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Austin visit

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Anyone looking to load up a sub bttm pup while my Daddy watches in Austin? We are going to be there Saturday and Sunday 6/30-7/1. No load refused love a good dump and go.

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    • By hbjay
      my birthday is memorial weekend im a bottom in socal looking for cocks to use my ass stretch it open and breed me luv dp fisting big toys big cocks I can not host but will come to you

    • Guest LoveBBC
      By Guest LoveBBC
      I just want to share my belief that a true cumdump denies no one with the exception of bad hygiene.  Too many cumdumps reject the few that still insist on wearing a condom. While it is a valiant effort to seduce the man to remove his condom, if he makes the decision to continue to wear it, respect him and allow him to continue.    I usually say the condom is starting to hurt and then 1/2 of those men will remove it because they are caught up in the moment and the ecstasy.  
      For those that cum in the condom, I simply tell them to leave it in my room and then I will either lick and swallow it from the condom or scoop it out and insert in my hole.  
      Either way, I’m still getting the load and I’m staying true as a cumdump there for the pleasure of ALL men. 
      It’s not our place to negotiate with the top, it’s our jobs as true cumdumps to let the tops have their way with us.  Remember, it’s about them and not us. The more we please them, the more pleasure we’ll receive in return  
    • By Horny4256
      I walked out of the shower and walked into my room and stopped at my full mirror. I admired my hard work at making my body into my masterpiece. I worked hard every day growing up in the gym making large strides to make myself look like a porn star and now I am 19 and I have achieved my goal for how I look and now I am looking to complete my next desire and challenge. 
      I looked in the mirror and saw the water dripping down my hard body of muscle and admired how it made my body shine in the light. I couldn't help but flex my arms and see the muscles in them buldge and I was starting to turn myself on and my 7-inch thick cock was starting to stiffen. I turned around and admired my back muscles and my hard toned ass as well. I couldn't stop myself from circling my index finger around my puckering ass and slid it all the way in on the first try and moaned and added a second one to the first. I started to pump both of them in and out of my hole and when I felt myself close to cumming I had to stop so I wouldn't spoil my plans.

      I stood up and again looked into the mirror but this time I wasn't looking at myself. I glanced at the calendar I had put up at the corner of the mirror and looked at today's date where there was a biohazard symbol drawn in the box. I had planned for today to go out and try to receive the best gift I have heard of to try and get. I had been searching through the internet and seen so many first-hand accounts about guys who love looking for poz sex and how awesome it feels to have all inhibitions dropped and just enjoy everything that comes with bareback sex. I had been on Prep for so long just to save myself for my 19th birthday to finally get pozzed. 

      I did some research on some hotspots where it was known for some quick hookups as well as a well known gay bathhouse and made a few posts on here about what I am looking for and added a good torso and ass pic to help anyone who was interested. I took a black sharpie and wrote on the small of my back "Mark your status" and then I wrote poz above my left ass cheek and neg on my right one so I can keep track of my progress through the day. I picked out my sexiest jockstrap and my sexiest tanktop and shorts and started to make my way to the first spot on my list. 
      I pulled into the parking lot of one of the parks I found that was supposed to be a very popular spot and looked around. I liked the distance from where the parking lot and picnic tables were from the bathrooms and that I could see many cars around the lot so my spirits were high. I walked to the bathroom and like the size of it when I got in. It was very clean and very private as well as large which is why I understood why this was a popular place. I walked to the last stall and got myself ready hoping someone would discover me soon enough. I placed the marker I brought with me on the elastic of my jockstrap so it could be used and got onto my belly with my ass up in the air ready and excited.

      It didn't take long before I heard the sound of the door open and heavy footfalls heading in my direction. My heartbeat picked up with excitement that I was hopefully about to get my first cock of many for the day. Sure enough, the door to my stall opened up and I just stayed there in anticipation for what hopefully was going to happen. I felt this man's hands run across my ass and it sent shivers running through my body it felt so amazing. He took his time feeling up my ass and pushing his fingers into my hole making me whimper in pleasure. I could hear this man unbuckle his pants and then start to slide his cock up and down my crack.

      It felt thick and heavy and my blood was pumping deep in my head and I took a long hit of poppers that I had right as this man started to push in my first cock of many to start the day out right. My head was swimming as I was bottoming out on what felt like maybe a 10-inch cock. I reached under myself to feel this mans balls and he had a nice set of large low hangers to go with this tool of a cock pumping into my boy pussy. He must have liked the attention I gave to his balls because he was moaning and started to pick up his speed on my ass.

      I took another hit of poppers as this man started to piston fuck me. His balls felt amazing hitting my taint and I could tell he was getting close to unloading into me and when I felt his cock start to spasm he slammed it into me bringing me over the edge and made me cum in my jockstrap. He stayed there in me panting and catching his breath until he felt he could get up. I shivered a bit more when he started to pull his softening cock out of my ass and I heard a sloppy pop as it left my gaping hole. He took the marker from my jock and placed a tally mark on my left cheek to tell me I took my first poz cock of the day which made me so happy.

      Once the man left I reached behind and scooped up some of his load from my ass and brought it up to my mouth to eat it and it was then I noticed a bit of a pink streak through it and new that he made me bleed a bit and I was more excited because now it was a better chance of me being pozzed today.
    • By bearcubboy
      I had been on BBRT. I saw an ad for a local sex party so I enquired to the ad. Spoke to a wonderful man named George who explained that once a month he held pozzing parties at his home. So going through who the invites were I noticed that none of the tops were listed. I asked George if there was a reason for that. He told me that all the tops were men that he knew well, and that he wanted to keep them somewhat anonymous. However he explained that all the tops were decent to well hung and that they really knew how to fuck. So I told him that I would be there on the Friday.
      On Friday I spent most of the day making sure I was prepped etc, for the big event. I got into an Uber and went to the address that George had sent me in the email on Thursday. I knocked on the door and George opened it. He was only wearing a pair of shorts. He had this real Daddy thing going on. Something that always turned me on. He was semi erect and I could tell that he had a thick cock. He welcomed me in and gave me instructions on what to do. Along with a generous slap on my ass. I went into the bathroom took my clothes off and put them in the bag I had brought with me. I exited the bathroom and went into the living room. There were 5 other guys in there. Ranging in age from early 20's to mid fifties. We were just generally chatting etc. 
      George came in the room now with out shorts on. His thick cock swinging as he walked in.  
      "Men can I have your attention, Ok so the tops are a bit randy to get things going shortly so this is the plan. Each of you will go on your knees and put your asses in the air. Each top will come in and fuck you three pumps. We will go to the other room and choose which bottom they want for their first fuck. Then they will take you to another part of the house, either one of the four bedrooms or the two in the basement. They will be the first to breed you." After a pause, George said "Bitch's get into your positions and put those pussies in the air"
      We all got into position. I was third one in. I felt a dollop of lube put on my hole, and a thumb push it in. Still felt a bit dry. I also felt a marker go on my left ass cheek. We heard the door close. We all waited. A few minutes later the door opened again. I could hear a muffled sound as the first bottom was penetrated by a cock. Followed by three quick slaps of flesh on flesh. It repeated again beside me as the same top penetrated the young twink. Then it was my turn. The top was rather thick but not overly long. I felt him take the three required stabs at my pussy. The second top bottomed out, but didn't quite hit the second sphincter. The third top was a decent size. The fourth top was thicker than the first top who fucked me. The fifth top was thick but average. However the sixth top was both thick and long, and he almost made it into my second sphincter.  This continued on for about a half hour. At that point we were allowed to get up stretch our legs and wait for the tops to come claim us. George came in and gave us number cards on strings around our necks. I was number 3. 
      The tops came in and went to their desired partners for the first breeding. George took the twink that was beside me. All five of the guys left leaving only me in the room. That is when the door opened and my top came in. He was tall mid fifties hairy chest. A bit of a belly. But his cock was a wonder unto it's own. 
      To be continued

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