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Found 34 results

  1. Drew was very sexually frustrated as he'd a month to wait before he was going on PreP. He was getting more and more desirous of a good bareback fuck. He wanted to feel flesh on flesh: a dick pistoning in and out of him and the feeling of his dick forcing its way into a willing tight hole. He spent quite a bit of time perusing bareback sites to try to alleviate his feelings. He was on BBRT when he was propositioned by a well endowed guy to swap loads with him. He was sorely tempted, but the propositioner was poz not on meds so he realised how stupid it would be in his circumstance. Nevertheless the invitation remained lodged in his mind as his sexual frustration grew. The next day Drew thought it wouldn't matter replying to him since he'd be able to meet up after he'd gone on PreP. So he replied and told him about when and where he was able to meet up, believing it would be some time before the guy would get back to him anyway. To Drew's surprise he got a reply the next day suggesting they meet up at the local cruising spot the following Monday. Drew couldn't possibly agree to this and risk infection. However, he delayed replying straight away instead of just suggesting a date the following month when he'd then be on Prep. Drew found his desire for cock growing, he had a hunger to fuck. So instead of replying negatively, a couple of days later he replied that he was willing to meet up. Drew rationalised he would just be able to play around with him, not go the whole way. In the late afternoon of the Monday straight after work he popped over to a nearby pub to get some Dutch courage. He found himself both turned on and very scared of meeting up with this man, Nevertheless after a couple of pints he headed over to the rondez vous point. The guy was slightly older than he expected, but very presentable. They went into the woods together. Drew very much hoped it would involve just playing around but at the same time craved for much more. They found a sheltered spot and started stripping off, The man's cock was something to be envied. but at the sight of it, Drew's started to rise to the occasion. On seeing this the man came over and started sucking Drew's cock to its full manhood. Drew's worries started to evaporate. Drew was really enjoying some sexual action for the first time in a while and his dick sprung to attention, but he both feared and craved more. Having sucked Drew to a good 7 inches and primed with saliva, the man turned round and obviously wanted Drew to take him bareback. With only a moment's hesitation, because of the sexual tension building up, Drew obliged, rationalising that it wouldn't be too risky fucking him. As Drew ploughed the man forcefully, he noticed that they had attracted attention and another man was watching from the bushes. Since Drew didn't mind others enjoying watching him fucking, he made no protests and carried on. The tension built up and quicker than expected Drew blasted his load inside his arse. Drew thought it was only right to relieve the man's tension too. He thought he would give him a blow job and not swallow so he wouldn't take his toxic load into his body. So Drew bent over and started to suck the man's wonderful cock that soon responded to Drew's attention. Drew enjoyed giving him a blow job and the man responded by giving grunts of appreciation. The onlooker was also obviously enjoying the show as he wanked himself off furiously. Drew was giving him a long lasting intensive session that would shortly finish him off soon. But as Drew continued to enjoy sucking the man off, he found himself wanting his hole to be filed with cock. The man, too, had other designs on Drew. He passed Drew the new good poppers he'd brought with him. As Drew inhaled so his inhibitions relaxed and his desire for cock grew. Before Drew knew what was happening, the man had pulled his cock out of Drew's mouth, turned him round and was pressing his large cock against Drew's hole. Then with a thrust his bare cock was inside Drew. Drew continued to try to rationalise the situation and thought it would be fine to let the guy thrust in and out of him for the enjoyable feeling he was now experiencing, but would ask him to pull out rather than come inside him. But before Drew could say anything, after but a few thrusts, the effect of Drew's fellatio had had its effect on the man and he squirted his poz load up Drew's arse. Before Drew could properly react to the situation, a feeling of shock had come on him, the man had beckoned the onlooker over to join in. Whilst Drew looked on, he saw the cum-stained cock, just withdrawn from Drew, now being sucked by the onlooker. Drew decided to join in by sucking this newcomer's cock. It didn't take the onlooker long to get the man's cock back to full tumescence, at which point once again the man withdrew and returned to fuck Drew bareback a second time with his poz cock. Drew by this time was resigned to his situation, believing that getting a second toxic load would make no difference. The man now fucked more slowly and easily with the lubrication provided by his first ejaculation. Drew started to enjoy the feeling of bare cock thrusting in and out of him. It really turned him on and he slurped more appreciatively on the other man's cock. The sucking and fucking got more frenetic as they enjoyed each others' bodies. They all built up to a climax with the onlooker shooting his cum into Drew's mouth as another toxic load filled his arse. Drew's sexual cravings had been satisfied, not quite as he'd expected. He left the man now, amazingly still hard, forcing himself into the onlooker's arse. He like Drew had been playing with fire and were now burnt! Drew would not have to start on PreP after all.
  2. First time cruising

    What was your first time cruising experience like for you? How did you find out about cruising? What did you do for your first time?
  3. Predators and prey Michael was a good boy. He was a good pupil and always listened to his parents. He helped old people in crossing the street and was involved in his church. And Michael believed in God. Still there was a dark secret hidden in this otherwise always friendly guy. Michael fantasized of being sexually dominated by men. His parents didn’t know he was gay. To the extent either of them thought about it, both his mother and father assumed he was shy with girls, but that eventually he would grow out of it. Neither ever considered Michael might be a dick-taking faggot. Now, at the age of 18, having received his driving license, Mike felt an overwhelming urge to get fucked. The urge grew from day to day. In his mind he was ripped open by one, two, three, sometimes even four guys. He wanted to serve them with his body. He instinctively knew his role was to be on the receiving end. Living in a small village, where everyone knew each other it was impossible for Mike to stare at the other boys. He was always keeping his little secret to himself and never gave anyone the opportunity to think otherwise of him. He was the cute Christian neighbor boy, who was saving himself for the right girl. “Mom?” “What is it” his mother yelled from the kitchen. “Can I borrow the car, please?” he asked politely. His mother came into the hall. It was almost 10:00 o’clock in the evening. "Why do you need the car at this hour," she asked. "I forgot a school book at a buddy's house and I need it for an upcoming exam," Michael explained. His mother trusted Michael in all of his action and although she was worried about him, driving in the dark he convinced her, that he needed the book urgently and would be back soon. Michael’s father died two year ago from cancer. Since then he was ‘the man’ in the house. His mother smiled to him and asked him to drive slowly and to be home soon. Michael took the keys from the table and told his mother he would return soon and that he might chat with his friend a bit. Michael never mentioned a name and his mother didn't think to ask which of Michael's friends. In any event off Michael went in his mother's car. Of course his destination was not a buddy's house, but rather a cruising lot where gays met to fuck each other. He read about the place on the internet. His destination was a parking lot which adjoined a nearby forest. As he drove into the parking lot, Michael thought "Now is the time to get some action." In the forum he read about the cruising area. It was well visited and people wrote about their sex encounters which made Mike always horny. He read about the option of being fucked bareback. Mike knew about condoms, but sex was never a subject at home. He knew condoms prevent a girl of becoming pregnant, but he was not a girl. Believe it or not, but Michael was unaware of the dangers of STD’s or HIV. This was just not part of his world and although he needed cock, he was also full of doubts, if the path he walked would lead him straight to hell. He had to drive quite some miles and in the back of his mind was hoping his mom didn’t check the mileage after all. Finally he arrived at his destination. It was almost 11:00 pm. There were several other cars parked in a big parking lot. Although the parking lot was officially a rest area, none of the cars were occupied with passengers. Mike was hard. He was wearing a tight blue jeans and a blue shirt with an imprint of his school, St. Barnabas. His heart was beating so fast. He thought it would burst inside of his chest. His jeans almost did anyway, showing a nice bulge, although Mike had not the biggest gun for sure. He opened the car door and exited the vehicle. He couldn’t see anyone although the moon was shining bright. Slowly he started walking towards the forest. He felt his ass tingle in excitement. Tonight he wanted to take cocks into his arse. He wouldn’t mind if some guys would use him and although he had dreams about the only one, he knew this was impossible for him. His was expected to get married one day and have a bunch of children. But he also had this needs and for tonight he would let guys be in charge of him and his young body. Michael entered the forest and suddenly saw a first couple engaged in sexual activities. He was so horny. This was the first time, he saw two guys actually doing something. One male was on his knees and was sucking a daddy type. The bearded hunk was around 40 and observed Michael instantly. Michael was actually looking shyly at the big cock of this dark haired top but was too afraid to stand still and start jerking or so. So he continued his way deeper into the darkness while the guy who had just focused on Mike pushed the sucker away and told him to fuck off. He had set his mind on this young twink, who was obviously the first time at such a place. Maybe he was a virgin. He closed his jeans and followed Michael. Other guys had also noticed the fresh meat and like predators they surrounded Michael eye-fucking the youngster. Michael was so excited. He had the feeling he wasn’t almost able to breathe. He passed some guys on his way through the woods. Deep voices reached out to him, enticing him with open invitations, such as “Hey there young one, need some hard dick?” And “What’s up, puppy? Looking for a daddy?” and again, “Hey boy, let me fuck your tight hole.” The sweet invitations to partake of debauchery of which Michael had only passing knowledge. He was too shy to reply, but he smiled cutely at all of them and was always looking at their big bulges and that was quite inviting for all of them. Another hunk actually stopped Michael by holding him by his shoulder and asked "Are you looking for some dick? We are all here to give it good to you. All you've gotta do is to spread your legs, you little cunt." Mike looked at the front of this guy's jeans. The buttons were open already and a thick cock was sticking out of his pants. Without a word the stud increased the pressure on Michael's shoulder and pressed him down onto his knees with the simple command "Suck." “I don’t know…how," Michael replied in a quiet, reserved whisper. “Are you a fucking virgin?” Mr. Big asked loudly. Michael nodded, in abject shame. “A fucking virgin,” Mr. Big replied with a coarse chuckle, adding “You know, you're gonna taste and feel many cocks tonight, little one.” With this pronouncement Mr. Big grabbed Michael's hair, pulling him down closer too his cock. “Just open your mouth and suck my dick. And take care of your teeth. Don’t scratch me with your fucking teeth” With that Michael was got his first taste of cock. He tried to look up to this macho fucker, but sucking for the first time, took much of his concentration and so he tried to take as much of the fuck meat into his mouth. The big guy pushed his dick further into Mikes throat and he choked on his cock. This was fucking great Michael thought. He hoped he would get used hard tonight. He wasn’t able to see, but 6 other guys were already jerking off. They had all heard the news, that this fucktoy was a virgin obviously. “Do you want to take dick up your cunt?” the guy above him asked. “Yes – please” Mike answered and blushed. “I just used my last condom bitch – you got some?” he asked loudly. “No – my mom would kill me, if she found condoms in my room”. "Your Mom?" the guy snickered. “You take it bare?” he asked loudly, so everyone nearby could hear the questioning. “Yes if course, that’s not a problem. I would love to take it raw. I will accept everyone” Michael replied and continued sucking dick. “Good boy. Very good boy. Let’s go. There is a shack nearby with a mattress inside. This is just the place we need to fuck you hard and give you some charged loads. Let’s go!” the male commanded. He dragged Michael by his arm and forced him to follow him through the woods. Michael now saw some other guys who were grinning at him wickedly. He felt like the star of the night. He knew everybody was wanting him and he was willing to accept every dick in his body. There was a glade in front of them and there he could see the booth. He was scared, but also excited. He wanted to be used. He needed cock. Tonight was the night he finally would experience what it meant to be a fagboy…
  4. BOTTOMS; Picky about who fucks you?

    So out of the bottoms on here, who's picky who fucks them? Does it depend on the situation? Place? How horny you are? I find that when I'm out cruising or at a bath house I'll wander around and if there isn't anyone really my type I'll lower my standards a bit and make the best of a bad situation. But then on other occasions when I'm feeling really fucking horny I kinda want to get my ass pounded by some disgusting ugly top… strange I know, probably because I get off on being used by anyone or anything. Made to do disgusting things like service a top I wouldn't usually go near I do find that these kind of tops will do pretty much anything I want, so bareback is pretty much guaranteed. I suppose thats a bonus
  5. Virgin Chub bottom

    Virgin bottom by Elmwood park looking to have my first cock breed me. No load refused. Love public play
  6. Bareback Websites?

    Besides barebackrt, what other raw websites do you use to find raw tops or bottoms?

    It's been a while since I've updated this so I need to do a quick catch up so I'm up to date. So the last entry was about the man who broke my gloryhole. He actually pushed it from the wall completely so I couldn't screw it back into place. Having to improvise I started using a sheet with a hole in it, which is something I usually only do when I'm travelling and in hotels. SECURITY GUARD REGULAR He's been by 7 times since my last entry, he's taken to cumming in the morning before work. He use to only come over at night after work. Since I returned his wallet to him at his work a month or so ago, he's not that interested in the actual gloryhole anymore. After returning his wallet the next time he came over he actually asked if he could sit on the lounge (he probably thought my makeshift sheet gloryhole looked like shit to). I told him that was fine. So now he takes his shoes, pants and tee off (but always leaves his socks on for some reason), sits down like a man (it's so hot the way he sits with his legs apart his hard cock proudly on display), I kneel between his legs and service him. I've even learnt a bit more about him, sometimes he'll stick around for a little bit after he blows. He told me he is old fashioned wants to have a girlfriend that stays at home and looks after the house while he works. He even said that he wants a girlfriend that will service his cock the way I do when he gets home from work... in the meantime I'm more then happy to help him out. IMSUPERIOR We have been getting pretty close, what started out as a hot encounter has become a regular appearance in my life. I drove all the way to his house in Dubbo to suck his cock one night, and he's been down to use the gloryhole or fuck me quite a bit. I even had the pleasure of being tag teamed by him and his mates. The other night he had to come down to Sydney with another friend of his for a bucks night and wanted to stay at my place. When he left the party he got back to mine with his mate at 2 in the morning. He wasn't in his usual attire, he had a white button up shirt on with the sleeves rolled up, black dress pants and black dress shoes. He came in the door drunk but not "sloppy" if that makes sense. His mate didn't even look like he had drunk anything. Imsuperior went to have a shower because someone spilt a beer all over him and I was left in the kitchen with his mate. It didn't take long for his mate to flop his cock out "suck it!" He said. I got on my knees in the kitchen and started sucking his cock. He was average, cut, smelt and tasted really good and had some cologne on that smelt amazing. "Come on show me how hard you can suck a cock!" He said and I did, I could taste his pre-cum oozing into my mouth. Imsuperior eventually got out of the shower, he saw me sucking his mate in the kitchen and completely naked and erect walked over and grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face balls deep down onto his mate. He then let me go and grabbed my head again but made me deepthroat his cock. "You wanna act like a slut we are gonna treat you like a slut!" He said and dragged me by my hair into the lounge room. His mate took his clothes off and sat down on the lounge and Imsuperior instructed me to ride his mate, facing Imsuperior I sat down on his mates hard cock. "How's that feel?" He asked, "good" I said "you need another cock in you huh?" He asked, lifting up my legs Imsuperior put his cock inside me. It had been a while since I was DP'd so I must have made a painful noise because Imsuperior said "don't pretend like you can't take it fag!". The two of them fucked my hole for what felt like two hours, my legs were sore and my hole tender but I loved it and they filled me up with their cum. NEVER BEEN SUCKED I was talking to this 19 year old Italian looking guy on Skout, he was tall, whore a lot of hoodies and track pants. He told me he had a girlfriend but she didn't suck cock, and he wanted his cock sucked. When he arrived I was taken back by how tall and beautiful he was in person, he seemed very nervous. "What do I do?" He asked, "take your clothes off or just pull your pants down, whatever your comfortable with and then just slide your cock through here and I'll take care of you" I said. I watched through the hole as he took his jumper and tee off, he even folded them like he was doing laundry and put them on the floor. He then pulled his trackie pants down to his ankles, I could see his bulge in his briefs, he was a hung young man and I couldn't wait to taste him. He pulled his briefs down revealing a 7in uncut cock. He walked over to the hole and slid it through, the head of his cock was wet and he was so hard his foreskin was already all the way back revealing a beautiful wet cock head. I started at his balls kissing them and sucking them, I could tell he wasn't going to last. He started moaning before I even wrapped my lips around his cock. I licked up his shaft, his cock smelt good (you know that nice cock smell), I took the head of his cock in my mouth and started sucking gently, I got a hit of his pre-cum straight away as I worked his cock right down my throat. "I'm gonna cum, sorry I'm gonna cum!" He said straight away and blew a big tasty load into my mouth. "Sorry I thought I'd last longer" he said. I kept sucking his cock until he was soft again and swallowed his tasty cum. "Don't be sorry that was amazing" I assured him. I gave him my number for whenever he needs his dick taken care of. BLUE BALLS Another regular of mine, Nathan (the one who broke the gloryhole) has started coming over all the time again. There was one week where he came over every single day, and I loved it because this guys cock is perfect and I could swallow his cum all day everyday. After the week where he came everyday, I was actually sad when he didn't turn up or message me for two days. The third day I got a message from him, he had gone on some Tinder dates and all he got out of it was blue balls, luckily I could help him out with that. TIM On Skout I started talking to this guy named Tim, at first I thought he was playing me he wanted me to tell him what I do and I wrote "you can tell from my title what I do", but I guess he wanted me to write that I wanted cock so I did. "There you go was that so hard?" He asked. "Do you want your cock sucked?" I responded and he said "Yes, do you swallow", I assured him that I did so he wrote "good, where are you?". I gave him my address and waited. He was toned, very handsome and had a killer body, minimal hair and a big cock! He didn't say anything when he arrived, he just shoved his cock into the hole and I started slurping and enjoying his meat. He didn't make a single sound when his cock started pulsating and pumping cum down my throat, I was surprised but his cum was mouth wateringly good. "Did you like that?" I asked as I swallowed his sperm, I started kissing his dick when he pulled it out without saying a word and left. THE CONDOM I was really hungry for some cock in my hole, I went to the beat but there was no one around. After an hour or so I decided to leave and try my luck on Squirt, Grindr or Skout. When I got to the entrance of the park I saw a car parked, I stopped because I could see two people were inside it and I thought they might be there to fuck. They were there to fuck but I don't think they knew it was a gay beat because it was a straight couple fucking in the car. I went to leave when they turned the light in the car on, I had to walk past them so I just stayed in the bushes, he was hot and she was putting her hair into a bun. He opened his car window and threw a condom out, I had a good look at him. He had a beard, dark features, very good looking (she was really lucky to get this guy). They drove off and I walked over to the condom and picked it up, it was a nice big load and fresh. I took it home and jerked off as I swirled it around in my mouth before swallowing it. THREE MEN Another night at the beat, this time I had my pants pulled down and was leaning up against a tree. The first guy rammed his cock into me hard, I don't know who he was or what he looked like but he only pumped me about five times before he blew inside of me. The next guy grabbed my hips and put his cock inside me, he was thick and hung it felt good but I knew he was wearing a condom I could feel it. Normally I'm not down for that but I couldn't be bothered saying anything and his dick felt amazing, I was hoping he'd leave the condom behind but he took it with him after he cum. A third and final guy then slipped his cock into me. He was quite small but thick and thankfully wasn't wearing a condom. He put his hands around my neck at one point and I saw a wedding ring, he filled me with his married nut before leaving. I walked home with two loads dripping from my cunt. There are a few others I can't remember the specifics of, but that's the most memorable encounters I've had since my last entry I'll try and update it more often from now on so I don't have to do an epic post like this.
  8. Hey guys, I'm new to L.A. Got a big public play fetish and I'm wondering what are the good cruising spots... any sort of public, outdoor, exhibitionist play turns me on a lot. Any tip is welcome! I gravitate around West LA, SaMo, Venice...
  9. Just had the urge...

    First time posting here so whats up guys! Had the house to myself yesterday and really couldnt fight the urge for some cock, after some failed craigslist posts and responses i decided i had no choice. I ended up at the rest area a couple miles from my house off the highway. Once i parked i got out and had a cigarette at a picnic table, before i was finished i saw a black suv flash its headlights a couple spots down. I couldnt resist, i walked over and to my surprise it was a older daddy type dude, with his ripe cut cock out waiting for me. I hoped in and within seconds had my face in his crotch blowing him, needless too say the excitement must of had him going because he shot his load pretty fast, i made sure to take it all and leave no mess. Once his cock was away he offered to jerk me off so i let him, wasnt anything different until i busted and he fed me my own cum. Thats it for now, hope i got some more loads to share soon!
  10. Brickhouse

    I was at the Brickhouse for a steak with my partner trying to have a nice date night. My partner points out that there is a cute guy eating alone that keeps looking at me. Oops, I wasn't supposed to look, but I did. He's a handsome Asian guy. Real clean cut and nice business casual with a white polo that contrasts with his darker skin. He looks my same age, and I think a little shorter and leaner. The guy is playing with his phone. My partner jumps on Grindr and there he is without his shirt. Smooth chest and dark nipples, oh and he is 24, 5-5, 115 and a versatile bottom. Well, this checks all kinds of boxes for my partner, especially where Jay says he is Neg and on PrEP. So, good, he barebacks. My partner gets shot down on Grindr for 1-on-1 or a 3way, but the guy wants to know if I am available. I wasn't going to do it because it was date night, but my partner insisted probably because he will get off just hearing about how the guy likes his sex. My partner tells him to come over to our booth, which he does as soon as he finishes his meal. His name is Jay and he is here on business consulting with the big plant in town. He is staying at the North Country, which is a 10 minute walk. Alright, cool, lets head there. My partner goes to the bar, and I give him a little kiss good-bye. Such a nice night for a walk with a new friend. Jay really likes to talk. The North Country is nothing special, but Jay has a King Suite that is okay. Jay says he has to use the bathroom, and is in there for a while. I can hear sounds like he is cleaning out. I guess that means I top. Jay comes out with just a white towel around his waist like he is at the bathhouse. Man, the white looks good on him. Meanwhile, I am sitting on the sofa with all my clothes on. Jay stands on the sofa and straddles above me, dropping the towel. Beautiful dick, and its uncut. Very trimmed pubic hair but no hair anywhere else besides some wisps on his balls and nice patches under his arms. I sucked Jay like that, feeling his super smooth ass and fingering his fuck hole. Even though its small, I manage to bury my face in Jay's pubes deep enough so that his dick hits the back of my throat and I have to open up just a bit to accommodate him. Did I mention its real nice? Jay turns around and grinds his ass into my face. Best dessert ever. Jay reaches down and undoes my jeans and pulls out my stiffy. Such amazing hands. Soft and gentle but a firm motion. So sure of himself. Jay stands up and then jumps right off the sofa. Its like the Olympics with the jumping that would have broken my leg if I tried. I stand up and look into the other room at the big King bed. Is Jay going to take me over there? Not yet. Jay undresses me. Shoes and socks first, shirt over my head, and jeans and undies the rest of the way off. Jay bends down and sucks me some, not too much though. Jay straightens up and stands beside me. He puts his arm around my waist and it feels so smooth on me. I like it. We walk to the King bed and Jay gets up on it on all fours. Woof, time for doggy. More ass eating first, though. How amazing is Jay's asshole to kiss and lick and tongue? I take my time to find out before Jay tells me the lube is in the night stand. Got it. I rub some on my dick and warm some up on my fingers. One finger goes inside Jay, which makes him jump. Then another. Then another. That's three so far. Better stop. I mount Jay like he is a bitch in heat. Maybe I shouldn't say that. But I did stick it right in non-stop and he did take it like he wanted to start a family with me. Like his thighs are so fucking smooth against my legs. His skin can't be for real because its too soft and perfect smooth. Fuck, fuck, fuck. That's what we do. Jay flips on his back and puts his legs way up in the air, pulling his ass cheeks apart with his little hands. Open for more business. I drop right onto and into Jay, with lots more force and impact than I expected. Jay can take it. Jay's been around. Now its a missionary fuck, but Jay has his legs wrapped around my body. Smooth and strong, and a tight squeeze. Oh fuck, Jay. You're gonna make me have to cum. Jay wants me to hold on, so he can cum first. Jay squirts a nice bead of lube on his cock. The precision of the application is remarkable. One clean, straight line with no spillage. Of course, his cock is Rock of Gibraltar hard. That's what happens when a smaller guy has five inches of cock and eight inches of sexual fury. The fires of passion heat and expand the equipment, and Jay's is glistening with the lube. Jay strokes himself while I fuck him slow. The motion is like when he jacked me on the sofa. Not straight up and down, but with some kind of twist and finesse. Technique. I make a note. The lesson is over fast because Jay shoots like a cannon. Straight up his torso, landing on his chin and sternum and belly. Holy fuck, Jay. That was nice. Do you want to cum in me? No, I want to fuck you all night. But okay. Fuck, fuck. Its feels too good but I know what I have to do. Jay is ready for me to unload, and that is my job. Sometimes I close my eyes and think about my partner. But I look right into Jay's dark eyes. He's so pretty. He wants it so bad. I feel my trigger being pulled and the projectile pumping up through the barrel of my own little cannon. You gotta wonder where it all comes from. Jay flashes the widest smile. He liked it! I'm happy about that. Sure, I understand, you have to go to work early. Plus, I have to go get my partner from the bar. I'll just wash up at the sink a bit. Hey, sorry you had to come to this little town but I hope you come back sometime. On the walk back to the Brickhouse I just think about Jay. Is he going to sleep, or is he back on Grindr? It doesn't matter. My partner is on Grindr when I find him at the bar. He has chat going. Its Sean. 25, 6-, 165 white guy. Handsome, as always. We've both done almost everything with him except for a 3way. Wants fucked. My partner prefers to fuck shorter guys, but Sean is a good time no matter what. Okay, see you at home. On the walk home I just think about Jay. Is he sleeping, or doing Grindr? Whatever. I'm waiting for my partner to get home and we can talk about what happened with Jay and Sean. Oh man, I want to tell my partner something else, too. But not tonight.
  11. Cruising

    Late one night I woke up to my smoke alarm going off, although I have no idea why. Wide awake and horny I thought I might try and see if I could get some straight guys desperate to lose a load over to my private gloryhole. I jumped on Squirt to see who was about and noticed in "recently updated" a cruising area right near my house. There were a few guys who were heading there shortly or already there and I thought, why not?! I headed down under the bridge and into the park/bush area where the cruising happens. I walked in and couldn't hear or see anyone, but sometimes you do have to go a little deeper in. I couldn't see anything so I got the flashlight on my phone, then I heard a "hey", I look over to my left and near a tree this guy, probably about 40 is stroking his hard cock. I walked over and grabbed his meat, he was average but it was a nice solid dick. He put his hand down my pants and started stroking me, "you wanna fuck me or you want me to suck you?" I asked, his hand went from my cock, under my balls to my hole and he started massaging it. I pulled my pants down and leaned up against the tree. He got behind me and I heard a packet being ripped open which I thought was a condom. "Don't worry about a rubber" I said "its lube" he responded. He lubed up my asshole and stood close behind me I could feel his erection on my ass cheek. "You like bareback?" He asked, "yes!" I said. He pushed his cock inside me and started fucking my hole. I didn't realise but another two guys had shown up I hadn't even noticed, they were watching and I noticed one started sucking the other. "Come here" I said to the one getting sucked, he walked over, he was about 50ish and had quite a large cock. He was uncut. While getting fucked I started sucking his guy and suddenly felt my cock being sucked by the other. "I'm gonna cum" the guy fucking me said and blew a hot load inside of me. "Fuck yeah" I said as the other guy kept sucking me and the guy I was sucking got up behind me to take his turn. He pushed all the way into me and I moaned loudly, he pulled out and then pushed back in, the sensation of his length going deep into me while this other guy sucked my cock was overwhelming. "Blow in me man" I said, he didn't respond he just kept fucking me. I felt like I was going to cum, "I'm gonna cum. Fuck!" I said and started blowing, the guy sucking me moved away and I heard my sperm hit the leaf covered ground. That guy then started cumming, "cum in my mouth" I said but he just blew on the ground and left. I was still hard as the last guy kept fucking me until I heard a grunt and felt that warm squirts filling up my hole. He pulled out and left. I caught my breath for a second before pulling my pants back up and heading back home.
  12. What are the good cruising bars or parks or other spots in the dc area? Black dudes are a huge plus Whiteboy here who loves bbc and has few limits
  13. Disney world

    I'm at Disney for the next couple days. Who wants to fuck?'
  14. What's the best place in Zurich for chasing a good load? I'd say straight away the best place for BB is the Rage in Schlieren, in the outskirts of Zurich. www.rage.ch The Rage is a sex club on three floors, called sector A, B and C, with lot of themed events, darkroom, gloryhole and a mixed crowd; it rarely disappoints you. The club looks a bit like a construction site,or a workshop, with bare metal and used tyres hanging from the roof. I think the roughed atmosphere totally works and puts you in the right mood. I've been there several times on different days of the week and I've always driven back home well stuffed with cum in my holes. My favorite is the action on the gloryhole in sector B (downstairs) but the darkrooms on all levels get pretty busy as well. Took 12 loads on my last time, all anonymous, not a single word spoken. Does it get better than this? The best sauna, to my taste, is the Mustache. Have to say not a big spot on the BB scene though, but the venues are nice and clean. A word of advice, nothing is cheap in Zurich and entrance to club or sauna will cost you between 20 to 35 bucks, drinks excluded. Coming to Zurich any time soon? Hit me up. Tschuss.
  15. Elysian Park

    Anybody been cruising and having fun at Elysian Park lately? How was it? What's the best day and time? Would love to serve a group of guys there. Any info would be appreciated.
  16. Losing my virginity twice in the same day. Part1: This is actually a true story but of course I’ve changed the locations. So a little about me and how I lost my virginity twice the summer before my 10th grade of HS. I’m 5’9, about 160lbs, toned body…not muscled up, just wanted to keep everything tight – light brown hair that tends to go sandy blonde in the summer. Well growing up in the deep South, sex was not a topic brought up in most families except for “don’t do it before you get married or you will go straight to hell!” comments or talking about the local tramp that got knocked up by the local drunk. Us guys are always pushed to start dating certain girls from certain families. Well earlier on, I realized that I had to work extra hard to be interested in girls. I always thought I was just a “late bloomer” – hell, my older brother Ray was co-captain of the high school football team, one of the best baseball players and was always getting some early on. He dated and messed around all through jr high & high school. He was constantly having teammates over to swim in our pool, so I got to hang with most the guys. Ray and I were close. We were brothers but we were also best friends – very rarely did we ever fight or get mad at each other. We’ve spent a lot of time together this summer, bc he will be a senior this next year and has received a baseball scholarship to the major university another state. As soon as he graduates, he will be moving there to get settled in, so we’ve been making the best of our time together. They use to pick on me a little asking me if and when I had fucked my girl…and I always, just did the typical “shrug it off” moves and changed the subject. I remember starting to notice the guys more as we got older. I would look at their chests…some were hairy – some were smooth…some had tiny nipples, some were a little thicker. I also would notice how differently their chest sizes were and how their abs were different. When I started looking at their abs I would notice how some had those v-lines that would disappear behind their swim trunks. Something in me, starting to stir…I would try to put it out of my head Every time I was with my girlfriend and we were making, I would start thinking of those v-lines and my 7in cut dick started getting hard of course my gf Abby always thought it was her. I had to put these thoughts out of my head – I’m not gay…and being gay sure as hell wasn’t an option. My family and friends would kill me. Well one weekend the parents were going out of town and left my brother Ray in charge…fat chance. Our parents told us we could only have certain people over but no more. No girls could be at the house past 7pm. With us having the biggest pool in our neighborhood, everyone came to our house. Anyway my brother could have his 2 bestfriends Luke and Mickey over to stay and I could have my bestfriend Will over stay. Saturday, several more friends came over that afternoon, including my gf Abby. The guys were giving me hard time about not getting with her and still being a virgin. Well Mickey, who was a little more countrified. He had a big ol’ bumpkin head – sorta stocky, very hairy all over. He was always pulling at his junk which was about 7 inches uncut and showing us his hairy ass. Anyway, he was standing next to me really giving me hard time asking if I just had a small dick that was scared of pussy…he said “I hope you aint no fag – I’d hate kill one of lil’ brothers. (Mickey and luke always considered me their kid brother also). My brother was like “dude, what’s the deal – when are you gunna hit it, I know your dick works and it’s not small. (we shared a bathroom and I thought I had shut the door and caught me as I was shooting my load into the garbage can.) He, mickey and several of the other guys were laughing…so apparently he had told them he had caught me. Ray and I were close and he could tell I was starting to get upset but more embarrassed …and was like dude, it’s cool…we all jackoff – hell Mickey here does about 10 times a day….they all started busted out laughing…it was very evident that I was still upset and embarrassed. While all this was going on, I had noticed that Luke was getting out of the pool while telling the guys to leave me alone. As like Ray, I’ve known Luke my entire life. For years, I actually thought he was my brother since he and ray were always inseparable but never knew why he had to go to the house next door to sleep. The 3 of us always hung out, played sports, games…etc. He was tall, blonde hair, bright green eyes, very pretty lips, no hair anywhere that I could see – he had one of those vlines on his very sculpted body. I had seen his dick before in the showers and soft I looked like a monster. Luke, knowing me so well – he knew I was upset. He walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and was like guys…cut it out..he will get his when he is ready. He made a comment to one of the baseball players and making fun of him saying that I didn’t want to be like him and shoot my load all over the girl before I even got it in..and then he made a couple other comments that slipped my attention. Something was starting to happen. I could hear that Luke was talking and I could that the other guys were talking but it sounded like the teacher from Charlie brown. All I could focus on was these 2 strong arms wrapped around me… I was starting to get hot…that sun must be glaring on us…but it’s cloudy….I could feel the warmth of his breath on my ear and the side of my face as he is talking to the other guys….. I could feel rise and fall of his chest that touching my back – skin to skin. He was wet from being in the pool, it was cool –yet, felt great against my skin. But what really had me thrown off was that I was paying attention to how he felt up against my ass. I was starting to have all these crazy feelings…it’s not like I haven’t felt his groin up against my ass before, hell I’ve even sat in his lap before in the jeep headed to the lake…but this time it was different to me for some reason – although Luke’s swimtrunks were sorta thin and you could always see the outline of his dick swinging – I swear I felt it bounce a little against my ass a couple times…then I felt a rush of panic come over me – I felt my dick getting harder in my shorts…right there in front of brother and all his friends….what the hell is happening to me…… To be continued……..(Let me know what yall think)
  17. Hi! i am new to the site and to the barebacking scene. been reading that hampstead heath is the place to go if you want to get anonymous loads. i am looking to literally bend over and be fucked by anyone who needs to unload. hopefully get pozzed too! but scared to go alone! would tonight be busy? is it safe? anyone going, maybe feeling like bringing a new neg bottom to turn him into a total cumdump?
  18. Successful Hook-Up Methods

    Whats the most effective way to hook up for you? For me it has to be cruising, depends on the place but if it's busy then theres lots of dick to be had
  19. Hey guys- I am taller than most, so I am a whole lot imposing to a lot of guys- which really cuts into my cruising success. I was just wondering if some of my finest fellow pigs on here have tried and true methods for scoring a straight guys cock and load. Neutral pick up lines that let the guy know he has a willing hole at his service--while not confronting him or confusing him or his safety in his sexuality. I mean, I have trouble even at bookstores-- too often, the gay men and straight guys all assume I am there to top ( heaven forbid!) and it takes some luck to break the ice with someone who puts on a public show of my bottomness b4 play gets rolling. So- how about posting a technique you use while cruising, or a line you have found that puts guys at ease with having their cock sucked inside out by another guy, etc-- Really hope this will develop into a resource base for a lot of us !
  20. Woodland Breeding

    Last Saturday my fella had headed off for a fetish evening with his buddies, which was not really my thing so I decided to stay home and do some bits and bobs about the house. Then my phone blipped. The caller was our buddy, a local cumdump, and he was wondering what we were up to. I told him I was at home, but that my fella was out of town, head to foot in rubber, and very likely fisting some poor lad (lol). He suggested we head on over to our local grounds to see if we could get his ass really full of cum, before I gave him the last load of the day. As the weather was lovely and we're both big lovers of cruising, his suggestion sounded great so I agreed to meet him there. As he lives somewhat closer to the grounds, by the time I got there he was already in the woods; so off I went hunting and found him pretty much naked with good looking but older chap pounding away bareback in his hole. I approached started kissing my buddy as the chap picked his up pace, clearly building up to unload, and then asking where he was to cum. "Inside," I answered, and with that he slammed in and filled my mate. As the chap pulled out I noticed he had a good thick seven inch cock and that it was slick with cum. It turned-out my buddy had had a busy morning and had taken three loads before contacting me. I couldn't help myself, I had to taste his hole as there was cum dripping out of his ass lips. I was in heaven. While I was rimming in a tall skin head turned up. He was a bit older, but was still in shape and more importantly was sporting a lovely meaty eight inch cock with a PA. As he approached my buddy, I lubed the skin head's cock with some cum from my mate's hole and kissing him at the same time; between me and my buddy we lined him up with the sloppy hole and helped him slide in. At first the guy seemed like he wasn't sure, but my buddy back up and pushed back until the guy was balls-deep and then the fuck was on, no questions asked, no talking! I took up position kissing my mate as the guy pounded away for a good five minutes before he rammed it home, came, pulled out and left. By this point I was all-but frantic to fuck my mate and as no else was around, I took up position behind him, and slowly pushed into his wrecked hole. There was no need for lube as cum was covering everything. Once I had my eight inches inside we stopped for a kiss before I went to town on his hole. With five loads up his hole, it wasn't long before I started to create a cream pie and cum was dripping off my balls. I could have pretty cum as soon as I started but managed to hold off and gave him a deep, long slow fuck lasting a good half an hour before finally added my load to the mix. We decided to call it a day and head back to our homes. We both agreed we should definitely do it again as it was hot!
  21. Lunchtime Need For Seed!

    Been a few weeks since I posted on there, but don't worry I have still been collecting strangers loads when I can. So Monday just gone, I woke up with that feeling we all know - the need for seed of anyone! I am lucky to run my own business and work from home so with my morning shower I decided to get my hole sorted too and log onto the normal site, grindr, scruff, bbrt etc and see if I could get a load or ideal 2, 3, 4 etc. By 11 I was bored of the timewasters and no one was interested so decided as the weather was good I would get ready and head to the local cruising for some lunchtime trade. I keep it simple with no underwear so I can just drop my pants and bend over. Got there for about 12 and just as I was driving in a guy was driving out - we gave each other that look and it was handsome daddy type; so I pulled up and headed into the wooden area where all the magic happens and within seconds this chap was walking towards me. We nipped behind a bush and dropped my pant and got on my knees to services his cock - it was a nice looking 7inches. Once hard I stood up and bent over to continue the blow but turned side on to give me access to my lubed hole; he was straight there with a finger and then turned me around and I felt his head poking my hole - he asked if I had a condom which of course I didn't but I back up and he pushed and slid in balls deep. He took minutes before he said was going to cum and asked if he was okay to cum inside - of course I said and with that he moaned and filled me. I cleaned him up but left my hole dripping in his lube and cum and headed off looking for another. Within 30 seconds I pasted a very handsome chap in his mids 30s - the way he acted, he was bi and most likely married as there was a ring on his wedding finger. There was no words said and he had no interest in my cock - I sucked him hard and it was a lovely cock, nice and thick and he turned me round to look at my now sloppy hole but before I know it, he pressed his head to me ring and shot his load and just left...so what was I to do but finger the cum into me. Tasted good too. Things slowed up after that and my last fuck was off an older chap with a thick cock but for some reason he pulled out and wasted his load in the bushes! Why...no idea! Decided it was time to head back home, pulled out a toy and used the cum as lube to get myself off. There is nothing like being outdoor and getting filled in the sun.
  22. 29yo guy, average build, visiting for one night on my own, wanting horny no strings fun with like minded people. Enjoy normal to wilder session, very open minded and a bit pervy! vers and good with my mouth apparently. message me with picture, number and what u r into - little surprises me! want as much as i can get! no escorts, but willing to take your money for services!
  23. New Years Day Antics

    After the slight lack of success for bringing in the New Year with a bang (mind the pun). As New Years Day began to pass, I decided I had to go get some action. I tried the two saunas in Central Newcastle, only to find they were closed, which left me one choice. Back to the Eagle! The Eagle has the main bar, and a dungeon area which is Men Only, and consists of a toilet with a gloryhole between cubicles, a few cages and other cruising bays, and a darkroom. I started upstairs in the main bar, waiting for the bar to pick up a bit, and watching for there being a few people downstairs in the dungeon. It was a couple of hours wait, but eventually, I saw my chance. I went down, caught the eye of a few guys, me being the quite young looking, smooth twink(ish) type, and most of them being 40-60's bears/cubs/daddy types (My favourite). As I watched one head towards the toilet area I followed. Unfortunately the second cubicle was taken, so gloryhole fun was out of the question, but he knew I'd followed, so left the cubicle door open, and I went in. He was a great kisser, and clearly had wanted me to follow, we played around and sucked each others cocks, and he gave my hole a good rimming. I had at the time expected him to then stand up and just shove his cock in, but that wasn't to be, which at first made me disappointed, until what happened next. He told me to follow him, and we went out of the toilets and round to the darkroom. You could see the eyes follow as they watch my young self enter. Soon after entering the darkroom, my pants were round my ankles, and he'd pushed me into a bent over position, spat on his cock and pushed it in. As he started to fuck, it was firstly obvious that we weren't alone in there, and secondly that some of the guys that had watch me enter the darkroom were coming in. He fucked me quite hard, and began to pick up pace, and his breathing began to indicate that he was getting close. He then audibly asked if I wanted his load, so obviously I audibly responded to breed my hole. He fucked a short while longer before he loaded up my hole. He kept his cock in me a while, and I could hear he was whispering to someone else in the room, but couldn't make out what he was saying. As his cock pulled out, he stepped aside and the guy he'd been whispering to stepped in and in one push went balls deep. He was of a decent size, but I had no clue who he was. As this second guy fucked me, the first guy walked out, and other guys began to feel me up, and I soon had a cock in my mouth as well as my hole. Anonymous darkroom fucking, what more could I ask for, I was in heaven. I don't know how long I was in there, but I took 2 oral loads, 3 Anal loads, and was fucked by two guys wearing condoms. My needs were satisfied (for now). Targets: Get fucked = Successful Get loaded = 3 x Successful Avoid Condoms = 2 x Failure Cum Stats (DAY & YTD): 2 x Taken Oral 3 x Taken Anal 0 x Given Oral 0 x Given Anal
  24. Hey guys, Never been to San Fran. Will be there Sept 22nd-28th. I know there's a steamworks in Berkeley. Can i get there by bus? I wont have a car. Would love to go there and spend the entire day just whoring out hardcore. I mean letting everyone fuck me, hot and young, old and wasted anyone. I wanna feel used in Cali. Are there any public cruising spots? Cruisy parks, gloryholes, bookstores i should go to? This is definitely a sex vacation for me. Any advice is welcome.
  25. Cruising in public

    I have never been good at cruising men in public. Most of the time I don't even have a clue that I am being cruised either. Can ya give me some pointers on what to do, say or how to tell if I am being cruised. Thanks

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