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Being Brought down a peg or two


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Chris looked me in the eye and whatever he saw made him smile. Not a kind smile but at evil grin that sent shivers down my smile. 

He said before I give you this slam I want to remind you of our conversation. 

You said that you wanted to be slammed with an unspecified amount of t. Well as you can see I have a loaded point but I am the only one who knows how much is in it. You then said you wanted to have a massive cock then rammed into your hole balls deep in one movement whilst you were still rushing. We'll here we have a slight problem where you were not very specific. Massive. Does that mean length, girth or both. So we have had to make this decision for you. You see we are all over 9 inches long. One or two very much over. The others are thick so we have covered all areas. After you have been rammed full of cock you want then to have another cock rammed up your hole. Again you have not been very specific so we are going to make this decision for you. That's you emails in a nut shell. So let's not waste any more time. 

Chris then addressed the others. I am going to lay on the mat and the three of you are going to hold Tony over my cock. I will then slam him and as he rushing you will then drop him right on to my solid 13 inches and just in case it meets some resistance you will push down on his shoulders. After that one of you will climb up behind him and join me in his hole. 

Chris went over to the mat and gave himself an injection into the base of his cock. Although he was already rock hard thinking about splitting the boy in half he wanted to remain that way. The others untied Tony and carried him over to where I was laying. They got hin in position so he was squatting with the tip of my cock at his hole. I tied of his arm and found a vein and proceeded to gime him a point 5 slam. Before I pulled of the tournaquet I layed back. The look of fear, excitement in Tony's eyes was magical but he still had not said a word. I pulled of the  band and the rush was instantaneous. His chest heaved his eyes became unfocused and he started to cough. If that was not enough for his brain to compute the other guys pulled his legs out straight and he fell like a sack of spuds onto my throbbing cock. There was no need for them to push him down. I had gone balls deep under his own weight ripping through both splincters. Tony's eyes shot open and he let at a gut curdling scream which only made my cock pulse more deep inside him. Before he had time to get use to the intrusion I grabbed hold of him and held him against my chest. Gavin climbed up behind him and aimed his rock solid cock which was just as long as mine but thicker at the target. He then started to push. Tony started to protest. He tried to wiggle free but he was no match for the four of us in his drug fuelled state. Gavin applied a lot of pressure and just when it was looking impossible des placed some poppers under Tony's nose. The surprise of it was all it took as they took hold gavins cock breached the target and like me he pushed till he was balls deep. I could feel his cock riding along mine. It was all a snug fit but we would soon sort that out. Tony was just sobbing and was Trying to say something which was not understandable. It did not matter what he said this was our time. This was giving him back some of the time he had wasted over the last few months stringing us all along. 

I slowly pulled my cock out till could feel it pass the second splincter and the started to push it back in. As I was pushing in Gavin was pulling out. We went slowly at first. Not for Tony's sake but so we could get into some sort of rhythm. We continued to build up speed until me were both pulling out and ramming our cocks back into him as far as they would go. All Tony could do was babble on about something or other but none of us were listening. We fucked him senseless for about 30 minutes and then I felt my balls begin to tighten. I looked at Gavin. He gave me that look which meant he was close too and if it had been choreographed we both ploughed in one more time and fired our loads deep inside Tony's guts. 

Tony sensed we had cum and seemed to relax a bit as we both began to pull out of his stretched hole. Both our cocks were covered in pink tinged goo.  I layed Tony on his back with his legs up in the air.  Des replaced me and I could see his beer can dick aimed at Tony's destroyed hole. Des had sprinkled his cock liberally with some Tina and there was a large shard hanging out of his cock eye. He smiled at me and without any ceremony he plunged deep into the waiting hole. Although it had been stretched it still caused Tony to scream out load. Des held his cock balls deep inside rhe hole and he could feel the change as the chrytal meth was dissolving as Tony's high intensified isaw Stephen step up dehind des and aim his cock. Again this was a beer van cock. We had decided at the start to have the two long cocks together and then the two thick cocks together in order that we could give Tony the maximum feelings all the time. How considerate of us?

Stephen lined up and I placed some poppers under Tony's nose. He inhaled deeply but he was flying real high by now as the Tina was well into his system. Stephen pushed in and with some considerable force and another massive scream from Paul he was in. They fucked differently to me and Gavin. Instead of pulling out one at a time they pulled out together and plunged in together maintaining maximum stretch all the time. They fucked him like this hor just shy of 40 minutes and it was des that started to shoot his load first which triggered Stephen to let loose with his contribution. They both looked at each other and I one quick movement they yanked both of there cocks out together causing their hot cum to fire all over the place. Tony let out a scream and tried to crawl away but he was going no where. His hole was leaking our 4 loads and they were very red. I dipped my fingers into his hole and then put them in Tony's mouth. He suckled them like a baby. 

We all fucked Tony 2more times each so he received every permeation of cock we could give. Then we put him in a cage to rest whilst we went to get something to eat. One of his fantasies was filled. 3 more to go. It was Stephens turn next to start the ball rolling as Tony wanted to try being fisted. This was Stephens speciality and one we all wanted to watch

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We returned about an hour later. Tony was laying at the bottom of his cage mumbling incoherently. His hole was still dripping hot pink cum down his legs. The look from his eyes showed he was still tweaking like mad but I knew that he would soon be flying a lot higher again in minutes. 


Des and Gavin released Tony from his cage and helped him over to the bench that had been set up to the side. He was securely tied in place so that his hole was clearly visible and showing that it was in need of some use. Des then returned to Tony's side with another slam. Tony did not seem to notice anything until Des pulled the band from his arm and his eyes flew open wide and the coughing fit ensued. 

Stephen sat down on the chair between Tony's legs. He made sure the others as well as the Cameras had an unobstructed view. He started to lube his hands and his arms. 

He started by placing the lube bottle at Tony's entrance and giving it a good squeeze. Whilst he still had a lot of cum deep within his guts from the previous session Stephen wanted to ensure that he was not inconvenienced by such a mundane thing as not enough lube once he started his journey. 

Stephen then placed four fingers into Tony's well fucked hole and immediately started to turn the backwards and forwards. This caused Tony to yell out. Whether in pain at the sudden intrusion or desire for more Stephen did not care he just told one of the guys to shut him up as he had work to do and couldn't be listening to all the mumbling every time he moved a finger. Des quickly and expertly found a gag and by the time he had secured it around Tony's neck Stephen had his first fist inside the hot sloppy hole. Stephen kept twisting his fist backwards and forwards for a good 15 minutes before suddenly pulling his balled fist out in one sharp movement and ramming it in again. Even though he was well gagged you could see that this had Tony's attention. Stephen fist fucked the hole using alternate hands and after such a relatively short time there was no resistance as Stephens hole stayed open both hands were removed. Stephen picked up a different lube bottle. This one was heavily laced. He did not want to give the boy another slam so early but he needed his hole even hungrier that it already was. He put a generous amount on his hands and working it into his hole. It took Lees than a minute for the t to be absorbed and whilst it was obvious Tony's high was increased still further what the others could not see was that the temperature inside Tony's hole had shot right up. Stephen knew it was time to continue the journey. 

Stephen worked his fingers deeper into Tony's hole. It took seconds before he found Tony's second splinchter and it if finding it was quick then breaching it was quicker still. The t was doing its job. The splinchter gave a little quiver of resistance before Stephen was through and on his way again. In less than 15 minutes Tony's hole had opened up and Stephen was now sitting with his forearm buried inside his hole. He looked at the others who were all staring in awe at the sight before them. 

Stephen knew that this was the easy part. The next stages were more challenging. 

He slowly pulled his hand back to the entrance of the second splinchter and then he started to feed his other hand into Paul's hole. It was easy to get both hands in and to the second entrance but Stephen knew that even with all the t in Tony's system he would need a distraction for the next bit. He told Des to get the poppers and give Tony some good hits. Stephen waited till he could feel then take over the already muddled brain and he pushed both hands together past the second hole. It took a bit of gentle persuasion to get both hands there together but all off a sudden the resistance had gone and it felt like the hands were being sucked in. The gag was doing its job and keeping Tony muted but Stephen could see the who range of emotions Tony was going through by looking deep into his eyes. The dark glass like pools that were allowing Stephen deep into his sole. 

Stephen worked both hands around the second hole for some considerable time only withdrawing when he felt he needed more lube. Once Stephen was able to get both hands pass the second hole without any resistance he decided it was time to let the others have a feel. He knew that none of the others had ever fisted like this so he had made sure the groundwork had been done for them.

Stephen got of the chair and nelt before Tony's hole. He got Gavin to kneel beside him. Stephen lubed Gavins right arm up and had him lay it over the back of his left arm. Stephen then guided both of there arms into Tony's hole by effectively giving Gavin a  piggy back with his own arm.  Stephen did not know who looked more astonished. Gavin or Tony but Stephen ensured that every one of the others felt the same experience before he decided it was time for the last bit. 

Stephen had been fisting Tony for well over 4 hours and it was nearly time to end this part of Tony's so called request as they still had 2 other emails to ensure we're dealt with.  Stephen had one more thing to do. 

He relubed his arm and Tony's hole. He was not getting any more t for this bit but he made sure the poppers were to hand. He effortlessly pushed his left arm bank in Tony's hole until it was midway up his forearm before he felt any resistance. He slowly worked his arm deeper into the hole and he was elbow deep and he could feel Tony still tweaking which was causing involuntary twitches in his hole. Stephen then had Des feed Tony the poppers. 10 good snorts per side. Stephen did not need to be told Tony was ready he could feel it and whilst staring direct into Tony's eyes Stephen pushed past the last remaining barrier and Stephen could feel his arm being sucked in. In one momement Stephen was tricep deep into the now gaping, sloppy, pink lubed hole which at the beginning of the night could have repelled the smallest of butt plugs but now you would find difficulty getting a huge plug to stay in place. 

Stephen did not remain buried deep for long. He wanted to make sure he had ticked all Tony's criteria from his email. He pulled all the way out and at times it felt as if Tony's insides were fighting with him to keep him inside. 

Tony was untied and given some fluids and food. He was then taken by Des and Gavin and given a shower. He was then brought back to the cage and given another drink which knocked him out. The others went to get some rest before the next day when the next email would be explored. Punishment! 

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