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Guest grubbysubby

Aaron Finds a Master

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Guest grubbysubby

Sorry for the long delay and the short chapter…


Part 4:

I had no idea how long we had been driving. The electro butt plug and electrified cock cage tingled and pulsed randomly and I was alternately moaning in pleasure and shouting in surprise as my tortured dick and ass got the workout of their lives. 

I could feel that we had left the motorway. I was fucking desperate for a piss but I had no idea how my captors would take me soiling the interior of the van. Eventually, I had no choice and could feel my hot urine filling the inside of the rubber surf suit I was wearing. I groaned as it hit me that I was pissing in my bike leathers… Fuck! I could smell the combination of the sweaty socks I had in my mouth, my own sweat and the piss that now squelched inside the rubber. My cock continued to strain against the chastity device I still wore. I think I was burping out an almost continuous stream of pre-cum from my straining dick.

I felt the van come to a halt and voices get louder and then fade away. The interior of the van was stiflingly hot and I was starting to worry about how long they would leave me here. I trusted Brian but I was starting to doubt the sanity of handing me over to these guys.

The van doors opened but I was still hooded and blindfolded and could not see my surroundings. I felt myself being lifted from the van and carried to what I assumed was an open patio or verandah area.

“Send up straight, cunt,” I heard from behind me. I straightened up. I felt hands unzipping my leathers and helping me step out of them.

“Cunt pissed himself,” I heard another voice. He said something else but it was drowned out by laughter. I did manage to catch the word “punished” though and my cock lurched in its cage

I felt the surf suit being removed and the smell of my sweat and my piss assaulted my nostrils. I felt myself being bodily picked up and carried. The tingling from the electro stopped and I heard a voice, “Ready, cunt? This is going to be cold!”

my whole body tensed up in shock as I felt myself plunged into what must have been an ice bath. It felt like hundreds and thousands of tiny needles were being plunged into my skin. Hands held me down in the freezing water. I then felt myself lifted out of the water after what seemed like an eternity. I was placed onto the floor and I felt my hands and ankles being restrained. I was shivering. “He needs warming up,” I heard and I started to jerk in my bonds as I felt candle was being dripped onto my freezing skin. Fuck, these guys must have literally read my fantasies before bringing me here!

I felt a tourniquet being placed around each bicep. Fuck! Were they going to give me MORE? And a double? I felt the familiar pinch of a needle being inserted into each arm and then the pop of the tourniquets being released...

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15 hours ago, pitsnipspisspig said:

Dear grubbysubby, please continue this awesome story; I'd like to know how Aaron got trashed by Master Ken. I assume he will be much more sadistic than Brian. 

If someone has Guest as part of their username and Guests under their blank profile pic, then they're no longer on this site.

Edited by takingdeepanal
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2 hours ago, takingdeepanal said:

If someone has Guest as part of their username and Guests under their blank profile pic, then they're no longer on this site.

Quite correct @takingdeepanal... I am back, however, and am working my way through my writer’s block to come up with the next chapter!

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Hi guys… apologies for the delay. I kind of wrote myself into a corner with this one and I have tried to salvage it with this chapter. Writer’s block is a cunt of a thing!

I hope you enjoy part 5… hopefully the creative juices are flowing again!


Part 5:

My senses were in overdrive. I had a metallic taste in my mouth and I coughed repeatedly. My ears were ringing. I heard activity around me but I was unsure what was going on. I was still sweating but my body temperature had been tempered by the cold water.

I heard and felt clippers as they were run over my head and then my body, cock, balls and arse. Then, I felt something cool being applied to my torso and realised that I was being shaved down. I find shaving such a turn on as it is the ultimate in power exchange (apart from piercings and tattoos.)

I felt a small prick in my cock and realised that I was being given Caverject or Tri-Mix. It seemed like an impossibly big dose of that was being given to me.

I was then led to a sling and strapped in. My head was lower than my arse and my head, while supported, was hanging over the edge of the sling. I felt a cock nudge at my mouth and I gladly opened to accept the cock. Simultaneously, I felt a cock nudge at my hole.

As the dick in my mouth grew to its full hardness, i felt the guy push further and further down my throat. I felt my air supply cut off and my gag reflex kicked in. As I choked on the huge member raping my throat, the dick at my hole started to push its way in. It was not going in easily and I realised that (a) it was huge and (b) they were not using lube. I tried to concentrate on relaxing my hole but the throat rape that I was receiving was making it impossible to do so. The cock on my throat withdrew slightly and I took a couple of heaving breaths. As it shoved its way back down my throat and I started to choke again, the dick at my hole shoved in balls deep in one massive thrust.

I screamed around the cock in my mouth and felt myself break out in a fresh lather of sweat. I felt the cool of lube being applied (too late, fuckers) to my hole and the dick started its assault on my arse.

Periodically, the cock assaulting my throat would withdraw and a popper soaked rag would be placed against my nose and mouth. As I heaved for breath, I could feel the poppers affecting me. My head was swimming and I was till rushing from the drugs that had been pumped into my system.

I was moaning as the fucking got more intense and more insistent. With a roar the owner of the dick slammed back into my hole and I felt the warm, moist sensation of what must have been a huge load being pumped into my guts. At more or less the same time, the dick in my mouth slammed all the way down my throat and unloaded directly into my stomach.

Both cocks were withdrawn simultaneously and I felt a wet tongue slurping on my hole. I love being rimmed and the tongue probing my chute was an expert at it. I felt hands grasp my hard dick which was slick with precum.

A dick slapped against my lips and I tasted arse and some blood as it was inserted into my mouth “Clean me off you filthy bitch” said the voice and I realised I was cleaning off the dick that had just unloaded in my arse. As he withdrew with a satisfied sigh, I heard a voice, “Open up, cunt,” and the load that had just been fetched from my arse was spat out into my mouth. This was pressing all my buttons.

Another popper soaked rag was placed over my nose and mouth and the next dick started to ease into my hole. This dude was also hung and I could feel my hole stretch to accommodate his throbbing member. I heard, “His mouth is empty, fellas,” and felt the next dick assault my throat.

As the cock forced its way down my throat, I could smell the musky scent of unwashed cock and balls. Whoever this guy was, he was a filthy fucker. As the assault continued, all that I could smell was a pungent mix of sweat, arse, cock and balls. I felt hands pinch and tug at my nipples which is always a massive turn on for me. If my nipples are not scabbed over and bleeding by the end of a session, they have not been worked hard enough.

I felt pegs being applied to my tits and I hissed around the cock in my mouth. Each time someone unloaded in my arse, the pegs would be taken off, rotated 90 degrees, and re-applied. In this way, they were not mauled and really hurt, but they were always sensitive and in the most exquisite pain.

Between the assault on my nipples, and the random slaps on my torso, legs and butt, my entire body was a mass of red hand marks and welts as my tormentors continued their work.

I lost count at 20 dicks in my arse but the train on my holes went for what seemed like hours. My hole was puffy and swollen, as were my lips. I felt a hand lift my head and a bottle was placed against my lips. I drank thirstily recognising Gatorade and the unmistakable bitterness of GHB. “If I pass out, carry on fucking me,” I managed to croak out between gulps of liquid.

I was given another two tablets to swallow - one MDMA and a diuretic I was told.

I relaxed back into the sling and felt someone releasing the restraints. I still head the blindfold on but it was soaked through - a mixture of sweat, saliva, cum, and fuck knows what else; a heady brew of depravity that was turning me on something rotten.

I felt it being removed. “Keep your eyes closed, slut,” I was told. I was helped into a standing position and I felt the cloth being used to wipe me down from head to toe. Then it was tied around my head again and the rank smell of my sweat and piss assaulted my nostrils.

I was led to a mattress and was restrained again.

Someone grabbed my cock and lubed it up. “Pass me the catheter,” said a voice and I squirmed as a tube was inexorably forced down my piss slit. This was new for me - I had mucked around with sounds before, but this was a whole new sensation. At the same time, a pecked gag was put into my mouth. Someone fiddled around with the gag and suddenly my mouth was filled with piss. Fuck! They had attached my catheter to my pecker gag AND I had been given a diuretic! I was going to drinking a huge amount of piss!

“Rest up, the night is only just beginning,” I heard and the crowd faded away.

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2 minutes ago, bipigboy05 said:

I hope that block is gone because this just got a good restart. 

Thanks @bipigboy05, I hope so too!

Having  said that, a grand total of 7 (so far) have liked what they read in part 5; so the people have spoken; albeit very quietly! 😂 - hopefully more people would actually like me to continue!!!

Edited by grubbysubby
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On 8/22/2020 at 3:21 PM, grubbysubby said:

Thanks @bipigboy05, I hope so too!

Having  said that, a grand total of 7 (so far) have liked what they read in part 5; so the people have spoken; albeit very quietly! 😂 - hopefully more people would actually like me to continue!!!


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