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Liverpool neg guy looking to get hole wrecked / pozed

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Sleazy neg bottom based in Liverpool / Northwest looking to get my ass hole wrecked and pozed up.

Looking to be bent over ass out for one or preferably more POZ guys to rape my ass and welcome me into the brotherhood. Fuck some T in my ass, want to feel the burn then wreck it with a toothbrush/bottlebrush PA or horny cruel condom. Force your toxic tool in my dry hole and POZ me deep using the toothbrush each load to grind the charge in to me. 

WhatsApp: 07720 874 351

wickr: rawbanginboy

No toxic load / bugs refused 


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    • By Loveitraw
      Gripping the steering wheel and staring straight ahead into the darkness I muttered under my breath, "What are you doing here?" 
        I had been parked for about 10 minutes trying not to draw attention to myself as shadowy figures walked around the car park, occasionally peering into vehicles hoping to get a show.  I knew what went on here, everyone did, this place had a reputation.  Looking out to my left and away across the gravel I could just make out the block building of the toilets.  Shapes moved in and out regularly and cars came and went as I waited.  The headlights giving brief edges that shaped my mental map.  
      I knew it was popular but I never expected this much...traffic.
        I knew I shouldn't be here but I just had to know.  My girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, had said I was too distant and could never commit.  She never knew about the late night stroke sessions, the times I was shooting loads to gay porn online.  The chat rooms.  The dildo I kept very, very secret.  Now I was here ready to step over that imaginary line.  Wasn't I?
        After a few more silent minutes, and being certain that no real movement had taken place during that time, I opened the car door.  Stepping out I was glad for the moonless night.  The darkness gave me confidence and, shutting the car, I strode across the stones.  My crunching footfalls sounded thunderous to my ears as I approached that small brick building.  I felt as though eyes were watching me from every darkened vehicle.  My nervousness returned but my anticipation grew as the black doorway appeared in my vision.  Standing before the pitch-black entranceway I strained my ears trying to gauge anything from within.  It seemed like there was nothing, then a gasp, and a moan and then the unmistakable sound of flesh slapping against flesh.    
        Even in the darkness I felt my face flush but I was driven forward by arousal.  I stepped inside.  
        I waited inside the doorway for a minute certain I was invisible.  It was nearly complete darkness in there.  Even after a minute I could only make out vague shapes.  Stepping further inside slowly I realised the entrance was a corner that opened into a wider area.  A long trough type urinal ran along one wall and a row of doors, all shut, were the cubicles.  There was a smell in there.  Stale urine, and fresher, plus sweat and..bleach?  Not knowing any better I stepped up to the urinal as quietly as I could and kept on listening to the sounds coming from behind the doors.
        The rhythmic slapping and soft moans were turning me on so much, even if I couldn't see anything, the though that I was stood so close to someone fucking had me rock hard.  I released my cock as I stood there and began stroking as I listened to whoever it was in that cubicle getting closer and closer to their climax.
        As my hand slid up and down my hardon I listened intently to the sounds of sex.  My focus entirely on the passion taking place only a few feet away from me.  It became my whole world for a few moments.  So when a voice whispered from the darkness right behind me, "Seems like there's a lot of enjoyment to be had here."  I think my heart actually stopped for a second.  My hand froze on my cock and I think I was about to scurry out of that place when all decisions went away from me.  I don't think I had another rational thought for the rest of that night.
        I felt an arm reach around me and then I felt rough fingers, manly thick, strong fingers wrap around my still hard cock and begin wanking me steadily.  I moaned and leaned back, the only response I was capable of.  "Fuck, you're a keen one!" The voice whispered right in my ear making me shiver as his hand kept steadily pumping away at my prick.  His other arm worked its way up inside my t-shirt and his rough hands started rubbing over my nipples.  I couldn't begin to gather my wits.  I was loving finally letting go even though a distant voice in my head said to calm it down.  The pleasure I was feeling in this near total dark was the most I had ever experienced.
        My hips were pumping in time with this strangers stroking and I was gasping in pleasure.  All of a sudden he gripped my cock hard.  Squeezing me tight.  I was on edge and he must have felt it.  "Not so fast." It was spoken like a command right into my ear, "We don't want you going off the boil so quickly."
        I groaned in frustration.  I was so close to spraying my cum and had just been denied.  Wasn't that why I came here?  My cock throbbed in his hand as he squeezed and gently rubbed me.  "Oh fuck!" I moaned out loud realising his intentions.  Keep me horny, keep me going, keep me willing.
        Up until now my hands had hung limply by my sides.  I had pretty much given up motor function to this man behind me.  This voice that had taken me over within seconds of revealing itself to me.  As he kept up his ministrations to my cock with one hand the other was withdrawn from under my t-shirt and he grabbed my wrist.  Pulling my arm behind me he guided my hand until I felt heat and then flesh.  Thick, solid flesh.  The first cock, besides my own, I had felt and it didn't disappoint.  I don't know if it was the darkness focusing my attention but to my mind this dick was huge.  Certainly bigger than mine and oh so solid.  My fingers felt along the hot, hard length from balls to the flared tip and I was rewarded with a groan in my ear.  I wrapped my hand around and started stroking wanting to return some of the pleasure I had been given.  This man in the dark then guided my other hand to the wall in front of me and pressed my hand against the rough brick.  In doing so he was pressing himself more firmly against me.  I kept working his cock as best as I could while he, satisfied I wouldn't move from him, let go of my hand and I felt him completely undo my jeans and push them down.  Even in the dark I felt suddenly exposed, I hadn't worn underwear in the hopes of something and this didn't go unnoticed.  
        "Fuck, you were ready for me weren't you?" It was then I realised I was stroking his very hard cock right over my now naked arse.  As my hand continued working his shaft he let go of me leaving me throbbing and grinding myself to him.
        "That's a fucking lovely arse boy." He hissed in my ear as both his rough hands began stroking, kneading and spreading my cheeks.  I let go of his cock and felt myself leaning forward.  With both my hands on the wall in front of me I had effectively offered myself totally to this stranger in the dark, sordid, public toilet.  It felt so good.  
        I pushed my butt towards him arching my back and giving him full access as his hands roamed freely all over me.  His rough hands each gripped a cheek and spread me open and I gasped as I felt his heavy dick sliding up and down along my crack.  "Oh fuck!" I whispered into the darkness and he chuckled and said, "Don't panic I won't fuck you yet.  I will fuck you before the night is out, but I'm going to make sure you are ready for it.  When I give you my cock you will be begging me to fill your slut hole.  You'll be taking a breeding you won't forget I promise."
        With that I felt him crouch down behind me and then I felt his hot breath on my cheeks.  Then a warm, probing pressure straight on my hole.  "Oh shit yes!" I almost shouted and my cock throbbed as I was introduced to having my fuckhole eaten out.  Whilst he was behind me he had worked my jeans all the way down and worked one leg free.  From here he spread me wider and went to town tongue fucking me.  Lapping at my hole then pressing his tongue hard into me instinctively I pressed back to spread my cheeks this pleasure was too good and I wanted him to lick me over and over.
        Here I was, stripped from the waist down in a dark toilet, bent over at the urinal, pressing on the wall in front of me so I could push my arsehole onto the tongue of a man I hadn't ever seen.  He was pushing back, the warm wetness I could feel between my cheeks just felt right.  He leaned back and I felt him spit on my hole.  "Going to make you ready boy."  Was all he said before I felt a thick finger pushed up inside me.  I winced at the sudden intrusion and he started licking around my ring again as he finger fucked me.  The soothing laps of his tongue coupled with the rough pressing inside me had me panting against the brick work.  I could feel my hole opening to accept more.
        "Tasty fucking hole you've got here, nice 'n' tight too.  Going to enjoy giving you everything I've got.  Bet you've never been stretched by a cock like mine before, eh?"
      "No, never." I gasped before I realised I was speaking out loud.  His response made me look back but in the darkness I could only make out blurred shapes.
      "Fuck me! A virgin hole.  Right then let's get you properly opened up and loaded!"
        Two fingers were thrust up into me and I saw stars as he began working them in and out of my now spit slick hole.  He was scissoring his fingers and twisting them inside me.  Even though it hurt, I was so turned on it only added to the sensations I was being introduced to.  Pressing onto his fingers I couldn't believe I hadn't done his before.  In this squalid, dirty place I was being shown who I really was for the first time.
        After a few minutes of working my arse open he suddenly pulled his fingers from me and, whether it was the roughness of his skin or his nails, it burned and stung for a few seconds.  However the state of lust he had worked me into made every sensation something to be enjoyed.  I heard and felt him rise behind me and I looked back to no avail, the darkness made it impossible to distinguish anything in that room.  This man could be anyone, maybe I knew him away from here? Or maybe he was someone I would see around town?  I would never know that it was the same man as had just opened me up to so much.  I didn't wonder for too long about this as I felt him press to me from behind.  The thick head of his solid cock rubbing between my cheeks, sliding up and down and making me wetter with precum.  
        I was groaning at the pressure that kept working across my hole and I knew this was only going to end one way.  
      Boy, was I wrong.
      As he rubbed himself to me his hands gripped my waist and slid up my body.  He pushed my t-shirt up and easily stripped it from me and now I was totally naked grinding my arse onto the cock of this man behind me.  It was dark but somehow I had never felt so utterly exposed.  Just then he stopped moving completely and was silent for a second.  Then there was a blinding flash and even in the blackness of the room I could only see spots of light and dark.  "Just wanted a shot of that sweet arse before I ruin it." He smirked as he said this and I started to wonder what I had let myself in for.  
       "Fuck!" I cried out at the sudden impact.  It stung like hell and was quickly followed by several more swats at my cheeks with his strong hands.  For some reason my hands remained pressed to the wall in front of me, my knuckles white as I pressed my fingers into the brick.  My arsecheeks burned hot from pain but at the same time I couldn't pretend my cock wasn't rock hard under me and dripping a steady flow of pre.
      "Mmmm, goood.  It looks like this boy likes to be used." The hoarseness in his voice made me realise just how horny he was.  I could feel his hard cock sandwiched in my crack for sure; but there was a need in his voice that made my hole spasm.  I don't think I'd ever experienced true desire before.
        It was then that the nearest cubicle swung open loudly and a dark shadow hurried out through the doorway.  A voice from the darkness just said.  "Fuck sake, do you have to be so loud right there?  You spooked the cunt I was working on."
        "Sorry mate," my man replied, "got a little carried away with this virgin hole here."
      If I had been a little wiser I might have spotted the implicit offer that this sentence carried.  Instead I just stood there, naked, hands on he wall almost needing my next instruction.
        "Virgin eh? No shit! You want a hand breaking him in mate? I've got blue balls here."
      The next thing my man said caught me off guard, I had certainly prepared myself to take his cock and I thought naively he wanted me all to himself so when he said, "You got any poppers?  I think if we give this slut a few sniffs he'll be gagging for both our cocks."
        Next thing I knew I was being turned to face in the direction of the cubicles and hands from the darkness found my face.  I felt the cold glass of a small bottle pressed to my nostril and I was told, "Breathe!"  I had little choice and the bottle was switched between my nostrils almost every time I took a breath.  My head felt light and my legs felt heavy.  My heart was pounding and every beat seemed to make my arsehole clench.  I nearly slumped over but I was being held up by two stronger guys now.  
        "Oh yeah, this bitch is definitely ready."  The words came from so far away as I felt myself being bent at the waist and my cheeks spread wide.  Hands were also on my head guiding me down and somewhere in my brain came the picture of the spit roast fuck scenes I had so often wanked to.  Now it was my turn.  The head of a hard wet dick was rubbed over my face and between my lips and I was told to , "open wide."
      Then I was sucking my first cock.  Well I was getting my face fucked, not deep, not rough, but there was no doubt I had no control.  My guy hadn't been idle this time, while I was trying to take as much dick in my mouth without choking he had been wanking his hard cock all over my ring and started to press in.  With the combined effects of his spit, fingers and the poppers the head of his cock worked into me almost easily.  Then he started driving forward.  All my fantasies of being fucked and even my self induced dildo play couldn't have prepared me for this.  Fuck he was so thick.  My hole burned and I felt tears streaming from my eyes.  With my mouth stuffed with cock I couldn't do anything but moan. Trapped between these two men I couldn't move away from either as they began to relentlessly fuck me.  There were several flashes in the darkness and I knew they must both be getting souvenirs of my use.  
        They kept up giving me poppers and making me spin out as they fucked into me at either end.  It wasn't long before the poppers were wearing off and I became more aware and two things were apparent.  First was the constant moaning I was making around the cock being shoved down my throat,  I was holding the hips of the man in front of me and I was working my head back and forth as much as he was fucking himself between my lips.  I could taste pure manliness.  Sweat, spunk, piss all of it and I was drooling all over it.  Second was the heat radiating out from my hole wasn't pain.  The thick hard cock which was now deep inside me was fucking my once tight anus with long patient strokes.  A constant rhythm that had his meat bouncing off of my prostate.  I was arching my back, squeezing and clenching my hole around his dick anything to show him how good it felt.  
       "That's it boy, show us how much you want these dirty cocks up you."
        Wait, dirty, did that mean something?  The constant pounding into me at either end was making my brain melt.  I just needed more, more cock, more fucking, more everything.  "Oh you're a dirty boy letting us fuck you like this! You love big hard bare cock in you don't you boy?"  Shit, bare, everything had happened so fast and I gave in so easily I never even thought about protection...but...but it just felt so good right now.  That thick man cock forcing its way into my guts, stretching me, pulling me I knew I wanted it.  I moaned loudly around the cock between my lips and I guess we all knew I was agreeing.
      "Fuck boy, you're going to make me cum soon, going to plant my seed deep inside you."  I could feel his thrusts becoming harder, he was deep inside me and stabbing his cock into me with short, brutal jabs.  I was delirious.  My hole was my entire world right now and I needed cock to fill it.  The man making me suck his cock joined in the fuck talk, "Yeah, knock him up.  Load up that pussy good.  When you're done I'll make him take my strain too."  I wasn't really paying too much attention with my focus being purely on cock but I gathered that they both really wanted to shoot their spunk inside me.  Right now I was just a willing hole and they could fill me however they saw fit.  
      The thrusts into me became a jackhammer and the guy behind me roared.  "Fuck yes, take it.  Take it you dirty little cumslut.  Take my poz load!" My eyes bugged out as I put two and two together.  I was in no position to do anything but take it as he said and the way his cock pulsed inside me and he was driving it deep inside me kept me grinding back onto him.  It felt too good in spite of everything and a part of me realised it was too late to turn back with his hot load deep in my arse.  
        "Fuck boy," he said as he slowly withdrew his wet cock from my now sloppy cumhole, "That was fantastic. Your cunt is definitely one I want to breed again."  With that he stood and said, "Going for a smoke.  Enjoy that hole!" Just like that he was out of that darkened place and I realised I had just been handed over like a toy to be used.  The hands that had been holding my head roamed over my back and found my arse.  I hadn't moved and he easily slipped two fingers up me and pumped them in and out a few times.  "Wow, he really opened you up well." The cock I had been continually sucking was now withdrawn from my mouth and he moved around me.  I was still in something of a state of shock, still bent over, practically frozen in place. Horny as fuck too.  It was..confusing.  
        Without ceremony he pulled his fingers out of my anus and shoved his cock into me.  It took my breath away but because of the rough fucking I had already taken, and I guess the cum now soaking my hole, he was inside easily.  He wasn't as thick which helped but his cock curved and he was pressing against my insides so nicely.  As he started pumping away I was finally able to vocalise the sensations I was being subjected to.
        "Fuck, fuck, fuck," I was gasping with every long dicked thrust he was forcing me to take. He had grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back so he could more easily bounce me on his dick.  The slapping sound of his flesh violating mine added to making me a moaning cockwhore.  My own cock left alone was flapping with each pounding of his hips.  Precum leaking from me in an almost steady stream.  I felt like I was cumming but it was constant and there was no come down.  
        Eventually he too started up the jackhammer thrusting that tells of impending cum.  I was out of breath, and covered in sweat.  He was fucking my hole so hard I was almost crying but still I was rock hard.  
        "Say you want my cum slut!"  He suddenly shouted.  Pounding me over and over.  "I...I want it."  Was all I could manage.  "What do you want bitch?" As he asked this he slapped my arse with a stinging blow that made me buck my hips and cry out into the darkness.  "Oh god I want your cum, please cum in me!"  I begged and he pulled hard on my hips pushing himself all the way inside me.  He was shaking and his cock was throbbing inside me.  He leaned across my back holding himself so he wouldn't slip out of me and whispered in my ear.  "Never pozzed a virgin before, I bet you'll be begging for more dirty loads before long."  
        He slid himself out of me and left the room.  I collapsed to my knees.  Naked, dripping cum and panting for breath.  I had no idea where my clothes were in the darkness or how I would find them.  As I knelt there I idly stroked my still erect dick softly moaning as I felt the pulsing from my arsehole.  What the last guy said about me wanting more was clearly undeniable.
        Footfalls from outside made me panic, oh shit I can't be found like this.  I scrabbled about in the darkness trying desperately to find even just my jeans.  But it was too late.  A flare in the darkness from a cigarette gave a brief illumination and I saw three men in the entranceway.  "See I told you he'd be waiting here for more.  I think we've got ourselves a proper little cum piggy."  I recognised the voice of the man who had first fucked me and realised then that he'd just gone out to find more men to use my holes.
       I knelt there, hands in my lap and knew I was in for a long night.
    • By hotdarwinguy
      horny btm looking to take loads. No load refused. i will be in Sydney November 13 - 16.  Will try anything once.
    • By HornedBottom
      Hairy guy, 
      always looking- prefer to travel , love all types but bearded scruffy men and bbc are favorites . Discreet and looking for sex only - comfortable with myself and what I want - looking for other men who are the same .
    • By Pup4pozloads
      I want to be converted to poz in a big party

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