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Glasgow and surrounds - mature BB group?

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I am 52, chubby and gay bottom. Never used a rubber and no intention to start now.  I am seeking mature, masculine men for meeting in couples, threesomes, whatever.  I am into BB, bondage, rolepay, etc.  Looking to become more piggy.  WS, man smells, video, all excite me!

Lanarkshire based, no ideas about travel/accommodating yet, just waiting to see what comes back (probably all bottoms lol).  PM or reply here



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      today daddy said that he wants me to be more than 300 pounds. Mr sumo and a very sexy beefy bear that reminds me of a caveman took me to a bathhouse. I saw many sexy big guys eating and making love. we got a room for us said the caveman. we go in and he kisses me. I start to feel weak. then he puts me in bed Mr sumo comes in with donuts, brownies, cookies, ice cream and chocolate milk. first we make love then feed you says the caveman. he fucks me slowly and faster and faster. mmm oooh yes yes yes I moan ahhh we both moan as he cums in me. he gets a donut and rubs his dick on it getting some cum on it and feeds it to me. mmm yummy cum donut lol. the sumo gets a brownie and dips it in a bucket. this is a  cum brownie. he feeds me the brownie getting some cum on my beard. I'm still wondering how they get so much cum in buckets. they feed me with there hands and there mouths. mmm this feels soooo amazing I wish daddy was here. now I'm full they rub my belly and leave the cum on my beard. I suck Mr sumos cock and get his yummy cum
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      July 21st I will be in London and want some advice on the best location to find a hotel for bb action, or can anyone poinT me in the righT direction for other accommodation. I'm looking to get HnH and bred / used as much as possible, will probably go to Hardon but would prefer to find some group action where we can have proper sleazy ffun.
    • By SubFFboy
      Hey Portland!
      First time visitor arriving in PDX on Saturday. Would be keen to find out about any groups/sessions happening this weekend, particularly if they feature slam-capable admins who like eager little subs that enjoy kinky play. I always pay my share too.

      My hole takes cock, fists, feet, toys, piss and cum and sometimes more than one at a time. I'm a show-off, which means I'm cam-friendly too. Love to play 1:1 or in a group. My hard limits are kids and animals, but everything else is up for discussion.

      Feel free to PM me for more info.  I'm also on BBRT and you can check out some of my videos on Grand Slammerz. Same username on both sites as here.

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