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  1. last time I gave a bj was Sunday night at heath. there with owner and his mate on a leash. at one point I was tied on a log face up and owner brought over a guy for a blowjob. came all over me and left like that. bit later owners mate who had been fucked just stood over my mouth and let it all flow Into my mouth
  2. was there from about 9 til 4am. bit wet to start with but great. if you remember seeing a pig tied up including to a log in the path...that was me.
  3. look out tonight. pig on leash. owner taking it for walks
  4. possible but specialised and not many mainline places will do it
  5. a pa and a guiche work well together. make then deep and padlock together. no wanking then. septum is another good one for attaching a leash
  6. was up there sunday night. staked out over fuck tree. taking piss and cum bit of a show...
  7. be at burgess park later. being slammed n put on show by mates. then onto hh
  8. Stunning writing and scene setting. Go DARK

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