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    Sub bttm. Love bb! Still neg but can't get the thought of taking poz cock. I have been to a few bath houses but have yet to take a pose load up my hole. Most of the time I end up swallowing the loads. Into bondage and bdsm. Have had a few experiences with leather, electro, groups, ws, and chastity.
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    #1 uncut
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    #3 poz

    would love to spread my legs for the youngest poz top I can find

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  1. I've worn my chastity device many times. Never had any issues. I find it makes tops want to fuck more since they know I am there for their dick and dont care about mine. On the fuck benches no one really pays attention. In the sling, everyone that comes by looks and touches. A few tops have grabbed the chastity device as they fucked. Was hot!!
  2. ive been locked many times by tops who are looking for a hole to breed. Sometimes as much as 90 days at a time. I get so fucking horny and attentive to the tops needs. Been told my ass gets super tight while getting fucked while in chastity. Have went to a bath house in chastity, and all the tops were intrigued who had never seen it before. The ones who had seen it before lined up to get a turn at my hole. If you ever need a chastity bottom hit me up, see what we can work out.
  3. Let me know when you are here and I will get my ass up in that sling for you.
  4. Steamworks Berkley is always a good time, but Up Your Alley weekend really brought out the freaks! So I put in my little jockstrap and set out to have a good time, hitting the place up early around 7:00 PM and found the crowd was already hopping - the sling and fuck bench were full and guys were lining up to top or to bottom, so I headed to the blow job ramp. Even there it was busy but I managed to get into the corner booth. Right away a guy walked up the ramp and started fucking my mouth. I hadn't even had to wait 15 seconds before I had my first cock. I knew it was going to be a great n
  5. Total 100% bottom at Dore Alley wearing black harness and a black/red Mr S jockstrap. Will try just about anything once. Let's have some fun, groups street scene, port-a-potty If you know where some hot action is I'm in to be the group bottom. Bottom_boy4fun@yahoo
  6. Work took me to this small country town out in the middle of nowhere. No Craigslist, no BBRT, and barely any cell phone reception. Im in pretty good shape, total sub bottom, that just so happened to be locked in a Holy Trainer chastity device by a local Dom. At this point it had been 9 day wearing it. I hoped on Grindr and there were maybe 10 guys nearby. I was thinking this was going to be a boring waste of a trip until I got a few messages. On my profile headline was BBanonHOTEL. It wasnt until about 1am that I got any messages. A few were not worth my time but finally so
  7. Looking to enjoy some hot uncut German sausages while here. Where are some hot places to cruise? Glory holes? Baths? Parks? Any hot group action? 6.2 180 38yo NEG total bottom.
  8. American in Hamburg, looking to take home some German loads in my hole. Looking to enjoy some uncut German sausage!

  9. In the Bay Area for a week. Host me. Breed me. Sling? Groups? Steamworks?

  10. Dallas hotel Thanksgifting fun thurs-sat. @ the Anatole. Anon pump and dump or group fun. Bottom here. Can be in chastity if you like.

  11. Any Dallas uncut Mexican/Latino need a white boy today?

  12. Any Dallas uncut Mexican/Latino need a white boy today?

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