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Anonymous Flip at Hotel

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There was a LGBT Pride festival this weekend, so my husband and I and  one of our friends went to the parade.  Naturally, these festivals usually have after parties,  so of course we ended up at the club.  At first it was very empty, but as there were two dollar drinks on sale so of course I had to have several.  The evening opened with a long island iced tea, but one turned into two, two turned into three, and three turned into four.  Oh, and four quickly turned into seven.  Needless to say I was drunk as fuck.

The morning before we left the hotel my husband had fucked me, breeding my hole nice and deep, and as I expected the day would be fun, I definitely didn't want to prematurely loose his load.  I also needed to advertise myself, so before leaving for the parade I slid on a cock ring.  Naturally I also skipped underwear, which left my cock printed through the front of my shorts.  I knew it was visible but I wanted everyone to see it, especially one of the hairy daddies with whom I'm in heat, and who I expected to be at the parade.

Being drunk at a gay bar made me feel extra slutty, and when my friend and my husband was pre-occupied, I decided it was time to walk around and look to see what action I can get into.  A couple of guys were seemingly interested, but not enough to follow through.  I walked through two rooms, each containing a sling, but no one was waiting to fuck.  I figured I'd circle back later to see if the activity picked-up.

A few rounds later I found myself increasingly impatient:  there was still nothing going on in the slings, and I really, really wanted to fuck.  Fortunately two doorways down the hall I found a door which was open.  The man inside the room was in his 50s.  Sensing he wanted to play really really badly, I stepped up to the doorway and made introductory small small talk, graduating to asking if he wanted to play.

"Hell, yes," he replied, gesturing for me to enter his room.

By the time the door was closed I was on my knees, taking his cock into my hungry mouth.  He moaned and pushed it deep down my throat.  His cock, which was about six and a half inches, cut, was just the right size.  When he offered his poppers I accepted gratefully, taking a couple deep hits and holding them in my lungs for as long as I could, heart beating ever faster as he became more aggressive in pumping into my mouth.

Several minutes into our session he withdrew from my mouth, and bent over, offering me his ass.  As I rimmed his hole he took several deep hits of poppers, with the consequence his hole opened up quite nicely, enabling me to push my tongue deep inside, at which point I could taste the cum from another man.  Asking him about the load, he replied he had been fucked earlier by two guys, and each had blown his load inside.

I continued working his ass for several minutes, lost in the spell of his hole (and the poppers).  Getting to my feet, I aligned my cock, and abruptly shoved my cock into his ass.  He grunted in genuine discomfort, but I wasn't going to stop, so I recommended he take some additional hits of poppers, which he did.  To further distract him from the pain I reached under his body, found his tits and worked his nipples, fucking his used hole hard.  Apparently the pain was diminishing 'cause his at this point he was only whimpering, and at one level that was good as I could easily have continued fucking him until I came, but I also wanted to be fucked, so I withdrew, took some huffs and aligned my ass so his cock could slide right in.  He banged me like a two bit whore, and I was in heaven, especially when he announced "I'm gonna cum" only for his cock to pulsate, and a warm, slick wetness to fill my hole.  He had definitely bred me.

Pulling out, he went to work on my cock as we both huffed the poppers.  Apparently I shot a big load, as with my third volley of cum he began gagging, and tears were streaming down his face.  But I didn’t care.  He had used my ass and now I was using his throat.  He swallowed my sperm and then made to kiss me, but really wasn't interested in prolonging the session.  Instead I simply pulled-up my pants and left.   When I met my husband and our friend I was still high on poppers. 

Upon getting back to the hotel, my husband smelling the cum, started to feel my hole, knowing that I was bred, he wanted to fuck.  He made me bend over and drop my shorts, then ruggedly pushed Into my hole.

"No more poppers for you," he said, adding "I want your hole wrapped around my cock."

Our friend was standing on the sidelines, watching us, so I gestured for him to join us.  He presented his cock for me to suck.  I took his cock into my mouth and he must have been really horny as, within two minutes he announced he was about to cum.  I gestured for him to slip into my ass, and he did so, cumming quickly.  All the while my husband was feeling me his cock.

After our friend came, my husband he he changed places, and my husband drumped his load into my hole. 

This was the best Pride ever. 

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    • By DrippingHole
      Thanks for giving me the time of day years ago RawTop, I was very unsure of where I fit in and I found this site and saw your blog and videos and emailed you. You were very kind and I knew then there was a place here among this group even as fem as I was, I knew it was ok for me to be a man, and yes, I like wearing panties and thigh highs, a little makeup, but it doesn’t mean I’m trying to be a woman or pass as a woman. I’m a sissy, I’m a very weak and submissive male, I have a small tiny cock, but I’m male.
      Another person who gave me the time of day who gave me a boost was Drew Sebastian. He almost fucked me and my wife But I was too fucked updated on adderall to answer back. 
      Knowing I didn’t have to compete with CDs and TVs etc. and just could be me I found the best method of meeting men. Now I’m taking prep and I’m super excited. I will ask for a condom, but before prep that wasn’t enough to overcome my fear. I now suck without a condom and yes I will swallow loads as often as I can. I have this desire to suck homeless guys lol. I can also feel free to be pissed on and in my mouth which I’ve wanted, of course I make out often, lick my top’s butthole and be fisted without a glove. so thanks RawTop without this site I wouldn’t have known there are real men who drop loads for real. If ever I have a chance I would love to give you my ass. Love always Sissy Chrissy

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      This might be a silly question, but I'm really struggling with thoughts of quitting my job so I can enjoy being a full time cock slut. I don't have to work because the house I live in with my mom belongs to me and I have enough money from my dad's passing to be okay. I really dislike my job and one time I actually stormed out in tears because I was frustrated over how horny I was (I didn't say I was horny, just that I couldn't do it anymore). My boss called me and calmed me down and let me take the rest of that week off, then let me come back on Monday without any kind of write up or anything. So it's not that I have a bad job. I just have a job that I resent because I have to be there for 10 hours a day, 4 days a week when I'd rather be getting laid.
      On the other hand, I'm worried that if I don't have anything to do with my time besides having sex, I won't enjoy sex as much because I won't have to be horny for any length of time. Also, my mom and my boyfriend are against this idea so I have external pressure from the two most important people in my life to keep my job and save my money. BF knows I like to slut it up and isn't against that part. He's just against me leaving my job because he thinks I'll regret it pretty quickly. Mom knows I like to slut it up too but doesn't know that's why I want to leave.
      I guess my question for other sluts is, how do you separate fantasy from reality? I have this vision of a paradise where I prance around without pants on with my ass lubed up and tops lined up to fuck me all day. I know it's not realistic but there's a side of me that wants it so bad that I'm willing to quit my job just to try to make it happen. I just want to experience the feeling of being able to have my ass used nonstop for a whole week/month/year.
      Sorry for the self absorbed post. I've been getting more and more emotional about wanting to take this chance for a while and want someone who's been through the same thing to tell me what they did or what they would do in my case. Even if the advice is to pull my head out of my ass, I'd appreciate hearing it.
    • By Scandianviantwink
      all of the stories here are about great sex, well, I have had some disappointments. men who really want to fuck me, who can't get it hard, too stones, or who cum all over me before I feel their cock inside me. I know I am really tight (verdammt eng as a German businessman said), and I have often been so in need of cum that I have cried on my way back home after these misses.
      Yesterday was different, I had hooked up with a man through a fried of mine, he had warned me and said he was brutal, didn't use any other lube than spit and precum, and he liked to use a dildo after fucking. He was not very tall, but fit. I met him in his office late, when I rang the bell I was so excited, wearing just my bike shorts and a tight tshirt showing my nipples. I had lubed my hole - big mistake
      he looked quite good, beard and gray hair. he was sitting in his chair, I had to turn around, take off my trousers and bend, when I saw the lube traces he got angry and slapped me in my face, He demanded that I licked his cock - big head, thick, nbot circumcised, he was wearing a cock ring and his balls were impressive. he closed my nostrils and held my head in a grip until I almost fainted. and his cock went deep into my throat.
      then he made me lean over his desk, and said that since I was a fuckings sissy who had luber, he didn't want to open me with his tongue or hand, and tyhen he just forced my legs apart and his cock deep inside me, sooooo PAINFUL, but he really took his time, after a while he sat on his chair and made me sit on his cock facing him, all the time he said that I was so good I deserved something more, he opened a drawer and pulled out a dildo, pushed me off him and on the desk with my legs apart. he managed to get the head of the dildo inside , but i begged him to put some lube on, he did and then he started fucking me with it. he could see it turned me on  to be abused like that and told me to cum, I DID.  after that he masturbated in my face,
      told me tolick him clean, asked if I had been fucked much (yes) by more than one (yes), and said he wanted to call a friend next time, and then we could go to his house and he could piss in my hole after fucking.
      I almost came again.
    • By bbfarm
      My man told me about this dream he had.  He woke up dreaming he was fucking me.
      In two+ years, he’s had his dick in me once. It was in a four way  . . .  everyone was swapping.  Other than that I fuck HIM. . . as often as I can. Usually that is every other day, by my own choice. I’m big. He’s 63. I can fuck hard and rough and often long and/or repeatedly.  I worry every other day is too often.
      When we first met, erections were hard to come by for him. Although he was usually a blowjob top, he was open to other ways to play. He’s poz. I am not.  Prep is what allowed me to bare fuck and breed him on our first ‘date’.  He is six years older than me, and damn! is he sexy!   Crix belly. His ass looks the same as it did when he was a 25 yo Russian River bartending hottie, I believe.  He has 30+ tattoos.
      Anyway, what we do together we do together well. We also share our deep, spiritual  belief that GAY SEX IS DIVINE. I mean really a higher plane, not in a Bette Midler sort-of-way. We are sluts.  We go to orgy parties. We go to gay campgrounds.   Did. I mean we did.   Until covid.
      Thank dog we have each other.   Every other day.  Still - we both have been going squirrelly from the lack of other men.  I’ve asked myself why I am taking the prep every day?  Me top. Him undetectable. And I have gotten very careless about taking it. Maybe I skip a few days.  A “few”.   Oops.
      Because he told told me about his dream.   HOT idea, him fucking and breeding ME.  I tell him YES anytime  . . . let me know so I can clean.  Haha yeah, sure.
      And  days past and it’s forgotten.
      Except then like a week later.  It’s still lockdown around here. We are still distancing.  And I overindulge quarantine style . . . a little too much alcohol . . .a  little too much cannabis tincture . . .and I am passed out in bed. 
      I wake up groggy as fuck. I wake up in a face down dream. It’s wonderful. Breath on my neck.  Weight holding me down. And I am getting fucked.  I have not fantasized getting fucked in SO long!   And I am dreaming of the feelings . . . the fullness of a dick inside me . . .the nastiness of lube and precum squishing. Me pushing my ass back towards it. Me squirming around because it feels good in every direction and at every angle. FUCK nice. 
      Something about the effort to push back on his dick makes me realize I am actually doing this.   I AM flexing my ass. Wait? What? Am I dreaming? I realize I am not but it is such a wonderful dream I am tempted to drift back off without thinking too hard. My head is in this sleepy miasma of fantasy . . .am I at a bathhouse? . . . a Craigslist style anonymous stranger? . . .getting a hot load . . . DAMN this is fun I think to myself . . .but his FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK starting to speed up makes me aware a little so I push back giving him whatever access he wants and before I know it theres that PULSE PULSE PULSE  shooting his cum in my ass.  
      I love cum in the ass so much, usually from the other side- -giving my loads.  AMAZING My man came in me, and it wasn’t even really even “on the menu”. That dick of his used to have problems getting hard when we first met  . . .and he just came ROCKETS in my ass!    I have never taken POZ cum.   FUCK yes!
      Then I realized. I am not telling him. I haven’t had prep in over a week.  Ten days maybe.  He just shot a poz load deep in my almost-virgin-again ass. Sure he is UD, but what if not? What if that load has stored up all his potency, and all of that went deep inside me?   It’s burning in me. In a good way.
      If I get sick in ten days, I will have to tell him the truth so he doesn’t think it is the COVID.    
    • By SFCumCatcher
      Any places to cruise in Oakland? Ideally looking for park or alley for pump n dumps for a few hours. Bonus points for mask wearers and uncut guys.
      Prep chubby Asian bottom here.

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