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Sheffield South Yorkshire

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my number to poz me up aids guys wkecome   07428391353 piss up me i swallow piss video makers welcome photos etc 

poppers and breed cum up me 

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    • By DetroitBred
      I love how Devin Franco takes dick.  In every single porn he’s in, he seems genuinely into every top who fucks him.  He is passionate and not robotic.   I absolutely love his 3some with Max Konnor, and Andre Donovan.  Love the looks Andre gives when fucking.    Far and away my favorite porn.  While Devin is my favorite bottom, Andre is my favorite top in porn today.  Would love to be fucked and bred by Andre.   And would love to eat and felch Devin’s cum loaded ass for hours.  
    • By DetroitBred
      I recently was fucked 25 times by 20 different guys and took about 15 loads after a 12 hour stay at a bathhouse.   I left feeling unsatisfied.  Got me curious for all my fellow bottoms and cumdump out there.  If you stayed 48 consecutive hours at a bathhouse and could wish for any number of guys you want to breed you, how many loads would you want to take?   I personally would love 100 loads by 100 men (yes, a load inside my ass from every single guy who fucks me).  That’s just over 2 per hour.    I really hope 100 loads would satisfy me.  And I’m telling the truth 100% that I craved more dick and loads after getting fucked 25 times than when I started.   I didn’t want to stop.  
      I’d love even more but this number is also realistic in allowing some rest in between, allowing guys to fuck me as long as they want, shower breaks, etc.   
    • By justsexnowatl
      Friday night I met up with a new buddy I'm sure will become a regular.  An attached guy from Scruff who had me figured out pretty quickly and unlocked his pics which were mostly his huge prolapsed fisted hole!!  I went nuts when I saw them since he looked so "clean cut", and I wasn't expecting that.  He said he and his partner play together and separate, but they often have different types and most aren't into both of them equally.  So we had it set up about 3 weeks ahead when the partner would be gone for the weekend.  He actually called just as we were getting started, and my guy wasn't shy that he had someone over, but obviously hadn't told the partner ahead either lol.  He told him he'd send some pics and vids, and he took a couple long vids which turned me on.
      I've been having a LOT of quicker fucks lately 10-20 minutes unless it's a group thing.  Mostly me just topping some total bottom the last few months, so I was pretty horned up for this longer hardcore play session.  Had a couple drinks and went to his huge room with the sling set up and play sheets all over the floor, crisco out and jlube already mixed and some enormous toys. and his gas mask for poppers.  I knew we were in for a good time.  He set his phone on a tripod to take vids later.  This guy was PREPARED in every way   I took my trimix shot as soon as I arrived so I was rock hard before we even undressed.....started with him slobbering my dick and me suffocating in his bubble butt , him already rosebudding some and me nibbling on his hole, blowing air up his hole and sucking it back out.......this pig was as clean as could be and I LOVE sucking clean hole all through the fuck.    I ended up with crisco on my face later from spending so much time eating and sucking his huge hole!!!!   I slid my cock in easily with no lube, just spit to tease us both for a while, then we moved to the sling for the real playing.  I got him pretty full of crisco and greased up my hands and was inside him in just a couple minutes.  He had a mirror on top of the sling and could see everything including how hard my cock stayed for the entire session which he loved (and of course so did I  ).  Kept applying crisco to my hand, wrist and further up my forearm, eventually just maybe 4" from my elbow.  I kept alternating fisting him and fucking him.  He was pushing out his prolapsed hole after only 15 mins maybe, and I LOVE pushing my cock into the pushed out hole.  I loved that he was also hard for quite a bit of the session.  Just makes me feel like a bottom is enjoying it more when they're hard too.  I was double fisting him for a while and could also stick my whole cock up his hole along with one of my hands and sort of jack my cock, him huffing poppers with the rubber mask and hose quite a bit of the time (no other drugs).  He needed a little break, so we hung out and talked about sex and non sex stuff for about 20 minutes and we both seemed to know when to get down to business........I got more aggressive this time, deeper up my forearm, quicker double fisting, fucking rougher, him pinching my nips hard (making me super close), and he knew it was time for another vid so his partner could watch me breeding him I guess :). I love that and want it for myself eventually!  We played for about 30 minutes after the 'intermission", then I was really ready to blow my wad deep.   After my amazing orgasm, he was hard and I immediately started double fisting him FAST, he was jacking and he squirted pretty high up.  Eventually cleaned up and showered together talking about next time.  I love that he was making vids for his partner.  I'm an exhibitionist and would seriously get off on his partner kicking back on the sofa in their room watching me use his boy for our next session (even if I'm not all that into him).  And of course I'd love it if he decided to plant his seed up my ass when he was ready to cum himself
      It's been a while since I've had a good 2+ hour play session, hardcore ass play, super clean hole for hot sleazy play and really fucking horny for the next session already.   This coming weekend is Pride in Atlanta and already the cumdumps are posting their party ads on bbrt.  It'll be a "quantity over quality" kind of week coming up, which is ok too - lots of hot visitors (and locals) to whore around for a few days   
    • By lvbbcumnhole
      I am hosting  a small get together this Saturday at my place with a buddy of mine.  He is looking to suck, fuck and especially get fucked.  He wants to be spun af while doing this and  we will be recording this.  No faces will appear, unless permission is granted.  Generally, this gathering will not be posted for videos.  Just want to have a good time so the type of guy/guys he is seeking is under 50, white, masculine (whatever that means, lol) and is a top or versatile top.  He loves bareback so don't be shy.  He does not want anyone that is over weight or too chubby.  If you say you are average in body, mean it.  Most guys don't understand what average means.  He is also requesting no smaller than 7 inches.  Does not matter if cut or uncut.  Huge cummers are a big extreme plus.  If interested, please private message me with contact information so I can get in touch with you.
      Transportation and Favors will not be provided.  If you want to party, please bring your own.  This is very much appreciated as we will not have enough to go around for just my buddy and I.  Please be serious and absolutely no flaking out.  I realize this may be short notice but I was just made aware of his request and really wants to do this this weekend.
    • By jimmsmatt222
      I've been on a dry spell as of late.  It's been frustrating, but each time I've had free time I've also found it virtually impossible to find someone to fuck me, so I was excited when  I finally got a top to come over.  I've played with him a few times and found he always gives a good fuck.  This time, however, he said he would fuck me with a condom.  I agreed as I really, really needed a cock.
      Ass-up, I awaited his arrival on my enclosed porch.  Arriving, he stood behind me, rubbed his cock head against my hole, slipping it in a few times, deliberately teasing me as he knew I wanted it raw.  I heard the cellophane of the condom wrapper rip as he prepared to slip it on his cock, but really needing to get fucked, but also really wanting it raw, I took that golden opportunity - while his dick was still on my hole - to my ass onto his dick and started fucking myself on his cock before he could ruin the experience with a condom. 
      He must've liked it good enough because he forgot about the condom and kept fucking me nice and deep for about 20 minutes before he finally bred me. 

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