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  1. Who of you makes guys like me earn a pig mask that way?
  2. Would love having 4 guys doing that to me but I doubt anyone dares?
  3. Any FF Daddy like that on here, please contact me and take over my hole
  4. Dürfte man mit mir auch mal machen
  5. Never had T so far...no twisted Top ever wants giving it to me
  6. Wished as young student I had fallen into their hands
  7. Well if that would happen I would happily go to hospital any time
  8. I want being chemmed like that by two men or more...but more by older twisted [banned word]
  9. I want such a chem master
  10. And again a thing I wished I was the bottom in...where are such tops?
  11. To bad the story was never continued but wished i were the boy in it
  12. Also always has been a dream of mine finding a guy or guys who are into sedating and fucking me...any takers?
  13. I have no idea why but again this systematically chemical takedown to have his way arouses me as bottom but no one dares doing it to me
  14. Always my dream to be drugged and gang raped but not only once...being kept as permanently spun toy then
  15. Darksyde


    Are there any chem doms/,tops who would do that to me, an almost chem virgin?
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