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Being Brought down a peg or two


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My names Tony but most of my friends called me Tiny. Tiny as I was just over 5 feet tall and no other reason. You would think that as I was so short that I would be picked on but this was not the case, in fact it was the total opposite. I was more than capable of handling myself and never backed down from a fight. In honesty I was an arrogant 19 year old who felt that the world owed me a free ticket and I pissed a lot of people of with my attitude. 

This was the reason I am laying strapped to a bench surrounded by four guys that look like they mean business. 

Earlier on in the week I had been on my computer logged into my favourite bb site. Yes I am gay and I've known it since I was 14 when I was seduced by the local vicar bit that is another story. As I was saying I was logged in and I was looking at the messages. I had no intentions of meeting but I did like to string people along. I played them along with messages and pictures and arranged meets which I had no intentions of going to. Just to piss them of. Watching the old trolls agree to anything thinking they were going to get my ass. I had been talking to 2 such guys on a regular basis and after I flaked on them for the umpteenth time and fed them another cock and bull story as to why I did not show up they were then trying to arrange another meet. Suckers it was not going to happen or not intentionally. 

As I said I was arrogant and when I sent the guys pictures they really were of me and clearly showed my face and body. If you got it flaunt it. Whilst only 5 foot I had a tight athletic body from years of swimming which I kept shaved. My cock was a respectable 7inches which looked massive on my small frame. I did look good and I used every opportunity I could to  show off. 

So today was Friday and it was hot so I was walking through the park towards the local pool. I had my bag thrown over my shoulder and was wearing a pair of well fitted shorts and nothing else. There was a five sheen of sweat glistening of my well tanned body from the 90 degree heat. I was just exiting the park by the west gate when without warning a black van screached to a halt in front of me. The side doors flew open. Two guys jumped out and before I could react they had injected something into my neck and I had blacked out. The next thing I became aware of was waking up in a room strapped to some sort of bench, alone. 

It took me a while to clear my head and whilst I was securely tied I could see my surroundings. On the wall in front of me was a t v. There was a table over to my left with something on it but that was covered up and to my right there were some chains hanging from the ceiling but I could not make out what was hanging from them. As I tried desperately to try and break my bonds I suddenly became aware of a red dot in thr top corner of the room. I heard it before I saw it and then I realised it was a camera. I was being watched. I started to thrash about and scream to be let go but whomever had tied me up knew what they were doing. Then when I had all bit given up the television flicked on and someone started to talk. 

Good afternoon Tony,  my name is Desmond but you will know me as sleazy skin. I am here with 3 other like minded people whom you have been in regular contact with. As it appears you have such a dramatic life where nothing goes to plan then we thought that for once we as your friends would make something happen as you planned. If you don't understand what I am talking about then look at the TV and I am sure it will jog your memery. On the screen suddenly appeared snap shots of conversations I had been having on the bb Web sites with 4 guys. I had been stringing them all along for months. I had told them all sorts of things, agreed to meet and never showed up. Oh boy I think I may be in trouble..... 






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As I lay there looking at the screen I was trying to think of a way out of this. I had managed to always spin these guys a yarn and they had always believed me. They always said they understood and went on to try and arrange another meet. Think. Think

As I put my mind into overdrive I heard a door open behind me and people enter. There before me stood 4 guys. All taller than me which wasn't hard and they ranged in age from mid 40s to about 60.   They surrounded me and looked down. I looked at all of there faces. There was no emotion on any of them. I recognised all of them from their profiles. I then saw that they were all wearing leather waist coats of bare hairy chests. They all had on leather jock straps which were barely covering some straining bulges. 

As you can tell I liked leather and it was the reason I had targeted these guys in the first place. It was Desmond that was first to speak. He said hello Tony. I can see that you recognise all of us. He carried on by sayi g that over the last few months he and his friends had become very concerned for my welfare. I had all these pent up desires and emotions and for some reason or other your plans to fulfil your needs always ended without the outcome you described in your conversations. This was not healthy and as your friends we had taken a decision to look after your welfare by making your wishes come true. So each of us has highlighted a conversation we have had with you and over the next couple of days we are going to help you fulfil your various needs. 

For once in my life I was speachless. Had I just heard right. Did he say over the next couple of days?. Surely someone would miss me. 

As I was laying there thinking about this Des spoke again and it was as if he was reading my mind. He said that arrangents had been made with my parents and work so no one was going to be worried about my abscence. 

Desmond then smiled at me. No it wasn't a smile it was a smirk. He continued. Now it appears you have various needs or itches that need to be scratched and as I said we are here to make these happen. Whilst each of our conversations have been different and highlighted a different desire they all have one thing in common. They all start the same way. 

You arrive at your meet ready to get straight down to business. The first thing that you do is loosen up by having a slam and getting into the zone. As this is a common factor to each of us then that's how we will begin.  

Before we came into the room we all drew lots to see who would be the first to help make your first desire to come through and I'm pleased to tell you it was Chris that won. You remember Chris don't you. Chris is the guy you spoke to about your desires to be fucked by two cocks at once. As you can see there are four os us here so if your maths is any good you will realise there are six possible ways in which we can make this happen and we are all eager to play our part. 

Throughout Des whole conversation I said nothing. I just layed there in shock. I could not work out if this was real or not but when I focused and saw Chris approaching me with a point in his hand I knew it was. I started to panic.







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