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Bottom looking for tops to breed me

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    • By Bubblez
      Looking for people to help me with a fucked up fetish I have.
      I'm into cum inflation, or "cumflation", which is where someone is filled up with so much jizz that their belly begins to expand. I want pumped full of literal gallons of cum (3+ Imperial gallons should do it!), siphoned into me though hoses in my holes, until I'm so big and so tight that I might explode!
      I would forever be in the debt of those who manage to successfully blow me up like the fat cumballoon I'm destined to be, I'd commit myself for life to them as their personal fucktoy. Might take a while to raise all of that cum but it'll be so worth it.
      Looking to chat with those who share this fetish or are interested in blowing me up with cum.
    • Guest FagPig
      By Guest FagPig
      Fagot Cumdump from Germany is looking for a user. With me everyone is allowed to inject cum into my holes.

    • By blackrobe
      Yesterday my ass hunger peaked out and I decided to place an ad on BBRT.

      I got a few nibbles early in the day, one of them a big (250+) versatile +u Hispanic guy. He was horny, saying his cock needed attention and, after a little back and forth, I headed over to his place. He was a tall guy, with tree-trunk sized legs that were all muscle. We chatted as we walked upstairs to the bedroom, stopping to get some water for me along the way. He stripped down to his sport trunks and I skinned down to my briefs and t-shirt. He put on some porn he liked to play in the background (which I didn't need, but did care that much about) and lay down on the bed with me. We kissed and touched each other, me gravitating to his large juicy nipples, grabbing handfuls and feeling our blood rise. I climbed on top of him and sucked his big nipples into my mouth in turn, massaging and licking them, and moving my hips around so my dick rubbed his until he groaned underneath me. Our kissing became more needy. He gripped my head in one hand and pushed two fingers into my mouth to cover with my saliva, and reached down to my ass, nudging my briefs out of the way and stroking my hole while slowly pressing into me. Kicked into a new state, I slid down his body to where a large hard dick was now standing out from his shorts. I pulled them down below his balls and licked up his shaft, lapping at the ridge under his knob while working his nipples. Sucking his balls into my mouth and massaging them with my tongue, his dick jumped and danced with the twitches of fuck need.
      He rolled and pushed me off him, removing my briefs and pushing my legs back to expose my cunt fully. He licked my ass lips, wetting them and the skin surrounding my hole before plunging his mouth onto my hole, sucking it up into his mouth, and then pushing his hot tongue into me. Fuck, it felt amazing having my ass eaten with such focus. He started lapping long strokes of his tongue up my fuck slot, plunging his tongue in deep as he passed over my wet, relaxing hole.

      He grabbed some lube from the side table and rolled me onto my side. Coating his thickened cock and my hole with it, he rested his thick knob in the well of my cunt, rubbing it to feel how supple my hole had become. Laying behind me, he flexed his body forward pressing his knob into my cunt lips and feeling them stretch over him and stop. I needed more lube for his girth and, after fingering some into my cunt, he found my own wetness come down to greet him. Satisfied, he stayed laying behind me, but put me in Happy Baby pose holding one of my legs as he pressed into my ass lips again, this time parting them with my gut deep moan as he flexed up into me more and more. As he got deeper into my guts I suddenly needed all of him, I hooked one ankle over his lower back and the other over his thick thighs and pulled my cunt onto him as he instinctively flexed up into me fully. Fuck, yessss... I realized I'd said it out loud.

      He rotated me on his cock so that I was on my side, little spoon to his big spoon. Then bending my legs and lifting the top one up and pulling me back onto him, he started fucking up into me. Fuck, this guy knew what he was doing. Controlling my position to make it better for him, made it better for me. Again, I found myself flexing my ass back onto his cock to meet each upthrust. Determined to get it all in me as often as possible. After a while, he straightened my body and, still inside me, rolled me over with his 250lbs rolling up onto my back. It felt fucking amazing as his cock nestled deeper into my hungry cunt under his weight. He started to pull back to fuck into me and without thinking I rotated my hips and lifted them to give him the best angle into my deep cunt. He pulled back further and hit deep in me where I needed him to fuck tender and seed. I gripped the bedcover and using all my strength I pushed my ass back and up so he could fuck down hard hitting the deep place with each thrust. It hurt, it felt awesome, I never wanted it to stop.
      After carving a new groove in me there, he gripped my hips pulling me back into presenting head-down ass-up. Now on his knees on the bed, he guided me into the best position on his cock and moved his hand away, fucking his thick root into me hard and trusting me to hold the position he wanted. One of the things I loved best were feeling his big meaty thighs hit mine as his cock hit the deep place over and over. It was about this time that I started to think a lot about getting his load. That's it, fuck it in deep. Make it tender so I feel it. I think I said some things out load along with my grunts, growls, and groans. He spent a long time fucking me in this position. Pulling out, re-penetrating me at different speeds and with different amounts of force. I really moaned when he fucked in hard. Something I noticed before, but happened a lot in this position was his dick pulsing and jumping into extra firmness inside me, pulling at my hole. He was getting harder and more turned on as he fucked me. About then is when he reached over to grab his phone. I guessed to take pics or a video of him fucking my juicy happy cunt. Later he told me he wanted it to remember and jerk off to. Once he'd finished fucking my cunt for the camera, making me react to his cock, he started fucking me extra hard and extra deep, forcing me to cry out each time he hit the deep place he knew his seed belonged. I can't remember what I might have said. I know I was encouraging him to fuck as hard as he needed to cum, to get it in as deep as he needed to, and pressing my cunt back into his fuck. Clearly showing my need to be bred by him. He cried out as he fucked and squirted his load into my guts. Fucking up through the first sprays to hit the deep place so well. It was perfect.
      He pulled out and lay down next to me, out of breath after his athletic pounding of me. His dick was wet with us both, so I licked and teased his knob and shaft carefully until they filled with blood again. As his cock started to do the jumping extra firm thing, he had me get up on all fours on the corner of the bed, his favorite position I found out, and stood on the floor behind me. He slid his thick cock into me and adjusted my ass to the angle he liked best as he used his whole body's power and weight to fuck his first load in deeper. He started getting more verbal grunting as he pounded into my cunt-meat extra hard, feeling his seed all around him, and feeling me pushing back onto his fuck. I think all I could say at this stage was "Please... Oh please" as I begged him for another load. He fucked it into me, his rhythm breaking as he cried out and poured his second load into me. He stayed inside me and I did what I never do, I stroked my dick and focused on his two loads deep in my cunt and his cock still firm and pulsing inside me. It felt perfect.
      We lay together and talked as he caught his breath. He told me he almost never cums twice anymore when he's fucking, but that I was so into being fucked by him that it just happened. He's already reached out saying we can definitely plan to have fun regularly. Man, I hope that's true. I kept his loads in me the whole day. I usually absorb all the cum I get, but there was so much still up in my cunt that it went everywhere when I relaxed it. It seems this big guy also has the biggest loads I've taken yet.

      Lifetime loads was 10, now 12.
    • By Horny4256
      I walked out of the shower and walked into my room and stopped at my full mirror. I admired my hard work at making my body into my masterpiece. I worked hard every day growing up in the gym making large strides to make myself look like a porn star and now I am 19 and I have achieved my goal for how I look and now I am looking to complete my next desire and challenge. 
      I looked in the mirror and saw the water dripping down my hard body of muscle and admired how it made my body shine in the light. I couldn't help but flex my arms and see the muscles in them buldge and I was starting to turn myself on and my 7-inch thick cock was starting to stiffen. I turned around and admired my back muscles and my hard toned ass as well. I couldn't stop myself from circling my index finger around my puckering ass and slid it all the way in on the first try and moaned and added a second one to the first. I started to pump both of them in and out of my hole and when I felt myself close to cumming I had to stop so I wouldn't spoil my plans.

      I stood up and again looked into the mirror but this time I wasn't looking at myself. I glanced at the calendar I had put up at the corner of the mirror and looked at today's date where there was a biohazard symbol drawn in the box. I had planned for today to go out and try to receive the best gift I have heard of to try and get. I had been searching through the internet and seen so many first-hand accounts about guys who love looking for poz sex and how awesome it feels to have all inhibitions dropped and just enjoy everything that comes with bareback sex. I had been on Prep for so long just to save myself for my 19th birthday to finally get pozzed. 

      I did some research on some hotspots where it was known for some quick hookups as well as a well known gay bathhouse and made a few posts on here about what I am looking for and added a good torso and ass pic to help anyone who was interested. I took a black sharpie and wrote on the small of my back "Mark your status" and then I wrote poz above my left ass cheek and neg on my right one so I can keep track of my progress through the day. I picked out my sexiest jockstrap and my sexiest tanktop and shorts and started to make my way to the first spot on my list. 
      I pulled into the parking lot of one of the parks I found that was supposed to be a very popular spot and looked around. I liked the distance from where the parking lot and picnic tables were from the bathrooms and that I could see many cars around the lot so my spirits were high. I walked to the bathroom and like the size of it when I got in. It was very clean and very private as well as large which is why I understood why this was a popular place. I walked to the last stall and got myself ready hoping someone would discover me soon enough. I placed the marker I brought with me on the elastic of my jockstrap so it could be used and got onto my belly with my ass up in the air ready and excited.

      It didn't take long before I heard the sound of the door open and heavy footfalls heading in my direction. My heartbeat picked up with excitement that I was hopefully about to get my first cock of many for the day. Sure enough, the door to my stall opened up and I just stayed there in anticipation for what hopefully was going to happen. I felt this man's hands run across my ass and it sent shivers running through my body it felt so amazing. He took his time feeling up my ass and pushing his fingers into my hole making me whimper in pleasure. I could hear this man unbuckle his pants and then start to slide his cock up and down my crack.

      It felt thick and heavy and my blood was pumping deep in my head and I took a long hit of poppers that I had right as this man started to push in my first cock of many to start the day out right. My head was swimming as I was bottoming out on what felt like maybe a 10-inch cock. I reached under myself to feel this mans balls and he had a nice set of large low hangers to go with this tool of a cock pumping into my boy pussy. He must have liked the attention I gave to his balls because he was moaning and started to pick up his speed on my ass.

      I took another hit of poppers as this man started to piston fuck me. His balls felt amazing hitting my taint and I could tell he was getting close to unloading into me and when I felt his cock start to spasm he slammed it into me bringing me over the edge and made me cum in my jockstrap. He stayed there in me panting and catching his breath until he felt he could get up. I shivered a bit more when he started to pull his softening cock out of my ass and I heard a sloppy pop as it left my gaping hole. He took the marker from my jock and placed a tally mark on my left cheek to tell me I took my first poz cock of the day which made me so happy.

      Once the man left I reached behind and scooped up some of his load from my ass and brought it up to my mouth to eat it and it was then I noticed a bit of a pink streak through it and new that he made me bleed a bit and I was more excited because now it was a better chance of me being pozzed today.
    • By blackrobe
      I had a hot scene yesterday in a porn theatre but didn't get the load in my cunt. That play has left me needing a deep hard fuck and breeding in the worst way.
      I showed up at the theatre before noon. It was fairly slow with a handful of frequent flyers filtering in and out. There were a few new players. A tall slender, high-assed 20-something with a small backpack peering down his nose at everyone. The big, scruffy Middle Eastern guy moving around like a bee that can't settle on a flower. The tall, goateed dad-type who sends out a null-vibe making impossible to know what he wants. And a salt and pepper bearded guy with glasses who's 5'10" very furry, strong, and clearly a horny fucker. I asked permission and got on my knees to help his cock out from behind his shorts. It was furry and on the thick side. I took his cock in my mouth and stroked it with my tongue until it hardened and lengthened down into my throat. As he filled out more, thickening nicely so I had a throat stretch, I realized he was so thick I really wanted him in me pumping in a load.
      I sucked him wetly to the root, holding myself there for 10 to 15 seconds, massaging the underside of his cock with my tongue and feeling him harden more. Sliding up his shaft to suck lightly on his knob, tonguing underneath until I tasted a little gush of precum on my tongue. I half moaned/groaned around his dick, and opened my throat wide to grip his base with firm pressure from my teeth behind my lips and slowly milked his salty precum out of his cock and onto my tongue. My moan deepened as I got to his swollen knob with a column of his juice expressed into my mouth. I pressed my fingers up into his perineum, massaging the base of his shaft and pressing up into his prostate. He reach down for my hand and increased the pressure I was applying up into his pelvis, showing me that he liked much harder play there.

      I gripped him by the back of his thighs and started a steady rhythm pulling his stiff leaking cock deep into my throat. He matched it, rotating his hips to fuck into the resistance of the soft-tissue in the back of my throat. He started to groan as he shafted into my neck, my hunger for his cock, juice, and seed obvious from the intensity of out throat fuck. He told me he loved my mouth and that I was very, very good at sucking and taking his cock. He needed a break to avoid cumming and he moved to play in a group of 4 or 5 men. I watched him as, very turned on, he sucked cock after cock and as he did I saw the growing ass-need in how he held his body. I got behind him and pinched his furry nipples as he played. He instinctively rotated his hips back into my groin, saying plainly his ass needed attention. Dropping to my knees, I pressed up into his perineum with my balled fist making him present his hole to me. I pressed my finger up into him, feeling his juicy warmth. He opened like a flower, clearly needing something in his ass. I finger fucked him with one, then two fingers, as he sucked and stroked cock and had his sucked and stroked. Seeing him shift into a primal sex state, I got some lube on my hand and slowly worked 4 fingers up into his hungry ass. I started pulling him back onto my hand as I pushed it deeper into him. His ass dilated with need and I felt my knuckles slip inside his ass, giving me more to hand fuck his ass with.
      I had been on the outside of the cock circle, but feeling him get close to cumming on the knuckles of my hand, I swing into the circle and turn him towards me saying "This load is mine." Just then, the first short spurt of his cum splattered onto the arm of my hoodie, and using my hand up deep in his hole, I pulled his even thicker cock into my mouth taking the neet 5 to 6 gouts of his cum safely in my throat with my lips locked around his pulsing root.

      It would have been a wonderful load to have pumped up into my cunt, but I was grateful for it regardless.

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