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Chicago Pigs:  I’ll be in town the weekend of December 15th, 2017. 

Will be at the City Suites hotel taking any and all loads Friday - Sunday, either at hotel or at Steamworks.  

Will be flying high for all to use!  Party details posted to my Barebackrt profile (TitanGuyTx).

Request an invite so I don’t miss out on your load(s).  Will be broadcasting on zoom and cam4 as well. 



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    • By 4anyone2use
      OMG. Saturday 2 December 2017, what a night, I came to the realisation that I truely am one greedy insatiable total pig slut who absolutely loves to be Fucked and Used like a whore.
      I met up with my new friend and fuck buddy at his place at 4.30pm for a Wired fuck session, he fucked me senseless with his 8 1/2 inches of thick uncut cock in just about every position you could think of in a marathon session that lasted 6 1/2 hours, only stopping because I totally wore him out 😜.
      I left his place at 10.30pm, still horny as all hell and wanting more cock. 
      I then went to Sydney Sauna on Oxford st at 10.45pm, where I got completely naked, set myself up in one of the downstairs Cubicles, got on all fours, arse lubed up and in the air ready to take on anyone who wanted to fuck me 😜. I stayed there all night until 11.30am Sunday morning and ended up having my arse fucked and Used by a total of 12 guys, 10 of these dumped their loads deep in my hungry hole and only 2 wore condoms, it was so fucking hot, got a few massive cocks too, including a big black cock, I sucked at least 7 cocks which was a bonus as all I really wanted was to be fucked😜 I was so fucking horny, I couldn’t get enough.
      I left the Sauna at 11.30am, but was still so horny, so quickly headed to the Pleasure Lounge just up the road, went into one of the cubicles took my pants off and bent over the bench where I ended up being Fucked by another 5 guys who all dumped their loads in me. By this time it was 1.30pm, my arse had been well and truly used and abused, so I decided to head home feeling tired happy and totally satisfied, having spent the last 21 hours being a total slut and loving every minute of it, never had that many guys fuck me in one 24 hour period before, a total of 18 guys fucked my arse, dumping 16 cum loads inside me and 7 cocks in my mouth. Very satisfied little slut here, who will definitely be doing this again very soon 😀
    • By Bottomguy00
      This is how I was turned into a bareback cumdump. Up to this point I tried to play safe but I was horny and decided to try an adult video store near where I work in Raleigh, NC.  I had not been to one like this one before. It had the standard video booths,  it also had dark rooms in the back. I cleaned myself up and dressed in a T-shirt and shorts. The shorts I had modified by seam in the butt so that anyone could have access. I had brought condoms and lubed my ass up before going in.  As I was walking around I saw a few guys checking the booths, but no real action so I went to the room in the back.  As I walked into the room I could hear some serious sucking going on and bumped into a few guys as I made my way through the room.  I found a couch and decided to just stand and see what happens.  Next thing I knew, there was a hand that was rubbing my ass.  I was getting turned on so I started to move my ass against his hand.  He found the hole in my shorts and started playing with my lubed up rosebud. I was rock hard by this time, the idea that I couldn’t really see this person was getting me excited. I reached over to him and found that his cock was out and starting to grow. I was slowly massaging it when he started to turn me around so he could be behind me.  
      He some how maneuvered me so that I was sought bent over with my hands in the arm of the couch. I could feel his cock pressed against my ass but he was just rubbing it around and occasionally pressing against my opening. I was still a little nervous and he knew it...don’t as me how, but he stopped for a moment and decided to rub my cock some. I started to relax and he stopped for a moment and I heard him get something from his pocket. It turned out he had a bottle of poppers.  He put it up to my nose and I inhaled deeply.  He put it up to me again and whispered to take another hit.  He could sense when the rush hit me and he slowly started to penetrate my ass.  Normally I would have backed off and stopped him and had him out in a condom...but the poppers did their job, I was sooo horny I just let it happen.  Before I knew it I was completely bent over on the couch and he was fucking me hard. People around me were rubbing their hands all over my body.  I was moaning loud enough that it kept everyone right there watching what was going on.  He kept a steady pace up for a while and then all of a sudden he was fucking fast and deep then he grabbed my hips and unloaded in my ass. 
      At this point my sanity started to kick in..but it was too late.  He had seeded me.  After he pulled out, I stood up and put my fingers up to my asshole and I could feel something else besides the lube....it was warm and a little was leaking outof my ass. I sat down on the couch to catch my breath.  The crowd was thinning out since the action was over, but one guy stayed and sat next to me on the couch.  I was still a little shocked that I let that happen, but the new guy apparently didn’t care.  He was horned up enough that he started playing with my cock.  He told me to stand up and when I did he reached up and pulled my shorts all the way down.  I was not sure I wanted to do anything but he started sucking my cock and it felt great.  He still had everything on and was concentrating on my dick so I wasn’t too worried.  What I didn’t realize was that there were still a couple of guys close enough to me and heard him sucking.  
      As I was enjoying his talented mouth, I felt what I thought was a finger starting to play with my asshole....the guy sucking me pulled me towards him so that I was leaning over him.  As he grabbed my asscheeks I felt another cock starting to go in my ass.  The new guy had a thinner cock and he just started fucking me   In between my moans and grunts, he gripped my hips like the first guy did and emptied his load into me.  
      I couldn’t believe it.  As soon as he pulled out, I pulled my cock out of the mouth that had been sucking me and quickly pulled my shorts up and made my way to the bathroom.  I got in there and as I sat on the toilet I was able to push and a lot of those two loads came out. Needless to say, I was a little freaked out and sat there for a bit.
      I thought I should just leave so I cleaned up and headed out of the bathroom.  I still didn’t cum yet myself.  So I decided I would just find a nice mouth to cum in.  I made my way back to the dark room and waited to see if there was a cocksucker looking for some cum. There didn’t seem to be anyone interested so I made my way back to the couch just to sit down for a bit.  There was someone on the couch and he acted like he wanted to play with my cock...so I let him.he was just playing around with my cock and balls when he reach around to my ass and hooked two fingers in me.  It felt good to me as he pushed his fingers in and out. He whispered to me to come around in front of him guiding me with his fingers.  Then he pulled out his fingers and turned me around and pulled me down to him.  I ended up sitting on him but my shorts were keeping his cock from mei started to get really horny so I stood up a little, pulled my shorts down and then guided his cock into me.   I couldn’t believe I was doing this but it felt sooo good that I had to do it.  He just sat there and let me ride him.  When he was close ro cumming, he did ask where I wanted it....I didn’t answer right away, so he took it that he could go ahead and unload in me.  He grunted and held me down as he came.  I sat there a minute, then got up, said thanks to him and decided to leave.  As I was walking out I had three loads in me and the last one was slowly dripping out of my ass.
      When I got to my car I realized I was hooked and was a bareback cumdump!
      let me know if you are in Raleigh and need a nice hole to fill!
    • By Powersubbtm
      Will visit Bay Area in January. Looking to get a hotel for one night and have guys come and dump their loads in me. Hit me back if you’re interested and what day of the week is the best for you.

    • By PopperMeUp79
      Tonight was a first for me on several levels. I went to the Bear Party in Manhattan for the first time. After stripping down, I walked back to the play space with poppers and lube in hand. A few guys on BZ had posted there was no bb at Bear Party, so I decided to see what I could manage. The play spaces were — dimly lit with dark velvet curtains dividing spaces, and pleather furniture — couches and ottomans. Very heady space ideal for random anon play. I lubed my hole and did a loop, taking in the men, letting them get a Site if me, and surveying the rooms. 
      I connected eyes with a very sexy Latino bear. We found one another in the middle, draped room, and made out. Once I bent over to start blowing him, all the magic started....
      i let myyself slip into the sensory experience. The sound of poppers being inhaled from small bottles in the twilight, with hints of that sharp aroma in the air. Fingers explored the crack of my ass, playfully spreading my hole open. One cock, then another found their way into my mouth. One was thick and curved, while another was shorter and pointed. A third was smooth to the touch with an enlarged head. I poppered up, turned around, and rubbed my ass against the Latino bear’s cock. I tilted my head back to make out with him while his cock slid along my ass. I thought he’d pill out and find a rubber. But no. I felt hi. Position his hardon to penetrate my ass raw. 
      That sexy bear fucked me bent over, his dick gliding in and out so smoothly. I repositioned over an ottoman so I wouldn’t fall over. I could vaguely see an audience gathered around, and a handsome muscle guy was egging us on to fuck. I could tell I was the only one getting fucked in the place.
      ”I’m gonna cum,” he told me. I actually hesitated to take his load, and started to pull off his cock. I was going to ha e him shoot across my ass cheeks. But he grabbed my waist and pulled me back into his cock. He pounded me in front of everyone, and finally shot his load in my hole. He pounded me a couple quick thrusts before pulling out. We kissed a couple minutes, me feeling his chest, before another cock pressed against my hole.
      i spent the evening bent over furniture, my ass spread wide for any hardon. One ... two .... three .... four .... one guy would breed my hole, step back without a word, and another would slide in. No one spoke. No one asked about condoms. And no one other than that firsthotbear warned me he was cumming. I switched positions a few times, and felt the cum running down my balls and legs. I’d read a few stories here on BZ about it, but I kept thinking I finally knew what it feels like to be a total cumdump. A couple of the older, overweight men had worked their way into the line. I left my ass up for them — I never saw anyone else bottoming, let alone taking it raw. 
      I finally walked away having shot my load while being fucked by a big uncut dick. I was dripping sweat, lube, and cum. I felt like a sloppy pig. 
      Now I want it again.

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