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Will Be @ Wet On Wellington tonight Friday 10 August 2018, looking to ged bred 

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    • By hotdarwinguy
      horny btm looking to take loads. No load refused. i will be in Sydney November 13 - 16.  Will try anything once.
    • By constructionguy
      I was never a chub chaser till I became a dedicated bare backer and breeder. A huge turn on for me to spread those enormous butt cheeks and get into that hidden, sweet tight hole. Even better when I tag-team fuck with another top cause it works well to have a buddy pull apart the chub butt cheeks for good penetration. What do chubs on this site think about this? Hope you big boys don't think your big asses are just being used; they're actually being appreciated and worshipped.
    • By DonBello
      Decided to play hooky from work on a Friday. Put on my out of office and slept in. Woke up to have breakfast and shower ...made sure to clean out just in case! I was browsing on Grindr and was messaged by a short hung top looking. He was in my area and looking to breed some ass. We exchanged pics and within minutes he was on his way. He requested for me to answer the door in a jock with the lights dim. I was game. He knocks and I opened the door quickly to avoid nosey ass neighbors. (Nyc lol) He got right to it and started carassing my ass cheeks inside my hallway. He pushes me against my wall and spreads my ass taking a whiff of my freshly clean ass. He licks his lips and begins to devour my smooth hole. It felt so good. After a few min he removes my jock and we make our way over to my couch. By now his rock hard 8” dick is sticking outta his fly dripping with precum. I couldn’t resist and took my thumb to taste it. Mmm sweet and salty! His eyes lit up. My poppers were close by and he takes a hit and gives me two. Before I know it I’m on my knees naked in my apt while a fully clothed stranger is getting his big dick serviced. After a few min of me working his knob he positioned me on all fours with my ass facing him. He re-wet my ass and drizzled some lube on his dick. I reach for my poppers to take two deep hits and he leans over my shoulder for a hit as well. I feel his slick cockhead at my hole. I push back and he moans “fucccck”. As I tighten my hole with my ass muscles. He fucks me for a few min and then I noticed he stops. I look over in my floor length mirror to see him with his head thrown back shaking his head. Didn’t realize he was being watched he tells me to suck his dick again to get him hard.. ( he came without telling me ) I proceed to suck him hard again and he’s ready to fuck again (round 2 lol) we hit the poppers again nice and deep. He starts slamming into me. I notice my as feels extra slick but pay no mind to it. He’s going to town and tells me to keep hitting the poppers bc he’s close. I flip onto my back and he reenters me balls deep. At some point he undid his jeans and slid them down to his ankles. I’m impressed this short skinny fucker is really working my hole. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like to kiss but there was something about him and he leans in and tells me to stick my tongue out. He starts sucking on my tongue and really begins deep fucking me, pushing his first load in me. We each take 2 more deep hits of poppers and that must have awoken something in him. He moaning and groaning which is super hot but he decides to spit in my mouth which sends me over the edge. I start to blast my load all over my chest and my ass clamps down on his big dick which causss him to cum instantaneously! This time I felt it and his balls contraceted. I tighten my hole and he slides out with his dick semi. He sits down next to me and confessed he came in me and that was his second nut. I take his semi dick into my mouth to clean him off and he puts a finger in my cum lubed hole. He begins to lick his fingers and I notice he’s getting hard AGAIN! Did not realize he was a multi cummer! Without even asking he spits on his dick and begins rubbing it on my hole. Of course I can’t resisit and begin hitting the poppers again. (They’re the good kind that doesn’t give you a headache lol) He slips in easily and is rock hard again. He pulls his white T-shirt over his head exposing his nipples and abs. I lick my fingers and begin twisting the shit outta his nips. Surprisingly his dick got even more hard! We make our way onto the floor and things start to get really wild. I’m riding the shit outta his dick and my ass is super wet. Full of cum, spit and lube. We fucked like that for another 10/15 min. Taking hits of poppers flying high now. He spins me around while his dick is still in me and I’m rocking back & forth on his big dick. Bringing me to my knees he begins withdrawing and slamming into me. Literally one of my favorite things! He asks if I’m ready for another load to which I reply “fill me up!” With that being said he grabs my waist and unloads in me deep. I can feel his cum coating my insides. Felt so fucking good. He pulls out and cleans off his dick in my kitchen sink and he’s out the door lol. Definitely a super hot fuck. Needless to say I’ll have him over again REALLY soon! 
    • By Jizznfillme
      I'm a bartender so I work nights but I can host weekdays during the day at my place in Santa Clarita, CA. Unfortunately, the main disadvantage of being a bartender is that I'm free when everyone else is working and vice versa.
      I have however, thanks to a DoubleList Ad, found a fuck buddy who is able to come over and fuck me a couple of times a 
      week. Like myself, he is married and states that condoms are a must. He's handsome, well built and well hung so even with a condom on he's a great fuck and I always cum at least a couple of times when he fucks me. He's got great stamina and loves to fuck so he's my kinda guy.
      But this last week, things seemed to change. He came over on Monday morning and asked that I wait for him face down, ass up but not lubed because he wanted to eat my ass. I love getting rimmed and so I waited for him on all fours. 
      Sure enough, he came in, started caressing my ass and began to rim me like only he can. As he ate my ass, I could hear the crackling of the condom wrapper and looked back to see his shoulders moving, indicating that he was putting the condom on.
      "There's lube on the nightstand" I offered.
      "Ok" he responded, but resumed rimming me.
      He got up and I immediately felt his huge mushroom head pushing against my tight hole. I knew that there wasn't enough lube on my ass and the pressure hurt. I was about to complain when 2 things happened simultaneously; his cock head pushed past my hole's resistance and I felt the sharp snap of the condom breaking from the lack of lubrication and the tightness of my ass. 
      He froze when the condom snapped but didn't say a word. I didn't want to call attention to the rubber because I've been wanting to feel his bare cock for a while now. Instead I said, "Thanks for giving me a moment to adjust, you forget how big you are ha ha."
      "Oh yeah, no worries. Are you ok with this?" He asked. And in agreement, I said, "Oh yeah, definitely, but please go easy, your cock can do some damage ha ha".
      He kissed the back of my neck and slid more of his cock in me. Once he was balls deep in my ass, he pulled all the way out and drizzled lube on his cock. I wish he'd done that before but I think that, all along, his plan had been to cause the condom to break.
      Soon, we were both in a comfortable rhythm and his thick 8" hole wrecker was pounding my prostate and getting me close to orgasm. By this time, I could clearly feel  the ragged ends of the split condom which was now a sort of cock ring rolled at the base of his cock. His thick bare shaft felt amazing and I  was loving every stroke. I told him that I was getting close and he said that so was he. A few more strokes and I couldn't hold back and I started cumming really hard and my ass tightened on his cock and essentially milked the cum out of him. 
      I could feel volleys of hot cum spraying against my inner walls and I knew that his unprotected cock had just shot his cum straight into me.
      He collapsed on my back and just held me for a few minutes while his cock plugged me and eventually deflated and slipped out.  He jumped up, ran to the bathroom and flushed the condom. I could tell that we were not going to discuss the fact that he had just stealth bred me.  I was tempted to shove a couple of fingers in my ass and dig out his cum and show him but I knew that could potentially ruin a good thing so I just smiled as he got dressed in front of me. His chiseled torso shining with a light cover of sweat and his thick cock hanging down with a bead of post-cum on the top made me kneel before him and suck his cock head in and savored my ass juices and his cum commingled on his cock. He placed his hand on my cheek and caressed me as I looked up at him and he smiled down at me.
      "Thanks, I really needed that. Can we do that again on Wednesday?" He asked.
      "Of course," I replied enthusiastically, "you know you're welcome anytime you want to come over and use my ass to get off in."
      "Fuck yeah, I like knowing that that's my ass now. I'll see you Wednesday morning, wait for me on all fours but go ahead and lube up this time. I feel bad that I think I hurt you but I just needed to get in you. I'll treat your ass better next time, I promise."
      I walked him to the door, he squeezed my ass and said, "This ass is mine now, but I'll treat it really good."
      After he'd left, I shoved a couple of fingers in my ass and sure enough, there was a huge load of cum inside me. I won't say a word, but I'm definitely letting him stealth me from now on ha ha.
    • By HardOneLA
      Hi guys.  So yesterday I finally downloaded Scruff onto my phone, after a buddy was showing me how it worked.  It’s my first phone app – all my other sites are online.  I really didn’t have any expectations, put up usual profile and pix.  Then in the afternoon I started getting messages from two guys.  At first I didn’t even know how to reply!  But I’m a quick learner, so we went on.  One was 25 and the other 29, which immediately aroused my suspicions.  Why would they be interested in a 60+ year old someone who doesn’t really consider himself a “Daddy”.  The 29 year old and messaged back and forth and either this was gonna happen, or I was just being set up as a joke.  Finally we agreed to meet at my place, he ran home to shower, and then came over.  I buzzed him in and told him the apartment door was open.  I was lying on the bed in just open shorts, pumped tits, popper bottles around (he’d told me he’d only done poppers twice), porn on TV.  When he walked in the bedroom door he was cute, t-shirt, baseball cap.  He quickly stripped and got onto the bed, started sucking my tit – they’re my Achilles heel. He kept saying things like, “How am I doing Daddy?  Am I doing it right?”  I’m always so suspicious that I’m thinking, “Is this a joke?  What is going on?”  Well what was going on I found out is that he learned exactly what my tits are meant for and spent a lot of time working them.  Then he asked if he could try poppers – of course you can!  And from thereon the magic began.  He was so horned and kept jacking his cock, but holding off. His entire focus was on pleasing me.  While still working my tits he went down and started sucking my cock.  Damn, his mouth was surely made in heaven and delivered by angels – or devils.  I haven’t felt like this in ages, and kept wondering “Is he really here?”  Being tit-worked, poppered, and sucked to the edge, the pig in me was so totally in heat, lust, need for cock.  I got up on all fours and told him to stand by the side of the bed.  He wanted to know how many fingers I could take, which I wasn’t sure how to answer since I prefer cocks.  Well let me tell you, once he started working my hole with his fingers he took me to places that I have never been to before.  It was extraordinary, unbelievable how I could be in hog heaven and hadn’t even been fucked yet.  I was afraid he wasn’t going to.  We’d take a couple of breaks, roll over, tightly embrace, kiss, and just hold each other tight.  Then back to my hole – he was relentless pounding it with 3-4 fingers, hitting my prostate like it’s never been hit before.  I swore I was gonna cum just from that, but held back.  Then I felt that big velvety head on that hard thick cock of his at my hole.  Oh hell yeah!  He took all the time in the world mounting me, as I’m always tight at first, and then finally was in to the hilt.  He fucked me so royally, so endlessly as we kept poppering that I was just in places I had never been before.  It was ecstasy!  We took some breaks and after sucking his cock for a while I told him that I wanted to look in his eyes when he bred me.  So onto my back, legs up on his shoulders, and in again he went.  We poppered again and he went back to work, pounding me mercilessly (not that I wanted any mercy), until I finally heard those telltale grunts, that unmistakable tensing, and said to him, “Breed me baby, breed me”, and he started to shoot.  He seeded my hole so fucking good and deep and stayed in me.
      Once we separated it was like we both transformed from pigs in heat to Clark Kents.  He told me he has a husband of 4 years, they’re exploring an “open relationship”, etc.  I have no idea if we’ll ever meet again but damn, he sure got on the top of my 5 Star ***** list immediately!  I guess I need to embrace more this daddy concept instead of fighting it.  He opened my eyes to a whole new world and my hole to completely new magic.  Oink!!

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