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  1. “Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It’s been a month since my last confession” “To be forgive my son, you must confess all your sins to me” the Priest said from behind the screen. “Father, I have engaged in sins of the flesh” “Please continue” “I had sexual relations with a man, Father” “Was there penetration” “Yes Father, both oral and anal” “My son, sodomy is going against God, but is forgivable” “Father, there is more” “Please go on,” the unknown Priest said, “tell me it all” “Father, I also told false witness to this man” “What did you lie about my son” “He asked if I was ‘clean’ and I lied and said I was” “Clean? Hygienic clean?” “No Father, clean as in disease free” “My son, no one is completely clean” “He was asking if I had any STDs” “My son, are you saying you are not free from God’s punishment from sin” “No I'm not Father” “Why would you bare false witness to this stranger” he asked, “I assume he was a stranger” “Yes, Father he was a stranger. I lied because I hate when people use the term clean that way” “My son, do you feel guilt from your deception” “Not from my deception, Father but from the act that followed” “Sodomy is forgivable” “It wasn't just the sodomy, Father.” “Explain” “When I met the man, he was naked, with his ass up” “Ready for penetration?” “Yes, Father. My erection was throbbing in my shorts” “I see” the Priest said, as I heard a belt buckle rattling. “I dropped my shorts, freeing my erection.” “Was he still in the same position” “Yes Father, ass up” There was more movement from the Priest side of the confessional. “Are you okay Father” “Yes my son, needed to stretch a little,” he said, “please continue” “I took a condom from my short’s pocket” “Condoms are against the Church’s teaching, my Son” “I know Father, but he wanted protection used” “I see” the Priest said as he breathed a little faster. “But, I had doctored the condom” “How my son” “I poked many holes in the condom, thru the wrapper, with a pin” “Why would you do that my son” “To make sure that the condom broke as I penetrated him” I heard more heavy breathing from the other side. “Are you still with me Father” “Yes my son, continue” “After carefully putting the condom on, I slide my erection into his willing rectum” “Was it smooth or hairy” “What, Father?” “His behind?” “It was smooth Father, cheeks and crack” “Beautiful” whispered the Priest “Sorry Father?” “Nothing of importance, my son. Please continue” “His ass was so warm and tight around my erection” “Oh my” “And as planned, Father, the condom broke” “You are inside this man in the flesh” “Yes my erection was exposed inside his flesh, from the tip to the base, where the condom had moved to” There was a soft, steady knocking on the wall between us, as well as a heavy breathing. “You still with me Father” “Yes, my son. You have my full attention up” “I pumped my erection in and out of his rectum” “Did he know the condom broke as you penetrated him over and over” “No Father, but he reached back once and I was fully in him, so he only felt the condom around my erection base” “He was satisfied you were wearing the condom” “Yes Father” “Are you erect as you confess” “Yes Father” “Please continue” “When I climaxed Father, I did not pull out” “You spilled your seed inside his rectum” “Yes Father” I said, “deep inside” “And what of the condom when you removed your spent erection from his rectum” “I quickly removed it and discarded it” “Was the man still deceived” “Yes Father” “My son, what was so bad about that” “Father, I carry HIV” “My son, your guilt must be a large weight on your shoulders” “Not really Father” “My son, your deliberate act makes the Angels weep” “Father, if I am to be truthful with you, I must confess more” “Is this not the first time you did this” “No Father I have done this with at least a dozen men” “You have penetrated a dozen men with your erection” “Yes Father” The knocking was becoming more steady and his breathing a bit heavier” “Do you take more pleasure from the penetration or the passing of your disease” “If I answer honestly Father, would you answer a question from me honestly” “Of course my son” “I get more pleasure from passing the disease” “Oh my son!” “Father, are you self pleasuring as I confess” “My son, God’s holy shaft is in hand” “Father, before I left this man,” I said, “I penetrated his mouth with my penis” “Did this get you erect again” “Yes Father, fully erect” “Did he oral stimulate you until you spilled your seed again” “He did, Father. His mouth was very warm” “Oh my” “Father are you close to spilling your seed” “Yes my son, I am on the edge” “I want you to bless me with your Holy Seed” “My son, exit the confessional and head to the restroom on the second floor.” “Yes Father” I stood and adjusted my erection in my shorts. Before opening the door, I heard the Priest say: “Kneel in prayer” I silently moved through the Church and up the stairs to the men's room on the second floor. My footsteps echoed through the empty Church hall. The door to the men's room creaked as I pushed it open. I quickly dropped my shorts and knelt on the cold hard tile floor. My cock was sticking straight up. I heard footsteps approaching as I folded my hand in prayer I front of me, lowered my head and closed my eyes. The door slowly creaked open. “My son, God has forgiven you for your transgressions, but you must resist the temptation to sin in the future” “Yes Father” I heard the rustling of his garments and the distinct sound of a zipper being lowered. “I must wash away your sins” There was more movement and rustling. “Look up my son, look in my eyes” I opened my eyes and moved my stare up his body. His erected penis and testicles were sticking out of his zipper. His cock was massive, a good eight and a half inches long, thick and veiny. I looked directly into his eyes as he started stroking again. His hand moved quickly up and down his shaft. “Your penance is to take my Holy seed, allow its goodness to consume you” He was quickly stroking his cock, pre-cum oozed out of his piss slit, which was picked up by his hand and coated his shaft. “Open your mouth” I opened wide, he moved the head of his cock to just inside my mouth. I kept my mouth opened as wide as I could, his pre-cum dripped on my tongue. His breathing was heavy again. Without warning the first shot of cum hit the back of my throat, each volley of cum shot into my mouth. Some was running down my throat, causing a tickle. He squeezed his shaft hard, milking the last of his cum out onto my tongue. As he put his cock back into his black pants he said: “Your sins are forgiven, go and sin no more, my son” He left me kneel there on the bathroom floor.
  2. Safe Sex Only Advertisement (Part 1) ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** My friends and I met on a friday night in one of those gay leather bars. We knew each other for quite a while and were comfortable with us being positive through and through. It was for us quite a sport to convert innocent guys, but times are rough with all the prep around. And all of a sudden Brian ‘happened’. Brian was a cute blonde angelic twink, who had the goal to prevent other guys from practicing unsafe sex. The night he came to our table, he greeted us friendly and asked if we would enjoy the evening. Probably all of us got an instant hard-on. There he appeared, like an angel on the borderline to hell and we were sitting in the shadows, lurking for his innocence. Of course we asked him for which organization he volunteered. ‘None’ was his answer. That made us curious and so we started our conversation which led Brian to take a seat at our table and tell us about his story. After introducing ourselves we moved on. “So…. Brian. It is interesting to meet you. I mean such a young guy working on such an important subject is not so usual” Brian beamed and was willing to tell us about his reasons. “I didn’t come out to my parents yet. I mean… with 18 I just didn’t find the right moment to open up.” We nodded understandingly getting probably wet spots on our jeans from our leaking dicks already. “Then I met another guy on a chat. That was a year ago, but he used me only and since we had bareback sex I was very scared about HIV and stuff” he continued. “Understandable and so grown-up” “I see it as my duty to the gay community to warn them about the risks of getting stuff you know?” he blabbered. “Of course it is” we agreed wholeheartedly. I could see all my chaps were already in the hunting mode. It was our time to make the next move now and so I opened with a made-up story about an advertising company who was looking for male models, to star in an HIV commercial. He listened to my lies – in which we had found a twink-model, but that the guy turned out to be positive and since we would record dangerous scenes it was not justified to endanger our other active participants. We had to fire this guy and so the big deal was off and we would probably lose our jobs by the end of next week. “Why? I mean it is not your fault that your star was sick.” “But our bosses won’t care if we are guilty or not. They want to see results. It is a tough business…” we expressed with sad eyes. “Hey…. aaaaw… forget it” a pal of mine (Mark) interfered. “What is it?” the little angel wanted to know. “You would be ideal for the role of the innocent twink. You look young and would fit into age gap we want to reach with the advertisement” he explained. It was only one way he could react and that was with a polite rejection. “That’s too bad – see you could safe some of your twink friends with this add, instead of coming to bars or clubs. I bet people try to hit on you. You know what I mean? Your issue is so honorable and still there are so many guys out here who try to get into your pants. With this add it would be different you know? Yeah – they would see your cute face of course, but they would see the message behind it” Then he revealed his true problem. Since he wasn’t out of the closet, he was scared his parents or neighbors or probably his friends would see this. That was the reason he was scared about mostly. “Uhm… we work for an international advertising company with a european branch” and we explained to him, that this spot was only for the european market. We assured him, that it wouldn’t be shown in the US. “It won’t be even shown on the internet, only in certain cinemas in the opening credits, because of its open sexual content.” another friend of mine (Oliver) explained. “But we are dealing with a serious subject here” I added. “Guys… guys… our other models are gone too. The active studs – remember?” the third pal (Morton) mentioned. “Damn he is right… although, we could take the part. We are active and well hung and we are all negative” With that I assured him again we would be healthy and all over nine inches. “Our company would pay you and your time of course. The checks could be payable to you. All we need is your address and last name. We would handle the rest then. “Uhm… how much would I get…. if I am willing to participate in the educational spot” Brian asked and was obviously ashamed of bringing the subject of payment to the table. “Depends on how long we work on you and how much you are willing to do – we could explain that all to you, but only if you are actually interested” I told him. Of course he understood, that it would be a waste of time explaining all this, if he wouldn’t want to do it anyway and so he signaled to us, that he would love to a part in this advertisement. That was a great offer and after some exchange we welcomed him happily on our team. “What do I have to do?” he asked innocently. “Well – we need two days for this shoot. First we would film all the risky scenes, the bareback and stuff” we explained. “Bareback? No way! That is way too dangerous.” he revolted. We had to realize, that we didn’t have a young and good looking twink at our table, but also a stupid one and so it was necessary to get him back where he belonged. On our POZ cocks. “Actually our company requires an HIV and STD test every four weeks. You are the high risk factor here. You are young and attractive – it is highly possible, that you are sick already!” “No way – I had only one boyfriend and he was the only one getting into me without a condom. And since we broke up, I waited my share of time and made a test and it came out negative.” Brian answered. “See – and that is why, we are willing to take the risk with you, since we are totally positive about being healthy too” I confused him. “Do you guys have a studio?” he asked. The little brat caught us but Tim came to our rescue. “Our budget is big enough to rent a studio but our clients in europe want the spot as real as possible – so we wanted to start with some shoots here in the bar and then in a cheap hotel down the street. Only if it looks authentic, people will probably recognize the scheme and avoid this situation in future.” Brian nodded understandingly and mentioned that there are so many dangerous places around to be fucked up with HIV. “There are so many filthy toilets or guys get infected because the fuck around in a back seat of a car” he added. We agreed on that and discussed if we should do some sequels on the toilets but Morton argued against it. He brought us back to our client’s wishes (a lie: there was no client) and said it had to be a casual meeting between a boy slut and some POZ studs. “Too bad we only got our high definition mobile cams with us (a lie: we referred to the cams of our mobile phones). Our other gear is in our hotel and this is on the other side of the town. Those mobile cams are property of our company and they are really good” we fabricated but Brian believed every word we said by now. Almost like old friends we ordered him a beer and clinked glasses. He refused at first, since he didn’t like alcohol at all, but we convinced him to drink with us. In the end we had something to celebrate. He asked us to be kind to him. He had no experience with being an actor. “Of course – and remember it is all a reference to dangerous sex acts. We will penetrate you of course, but we are not shooting a porn movie or so. It will be still tasteful and show only the hint of risky behavior. If the scenes are too much hardcore after all, they will be edited anyways. So don’t worry about it.” We would explain every scene to him before shooting it. It was only important for him to know, that on the first night we would record the scheduled ‘unsafe’ scenes and on the other night we would do the ‘safe’ scenes and the contract between him and our fake company would be signed. The second night would never happen though. After another glass of whiskey, we decided it was time to set off. Brian was a little bit tipsy and as we left the bar, two of us helped Brian to walk straight. It was a funny sight. He looked so small and thin. His 5.4 foot and our over 6 foot tall bodies would make a nice contrast. I couldn’t wait to shoot my toxic load into his small and tight ass…
  3. Should I Stay Or Should I Go ** Please remember to ‘like’ the story if you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment or to contact me via mail. Thx. ** Sometimes we meet a person and we know – this is the one. Do you know what I mean? You look at someone and your heart stops missing a beat. Your whole body tingles. You hear the blood rushing in your ears. The world is spinning around you. This happened to me 92 days ago. 92 days with butterflies in my body. 92 days with friends rolling their eyes, because I had only one subject. 92 days full of romance and not one fight. It is strange – in my earlier relationships I was always insecure and jealous. After a short while I was suspicious but this time everything was different. From the moment I met Scorpion I had only eyes for him. And I saw his eyes were only resting on me. It is a great feeling, if you love each other with all of your heart. And tonight I am sitting alone at home and staring into the candle light. I am not sure how long Scorpion is gone. We talked very much and we cried a lot and then he left. The evening started romantically. We bought some stuff to make dinner. We enjoy cooking together. Mostly I do the cooking and he caresses my neck and steals a kiss from my lips. Don’t get me wrong. He is all the man I need. He is quite a macho in our regular life, but also protecting and caring. I do not feel like his possession but I know also, that I belong to him. All the things have changed now. The first time we made love, I was a bit uneasy. Curious but also a bit scared. I was used to get my foreplay. I was used to get sucked and often my lovers licked my ass. With Scorpion it was like changing from day to night. He told me to undress and get on my knees. Then he opened his jeans and ordered me to suck his dick. I wanted to use my hands but he told me to keep my hands down and open my mouth widely. He grabbed my ears and started face fucking me. Although I choked, he didn’t seem to care. After a while I started drooling spit all over my chest. There was so much spit. I thought it would be disgusting, but Scorpion didn’t stop. He simply used my mouth and before shooting his load he withdrew his thick cock from my mouth and ejaculated on my face. I was breathless. At first I thought, this was way too rough, but then I realized this was exactly what I was looking for. I needed a guy who would protect me during the day and use me like a slut at night. Then he fucked me for the first time. He wanted to go bareback, but I was not comfortable with it. And so he agreed after a while to fuck me with a condom. I could see in his expression, that he wasn’t too happy about it. Our foreplay was easy and fast. I received a few slaps to my face and undressed rapidly. He ripped my underpants from my body and threw a jock strap onto the bed. “Wear these…. I don’t want to see your dick” he ordered. Then he shoved me down on my back and told me to spread my legs. He used some lube on his cock and after holding my legs up (they rested next to my chest), he fucked me hard and fast. It was almost like he tried to rip my ass apart. I have never felt so much pain and was never so much satisfied. Scorpion showed me my place and when I tried to jerk off he told me I should take my fucking hands away from my cock. At first I was offended but he explained to me later on, that it was my duty to concentrate myself on satisfying his needs. I should not distract myself by rubbing my clit. He allowed me to jerk off later, while being on the loo. Every time I returned from the bath room he was still awake and grinned cheekily and I would cuddle myself into his arms and only then he told me, how much he loved and needed me. During the act he called me names like slut and bitch. But he never said he loved me during his ejaculation. Somehow I valued that very much. It means more, if you hear those words during the day or before falling asleep. So after a while I’ve learnt, that my submissive vein was not a deficit. Don’t get me wrong. I am not feminine, but at night I am on the receiving end – and I enjoy feeling a real man within me. Several times did Scorpion try to convince me, to forget about the condom. He even promised me, to pull out before shooting his load. And last night we made love in the purest form. Skin on skin and I enjoyed it so much, knowing there was nothing between us anymore. Did I ask him about his status? No. Why? He looks great. I was sure everything would be fine and I didn’t want to make him uneasy. Maybe it was a mistake. In our time nothing can be taken for granted. So he fucked me so hard. he banged me harder than he ever did before. I was used, that he wouldn’t lick my ass. He always told me, that wouldn’t be his job. But this time he denied me any kind of lube. Still I was willing to take the pain, because I knew it would create pleasure for him. He looked me deep into the eyes, when he told me he was about to cum. I reminded him softly to pull out and with a curse he withdrew his cock and shot his load on my stomach and splattered more cum over my chest. For a moment I thought, I did something wrong. He seemed to be upset, that I asked him to keep his promise. But when I came back from the bathroom he was cute as always and he held me in his arms even while I slept. And today he opened up to me finally. He told me, while we ate our dinner, that he loved me and he wanted to be with me. I smiled at him, because it was exactly what I felt in my heart. Then he continued with a serious expression on his face, that he had to tell me something. I was concerned, because of the way his eyes looked at me. I could see a deep sadness, I had never seen before. Scorpion told me, that he was sick and he apologized for risking infecting me also. I heard the words and even though he did not say the letters, I knew he talked about HIV. At first I was furious. He fucked me bareback. Who knows if he really pulled out in time? How could he endanger my health that way? I don’t remember it clearly, but I think I threw my glass after him. I screamed at him, that I hated him and that I cursed the day I ever laid eyes on him. My whole mind was upside down. I didn’t know what to do and so I told him to piss off. Scorpion was not aggressive. He tried to touch me and he actually held me for a while and we both cried, but after a while I pushed him away and told him to leave my flat. He got up and told me, he hoped I would be okay and repeated that he was sorry. For a week I was not able to do the easiest thing. I called in sick on my work, but I didn’t go to see a doctor. All I could do was crying and after a while I asked myself, if I cried because of me or because the lost love. And then I realized, I didn’t want to miss Scorpion in my life. He was sick… okay. There are more serious diseases than HIV. Then another week passed and I received a text message, if I was okay and if he could visit me for a short while to get his stuff. The night I threw him out, he had no chance to take any of his stuff. There was his tooth brush. He left his aftershave in my bathroom. There was his shirt he slept in lately. And I had to admit I had sniffed at it lately. There were of course other clothes in the desks and cupboards. Music CD’s and DVD’s. Scorpion was almost living with me already. I had to ask myself, should I stay or should I go? A few hours after his text, I messaged him back and told him he could come to my apartment in the evening. When he arrived he had two bags with him. He greeted me and dared stepping up to me. He just hesitated for a second, but then he pulled me into his arms and told me he was really sorry and he hoped I would be ok. I couldn’t help it, but I started crying again. Scorpion rubbed my back and then smiled at me. “Everything will be fine. I promise. I took good care of you, even if I put you under danger, I am sure you will be okay…” he promised. Then he went into the bathroom and collected his stuff. After a while he went into the bedroom and opened the drawers to collect his clothes. For a while I was not able to move. I have said so many mean things. But I had to react and so I followed him into the bedroom and stood at the door frame. “Don’t go… “ I whispered. Scorpion stood with his back to me. I could not see his face, but he stopped in his movement. “Please… don’t leave me.” I added. He turned around and looked at me with his beautiful dark eyes. “It is not so easy you know that.” he replied. “Why? I see you with my heart Scorpion. You are the love of my life. There won’t be another. I may meet another guy one day, but I will never love that way again.” I sniffed. He stepped up to me and kissed my forehead. “I thought about you and me for the last two weeks. And you are right, I was mad at you at first, but things have changed. I am not scared, if you are by my side. Healthy or not – as long as you are with me, nothing can harm me.” I told Scorpion and looked deeply into his eyes. Then I went down to my knees and started opening his jeans. “No….” he said. “Yes….” I insisted. In this night we made love, the way he taught me to. “Fuck me hard and cum in me” I begged him and although he was hesitant at first, after a while he banged my ass so hard and brutal. I yelped with every stroke he did and tried my best to massage him with my slit. He slapped me twice before ejaculating and asked me again if I wanted his toxic cum. “Yes – give me your poison.” I screamed. I got lost in his eyes, when he started to moan and felt every splash of cum in my body. “Do you want to go to the loo and clean yourself up and jerk off?” he asked. “No – I would rather stay with you and I want to keep your sperm in me” I answered. He nodded and cuddled up to me. “Stay with me… forever” I whispered. “I have never met someone like you. I will never leave you” he said softly. I turned my head and kissed him on his mouth. Then I felt his cockhead swelling again and this time he fucked me from behind. I believe his promises to stay with me. Will I get and see a doctor? No. Sooner or later I will get the fuck flu – then I will know I am closer to him than ever before. There is no need to be afraid, as long as he allows me to be with him. I made my decision to stay with him.
  4. I had always been a nasty fuck and even though I've mostly been bottom, I've always like licking a perfect hole. That perfect whole not bleached, its nice and natural brown, it looks somewhat used, not to stretched or open, its inverts slighly with some skin to make a small wall. Your tongue gently slides in and as your whole gets narrower, you taste that amazing salty, dry sometimes sweet taste. But most of all, the perfect whole usually has just that extra few pieces of skin to make pretty or you feel small pieces just past that sfinkter STDs interested me way before HIV - My perfect hole is what I wanted. ANAL WARTS, a slightly dangerous looking but risk taking hole I knew that I had developed them a while ago, but only today I decided to inspect them properly, as I opened up my ass, these beautiful pieces popped out. It was fucking beautiful. I have not felt such a fantastic feeling going through my cock - I had a mini orgasm without touching myself. I took a quick pic, but I hve invited someone over to take decent pictures to post when I can street my ass properly My Chasing experience has been he most erotic and rewarding experience in my whole life. Give me your thoughts on this beautiful used hole..
  5. I have not posted in a while, so thought id do a very quick update for everyone...I will also be posting ALOT of new pics of my adventures during today 1.I wanted to wait till my birthday this year to get tested, unfortunately I had cut this timeline by a month because of health insurance requirements.......I'M PROUDLY A POZ FUCKER. my medical insurance since this is supplying meds, Which I have since just flushed down the toilet!!!! HAIL!!! 2.My Syphilis Hookup last month was unsuccessful and I continue to Hunt for this - Ill pay 3. STI test confirm: Hep, HPV (well who doesn't have it), internal anal warts of note and a recent two week strain of ghonno (If it wasnt for the fucking medical insurance requirements I wouldn't have to get the shot) So there ya go....I HOPE YOU ARE PROUD OF ME AND ANY HELP GETTING ME MORE INFECTED IS WELCOME!!!! AND THE QUESTION IS...WHERE DO I PUT MY BIO TAT???????
  6. College Boy with Internal Tension

    I'm a senior in college at the moment. I'm an honors student, highly respected among my peers and professors, and will be applying to top PhD programs this autumn. I'm also a total slut. As much as I love academics, I love getting fucked bareback just as much - maybe even more. I love getting bred. I love getting bred a lot, and by a lot of different guys. Every time I feel a new guy sliding into my hole, or when I slide into someone new, I feel totally amazing. This, in essence, is the source of my internal tension. I have always been told that I am very smart, and that I have a bright future ahead of me (not to sound arrogant, hopefully), and I legitimately believe that I could do quite well in my field (philosophy). However, the degree to which I am slutty (which is quite high) leads me to engage in risky sexual practices on a regular basis. And, quite in fact, the risk in and of itself does not bother me; quite the contrary, I rather enjoy it. It is adventurous, energizing, and invigorating. On the one hand, my life is spent in the abstract, dealing with the nature of thought, and issues of philosophy which are (seemingly) divorced from the carryings on of the every day. On the other, I engage in behavior that is reckless at times, living in the moment and experiencing everything through sex. Sex which is risky, dangerous to my health - and by extension, possibly, my future - and yet I cannot go without it. I am not on prep, and I often do not even ask about status - for the most part I do not care. Despite how thoroughly I enjoy both of these aspects of my life, there seems to be a tension between them. My academic life is where I feel most free, and it is what I wish to spend my life doing. My sexual life, however, remains indispensable. The sex may very well adversely affect my academic life, and yet I could not do my academics without my sexual life. I suppose I just wanted to post this, and see what you all think. Most of my peers would probably be appalled by my sexual choices, and tell me that I'm throwing away my life for the sake of "mere" bodily pleasure. While I am not insensitive to this (and quite frankly, I would agree with them to some extent), it is not enough for me to stop, despite the tension that I feel. I feel like an academic, and I also feel like I am a total slut and whore. Have any of you ever experience anything like this? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  7. I'm a type 1 diabetic, so for me, cuts take longer to heal than normal people. I jerk off A LOT and i have a few small tares around my cock, even though i use lube. would PrEp still protect me from HIV even if i have small tares around my cock?
  8. I am very well known, but not always very popular, many times I find myself fighting for my life. I however am cleaver and I find places to hide, so I can’t be harmed. My main purpose is to make copies of myself and give those copies the strength and determination to carry on, passing on to my brothers the desire to continue to make more copies. By the way my name is Rep, I am small yet resilient and I love those who host me, even the ones who try to destroy me, because usually by the time they find out I’ve been freeloading or being a squatter it’s too late to really get rid of me. I especially love when my host become aroused, all hot and sweaty, because I’ve made copies of myself in their fluids to share with the object of their arousal. And I can start anew coping myself in the new host, just need that hook to attach too and I’m off to the races, making multiple duplicates who make multiple duplicates till I have overtaken the new host. Yeah there is a period of time where I make the host totally miserable for a spell, but they usually get over it and I can find hiding places to continue my replication, and convert my host, sometimes I communicate my desires to remain alive and goad the host on to find other host for me to sublet within. Early in my infancy back in the late 70’s early 80’s, copied myself unchecked and made my host quite mad with the desire to share me with others, they thought they were just really horny in the decades of free love, and liberation, but it was me who encouraged them to spread me around by controlling their minds, after all I realized that, they were just host and host tended to wither and stop functioning, many times with dark spots covering their once beautiful bodies, I had to keep living so I made sure their parts that passed me on most effectively, maintained a virility that would let me transfer myself to other more healthy host. Then the scientist figured out how to slow my duplicating process, and began feeding mu host drugs that made me sick, made the host sick too and I really had to hide where the drugs couldn’t go so I could keep multiplying, it became even more necessary to make the host want to share me with their friends and fuck mates. As the doctors became more efficient at finding me and causing my destruction I started finding ways to integrate myself and make myself look like the host, I found ways to make myself immune to the drugs and became resistant to their treatments, doctors called me HIV and when I had destroyed enough of my Host they nicknamed me AIDS, I was having a good old time being passed around, now having many brothers and cousins to mix with when my host refused to use what the doctors call protection, it was just a small barrier, but it broke a lot and my host many times where in the moment, and just fucked and shared me with knowing and receptive partners and unknowing pawns in my twisted mind game. I will not be defeated without a fight and like my cousins Syphilis and gonorrhea I will keep going, to fight the battle to live in my host and to replicate myself, no matter how mutated I must be
  9. Negative only

    I am a negative top, clean as a whistle, and i try to top always negative bottoms. I am looking for an exclusive relationship but sometimes it feels like an impossible thing, at least in NJ where i live. I wonder if i am at risk of getting HIV as a negative top who is still looking for a neg bottom. I dont fuck around but nature has been knocking at my door lately. Advise?
  10. What is your current HIV Status?
  11. Read this on the internet: http://herb.co/2017/07/22/hiv-aids/ I make Cannabis Oil with coconut oil myself to treat my rheumatism and my depressions / anxiety because of bi-polar disorder... It is legal where I live thank heavens and it helps me good against my anxiety attacks. A major breakthrough has occurred in the decades-long fight against HIV/AIDS and it has to do with (you guessed it) cannabis. It seems like each week (sometimes daily), cannabis is being linked to the successful treatment of some ailment. Last week was no different, as a new study published in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (JAIDS), found that THC might be able to prevent HIV from becoming full-blown AIDS. I guess it is a bit premature to say it would really work but they already found so many working treatments with Cannabis, that I wouldn't be surprised.
  12. I've barebacked too many times to count and I've knowingly fucked and been fucked bareback by poz guys. But I've never taken a poz load (that I know of). But I know it's only a matter of time. The crazy thing is, I am actually "straight". This is the way I imagine it will finally happen... I will be buzzed, possibly bordering on very tipsy. I will have gone out for the evening. I will have chatted with girls, who for some reason or another, I just couldn't convince them to fuck a random guy that night. So I will have gotten bored and gone home. Maybe I stopped by this site to read any new stories, but I'm sure I will check out Adam4Adam and Barebackrt. I'll see if any of my "friends" are online and I will do my search for guys who are listed as poz, or practice "anything goes". But I see one poz guy in particular who I've chatted quite a bit with. He's invited me over several times, and for whatever reason, I just never took him up on his offer. But tonight is different. I am just drunk enough, and just horny enough, to say what the fuck, and agree to come over. He lives somewhere in Manhattan, and since I'm centrally located in Hells Kitchen, it is an easy cab ride to his place. I'm nervous when I call him from the door. Now is my last chance to chicken out. But I don't. He buzzes me inside. I ride the elevator up to his floor. My stomach is in knots with anticipation and fear. I know what's going to happen when I get to his apartment. And so does he. In our previous chats, I have made it crystal clear to him that I am neg and the idea of him pumping his poz cum inside me turns me on. He has told me several times that he will be the one to convert me if I want. I knock on his door. He opens it and invites me inside. The lights are low because I told him online it would help lower my inhibitions. He's wearing a towel around his waist and that's it. he looks just like he does in his online pictures. He's older than me, but sexual energy is radiating off of him. He asks me if I want something to drink. I say sure. He tells me to make myself comfortable. I ask him where his bedroom is and he points me the direction. He disappears into the kitchen and I walk into his bedroom. The lights are off and it is quite dark. I begin to take my clothes off as quick as I can so that I am naked when he returns. Once I am naked, there is no going back. My clothes fall away as my inhibitions do too. I toss my clothes in the corner and climb onto his bed. The blankets are already messy, it appears he was in bed before I got there. He walks into the room. "Do you want me to leave the lights off?" he asks. I tell him I would like that, that the dark will allow me to tap into inner pig, that hides in the light. He comes over to the bed and hands me a cocktail glass. "All I had was Jack and Coke." I take a sip and can tell he had more Jack than he did Coke. But the alcohol will add to my present inhibriation, so I take another drink, upending the glass until I finish the drink. He laughs. "I guess you don't want to waste any time do you?" I answer his question by pulling his towel off, then pulling him onto the bed with me. Our bodies lay side by side, facing each other. His cock is already hard and the tip is pressing ontomy cock. I am getting stiff now too. My heart is racing a million miles an hour. We begin to kiss. It is a frenzied, passionate kiss, driven by alcohol and pure sexual tension. Both of us now begin exploring each others bodies with our hands. We find each others cocks and begin to work them. His dick feels so good in my hand, so big and hard. I just know that I need to taste it. We roll over so that he is on his back and I am positioned over him. I break over kiss and move quickly down to his cock. Without any hesitation I begin sucking him, greedily using my wet mouth to work over his shaft, paying close attention to the slit that is beginning to ooze precum. It tastes a little salty, but because I haven't been with a man in such a long time, I crave to find out what his cum tastes like in my mouth, so I get busy, sucking and stroking him. I hear him moan, my guess is, he is enjoying my efforts. I continue this for a couple minutes, when I decide to go for it. I have shown up at some random online guys apartment in the early morning hours, and I am now sucking his cock, his poz precum mixing with my spit. But I want to feel his cock inside my ass. I pull myself up his body, on top of him, so that I am straddling him. My hole is positioned directly over his rock hard cock. I reach behind me and find what I want. I jerk him a little bit to ensure he is hard, but that is something I don't have to worry about, that pole could drive nails. Then I move his cock so that his head is now moving up and down my crack. The spit from my blowjob and his precum is all the lubricant I need. The tip of his cock finds my hole. This is it. "Are you sure you want to do this", he asks. "Do you want me to give you my poz seed?" I answer him by pressing the head into my hole. Because I haven't been fucked in quite a while, there is pressure for a moment, but I am so horned up and ready, I easily loosen up, and he begins to slide in. I release his dick and allow him to begin the work. He starts to slowly pump my ass with his cock, in and out. I am so incredibly fucking turned on right now. His cock feels absolutely amazing, it's touching all the spots I need touched. And the energy rush shooting through my body because I have a raw poz cock inside me, makes my own cock harder and I begin to match his movements, trying to time his thrusts with my own. We've now established a nice slow rythym and we begin to kiss again. With every thrust, I feel him moving deeper inside me, and I moan with pleasure. He is also moaning, as I assume he is enjoying my nice tight hole. My brain is spinning. I am breaking taboos (again) and doing what I shouldn't be, but there is no place I'd rather be, then on this guy's bed (I dont even know his name) with his hard bareback poz cock fucking me. He's got me pretty well opened up at this point. He makes one more thrust and I can feel his balls touch my ass. He is in as deep as he is going to get. "Does it feel good," he asks me. "Oh my god yes" is all I can answer. "Your cocks feels alive inside of me. It's so fucking hard and filling my hole." He moved his ass a little, moving on the bed just an inch or two. "Tell me how this feels." At that moment, his cock feels like it grow an extra inch in length and width. I gasp at how good it feels. He chuckles. "Yeah, guys tell me they like when I do that." WOW is all I can think. He rolls me over so that he is on top of me, his cock never leaving my hole. He lifts my legs and places them on his shoulders. He begins to start thrusting again, this time, faster and harder. I reach both of my hands to his ass, clamping down, and pulling him in so that I am getting all his cock. But he doesn't need any help. "Grab the headboard instead, so I can really fuck you without any interruption." I do as I am told. Now he is really starting to piston fuck me. Both of us are moaning. The pleasure is overwhelming for me. I am getting lost in all this sexual explosion. But somewhere in the back of my mind, there is a little voice screaming at me about the fact I am being fucked bareback my a random online guy who is HIV positive. I try to block out the voice, but it is getting louder. Now I am starting to think maybe I shouldn't be doing this. But it does feel so good. And I don't want to upset him by spoiling the fun. (I discovered in past fuck sessions that poz tops get very disappointed when I denied them their time to cum inside me) But that voice is screaming at me now. I decide maybe I can be subtle about this, and stop our fucking for a moment and blow him some more. Then if he cums I can shoot it on my face or in my mouth. He is still fucking me when I ask him, "Are you going to tell me before you cum?" He stops pumping my hole. He takes my legs off his shoulders, allowing them to rest on the bed, bent at the knees. His cock is still inside me. "What is it your asking?" I tell him that I just want to know if he is close to cumming and to tell me before he does, so that I can be ready for it, given it will be the first time I have taken a poz load and all. Actually, I want to know, so that I can then make my move to begin blowing him again, because it appears I have let the fear get to me. But his hard cock does feel good inside my hole. My ass feels like it is trying to suck him in deeper. Then he laughs a quiet laugh. "What's so funny", I ask him. He begins to slowly start fucking me again, just barely. "Well I will tell you when I am going to cum, if that's what you want me to do. But you should have told me this before we starting fucking. Because you have already taken one load from me already." Absolute terror shoots through my body like electicity. But in the next millisecond I am turned on beyond belief. My hole clenches around his cock as he begins to fuck me faster. "Yeah, remember when you said you liked that little trick I did that made my dick feel like it grew?" He was sliding in and out of me now in a nice rapid pace. My depraved imagination told me I could feel his poz cum lubing my ass, making it easier for him to plow me. "Yes, you don't need to worry about taking your first poz load. I gave you quite a bit that first time. So I guess I should say, welcome to the club." He had really picked up the tempo and was driving his cock in and out of me. My head was spinning with excitement and fear. I wanted to jump up from the bed, run to the bathroom, and try to get rid of his load, but there was absolutely no way I was moving from that spot. I was right where I wanted and needed to be. I had said fuck it, and now I had finally taken that last step. I had some random online guy's poz cum inside my ass, just like I had fantasized about so many times. I licked my lips, tasting saltiness of either my sweat, or traces of his precum from earlier, when I still hadn't gone all the way. He was plowing me now, and it was a bit painful at this point. But for as much as it hurt, it felt wonderfully good. He reached under my hips and pulled me as close to him as he could get, ramming my insides. I grabbed my cock and started to jerk it. I was on fire with horniness. I had become the pig I wanted to be. His body jeked a bit and he stiffened, but kept fucking me. "I cumming!!!" He yelled at me just as he took one last thrust, pressing his cock as far deep in me as it would go. I think I could feel his hot poz seed spurting deep inside my body, filling me with warmth and his DNA. I continued frantically jerking off and then erupted my own cum from my cock. I felt it hit me in the face and on my neck. I quickly used my hand to scoop up all my cum I could find and began feeding it to myself. I swallowed it all, savoring my own taste, while quivering my the breeding he had just given me. "Wow!" I could feel his cock softening and he pulled himself out of my hole. I reached down and probed my hole with my finger. It was hot and sticky, his cum oozing out. I scooped up a little and brought it to my mouth. As I brought it to my tongue, he leaned in and kissed me, our tongues mixing with the cum. Then he stopped and got up off of the bed. He picked up the towel and wrapped it around his waist. "So is it everything you thought it was going to be?" He found my clothes on the floor and tossed them to me. It had been everything I had ever fantasized about. The hot fucking, the stealth pozzing, then letting go and being flooded with his cum. I had loved it as much as it had terrified me. But all I could answer was, "Yeah I liked it." I started to get dressed, sitting on the edge of his bed. All of the sudden the lights in his room came on. I squinted. "No need to be shy now boy," he stood at the foot of the bed. "I will always be apart of you now. I will flow through your body. Congratulations." As he stood there smiling, I saw a red biohazard tattoo on the inside of his arm, that I hadn't noticed before. He noticed me looking. "Nice huh, maybe you'll end up getting one of these too." I had finished getting dressed and stood up. He began to usher me out of his room. "Ok, time for you to go. I need to work on getting another neg guy over here so I can convert another one of you chasers." He walked me to the door and opened it. "When you're ready, come see me again." And with that he shut the door behind me. I looked at the clock on my phone. Amazing, I had only been at his place for less than 30 minutes. It had seemed like I'd been in there for hours. But in that short time, my life had been changed. His poz cum might take in me, or it might not. Time will only tell. But the important thing, was I had finally crossed that line and knowingly taken a poz load in my ass. Now there would be no reason for me not to take others. In less than 30 minutes, my entire sexual path had been changed. I was never going to quit barebacking, and that meant with girls too. So if I ended up remaining neg, then I'm sure soon enough someone else's bug would catch with me, but if he had indeed pozzed me, then I was going to start passing the gift along to everyone I could. I left his building, saw a bodega open late night and walked over. I was dying of thirst. When I was back out onto the street and walking towards the intersection to find a cab, I looked over towards his building, a taxi stopped and a single guy got out and walked up the same door I had just left. I wonder if he knew what he was getting himself into... So like I said, all that story was fiction, but I really do see it playing out like that. I will be tipsy one of these nights and will end up with some lucky guy pumping his poz cum inside me. And then the fun will begin. Anyone on here want to be that lucky guy???
  13. Antonio Reyes-Minana jailed for infecting men with HIV http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-40940281
  14. Any top or versatile guys in Florida interested in breeding a young furry slim otter. Not very experienced here so prefer very experienced kinky tops that can get the job done. Please contact me at floamfl@aol.com. Only guys that can travel and are looking for actual play not fantasy talk. Please be under 50 cubs are ok just not seriously out of shape. Please include pictures when contacting.
  15. I've been married for 18 years, my husband and I are both Poz. Back in the day when I was diagnosed most Negative guys I met wouldn't consider having a long term relationship with a Poz guy. After many years of conversations with other Poz guys i found that my experience wasn't unique. I wonder if PrEP has changed that?
  16. Was trying to research online a bit. I know that a high viral load doesn't equate AIDS, that is more derivative of the CD4 count, but is there a generic standard as to what a viral load would have to reach to be considered full blown?
  17. I found out my blood type recently and I was curious to know if certain blood groups or types were more or less likely to become HIV positive or acquire certain STDs through bareback sex. I guess I'm curious if certain blood types (or even two people of different blood types) have any effect on transmission? Does anyone know anything about this? I looked it up on Google and got a million different answers, some of which I am taking sceptically. (Hopefully I'm making sense. Sick with a bug here at the moment.) Thanks in advance.
  18. Brad is totally my type: tall, lean, and having a basketball player's build, has reddish-brown hair and the most sexy light brown eyes. He's 6' 6", 190 pounds and 26 years old. He is simply one of the sexiest guys I've ever known, he has a gorgeous eight inch cock and a great set of balls. I was very happy with him, and had been with him for six months when he found out that he was poz. I was negative, and during those six months when we had sex, Brad had never cum in me ... although I asked for him to. I thought it was quirky at first that he wouldn't shoot inside me, but just let it go, although I knew ex had done IV drugs and they had plenty of bareback sex.) When he told me he was poz, he said he would understand if I broke it off with him, feeling I deserved a less-challenging relationship. I wouldn't hear of it. Three months later we moved in together into a West Hollywood apartment and had sex all the time - always bareback. Brad's doctor suggested he attend a gay men's poz support group where he could talk about being poz with guys who could understand. That's where he met Justin, who was also in a poz-neg relationship. Justin and I are surprisingly similar in build, 6 foot tall, 185 pounds, 28 years old and light brown hair. They both had the same HIV doctor and had met once before in the doctor's office, although just in passing. Since the beach is a long drive, Brad and I regularly went to a bathhouse, North Hollywood Spa that has an outdoor sun deck. We'd lay out to get some sun and then go inside to have some fun, always together. It worked for us in our new relationship, so why not? Being around other hot naked guys just got us even more horny for each other. Shortly after Brad joined the poz support group, we ran into Justin on Santa Monica Blvd, and he told me he thought it was cool that I was OK with Brad being poz ... and that his neg partner wouldn't touch him at all because of it. I said "You're a hottie! I can't imagine any man not wanting to be naked with you!" OK, so sometimes my 'edit mode' doesn't work well, and I guess the cat was out of the bag. Justin was hot and now he and Brad knew I thought as much. Justin wanted to know how Brad fucked my neg ass without him pozzing me, so Brad explained he would pull out of my ass right when he was starting to cum and then shoot on my abs. That way we were able to avoid condoms and also avoid having me seroconvert. Then Brad apparently had a brain storm 'cause he said "Rob and I are going to lay out naked at the tubs on Saturday," adding "would you like to join us?" Justin was up for it as his boyfriend was out of town for work, so we arranged for Justin to meet at our place and then we'd head out together. Justin had never been to a bathhouse before, so we got him checked in and inside. I got a big room for us to throw our stuff into, with the thought we'd strip down and then head to the sun deck. That's when Brad and I first saw Justin's cock. Holy Fuck, it was huge and he was sporting a Prince Albert. His nipples were also pierced, which I also found hot. I definitely wanted his cock in a big way. While I knew the poz support group’s rules said Brad and Justin were not supposed to play around with each other, I had the distinct feeling that rule would be broken before we went home that day. Brad and I chose to lay naked, and Justin wore a Speedo as he wanted a tan line. Brad and Justin lay next to each other, and my lounge chair was in front of their's, which, as long as I was on my stomach, made it really convenient for me to stare at Justin's basket. The Speedo barely contained his pierced poz cock. I wanted it. So did Brad. I had a spritz bottle, so after a little bit, I misted water on me to cool off. I then to be a dickhead, adjusted the stream to a jet and squirted Brad directly in the balls. That got his attention! His cock started getting hard, so I continued doing it. Justin laughed at what I was doing, so I squirted his Speedo as well, then worked the stream up to his nips. My cock was hard. Brad's cock was hard, and Justin's cock was filling out his Speedo even more. "Let's take a break inside and cool off," I suggested, wanting to be naked with these two studs. The three of us showered off downstairs and then headed to the room, "Just for a couple minutes." But no sooner had the door behind us, than we lost our towels, and we were three guys in heat, making out and feeling each other up, our cocks drooling precum like crazy. We were horny and needed to get off. In no time, the three of us were on the bed and ravaging each other. I was on my back with Brad sucking my cock, while Justin sucked Brad's cock. It wasn't too long before it was time to switch-up. "I gotta get a taste of my first pierced cock," Brad said. I said "Don't get him off, because I want some too." Justin wasn't used to three-ways, and this was his first since he converted to being poz, and he certainly wasn't used to a neg guy being so hot for his poz cock. Brad switched places and laid on his back and Justin crawled up to straddle Brad and fed him his cock. This was a great opportunity for me to get Brad's cock up my hole and to feel up Justin while he got his cock sucked by Brad. Justin blocked Brad's view, so Brad was surprised when I lubed up his bare cock and lowered myself onto him. I moaned at how hot Brad's cock felt up my ass ... and what a hot view I had of Justin's butt and hot body. He turned around to see what I was up to behind him, and was surprised I was taking Brad's cock right there. It was erotic as hell to watch Brad suck on another poz cock, and I certainly enjoyed having his cock up my ass. Unfortunately, Brad's gag reflex had a problem with the ring in Justin's cock, so he had to back off it and just suck on the tip. Seeing what was going on, I said, "Let's switch positions ... I'll be able to take his big dick with no problem." Brad and Justin just looked at me and laughed as Brad remarked "My boyfriend the slut! Give the man what he wants." Justin took Brad's place on his back, I bent over to suck Justin's cock and Brad fucked me doggy style. Everyone was happy until Brad pulled out saying, "I'm getting too close. I don't want to cum yet." Justin said, "Yeah, I want to have a turn with Rob too." I moved off his cock and stood next to Justin who then reached over to my loose lubed butt and gave it a grab. I turned a little to give him easier access to my hole and he slid a finger up inside me. Brad and Justin got a little quiet and for a couple moments Brad and Justin looked at each other's eyes, and gave each other a slight nod. Brad said, "Yeah, Justin ... it's Rob's turn." Brad slid back on the bed to give us some space and watched while Justin worked my already-lubed hole with one finger, and then two fingers, and as he did so, Justin turned to Brad saying "Rob's ass feels amazing. No wonder you told me you love fucking him." Brad said, "Go ahead and give him a couple more fingers, he loosens right up." At that point I was bent over the bed just enjoying the amazing treatment Justin was giving my asshole. I was totally relaxed having him do what he wanted and Brad was playing with his cock watching Justin. Justin slid his four fingers out of my ass and slid his pierced poz cock inside me. Wow, he felt great. I love my boyfriend's eight inch cock but Justin's seven inch, fat cock was a whole different kind of great. "Yeah, fuck me," I urged Justin. Brad meanwhile was jacking his cock, taking in the scene, his cock rock hard. Clearly he was totally into watching me be get plowed by his poz friend. Justin bent over and whispered in my ear, "You get off on my hot poz cock, don't you?" Brad didn't notice Justin's question, but it had me rock hard. I didn't say anything at first, so Justin asked more loudly "You want that, huh?" Brad looked up at both of us and smiled when I answered "Yeah, fuck me ... give it to me! But first let me change positions!" We all started laughing and they both made room for me to get on my back with my legs in the air. Justin said, "Let me take a couple minutes ... Brad, you get back inside him." Justin pulled out of me and noticed a little redness on his cock. He realized his Prince Albert piercing was rubbing my asshole raw from the friction. We looked at each other and he was about to say something about it. I gazed into his eyes and slowly shook my head and whispered, "Don't say anything." Once his cock was inside me, Brad said, "Oh yeah, Rob has such a hot hole. God I love fucking his ass." "Yeah, I want this ... fuck me, Brad," I urged. As Brad fucked me, Justin kissed me, quietly saying "Rob, I'm going to help you get what you want." Brad looked at Justin saying "We're probably okay fucking him, since we're both undetectable." A strange look crossed Justin's face, which led Brad to ask "What's that look for?" In a slightly dull tone Justin answered "My doctor didn't like my blood panels, so he took me off my HIV meds two weeks ago. I thought I told you." Justin continued, "But don't worry about me. Fuck Rob's hot hole and shoot inside him!" There wasn't much room behind Brad and the wall, and Justin had a plan. He got off the bed and stood next to Brad, lightly tweaking his nipples. That drove Brad crazy and filled him with lust. Justin then moved behind Brad as he was fucking me and tweaked his nipples. Brad muttered "Oh, fuck, I'm getting close!" I grabbed Brad’s hips to pull his cock into my ass, and Justin lodged himself against the wall so that Brad couldn’t back away as Brad yelled, "Shit! I'm cumming ... fuck, I'm shooting." I was also shooting, but unlike Brad's load, my cum load blew all over my chest. It was likely the biggest load I've ever had. Fuck that was hot. After all this time with Brad, I finally got him to cum inside me - and I wanted it really bad. Poz cum just made it hotter. Brad's cum had nowhere to go, but inside my ravaged hole. And he was freaking out softly saying, almost to himself, "Oh my god, I came in you! Fuck! I don't want to poz you." "Hang on, honey, it'll be okay. A lot of guys don't get pozzed the first time they're bred! Come here...." Brad's cock was still in my hole and I pulled him towards me and kissed him many times, murmuring "Don't worry." He moved off me and laid down on the bed and Justin was there with a slight smirk. We both knew what he did for me, and I was grateful. "Can I get a hand here?" Justin asked. In the excitement, Brad and I hadn't helped Justin get off, and his cock needed to blow a load. "Yeah, I think I can help you out," I replied, turning to Brad and asking "Okay with you? I think it's Justin's turn." Brad looked at both of us and slowly nodded yes. I pulled Justin down to make out with him, and I could feel his poz cock grazing my thighs and balls. I reached down and aimed his cock inside my hole, easing his pierced poz cock inside me, my boyfriend's poz load the only lube. I announced with genuine excitement "Fuck, this is amazingly hot." Justin grinned as he slid in and out of my wrecked hole and asked "You really like this. Fuck, man, I never thought I'd ever get inside your hole." "Hell, yeah, man, this is amazing." In a slightly louder tone Justin asked "You want me to cum in you?" Mischievously I replied "Ask Brad if you can." Justin replied in a voice loud enough for the guys in the adjoining rooms could hear "It's not Brad's hole I'm breeding. Do you want my poz cum?" There was only one possible reply for me: "Fuck yeah, dude. Shoot your hot poz load into my ass!” Just then every muscle in Justin's body tensed up as a prelude to his hot load. He pounded my hole even harder, as if to force his virus into my body. Justin yelled, "You're such a cum slut, take my poz load." I could feel his cock unloading in my guts. The spasms triggered another orgasm for me. I was in heaven, as was Justin who collapsed on top of me, with his cock still lodged inside my hole. We hugged and kissed. Brad looked a little shell-shocked at what just took place. We all stretched out on the bed and wrapped our arms around each other just to hold on. I wasn't sure what was going through Brad's head, so when everyone caught their breath, I said, "That was amazing. I've wanted that for a long time. Thank you." Brad looked at me with a puzzled look. He said, "I had no idea ... you never talked to me about it or asked me for it." I asked, "Would you have bred me if I asked you to?" Just then, I felt Brad's cock start to get hard against my thigh. Brad said, "Justin and I hoped you would be okay with us just fucking you, but now, you'll have a lot more of our cum from now on." The three of us smiled, relieved about how the afternoon turned out. Brad got off the bed, his big poz hard on, pointing in my direction. I got up on all fours, and pointed my ass in his direction and my mouth on Justin's cock. Justin's cock was slightly funky, but I didn't care. It was my turn, and I got what I wanted.
  19. CRISPR, a cure for HIV?

    It looks like researchers at Temple University have recently used a new gene editing technology called CRISPR to completely remove the HIV virus from mice. For those unaware of what CRISPR is, it's a new gene editing technology that's incredibly precise, incredibly effective and very cheap compared to previous gene editing technology. It's been used to genetically engineer mosquitoes that are immune to miliaria, cure blindness in mice and treat/reverse muscular dystrophy. The potential of this technology is incredible and it may one day be used to cure HIV/AIDS. We live in some amazing times. I recommend anyone reading this to do some research on CRISPR. It's pretty impressive what this technology can do and what it may be able to do in the future. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/gene-editing-crispr-remove-hiv-infection-in-mice/
  20. I just read this articel from Body.com, which I find very interesting. It says 75% of positive guys on treatment have not reached undetectable viral loads. I find this shockingly high. Maybe I didn't realize that it was so elusive. I was undetectable from a viral load of around 100,000 within 30 days of beginning treatment. I was on Complera and Issentriss. I understand Issentriss is known for knocking down the viral load quickly. I was only on it til I hit undetectable and have maintained that with just Complera ever since. I recently switched to Stribild and have still remained undetectable. Not being infectious has been very important to me. It is also good for my long term health. I wonder how many of the guys on here are Undetectable? And how many of you have had no success in knocking out the viral load? http://www.thebody.com/content/71218/getting-to-undetectable-people-living-with-hiv-sha.html?ap=818
  21. For the first time, new diagnoses of HIV have fallen among men who have sex with men in England, according to data from Public Health England. http://tinyurl.com/RemarkableDrop PrEP is the culprit again for those of us who resent being on it. When I look at the guys in the photo from the article, I think the caption should be that the bearded top is agreeing to Gift the clean-shaven bottom, who is looking adoringly into the eyes of the lover who will be with him forever no matter what else happens in their relationship or their lives.
  22. A question for the poz members out there: Do you medicate? If not, why not? And of those who do not medicate, how many were chasers?
  23. I just got a pa (Prince Alburt) piercing I've noticed Poz guys have got bio haz tat and pa's after they got pozed I only got the pa because I like the piercing. Why do you guys get the piercing and or tattoos to mark you are Poz ?
  24. How common is dual infection, or superinfection? How common is drug resistant HIV?
  25. I drove downtown to a few bars. I honestly still felt like shit, since I got the fuck flu only a few days before. But my viral load was off the charts, I knew it tends to shoot up right after you get the bug than decline for a while so I had to use this opportunity. I knew a good club nearby, and it was lady’s nights. Few things are more enjoyable than getting free drinks, sex, and giving the gift to some horny idiots. I dressed in a very short, tight, green dress. When I got in you could see at least half the guys turn their heads to watch me go by. I found an empty spot by the bar, a space big enough for at least two. The bait was set. Within 30 seconds of me getting to the bar, a bro approached me. He was super buff, clean shaved and appeared to have recently been shat out of a nearby frat house. That was fine though, I could like a cocky frat boy, and I bet he’d act significantly less cocky if he started carrying around my little friend. The Frat boy approached and said “Did you get that dress on sale?” He was apparently trying to neg me. Like when you insult a girl on purpose, so she feels shitty, then wants to sleep with you to help her self-esteem. In this case I guess he was trying to wreck my self-esteem. I don’t say anything, I let the silence take hold until he tries again. Eventually he says “It makes sense. Cause your face isn’t that great, so you need to wear shorter dresses to make up for it. You don’t seem to have a good personality either. I can see why you need the help.” This dude actually has the audacity to say I need help to get guys? There’s a figurative line of guys waiting for him to strike out so they could come try their luck. If it were any other day I’d have let them try, but in this case this was exactly who I was looking for. An idiot, a douchebag, this creep deserved what he was getting. I decided to throw him a bone. “You… You think I’m ugly?” Now he thinks he hurt my self-esteem, he thinks he’s in. He tries to go for the score. “Oh I didn’t mean it that harshly, I think you have a lot of natural gifts, it’s just you don’t know how to use them. If ya want to like get out of here, I can help you kind of… ya know… learn a little bit about yourself.” “Uh… Okay…” I said, very coyly. Trying to play the part of hurt girl. “Where do you want to go?” “Here I’ll show you, let’s head outside.” Once outside the club, he tells me to wait by the corner while he gets his car. Right after he leaves, another guy comes up to me. I had seen this guy with Dave before he came up to me. The new guy says “Hey listen, Dave said he wouldn’t try to pick up girls anyway, he knew it was a bad idea but he did anyway. I’m his friend but I can’t let him do this. There’s something you should know… Dave has Herpes. He’s actually got an outbreak right now, so there’s a huge chance if you let him touch you, you’ll get it too.” I was ecstatic. Even with a high viral load like my own, it can be hard for girls to poz guys. Like guys can do it easily, cause they can just cut you with nails or something. But for girls, it’s harder to find a way to let the virus get into their blood stream, and that’s the only sure way to poz someone. This new information cut that pathway down significantly, cause those sores are an easy pathway for HIV into his body. I tried not to giggle as the new guy was waiting for me to process this information. I could see Dave’s car approaching. I turned from the new guy and entered Dave’s car, without giving him so much as a good bye. After tonight, I knew I would probably also have the herp, but I can’t see how that’s an issue honestly. It’ll just improve my viral repertoire, adding to the size of the gift I’m giving guys. A few minutes later we got to a cheap, dingy motel. This was getting too good now. Other than being a douchebaggy idiot, he also has a girlfriend or wife or something. That’s the only reason he’d bring me here. He led me into one of the rooms and immediately started trying to lift up my dress. “Hold on a second, you’ll get what you want.” I said. He refused, grabbing me he threw me onto the bed. “Wait, stop” I said, rather reflexively. “I want to leave.” He didn’t answer, he jumped on me, started kissing me. He tore my dress at the shoulders, pulling it off me. I tried to shove him off me, but slapped my hands to the side. Grabbing my throat with one hand, he reached around and unclasped my bra, letting my large D sized boobs flop out. He pushed his own pants down, then his underwear. I saw his penis for the first time, and it looked like a clear sore on his tip. I pretended not to notice though, at this point I needed to give this guy what he deserved. “You want this dick now?” “Please no…” I mumbled, He slapped me. “Bitch wrong answer. Tell me you want this fuckin dick.” I started to say no, and he slapped me again, harder. Dave tore off the rest of my dress, so I only had my panties. I tried to grab my panties, so he wouldn’t pull them down, but he grabbed my hands and held them above my head with one hand. With his other hand, he reached down and pulled down my panties. I started squirming, trying feebly to get away. Slapping me again, he said “Shut up bitch”. Dave moved his legs between my own, I tried to keep them closed but he forced them open with his legs. Finally, staring at my pussy, Dave realize what I’d been trying to keep hidden; I was fucking horny. My pussy was dripping wet. “Well well… Looks like someone’s been enjoying this eh?” I was enjoying it. But not for reasons Dave realized. It was because this was about to be my first conversion. With one of his hands holding my own above my head, Dave on top of me, and his dick positions directly in front of my penis, I knew it was about to happen. Dave put his free hand on my throat and started squeezing so I couldn’t breathe. He plunged his penis into me. I could feel something pop as his penis reached the bottom of my Vagina. He started thrusting rapidly, moaning. I could hear the sloshing as his penis went in and out of my HIV filled vagina. His grip on my throat got harder, I could feel my face getting red from lack of oxygen, but god it felt so good. I felt his knob expand, his head tilted back, a few last thrusts and he explodes, launching his semen into my vagina. He releases my throat rolls off me. I move to get off the bed, but he stops me. “Whoa, where are you going? Don’t think you’re getting off that easily.” Dave grabs me, throws me back onto the bed. Then he reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out some handcuffs. I lunge at the door, trying to escape, but he catches me. Grabbing my hands, he handcuffs them to the bed frame. “Just so you know…” he says, “I have herpes, and you almost certainly do too now.” I laughed a little in my head, he didn’t have any idea what was about to hit him. After handcuffing me to the bed, he rapes me five more times that night. Taking turns between my Vagina and my ass. By the morning my pussy juices had been thoroughly mixed with blood. I watched as he came in me, and then pulled out for the last time, at maybe 8 AM. His dick clearly a little bloody, I didn’t know if that was my blood or his own, but regardless I was pleased with my work. He finally uncuffs me and leaves. As I was leaving, I realized that he had totally ripped my dress apart, and my car was back at the club. I’d have to make it across town in only my underwear and bra. Even still… I have no regrets. Honestly the sex was great most of the time. I’d be happy to put myself into the position to be raped again, especially because of the gift. Give it to a rapist and you’re also giving it to everyone he rapes… This really is the best of every world.

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