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On the hunt again for a total bottom to (ab)use

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For the last two years I've had a nice young and submissive toy that eats up whatever abuse I throw his way. I've enjoyed dishing out everything from public humiliation to weeks of chastity, to generally training him to be my perfect little cum rag. Sadly he's about to graduate and head off to school back east so I'm looking for a new project. With craigslist no longer an option, I found my way to this little slice of free speech. I'm new here and don't know all the standards for this kind of thing but I've always done well being direct and to the point.

This is about me, using you to make my dick feel good. The more control I have over you, the better my dick feels when I force a load or three into your holes. Everything from having you tightly bound and blindfolded, to embarrassing photos and having the only key to your chastity cage make things better for me. I absolutely respect limits, but the fewer limits the better, so when I feel like being creative nothing gets in the way.

I don't have any gender identity requirements. I've enjoyed playing with men, women, ftm, mtf, andro, and everything in between. What you are willing to do for me is more important than who you are. That being said, I'm an athletic guy and I prefer those in decent shape. I don't have any requirements set in stone other than being clean and tested. I'm glad the bug chasers and chasees have this place to connect, but that's not for me. The closer you are to the south bay area, the better but I will make arrangements for the right person. If that person is you, get back to me and let the fun begin.

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