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  1. There was a LGBT Pride festival this weekend, so my husband and I and one of our friends went to the parade. Naturally, these festivals usually have after parties, so of course we ended up at the club. At first it was very empty, but as there were two dollar drinks on sale so of course I had to have several. The evening opened with a long island iced tea, but one turned into two, two turned into three, and three turned into four. Oh, and four quickly turned into seven. Needless to say I was drunk as fuck. The morning before we left the hotel my husband had fucked me, breeding my ho
  2. This morning I woke up wanting cock, I looked on craigslist but I couldn’t find one who want to fuck so I called up my fuck buddy who agreed to meet me in the parking lot of the LA fitness. We got there just before the sun rose, and I put down the backseats of my car. I couldn’t host and neither could he. So we got into the backseat of the car and I started pulling on his cock through his trousers. He likes to kiss and push his tongue deep into my throat. When I left the house I made sure to lube my ass with silicone lube I push my finger inside to get even spread further and deep into my
  3. Hey guys, I am new to poppers- and I fucking love them. Recently i realized that my bottle didn't give me the full head rush that I got the first few times I used it. Is it possible that the poppers loose potency over time? or am I just getting used to it?
  4. This happened on Tuesday 14th July, 2015. Late Tuesday afternoon, I'm feeling horny so I called up one of my fuck buds, sure enough he doesn't answer, but he texts back, a few texts more and we're on the phone making plans to meet up. He also just got off work. So we agreed to meet up at the hilton parking lot. I immediately drove over and saw his car on the right side of the lot, my heart raced and my cock grew stiff. I was cheating on my husband with another man. I loved his cock-it was so fat and long. It made me gag. It made my ass hurt, in the good way only big cocks can make a botto
  5. For the past few weeks I have been online looking at bb porn and constantly visiting Craigslist, barebackrt and breeding zone. My mind was captivated by being dominated by a thick raw cock in my ass using my hole and making me surrender all control to the anonymous top fucking my tight ring. Yesterday I finally got the opportunity to do so. My wife went to work and I headed out to play. I came to the club orlando. My ass twitching for what I knew was inevitable that day. I went to the locker room and stripped immediately my semi hard cock just lightly poking the underside of the towel with
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