum. I said,"lay your back across my lap and I'll jerk you off." He happily obliged. He pulled off his tank top, scooted up on me and yanked his shorts down under the blanket. I started rubbing his sexy nipples then ran my hand down his abs, then v-line, and found my prize. He was about 6 inches, average thickness, but he had foreskin, which I find extremely hot. I began stroking him faster and he would occasionally moan and leak some precum out of his big mushroom head. He was breathing harder as I worked his cock in my hand, I wrapped my other arm under his back and around him and began pinching and rubbing his nipple. I could tell he was getting close, so I leaned down and sucked in his nipple. That set him off, My mouth was working his hard nipple while I furiously stroked his cock and his whole body started spasming as he blasted his cum all over himself and the blanket. Once he cooled off he asked if I would get him some paper towels to clean up. I slid out from under him and off the couch but I didn't go to the kitchen for the towels, instead I got on my knees in front of him, pulled the blanket off and started licking all of his cum off his stomach, groin, and cock. He was still hard, as was I, so I began sucking him vigorously. It only took a couple minutes before he had to put his arm across his mouth to muffle his moans as he shot another load, this time deep in my mouth to which I instantly swallowed. We were both exhausted by this time. He pulled his shorts up and covered back up while I went back to my earlier position on the sectional and laid down. We fell asleep pretty quickly. The next morning his brother Ray woke us up and asked if we wanted any coffee or breakfast. We quickly agreed to both as we sat up and came out of our sleepy haze. Mark and I were yelling at Ray in the kitchen as we all laughed and replayed some of the funnier moments of the party last night. Ray brought us a couple plates of food and coffee saying,"watch out, the coffee's still hot." Mark said,"good, my throat is pretty sore from last night," as he looked at me dead in the eyes. Thank god his brother wasn't paying any attention to him, he chuckled. Mark sure enjoyed messing with me. Which was perfectly fine, because I enjoyed "messing" with him. We had a lot more good times after that party. We no longer sexted each other, we actually became really good friends...who occasionally fucked around. He's married now, but we made many good memories while I was in college.
  9. The tennis player and many more hot encounters but there is a hot one shortly after our first time that I can relay here. He played in tournaments of course and had one within an hour of my work place so I mentioned that maybe I could come watch. At first he said,”no! All my friends, team and family would be there.” I calmly reminded him that they didn’t know who I am and also that I could be at the tournament for someone else. I’m only a spectator there after all. He finally agreed that I could come watch but I’d have to sit on the opposing team’s side. I agreed. I watched him play a great match. I kept my eyes on him when he went back to sit with his team. I noticed he was on his phone so I checked mine and sure enough he messaged me. He said he was super horny and needed it. I wasn’t going to risk fucking in my car and there really wasn’t anywhere to go but he had a plan. There had been a cross country run early that morning and he said there were some port-o-potties quite a ways off from the campus that hadn’t been moved yet. I was obviously reluctant to fuck in one of those but said it’d be fine, no one even used them. We made our separate ways to the area. When I saw him in his tight outfit I was immediately turned on and my cock became stone hard. We triple checked to make sure no one saw us and we entered a port-o-potty. He was right, it hadn’t been used at all. It was hot but smelled fine and was 100% clean. I grabbed him and forced my mouth on his, I was making out with him while I slid my hands down to his ass and then his sweaty hole. I pushed a finger inside him and he moaned against my mouth. I had to take him NOW! I grabbed both his arms and yanked him around and jerked his shorts and jockstrap to his ankles where I buried my tongue up his hot hole. I furiously went to work on it purposely trying to get as much spit on his winking hole as possible. I got up, spit on my steel rod and slowly began pushing into him. He was breathing like a bitch in heat and said it hurt but not to stop. Once I was balls deep I waited about 30 seconds and started to fuck him. I began fucking him harder and harder as he was moaning against each of my thrusts. He started wanking and said he was getting close. As soon as the words came out of his mouth he started blasting the walls while his hole tightened on my shaft like a vice which sent me into overdrive and I punched my cock as deep as I could go into him and unloaded a massive amount of cum. We calmed down and I slowly slid out of him. He exited first while I cooled off then I headed back to work. Perfect follow up fuck.
  10. I like to go clubbing and dance and listen to the throbbing music. I went out to an 18 and over straight club one night. I was 29 so I was putting away a few beers and had to take a piss pretty bad. I found the bathroom but it only had two urinals next to each other with no partition and I stepped up to the "short" urinal as it had some protection from viewers washing their hands. This short incredibly cute latino boy came up beside me and started to piss. I tried to make sure I didn't look in his direction because I didn't want him thinking I was trying to check him out. I felt like he was looking in my direction, then I heard him say,"no wonder you picked the short urinal, you didn't want your dick getting wet." I wasn't sure what to make of that, and kinda laughed and said,"yea, I don't want this big cock to be dipping into the urinal cakes." He smiled and while we washed our hands he got my name and added me on Facebook. When the club was closing down I checked my facebook and of course, he had already sent me a message. It was a non-chalant,"cool meeting you man, what you doing tonight?" I told him I was headed home, and he immediately responded and asked if he could hitch a ride to his mom's house which wasn't far from the club. We worked it out and he met me in the parking lot, got in and off we went. When we got to his mom's house he looked over and said,"I didn't actually need a ride, I ditched my friends so that you could take me home." I asked,"and why did you do that? you trying to get a look at my cock again?" hahaha He said,"yes, can you come inside?" On the way in, he said, that he hadn't ever tried anything with a guy before and that since no one was going to be home tonight he was wondering if I would show him some stuff. I was so hard my cock was about to rip through my jeans at the possibility of seeing this tennis player's ass naked. We got to his room and he apologized for it looking so "teenagey," As if I cared two shits. I grabbed him and started kissing him. He melted into my arms and let me dominate his mouth. He was moaning softly as I slipped off his shirt and quickly yanked down his pants and underwear. He was maybe 5 inches but hard as steel. I pushed him back onto his bed and pulled his pants and underwear off his ankles along with his socks. I got down on my knees and enveloped his cock with my mouth. He wrapped both arms around my head as I sucked him like the pro that I am. He was breathing harder and harder, I could tell he was about to bust so I slowed down and started licking his shaft, then his balls and started kissing his inner thighs and would lick his skin hard with my unusually long tongue. I was purposely licking and getting closer to his cherry hole with my tongue. I was afraid it would stink since he was new to all this, but he smelled like fresh clean sweat. No musky or unpleasantness at all. Which was all I needed to dive my tongue into his hole. I ate his ass and told him to jerk off while I tongue fucked him. He was experiencing things he'd never had before and his body was convulsing from all these new pleasures. I pushed him up on his bed and spit on my dick, lined it up right on his hole and started pushing. He said he didn't say he wanted to do "that." But I kept rubbing and pushing my fat cockhead on his hole and I asked him if he wanted me to stop, I wasn't inside him. He told me to keep going as he continued to jerk. I went down on his hole again and got it wetter with my mouth, this time pushing spit into him with my thumb. I did this for awhile and he was enjoying it completely. I came up a bit and sucked his cock some more while I slipped a finger into his tight wet hole. I took my mouth off his cock and found his prostate with my finger and started to rub it. When I pushed on his prostate his cock jumped and precum poured out. He looked down real quick and said with a shocked face,"what the fuck was that? Did I cum?" I told him I hit his prostate and not to worry, it's just precum. He laid back and let me suck him more while I worked another finger inside him. I took it easy on his dick with my mouth because he could've exploded at any moment. I got back up and started kissing and licking his neck and I grabbed ahold of my cock and started fucking his now slightly looser outer ring. I told him to breath, and to push out a little so it'd feel better. When his hole gave way enough I plunged my cockhead and an inch or two inside him. He yelled and moaned loud and his body froze. He told me to take it out it hurt too much, but I just said,"if I move right now, it's going to hurt like a motherfucker, get used to it first then I'll pull it out." He agreed as we stayed in that position without moving. I started stroking his cock and it didn't take long for him to get rock hard again. As I started stroking him faster I began rocking into him. My cock was barely moving in and out his tight hole. He was getting extremely excited and wrapped his legs around me. I kept jerking him and leaned in to kiss him hard, he was maniacal with lust now and he pulled me into him. I was halfway inside his hole and he let out a big sigh. "AHHHHHH! Keep going," he said,"put all that dick inside my ass." He didn't have to tell me twice. I pushed all the way inside him as he twisted and turned his body under me. I held him there for a minute then started to actually fuck his virgin hole. I was long dicking him now and he couldn't stop moving, he was grabbing at me, the sheets, his cock, everything. I could tell he was getting really close to cumming, his cock could cut glass at this point and was steadily leaking. I kept fucking his hole faster and faster with just spit for lube in his cherry hole, the friction was too good, I was about to cum too. I warned him,"I'm getting close. I'm about to cum." He was breathing so hard and about to cum so much so that he barely registered what I said and told me not to cum in him. I slowed my fucking way down to a near stop and said,"you don't want my cum inside your ass? You don't want me to shoot my load in you on your first time?" He was too close to blowing his load and the fact that I stopped fucking him halted his impending explosion. He said,"Keep FUCKING ME!" I said,"you want my cum? You want it?" He was jerking so fast now and grabbed me, pulled me deep inside him and said,"I don't care! Just fuck me like you were!" I obliged and started pounding his hole again when his whole body tensed up and he started shooting all over himself, stomach, neck and even into his open mouth, that's all it took for me as I began to shoot huge amounts of cum deep in his hole. We laid like that for ten minutes or so trying to calm down. I slowly pulled out and I got dressed. He just put some basketball shorts on and walked me to the door. He said "I can feel your cum leaking down my leg. I'm not out, I think I'm bi. I don't know if I want you to fuck me again, but maybe we could mess around sometimes." I fucked and bred his ass for the rest of his senior year and for three years in college.
  11. I was on Grinder trying to find some ass to fuck. I was 28, working hard and working out regularly. I had a pretty good body and was getting some young dumb bubble butts to submit to my cock because of it. This 22 year old black guy hit me up on Grinder and man, did he look good. He had a lean muscular body, very cute face and a juicy hard ass. He just wanted oral, but I was reluctant because I don't cum from blowjobs. But then he sent a pic of his dick. It was a solid 9 inches, not as thick as me, I'm 7.5 and thick as a red bull can though. His cock immediately turned me on, I loved sucking big dicks. So I agreed to meet him at his place to suck him off. I showered up and once I got there, he opened the door in a wife beater tank and shorts, except his huge cock was dangling out of the front. I came in and he sat back down on the couch, hard as fuck, watching his laptop porn and told me to take my pants off and sit down. I quickly took my pants and underwear off and sat next to him. I had gotten hard as a rock the second I saw his dick at the front door. He and I were stroking ourselves for a minute when he told me to suck his dick. Which I gladly leaned over and started sucking his steel pipe. After a few minutes he asked if I swallowed. Of course I swallowed, but for some reason I froze and didn't say anything. So he took that as a "no" I guess and told me to get on the floor so he could jack off on my ass then. I got on the floor with my head on the couch and ass in the air. He started jacking off on my ass, I felt his hand sliding up and down his cock because his hands would rub against my cheeks. Then every once in awhile he'd slide his cock up and down my crack, his cockhead of course would slide over my hole when he did this. He started pushing my lower back down and telling me to push my ass up more, but I couldn't for some reason so he told me to put my face on the floor. That seemed to work. I felt very vulnerable at this point. He apparently had lube in his shorts pocket because he stopped stroking, I heard a "click" and then his hand came around to my hard cock and he was stroking me with silicon based lube. It felt really good and after a few minutes I was tensing up. He stopped stroking me and told me to jack myself off while he finished. I was jerking off, getting closer and closer and hornier and hornier. He kept swiping his cock in my crack and on my hole the whole time when he suddenly stopped right on my hole and started pushing in. I hadn't bottomed since high school, so I didn't pay much attention to it. I thought there was no way that big dick would get inside me without it hurting like hell and me jumping up. But his cock started sliding right in my hole! It felt so fucking good too, no pain at all. This was such a surprise to me I got extra horny and just let him keep going. I was still jacking off while he was jacking off my hole and insides with his big black cock. After awhile of him pushing his cock in and then all the way out of my ass while I was jerking I could barely handle it. It dawned on me he was surely going to cum and I didn't want any STDs so I looked back and told him not to cum in me. He was like,"no problem just let me keep going til I'm about to nut." I started feeling my balls tense up and my hole was clenching and unclenching, having it's own orgasm around a BBC. I was panting like a bitch in heat. I barely was able to say,"I'm about to cum." He told me to blow my load all over the floor, and he really picked up the pace, his cock was going in and out of my hole so fast and so slick. I moaned so hard and started blasting my load onto the floor and couch and he moaned loud and pulled his cock out and I felt him spraying cum all over my back and up to my neck. My hole felt thoroughly used and wet while I still had my head on the floor trying to catch my breath feeling his cum on my back sliding toward my neck and head. I came back several times and would suck him and swallow his load, but he would only let me do it if he got to finger my hole while I sucked him. But hey, that was the price I had to pay to suck a hot young guy's big black cock.
  12. Back in high school my best friend and I had been fucking for awhile. One night after a foot ball game, I ended up staying the night with him. Typical weekend fun. We drove around drinking some low alcohol beer, then snuck into his room where we commenced our usual fuck session. As my buddy has a huge, nine or nine and a half inch cock, which is thick and uncut, I let him fuck me first, so I wouldn't lose my horniness. At that age I didn't know there were tops, bottoms and versatile guys. I just thought I had to let him fuck me if I wanted to fuck him. However, as a consequence of playing with him I eventually learned I was definitely a top, and remained so from college on through today. But back to this night, he was overly aggressive, he had my face pushed down into a pillow and was ramming his cock in and out of my hole incredibly hard. It hurt so bad, that each time he pulled out I found myself hoping he would miss the mark when trying to ram it back in. Thankfully, he missed several times and so I was, in some measure, spared at least some of the pain associated with being brutally rammed balls-deep by such a huge cock. We had the radio on and were in basement, and knew his grandma was sound asleep two stories above, so we were being as loud as we wanted to be. Finally he came. Afterwards I fucked him as hard as I could - if only for revenge. Truthfully I was kinda pissed he had pounded me so hard. The next morning, his grandma was at church and he had just left for work. I took a shower and was going to lock up when I left. I got out of the shower and went into the basement to get dressed. Standing naked in the basement bedroom, pulling my clothing together, I heard a discreet cough. It was his older brother, a football player who was one grade above us. He was standing shirtless near the bench press in the dark corner taking a break from his workout, which is why I hadn't registered his presence. I grabbed my underwear to cover my cock saying "Sorry. I didn't know you'd be here." "It's fine," he replied, adding "I actually got in late last night quite late, after the football guys went out drinking. I decided to crash at my grandmother's house rather than run the risk of being questioned by my parents." I gave a neutral reply saying "Oh, cool. Let me get dressed and I'll head out," pausing for a minute for him to leave, but he didn't move. Instead he commented "You know when I snuck in last night I heard a lot of noises and thought my brother was fucking his girlfriend, so I tip-toed down the stairs and saw him pounding the shit out of your ass. You gotta be sore from taking such a big dick." I was scared shitless at this point. No one was really 'out' back then, and if you were gay in small town you certainly wanted to do everything you could to keep it a secret. I just stared at him and stammered "Please don't tell anyone. I don't let him do it very often. I was just drunk, he usually just lets me fuck him to get off." Approaching me he responded "Don't worry man, I'm not telling anyone. But you really took a beating up that ass." He grabbed the underwear I was holding in front of myself, tossed them aside, suggesting "Lay back on the bed so I can make sure you're not bleeding," guiding me back onto the mattress. By the time he sat me down I was already hard. I tried to hide it, but he pulled my hands away murmuring "Don't worry, man, no big deal. Just lean back and lift up your legs so I can see your butthole and make sure it's okay." I just kindof mumbled,"okay," not knowing what to do. He was a few inches taller than was I, and some fifty pounds heavier with nothing but football muscle on his frame, so I complied when he said "Grab your legs and pull them up and hold them steady." Once I was in position, he crouched down at the level of my butt where he appeared to be visually examining my hole. Then he began ever so delicately sliding his fingers up and down my ass crack, his thumb occasionally seeking out and massaging my hole. Naturally all the while I was super hard, thoroughly turned-on by the thought of taking orders from a straight football jock with multiple girlfriends, who was now handling my naked little body as if it were a common every day thing. "Man, your hole is a little red. I better put something on it. Stay right there," he ordered as he stepped into the bathroom, returning immediately with some vaseline. I was still holding my legs up in the air when he got on his knees and started to look at my hole closer. I could feel his breath on my hole now and I was so hard I thought my cock was going to pop off. "Yeah, it's really red," he reiterated as his thumb again began exploring my hole. "Does it hurt?" he asked. "No," I whispered. This was a type of naked sexual thing I had never experienced and I my mind was racing, but before my head could explode my attention was diverted by an incredibly pleasurable sensation centered on my ass. Looking down, I saw his eyes on mine even as his tongue was buried in my hole. Now, my best friend and I had only sucked and fucked. We hadn't explored anything outside of the that two course sex menu, so a tongue-licking and a general massage of my asshole was an indescribable feeling. I involuntarily moaned like a girl. I couldn't help it. It was absolutely fuckin' amazing - and it was an utterly unexpected experience. He continued licking and laving my hole. I found myself closing my eyes and drifting off to a land of bliss, but when I occasionally opened my eyes to check out the tongue in my hole, each time I found his eyes were fixated on mine. I could also see he was stroking his cock - and fast, although given his position all I could actually see was a glimpse of his cock head, - and, of course, his hand shuttling to and fro. After several minutes he paused, stood, and presented himself to me: to my amazement his cock was quite like that of his younger brother, except signicantly bigger. His cock was at least ten inches, and had the circumference of a beer can. I couldn't believe it. My first thought was to go down on it, but was still under his spell, so I simply stood there, marveling at his tool as he meanwhile had begn lubing his throbbing cock with a generous amount of vaseline. And, when ready, he gestured for me to turn around and bend over. His mushroom head was laser-focused on my hole. It felt amazing, but I was scared to death he was going ram it into my ass. He, however, did no such thing, but rather rubbed his cock head over my hole, applying a bit of pressure on each pass, using one hand to guide his cock, and the other guiding my ass and legs, as well as providing a slight distraction. Again reaching for the vaseline, he began lubing my aching cock, telling me to jack myself off while he jacked off on my ass. I did so, as did he, but at no point did his fat cockhead leave my hole, so it was hardly surprising my ass was continually relaxing, so when at some point his cock head penetrated the outside ring of my ass. The sensation was a new level of 'amazing'. His massive, slicked-up cock head was opening my outer ring, each time hitting the inner ring. And yes, each time he pushed hard I was in some serious pain, but he was quite considerate, and he backed-off each time he came against my pain limitations. This went on for 15 or 20 minutes. I was barely able to contain myself. I was leaking precum and had to stop jerking every minute or two because he kept urging me not to blow. While I was young and dumb and knew nothing about edging, he certainly did. After several minutes of tentative fucking, he intensified the pressure on my inner ring, . Now and this time when I would find myself tensing-up, wincing in the process, he would gently urge "Breath slow and push out." He knew what he was doing because the second my inner ring relaxed just a tiny bit, he pushed his cock past it. I felt like a baseball bat just got pushed inside me. Tears started coming down my face, and he wiped them gently saying "Easy, buddy, you're taking it. Girls don't let me fuck them in the ass cause I'm so big, so I really need this. I f you let me finish off, I promise I'll never tell anyone you're a faggot." Gritted my teeth I muttered "Okay. Go for it." He was extremely gentle with me, and after about ten minutes he was all the way inside me. Even though he was bigger, it wasn't nearly as painful as when he brother fucked me, but again, we didn't know about lube or taking our time, we just fucked in order to cum. I had this straight football jock balls deep in me now for a little while and he was fucking in and out of me when I got hard again. He told me to stroke myself. After a few minutes of stroking my own cock, I was feeling pleasure from every inch of my ass inside and out, - through my taint, balls and cock. I was breathing like I had run a 5k. Everything felt so good. He started to fuck my hole faster and faster and telling me he was getting close. I was so turned on I started jerking faster and felt a burning pleasure inside my hole, ten inches and all around. I felt like my asshole was having an orgasm. My cock may have gone a quarter limp, but I was still plenty hard enough to continue jerking and could feel my cum boiling up as my asshole was shaking and felt like it was about to explode. He noticed as he was fucking me harder and said,"Yeahm shoot your load, man." That set me off and I moaned louder than I ever had before and exploded! I was cumming all over myself, my neck, face, and in my wide open moaning mouth. My asshole was quivering and clenching when all of a sudden I heard him yell,"FUUUUCKKK!" He started blasting his load inside my ass. It took him a minute to empty his balls inside me. I was soaked in sweat and cum, he was dripping sweat onto me from above. We stayed like this for a bit before I slowly started to pull out. I felt completely empty now. He told me to go sit on the toilet then shower again, he'd use the upstairs shower. Before he walked up the stairs, he said,"I've never cum so hard in my life. I needed that man, you took it like a champ." That night I jerked off eight times in a row to the memories of him fucking me that morning. The next day at school I was amazed at how easily we acted like it never happened. Not even a knowing look between each other. I became a top, but for a year in high school, I got fucked about once a week by a straight football player with a huge cock who made me cum like no one else ever has.
  13. I'm a total top and have been almost my whole life, however when I was just starting out exploring gay sex, I thought we both HAD to bottom and top equally, or somewhat equally. I had fucked my best friend several times at this point and he always seemed to love having my thick cock pounding a load into his hole. He had repeatedly eaten my hole and fingered me, and it mostly felt good so one summer day I was so horny it was nearly painful and I decided to invite my best friend over for a fuck. I was masturbating in the bathroom to kill time and started fingering my asshole. It felt good, like I said I was incredibly horny. I grabbed a dildo shaped object and put oil on it and slowly pushed it against my hole. The object had a round end that was the thickest part of it, and it tapered down to the thickness of a finger. The thickest end wasn't really very thick, about the size of a half-dollar coin. It hurt like hell getting it past the second anal ring, but since the object tapered so much it was mostly smooth sailing after I got the thickest end past my inner ring. I slowly worked the thickest end in and out of my hole, trying to get it relaxed and used to penetration. About then my buddy showed up and we got onto my bed and began sucking each other's cock. He was leaking precum more than usual, so I guess we were both more than the usual amount of horny. He got between my legs and started sucking my cock and fingering my hole. I rolled over onto my stomach and he got the hint and crawled on top of my body, forcing my legs open so they were spread wide. He spat and lubed his cock head, ready to penetrate my ass. Now I should say, that the biggest thing I'd had up my hole was the object I had just recently been fucking myself with and his cock is still, as of today, the biggest I've ever seen in real life. It's over nine inches, uncut and incredibly thick. I felt him place his wet cock head on my slightly oiled hole and start to insert his monster cock into my virgin hole. Initially I cried out, although UI knew the first time would hurt. Looking back all I can say is how dumb and uneducated we were. We should've been using oils, or lube or anything besides just our spit to have our virgin holes fucked the first time and many times after. Anyhow, it felt like a telephone pole was being pushed into my ass and up into my stomach. He lay completely on top of me working his gigantic cock in and out of my battered hole. I was crying but he couldn't see it. All I could do was lay there and take his cock hoping he'd cum as soon as fucking possible. It didn't take long, but it felt like an eternity before he finally filled my hole with his cum. I immediately went to the restroom and expelled an enormous amount of cum and some blood, but surprisingly I wasn't bleeding as much as I felt like I should be. I rubbed my tender hole with my fingers and stuck two fingers inside my cummy hole while I jerked off, shooting cum all over my chest, stomach, wall, and floor. My first time getting fucked was a painful experience, but we didn't know the proper way of losing or taking a virgin hole.
  14. It had been several months since I first sucked off my best friend after a high school football game. We had continued to meet up on weekends and during the week too for blowjobs. We were constantly sucking each other off and getting our bellies full of cum. One day after school he came over and we had the house to ourselves. We were hanging out on my bed listening to music when things eventually turned to rubbing each other's hard cocks through our shorts. It didn't take long for us to get naked and start 69'ing. I loved sucking his cock because it was as thick as a beer can and a good 9+ inches long, beautifully uncut too. As I was sucking his dick and massaging his balls with my hand he opened his legs and I naturally started to massage his taint and slowly made my way to his hole. I started rubbing his hole with my finger which produced slight moans from his cock-filled mouth. That was all the encouragement I needed to put my finger in my mouth and coat it with spit and try to get my finger into his tight hole. There I was sucking a fat cock, fingering his tight virgin hole and being blown at the same time. I was incredibly horny and kept working his hole with my finger and decided to try another finger, he really moaned when I slowly forced a second finger up his hole. I knew his moan was partly from pain and partly from pleasure. After awhile of all these different simulations at once, he pulled away from me. I was laying on my back and he straddled my waist and grabbed my cock from behind. I had no idea what was happening. Because what was about to happen, I had never even thought of doing. My cock kindof started hurting. That's when I realized he was putting his weight directly onto my raging hard dick, trying to get it up his virgin hole. It was so tight and had so little lube from just my spit. He got almost my whole cock inside him before I truly understood I was fucking his virgin hole bareback. He rode up and down on my cock maybe three times before I blew a huge load of cum up his ass. Which fortunately lubed him up on the inside much better. I'm a multiple cummer and don't get soft, so I took the opportunity to enjoy his wet virgin boypussy. I pushed him onto his back and started ramming my cum-lubed cock into his hole faster and faster. In this new position my rock hard curved cock was hitting his prostate and his eyes practically rolled back in his head. His fingers dug into my back as I continued ramming my rod into his still tight hole. His breathing became labored and with a loud series of moans his huge dick started spraying both of us with hot cum which immediately set me off again and I dumped yet another fat load deep up his once virgin hole.
  15. My first time was with my best friend from high school. For years my buddy and I alternated staying overnight at each other's house, usually sharing a bed, and wearing only our underwear, which was no big deal as we were too young to even know about sex. However one night, when we were somewhat older, things were different. We had planned ahead, and my buddy was to come over to my house after a football game and spend the night. Looking back I think we both knew something was going to happen that night. As we expected, the football game ended late in the evening, and, as was typical for our small town, we meet-up with the football boys and cruised the town for a while, which meant we got back to my house even later. We each took a quick shower and crawled into bed, as usual, wearing only underwear. And we both promptly fell asleep. At some point I woke up with his body directly against mine. I was in the small spoon position and he had pressed as much of his body against me as he could. I found the sensation of a body (which was 95% naked) pressing up against my body to be very erotic, particularly as it was the first time I had ever really felt body-to-body contact. Naturally I had a raging hard on. In addition I could feel a hard bulge against my ass cheeks. I lay in bed, enjoying the experience of warm flesh against my own naked body, but after a few minutes I pretended to stir slightly, as if I had just awaken. Reaching back, I pretended I was scratching my ass, only to discover a very hard and BIG bulge against the back of my hand. That was the first time I had ever felt an actual dick. Granted it was still inside some tighty whities but it was hot, warm, hard, and felt quite large. He hadn't moved at all during my courageous attempt at coping a feel, so I thought I would try again. I really wanted to gauge its size, so again, I again reached back. This time there was no mistaking the fact that he thrust his hard bulge against the back of my hand. Since he didn't hide the fact that he thrust his cock at my hand I left my hand there, between my ass and his cock. The moment of truth came, and I was so hard and horny that I didn't even think about it, I turned my hand around and grabbed his bulge and found an incredibly hard rod stuffed extremely tightly in some white Hanes briefs. I began feeling his junk through the tight underwear, massaging his balls, rubbing and stroking his steel rod paying particular attention to, what I thought was his head near the waistband of the underwear. He finally reached around my hip and started massaging my hard leaking cock through my underwear. I have a decent seven and a half-inch cut cock which is quite thick, but I could tell he was even thicker. Wanting to find out just how thick, I grabbed his waistband and plunged my hand into his underwear grabbing his cock. This is when I discovered I hadn't been massaging his dickhead, his underwear had been so tight, that it trapped his hard cock pointing down, so he wasn't even able to get fully hard. Good lord, how big was he? I pulled his cock out of its fabric prison and found out. Now, even to this day, his cock was the biggest, thickest, longest uncut cock I've ever seen in real life. I could no longer think straight. I was overwhelmed with horniness. I immediately pulled his hand off my cock, turned around and ducked under the blanket and sheets. I got his 9.5 inch dick into my mouth as soon as I could and began giving my first blowjob to the biggest dick I'd ever have. I sucked and licked and tongued his cock for ages, enjoying the huge hard thickness and foreskin. He had grabbed my head and was trying to force as much of his dick into my mouth as he could. Unfortunately I have a gag reflex, and he repeatedly gagged me. Maybe that was turning him on, it sure made my blowjob more difficult though. I couldn't get to all of his cock though because the underwear was still covering too much of his junk. I tried to pull his briefs down but he wasn't lifting his ass up to help me any. I was crazy fucking horny and quickly became very frustrated with his this tight white fabric covering some of my prized cock I was working so hard on with my mouth. I finally used both hands and grabbed the waistband and yanked them down hard! So hard that they ripped. I didn't give a fuck that they ripped or that it might have hurt him. I was happy finally getting to put his balls and shaft in my mouth. It seemed like an hour, but it was probably five to ten minutes before he nutted. I was ready for his load as definitely (if not desperately) wanted him to cum in my mouth, and I had even decided when the time came, I would take his cock in my mouth as deeply as I could and start swallow every drop of his load. It was heaven: his body tensed-up, his rock hard dick felt like a titanium crow bar, blasting its load into my mouth, shot after shot of cum rocketing out of his meat, repeatedly filling my mouth, over and over. And I swallowed every drop, not loosing a single drop. Afterwards I slowly nursed his cock with my lips and tongue, eventually coming out from under the blankets and resumed my sleeping position. He made some attempt at blowing me, but it wasn't very good and we just went to sleep. Later on, he paid me back in spades, making me cum several times. We never talked about it, but down the weeks, months, and years, we enjoyed many firsts with his huge dick and his tight hole.

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