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Anyone looking to load up a sub bttm pup while my Daddy watches in Austin? We are going to be there Saturday and Sunday 6/30-7/1. No load refused love a good dump and go.

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    • By Hijinx33
      I moved to a new city in December and had some good times traveling cross country but since I arrived in my new home it has been a dry spell.  Grindr is full of flakes and the nearest guys on bbrt are about an hr away.  Needless to say I have been craving some release and to be used by at least one top. I had the chance to travel to the larger city an hr away for work today and decided I would make the most of it. 
      I posted a quick connect on bbrt and logged into grindr.  Not much going on, a top TS trying to get cash, the typical guys that don't understand me when I say I can't host and just you safe only guys too.  I was discouraged but finally had a nice latino top in his 40s email me on bbrt and say he could host.  I was close to him so I jumped at it.  I went to a grocery store bathroom to do a quick douche, I know I know, it wasn't a complete clean but it worked today.  
      After some confusion finding his apartment because of construction in the parking lot i found his door.  He left it unlocked and told me to come in and bend over the chair in his livingroom.  I walked in to a dim room and just pulled down my pants and bent over.  He was on me quicker than I expected, and loved it. 
      He started to rim me while I took a few deep hits of my poppers. I knew he was big and I hadn't been fucked in a long time. He stroked himself and slapped my hole with his cock. He was rock hard and teasing me. Finally he pushed in and let out a growl. He was ready to pound me.  He grabbed my hips and rode me hard, deep thrusts, all about his pleasure. i spread my cheeks for him and tried to angle myself so he could get as deep as he wanted.  It worked, and he began to grunt and have foceful thrusts in.  He finally grunted, and said fuck yes as he let loose his load in me. I clenched as he withdrew,  waited a few seconds and got up said thank you and left.  
      Those were the only words said and I couldn't be happier. It wasn't a big party and tons of cum like i prefer, but it was a fun morning and it gave me a secret to carry with me while I worked the rest of the day. 
    • By mjkuhl
      Ah, so Topher is becoming a regular with Treasure Island, filming in Britain a group action.  How long before the STUD bottoms?
    • By Hijinx33
      I will be hosting a gangbang, train, party, whatever you want to call it. It will be Thursday night, 22 March, at a hotel near the airport. Easy in and out, unlocked door, dark room.  Bbrt party set up as well, hoping for a good turn out before i fly out of town.  
      Verseforfun on bbrt if interested or message me here. 
    • By barebacksub
      Will be in Amsterdam for the day on Thursday March 14, which is best sauna for daytime pig fun?
    • By bareslut1994
      Hello i am Bastiaan 24 years and living since 16 februari in Amsterdam looking for nasty poz fuckers Who wanne breed my ass and knock me up. Into a lot slam/bloodslamming is also possible.

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