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  1. I just composed this in response to a hookup negotiation I received today. I live 30 miles outside Washington DC. I am cursed with ‘bi-married" straight dudes who want to be topped. Ten of the last twelve dudes I’ve hooked up with out here in the exburbs of our nation’s capitol have been ‘bi-married’ closeted straight red-voting dudes. So many of them! I wrote in my email to him: “If youre a red voter then it’s all moot. Given the state of this country today, well I have lived all my adult life open, honestly, and out. It hasn’t always been easy. If you support those who want to recriminalize homosexual relationships, then fuck you. Not literally, but figuratively. Not to end on a bad note but I am sick of guys who lie to themselves, their wives, and then vote against truth and honesty. That guy wants respect? discretion?!?! Not from me. The GOP has declared war, and war it is. If you vote red, be very afraid of me.” Is this too extreme to send? I have fucked red-voting dudes in their marital bedrooms. I have fucked red-voting dudes who wanted me to get them fucked up and use their hole mercilessly. (how long until you can drive home?) I have fucked MANY red-voting dudes who let me inject my seed deep inside their asses, bare, deep, hard! Married to women! Liars!!! How lucky I am honest. Out since 1986. And them such liars. This is war. Even their picks for the Supreme Court lie.
  2. fucked my baby boy (age 48) last night. he’s been my boy for 12+ years. I’d fucked him yesterday morning and the night before. both times he came before me. taking his cum and smearing it on my dick to fuck him with, well, isn’t that one of the hottest things . . . ? last night he didn’t cum at all. in bed going to sleep, he kept stroking my dick. like he’s asking to be inseminated. (that’s one reason why he’s my baby boy!) he spread out the drop cloth, and got on his back. I lubed his hole with oil-based boy butter. so dirty raw. I lubed myself with water based gun oil. Baby boy relaxed and gave me his hole He put his feet on my shoulders, exposing his hole for my use. My dick head homed in on it right away -years of experience. I’d put a wad of boy butter in him. Pushing slow, but deliberate. Watching him get over the hard part, which is my big , red, swollen dick head, at first. He has a giant dick, which flopped unused and semi-tumescent between us This one was all about me. I like being a selfish top, so yay. Ain’t nothing hotter than cum in the hole, and I am going to make that happen. Legs hooked over my arms, he goes practically limp, which I love. By adjusting my position, I can adjust the feeling of my dick in his ass. I’m stroking in and out. I can control the pace, the position, and the DEPTH . (And - funny now that I think about it, both of the #1 and #2 men (the boy being #2) in my life qualify for this - for both DEPTH means I hit bottom and can push a little deeper, and I feel this pop, like I am going thru a ring. Or like I’m am going around a corner.) Anyway I go deep until I feel that <pop>, and that’s what it takes. So hard to talk when I am fucking, but I say “THAT that is where I want to cum.” so deep. And I start shallow stroking in and out. His ass ring is jerking off my dick. He’s so compliant. Every stroke feels a little different. (Btw, I will stare you down while I nail your ass! This has just become known to me, how much I do this. I will try to look into your very soul when I put my babies in you! I like your face covered too, because it makes impregnating you hot in a different way. But I will look at you hard and long when I’m inseminating you, because the only thing I can focus on is hot it is, what we’re doing. Is this a fetish? I need to post elsewhere about this.) Anyway, me last night, stroking my dick in and out of my boy. Every stroke is different. I’m thinking . . .working on the art of making every stroke as long as possible - pull out until his outer ring grips me but I don’t pop out, then push in as far as possible until I feel that turn inside him, that deep spot where I tell him I want to cum. Yeah. As long as possible. as deep as possible. Faster. Faster. I am wrecking his ass making my dick feel good. Baby boy is letting me do it, which turns me on SO MUCH. Then I am shallow stroking his ring across my shaft, and pinning him down in slightly different ways to adjust the feeling, I am staring holes in him and whispering to him “My dick is so full of cum.” Because it was. So full. Ready to blow. Since I’ve been shallow stroking I do a few deeper strokes, trying not to be to rough, work my way back in deep. I’ve told him that’s where I am going to . . . . . . and the timing works out perfectly . . .I push in with my crazy swollen dick to the deepest spot I can get in him. His eyes go wide. I hold still and <pulse> <pulse> <pulse> <pulse> <pulse> <pulse> a dozen times is my norm <pulse> <pulse> <pulse> <pulse> <pulse> <pulse> And my big, swollen, just-having-cum dick slipped out of his ass. The ring of frothy precum, lube and ass juice around the base of my dick - hot or not? We clean up. Go back to bed. I hold him in my arms through the night with my babies swimming inside him. My baby boy.
  3. Two years and four months later . . . today . . . I just bred the same guy again in their marital bed. He’s such a slut! He’s one of those bottoms who really wants the load more than getting fucked, and I obliged. His legs in the air hooked over my arms, I slid my dick back and forth using his sphincter to get me off. I pushed deep as possible and blew a big nutt deep in his guts. There on her nightstand next to the bed was her devotional book, two tubes of neosporin (?) and a little ceramic angel. How sweet. It was sweet too how her husband cleaned my dick off with his mouth after I’d inseminated his ass.
  4. just now. Sunday morning at 10 am. super hot dude from THIS SITE. I say “super hot”. I didn’t see him. But that dick. and that attitude. FUCK YES. He texted before he got here. I waited in the empty camper in the backyard. I put on a blindfold when I heard him approach, and never took it off or even peeked. He came in. I am waiting with my hard, leaking dick hanging out of my shorts. In no time, his dick is out. Hard as a rock. In my mouth. He’s uncut, but I never read foreskin ‘cause he’s so fucking hard. I told him later that his dick reminded me of my cousin’s, who I started fucking around with at age 12. Perfect mouthful. Perfectly proportioned dickhead. So he has me suck it until he’s leaking. He has me stand up and drop my shorts. FUCK YES (Now I have been 95% top for almost 20 years. I spent the 20 years before as 90% bottom. I know how to take dick, but have not done it in a long time. Never anonymously. Never a bare casual load. I’ve give quite a few, never taken one). I climbed on the bed in the camper, on my knees, ass out over the edge. He stuck his dick in me. I thought I could not take it OUCH. How does it hurt so much at first, and then feel so good later? What a perfect dick. The pain turned to discomfort turned to ambivalent turned to fucking amazing. I have not bottomed in so long. Do I flex my ass? Do I flex my hole? Do I move with the rhythm, or just lie there mostly relaxed and passive, which is what I want from bottoms? His dick is perfect for him rubbing his dick head back and forth across my sphincter Hot He says he’s using me like a condom I am biting my lip, trying not to beg him to cum in me, which is what I want most. I dislike bottoms who prematurely beg for cum. Random dude. Never seen him. He’s ball’s deep in me using his ass for his pleasure . Bare. FUCK YES. He speeds up. His breath does that thing. HE IS SHOOTING INSIDE ME! I haven’t taken a load in my ass in years. Never anon. I have never even seen this stud who just inseminated me with his dna. Shot his wad inside me. Bare. I was such a slut for his dick and load. I did not feel it pulse. As a top, I always hope for my bottoms to feel my dick when it’s ejaculating deep inside him. He slides out though, and I feel my swollen hole, slippery with his nutt I smell some. Fresh cum. FUCK YES. Another first. He spins me around and has me clean his dick. I’ve never done atm from the bottom end. Damn that dick just gave me a load. Of course I put it in my mouth Of course I want any remaining drops. Stud boy (he’s less than half my age) keeps on going. I keep sucking. He lays me face down on the camper mattress. YES PLEASE USE MY HOLE. Amazing to me how I’ve gone from hardcore top to bottom!! i don’t know what to do though. I want to talk about how hot it is, what he’s doing. But I don’t like verbal bottoms . I want rock back with his motion, but I prefer when bottoms completely relax and let me use them like the sock puppets that are (to get my load). Idk what to do. But he does this hot thing. I love pinning guys down when I fuck them. I’ve held guys by the neck and choked them out a little. I need leverage to fuck hard, and deep. But he did this amazing thing. Me face down. Him on top. His dick fucking my asshole. He wrapped his arms around my head. He held my head in his arms, like he had me. I was gasping for breath with his arms wrapped around my head. HOT literally and mentally I am doing that to the next bottom I fuck!! After a while, he pulls out, flips over onto his back, and pushes my mouth back down on his dick. ATM for the second time. He’s fucked his load in me, bruised my ass to make it take, and given his cock a slippery coating of his own frothy cum. I devoured that cock SO HOT where did this slut bottom in me cum from? his perfect size and perfect shape got me into a perfect rhythm HE CAME IN MY MOUTH second load It’s all up in my sinuses. His manspunk is digging in my head looking to breed. DAMN Stud loaded my ass and my head. He said he’d like me to jack off. I haven’t touched my dick so far. I try. I can’t. Cum in my ass. Cum in my head. I am overexcited I have a big dick. It’s been hard and semi hard and engorged and leaking this whole time. Sorry dude. I can truthfully say I’ll masturbate over his later. More than once. I love love love it when bottoms dont cum and say they will masturbate later, thinking of my big dick exploding inside Hot. Heh heh heh You should! And I will . Ass up, masked. He used my ass, came in me twice. I never saw him. Dog, I love being a dirty homosexual.
  5. I snuck into a dudes house once. He said his partner was asleep behind <he pointed> that door went I went in. We went in another room across from that. I bred his ass bareback and left him to crawl into bed with his bf while my babies were still looking for a home inside him. HOT.
  6. I agree with 10/10, with the caveat that I am NOT a trained professional in any relevant fields, so I have the humility to not be adamant in my opinions.
  7. Two of my happiest memories were sucking my cousin off . . .on different Christmas Eves. My mom’s side of the family - my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins -we’d all get together on Christmas Eve. That was my opportunity to see my cousin, who lived an hour from me. He is six months younger than I am. We first started fooling around at age 12. Seventh grade. One Christmas Eve after that, when we were 13 or 14, we snuck off from the house and all the food and presents. My grandfather had a shed, and a shed behind that, and a shed behind that one, and another way down behind that. My cuz and I went way down behind the far shed. Getting dark. We blew each other. Or maybe it was more like we swapped turns letting the other use one’s mouth hole to get off in. I remember messing up my ‘nice’ Christmas Eve clothes. Then some seven or eight years later, when I was home from college at the family Christmas Eve, my cuz and I planned to meet afterwords. After a family reunion the fact that I wanted to go hang out more with my cousin was not questioned! Late night on Christmas Eve, the streets were deserted. We drove down to an empty multi story parking lot downtown. We had a great time sitting in the car catching up. We traded blow jobs leaning over the bucket seats. I remember swallowing and how good it tasted. At age ~20, both of us were much more sexually sophisticated than we were in younger years! We’d fucked around on other Christmas Eves in between. We did every time we saw each other up to the age 23 or so when I monogamously coupled and ended fooling around with my cuz. Today he lives near where we grew up. Despite his long history of m/m sex (including for years with his step brother!) he, now married with kids and deep, deep, in the closet. We havent spoken (not by my choice) in years.
  8. I love our people. Don’t get me wrong. There always seems to be one guy, standing there in the middle of things, talking WAY too loudly: “I am getting my ducts cleaned on Monday. I have allergies so I get it done once a year. They raised their prices this year, but since my sinuses hurt so badly . . . “ Or maybe worse, go up to people he knows wanting to chat like it was out in public. “Hey how is work? Did Karen in finance ever get that promotion after I left? I sure don’t miss working there, let me tell you.” Everyone running around naked, cruising for dick. It’s like a religious space, and in my opinion it deserves some respect not to kill the mood, spoil the scene, or ruin the atmosphere. Anyway, I’d say don’t be that guy. Not a rule. Just a request.
  9. My #1 main man bought the Coleman camper so we could take it to the gay campground and leave it there to go up multiple times durning the summer. The first year was a blast. The last two were cancelled on account of covid. It sat at our old house exposed and unused, or covered. We moved it to the new house here with us two weeks ago. Here it has a shady spot by the driveway. Here it has real possibilities. Within days I had set up a 30yo bottom who came to the camper. He stripped, blindfolded himself, and he waited on the bed ass up for me. I went in, fucked him, came in him, thanked him, and was back out the camper door in ten minutes. HOT. I never saw his face. He never saw me. That very afternoon, my man set himself up to give a blowjob in the camper. As soon as he had blown the guy, one of the other prospects he’d been grooming texted and came right over. Two dicks in a row - he sucked off and swallowed. HOT. Good start with the camper. Then this Saturday I set up some real fun. My anon bottom from earlier wants a repeat. My regular (47yo) boy is coming to spend Saturday night, as he does at least every other weekend. I’ve been fucking my boy for 12 years. For at least ten of them, I have been trying to set up a bottom who I can fuck, then my boy can fuck. I have a big dick. My boy has a REALLY big dick. It’s never worked out, finding a bottom to take us in succession. I send the bottom a pic of us both (see attached, me on left). He is into it. Saturday at 9:30 our willing piece of ass cumdump comes to the trailer. We go out a few minutes after. He’s ass up on the bed, blindfolded, ass facing the door. He has a poppers rag. I turn him and get behind him on the bed. He gets to suck my boy’s dick while I’m fucking him. I spit on his crack and rub my hard cock up and down it. With my thumb I go to push some spit inside and find he’s pre-lubed. I am pushing my dick in him. So fucking tight. Too tight. I need to loosen this ass up or it’ll never accommodate my boy, I think to myself. Stroke. Stroke. I go right into fucking him. I slip out twice. So tight. I reach around him tight to pull him in, for maximum penetration, and to cum deep in him as I can when I do. I’m talking softly about what a dirty boy (the bottom) is liking dick so much. How he needs my cum deep if he’s ever going to take that big dick in his mouth. My boy said he almost came from the blowjob. I excited myself talking like that and soon I was FUCK FUCK blowing my load and then some. Yeah! Throb throb, pumping my babies into him. I slip out and turn the bottom so my boy now has access. That cummy asshole. Damn. My boy puts his dick there and pushes. Nothing happens. “I said he was tight” I chuckled. My boy pushed HARD and that fuck slab of his slipped right in that cum filled ass in one smooth go. FUCK. Fuck. Fuck Fuck. He is going at it. The bottom is moaning and sniffing poppers. I’m deep kissing my boy while he’s fucking. I slip my finger between his cheeks to find his pucker hoping to slip something in. It’s dry. I turn to find lube and UNF UNF UNF the boy is shooting his load deep in the anon bottom boy’s ass. Fuck yes. This worked perfectly. His dick slipped out. Anon bottom boy jumps up still blindfolded saying “Thank you daddy for making that happen,” and obviously looking for a kiss. What a hottie. I hold him by his little black beard and kiss him deeply. Grrr. My boy and I did a quick wipe. Left the bottom a towel. Said “later man thanks,” and we were out the door maybe 15-20 minutes after we came in. Hot. He never saw us. Dirty boy took two strangers’ loads. The bottom boy has contacted me twice since Saturday. And I do not know what that fuck I am going to do with him next time!!! At some point I want him in my bed where I can have sex with him a lot more fully. But anon is so awesome, and impossible to get back once it’s lost. Suggestions?
  10. I repeated this post from earlier, sorry. I got inspired some years back to do gunge, and I like the idea of sticky. So I bought three huge things of honey from Costco, with designs to play with it in my steamroom at home. I got my ‘boy’ (who is still my ‘boy’ ten years later), and we got in the steamroom and slathered ourselves head to toe with honey. HOT. Sticky. Slippery. Decadent. A good time was had. I came where I always do, inside his honey-lubed asshole. It was easy to wash off and a lot of fun. Here’s the thing though. (There’s always a thing!) Playing like we did - honey top to bottom, everywhere, and then some -we used like a CUP, maybe a cup and a half!! I had SO MUCH honey I’d bought for this! Three HUGE containers!! Hahaha. I’d still have that lifetime supply, but we moved and I had to get rid of it.
  11. This adorable 20 year old cub . . . not usually my type but he messaged when I was on Sniffies exploring who is in my new neighborhood. He lives a few blocks away, way out here in the ex-burbs where a few miles away is considered close by, so that is really close. I first met him awhile back during my renovations. Responding to his profile turn ons, I choked him with my dick after warning him I would not cum that way. He was turned on though, and I started sucking him. In like a minute he said he was close and do I swallow? I said yes, and did. He said it was further than he’d been with a dude. I assumed it was a fun one time, but that’d be that. He IS 20 I am 58. But he writes back and keeps in touch. I moved in - finally - last week. Today he says is his last chance to meet up again before going back to college. And an hour later, there he is, all awkward in the bedroom. We strip. I dive on his cock. Hey if he wants to feed me another load, I am AOK with that. He’s got a perfect slightly larger than average cut dick. I focus on the head and then treat his balls to a tongue bath. I mean treat myself. His balls smelled crazy manly. My beard still smells like them. Before long, he’s precumming like crazy. He says he could cum like that and asks about me messaging earlier how I’d like to lick his ass and see if it makes him want dick. YES. Get on the bed, I direct him. Lie back. I get back to work on his dick and hawk a wad of precum and spit in my hand to lubricate his hole. Hairy legs. Hairy Ass. I like men, not boys, so I REaLLY like this. I put my hands behind his knees and lift his legs up, exposing his dick, balls, and asshole. Then me (who does not eat ass regularly at all) then there I am slathering my tongue up and down his balls and taint, lapping up his precum on the upside, then heading lower lower on his perfect virgin hairy hole. Sticking my tongue in. I am going to find out just what I wrote to him . . . if I stick my tongue in his boyhole, will it make him want dick? I pull back to look, and that hole was GAPING. How could I not rub my dick up and down it? How could I not spread my precum all over it? How could I not eat it back off, which I did? Back to rubbing my hard dick up and down his crack, holding his legs up and out He says I can try to put it in. Big mushroom head is the worst part, getting it in. It pops thru. He says ouch. I take it out and keep going with what I was working on. “Try again?”he asked. So I did. Nothing but spit and precum. I slide my long dick naked inside him. SO HARD not to start stroking in and out right away. He asked how much he’d taken. I said most of it (at about 2/3’s) and pushed the rest in as far as I could get. His eyes open wide . Love that. I am all the way hilted. I tell him it’s a lot of dick He says it’s his first time. FUCK. So I’m slowly taking it out and then pushing back in I WANT TO FUCK THIS ASS SO BAD and I grab his dick to distract him. Stroking him off in time with my strokes in and out . . . I am in heaven. This is way more than I’d expected to happen. He’s says “I am going to cum like that.” Ah my duty to the first time fucked. I get more precise with both strokes. “Cum for me”, I ordered. I want to fuck the cum out of him. I want that feeling of a dick hitting his prostate to make a lasting impression. He erupts. Cum all over. HOT He forgot to take off his shirt, and now it’s cum-splattered and smelling stupid horny. I pull out and sit back. “You don’t have to stop “ he says. I am like really? Really? R . .e . .a . .l . .l . . y? My dick is there back at his hole smearing it with my now continuous precum and sliding all the way back in. I’m holding this cub by his ankles, looking down at his cum covered shirt and hairy ass taking me inside him. Damn, I love fucking men who have already cum. My head’s spinning enjoying every stroke and wondering if I can cum fast him being virgin and all. “I am sorry, but I may have to tap out,” he says. I right there at the cusp! the edge! Imma gonna! Imma gonna! “You can take a few more strokes,’ I say, keeping going until about five strokes in, he says I can cum in him causing me to ERUPT holding my dick still hoping he can feel it pulse, wanting him to feel my seed being pumped into him. I usually contract a dozen times. My mind is blown. This is not how I expected this to turn out. wow We get up. Wipe off. I get him a water from the kitchen to let him do what he needs to. He doesn’t seem to want to leave so fast though. “Oh hang out awhile,” I suggest. So we get back and bed, my arms around him, and spend a good 45 minutes just talking. What a cutie. I sent him packing with my babies looking for a home inside him. Better than that though is he DEFINITELY likes getting fucked. It was his first. Will NOT be his last!
  12. Hot stories...love it

  13. I have written a number of pieces on here about my encounters with ‘straight’ married men. I am seeking out bottoms to fuck, so my experiences have been very different than gays offering their holes up to straight dudes. I’ve fucked a lot of ‘straight’ married dudes in the past 3 years. Over a dozen. I have a married-to-a-woman guy coming over tomorrow morning to get his ass bred. Thing is this . . .I have a theory based on my many many encounters with dudes married to women. Now that I’ve noticed it, I finding it’s true more and more, and I might swear off married straight types. Why? BECAUSE TO THEM, BEING A PASSIVE DICK TAKER LETS THEM BE THE “WOMAN”. They act coquettish. They act entitled. They act like they want to be courted. They act like they can do no wrong. They act like it’s the top’s job to get them warmed up for sex, and then do the work getting THEM off in return for them giving up their holes. In other words, they act like the women in their lives have treated them. Now it is their turn to be pampered, indulged, waited on, adored - in return for sex. Poor slobs. As a youth, a big part of what made me realize I am gay was zero desire to be with a woman because of the behavior dynamic. In my opinion, today in many hetero relationships, the man is downright abused by the woman. At 58, many of my peer aged men are living in marriages where their wives either control sex like it’s a leash or have sworn off sex entirely. And now that I have noticed it, it’s very apparent that for many of the straight married men I fuck, it’s like they want a turn being the ‘woman’ after indulging the women in their lives for 25-30 years. The dude coming over tomorrow has texted me five times this week for reassurance. I’d love you all’s thoughts on this. The more I notice, the more convinced I am as to how common this syndrome is. So common, I am close to swearing off straight married types altogether. Ugh, I love men, and not just for having dicks.
  14. Yesterday my man whored ME out. First time. He set up an appointment for me to fuck an old fuckbuddy of his. So I show up at the guy’s motel room door at 9:15 in the morning never having chatted with him at all. He’s a cute older polar bear with a snow white handlebar mustache. He’s all into sucking my dick right away, but the negotiation was that I was there to fuck. The dude’s hole was ready to go with a few gobs of my spit. I get him on his back, his feet on my shoulders, and I am pressing my dick in raw. He says get it all the way in and hold it there. I’m thinking he needs time. No, he clenches and squeezes my dick with his ass like he’s milking it. FUCK nice! I know it won’t take long to breed this hole, and I start sliding in and out. FUCK yes nothing but spit and. . . He says, “Hey don’t cum in me.” NOW?! NOW?! NOW?! He says this?? I am stroking in and out. Precum and spit for lube. I tell him I am negative. He says yeah but please don’t . . . I told him I’d been fantasizing about putting two loads in him. He’s like ‘please don’t’. Now my man knows this dude because this ‘bi/married’ guy regularly travels to the area and hosts whatever trouble he can stir up in his hotel room. Sometimes it’s orgies. So I ask him . . .hey I was sort of fantasizing you having some other loads in you, you sure that’s not cum in there making your ass so fuckable? You didn’t get fucked last night? He’s like ‘no’. I am ready to bust. My mind is racing with - should I just cum? - could I cum and keep going and pretend I didn’t/can’t? And how far can I take it to the edge? Normally I can’t talk when I’m fucking, but this matter-of-fact conversation we were having had me swollen up hard and ready. I started to blow my load. Whipped it out. Most went on his chest. He thanked me. I split.
  15. As a top, I have learned about myself that when I am in the heat of the moment, my speech center shuts down. Literally, it’s like some wires get crossed in my brain and my ability to speak or process words becomes impaired. I would love to give a bottom a mouthful of verbal mid-fuck, but I can’t. The most I can muster, and I do it every fuck is to say “I am going to cum”. I mean that SHOULD be everyone’s main event and goal, so I consider it my duty to announce it. The odd thing is I say this when I know I am on the road to cumming, not when I am actually about to cum. Personally, I hit this point where I know it’s going to happen. I announce it both as a courtesy I guess, but tbh also as a warning implying ‘what I am doing now is really working for me so don’t fuck it up!’ My speech processing impairment during sex is true for the bottom speaking too. A bottom moaning - all good! A bottom prattling on and on? Blah blah blah. Processing the words is distracting for me. I just can’t. I have too many better things going on in my head. This is just one reason I like spit-roasting bottoms. Bottom can’t talk with a mouthful of dick! To be fair too - for me as the top I am doing at least 75% of the work, usually more. Huffing. Puffing. Getting athletic. Getting into the right headspace to make cumming happen. Keeping my dick erect! All while paying a fair degree of attention the the bottom’s experience. Expecting a an extemporaneous and entertaining verbal play by play from the top too is TOO DEMANDING.
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