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  1. [think before following links] https://www.innleather.com/
  2. There's plenty of top men to be found on BBRT, Nasty King Pigs etc ..... Many of whom want to fuck a new piece of ass. Post an ad bud and you'll get responses. Invite a few over.
  3. If they're actually fully hard and into it, then that's one thing. It's when they can't stay hard and tell you to keep sucking on it and you realize that you've been blowing him for a good 25 minutes and that this is just going to be a waste of time. That's when you know you've got trouble.
  4. I was at INN LEATHER 2 weeks ago and Doug, the manager said that although the event itself had been cancelled he did not have one cancellation and was still expecting a full house of guests. I was glad to hear that as so many businesses have been heavily hurt ($ $ $) by all of the restrictions related to covid-19.
  5. I just spent 4 nights at INN LEATHER in Ft. Lauderdale a little over a week ago. I had a nice time. Yes, there are restrictions in place but of course they have to be. Hot tub was shut down & covered, the public sling had been taken down though the ones in the guest rooms are all working. Was kind of funny seeing guys walking around naked with semi-hard-ons while sporting those pale blue disposable facial masks. Looked like a bunch of horned up surgeons on the make. I don't think all of the rooms were filled while I was there but there was also guys there on the 'day pass'. Doug, the guy
  6. Wish the subsequent chapters would come quicker. I have go back and refresh my brain as to which story I'm reading and I really like this one.
  7. Yep, definitely MARCO CRUISE .... Marco bottoms for Pig Daddy Jim Ferro
  8. Love this clip. Well built young bottom is obviously flying and he's begging for cock. Just begging for it which is just the way I like to see pig boys. Suey ! Please SIR, please can i have some cock ?
  9. Beautiful. That kid was born for abuse. Want to see how much he can take and if the master takes him too far.
  10. Particularly if you're the only bottom and they're all horned to the gills.
  11. Looks like a gay porn version of one of AMC'S zombie series.
  12. To be in a gang bang with Ed Hunter, Lito Cruz, BJ Slater, Vic Rocco & Drew Sebastian would be my nirvana.
  13. I think that's MARCO CRUISE.
  14. Can anyone tell me who the bearded blond guy is in this video ? BAREBACK  3-WAY
  15. They look like a couple of cupcakes. All yours !
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