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  1. that article was dated 22 dec and refers go tier 4. I was caught up 6 weeks b4. no fines issued and believe just dispersal. issue then was someone reported a tent ( probably a jealous onlooker) and police came en masse. interested that omplication is they are still operating under covid rules. fewpeole are seeing them.
  2. 22 police plus dogs torchlight etc etc it seems someone reported a tent ...but the dispersal was for covid regulations at the time. There were about 30 caught up. but agree this is unusual
  3. make sure we get advanced notice of u being spread over the fucktree. I may not fuck a load into u but I might open own arse and contribute tour collection...or indeed just get my face deep into u.
  4. assuming I have not been actually chained down ...if the top has used a rubber ill do whatever I can to retrofit the load. clean him off and remove rubber. or pick up off ground and shove upmy own arse.
  5. since I got caught up with police on covid excuse been reluctant to go but was certainly getting plenty. my handler left me In hammock attached go trees and anything was allowed
  6. I'm very surprised at my own appetite change. I would never have said I was a pain pig but over the past year I have taken harder and harder flogging. even cigar burns. its all to do with the lead up and atmosphere for me
  7. it was more a comment im connection with the way in which bystanders view this.
  8. my 0wner has strapped me up 9n the heath a few times and flogged me.lots of guys stand around but FEW actually want to join in lots of discussion but little action
  9. this pig is either in a sling in a cage or over a log/ fucktree. in any case join in anyway u want. feel free to film
  10. na. was up on the heath last Sunday. prepared and chained down to take every load going later off to fuck tree and fisted. any one who sees ...join in dont be shy
  11. expect to be on heath on Sunday. in cage or sling.
  12. my owner prepared this pig and had me crawl to an area on the heath. some guys waiting plus dog cage, sling, tent and other activities. started being chained into cage and arse opened. started quiet. ended as show as led crawling on knees to ficktree.
  13. usually Sunday evenings after 8. May need to try Sat ....
  14. hang from screws in trees. . also works well go lock hand restraints above head can also screw hand restraints to the fuck tree. no moving possible
  15. was in a sling on hamstead Sunday night taking all cummers
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