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    Leather/Rubber Bear looking for holes to fill with cock and fists!
    Top fucker but top/versatile in other play.Into many areas of play but more piggy than vanilla!!Just ask!
    VERY Slam and chem friendly!!

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  1. SIR

    07394405256 for whatsapp Sir

  2. Thanks for the follow man. HHot Rubber pig😈

  3. Fucking hot top... I wish you fuck me hard and raw to get your cum..

  4. The last part of chapter 4 with the pegs and twine and slammed is superb!!Look forward to even more fun!!! LOVE to have that happen to me!!! Any offers in the UK?
  5. WOOF !  You are Extremely HOT !   Curious - 1 action finally had you become - handle a fist - trying to stretched and be Fisted !   Help me !   Please !

  6. more please....loving the Crew Condom!
  7. Choices, choices!! I guess wait until the next BRILLIANT AWESOME chapter is completed is the sensible choice. To use the terms BRILLIANT and AWESOME is a total understatement of this superb story. Simply the best story on this site!
  8. FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE!! Please do carry on with this superb story!
  9. FFFFantastic!! Good to have you back!
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