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This is a text snippet of the story of when I first knowingly slept with an unmedicated poz guy. 

First the back story.  He's a Puerto Rican hottie, 5'11" with a seven inch uncut dick that was incredibly thick.  He was hairy and a little thick with muscles and just the right about of cushion on top.  I am a hairy bear, 5'8" in height.  We were both around 27/28 at the time, and were both really into bareback and had an insanely intense connection with each other.  The following story relates the first time he fucked me unprotected.

We had been having raw sex, then he converted and after that we played a few times with condoms, although every time he was using a condom I mentally would find myself begging him to slip off the condom.  Then, on one occasion when we were playing, we were both super stoned, and he began teasing my ass with his cock, saying he would put on a condom in a minute but he wanted to feel my ass just a little bit.  I agreed and he teased my ass a bit more with his cock, just barely slipping his tip into my ass on several occasions.

After a few minutes he started to loosen me up.  I absolutely loved the session, and he could tell so he continued poking my ass, thrusting in somewhat deeper.  He was not using any lube, so he had to move slowly, but after a short time he was balls-deep in my ass.  We both took hits of poppers, and then we were in Nirvana.  He told me he would pull out when he came, but that obviously didn't happen.

We fucked all over his bed for almost two hours.  At the end I was laying on my belly as he lay on top of me, really battering my ass, which was his favorite position in which to cum.  His pace accelerated as he clutched by body tighter and tighter, moaning as I begged for his cum.  He experienced an unusually powerful orgasm, unleashing a huge load inside my ass.  No, he most definitely didn't pull out, nor for that matter did either of us bring-up the subject of condoms - once he was inside my hole.

It was what we both wanted.  I wanted his toxic, unmedicated load, and he wanted to feel my raw ass around his dick. 

I was still a little scared, and he recommended that I rinse out.  We did this many times over a few years before I moved away.  Eventually I stopped rinsing out after.  And later he started therapy. This hot Latin gent had given me the best sex I've ever had on multiple locations.  I did eventually move away and have been missing his fiery passion.  When we would lock eyes during sex his eyes were intense dark pools of lust.  It was hard not to break eye contact, but the pure raw sexual energy he instilled in me during those moments was incredible.

Thanks for reading!  If you like, send, dick pics ;-P

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      If you send me condoms full of cum I will send you a video of me eating it or pushing it up my ass.
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      As introduced in my profile I have been a submissive bottom since I was introduced to men sexually. I have managed to stay NEG despite taking every load offered to me. I enjoy taking unknown loads and achieve the strongest orgasms in doing so. Seroconversion in my case is probably matter of time. Have read a lot on this site I understand the pros and cons of converting. But the bigger question is does a bottom has to convert? Does that endorses a role of being a bottom? Should I consider risk reduction  techniques like PREP? 
      please give me some advice but please be respectful of others decisions. I am looking for suggestions and not judgements.

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