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    BDSM, CBT, TT, PNP, FF, electro, corporal punishment. Total sub slut bottom.
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    Dom tops who take what they want.

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  1. Fuck me this story is hot!
  2. It’s not easy that’s for sure. PM me if you want to talk more.
  3. Always keen - you after bottoms, tops or vers?
  4. Another oldie but goodie that I’m bumping up for people to read... I wish I was this slut!!!!
  5. I recall I contracted syphilis from a partner. As I was being treated, I was asked for contact info for any other guys if slept with. I elected to contact partners myself, but I often wonder at the privacy of my sexual partners and myself in this sort of world.
  6. Very very hot story!!! Would love to see a continuation!
  7. Agree with all the above... I’d like to add the aphrodisiac properties of a hot guy’s sweaty pits... yummo!
  8. That’s a real shame...
  9. @pervinmt this story is bloody fantastic! Love your style!
  10. I once had “am getting to the point where I can take a fist” in my profile text and was suspended for drug references because, as we all know, “get to the point” means injecting drugs! Yes, they are totally draconian in their approach! And, yes, I was a subscriber!
  11. I think this story deserves a bump... it’s languishing on page 18 and I suspect some of you pigs haven’t read it yet!
  12. Funny... I don’t remember the guy specifically; but he used a condom, didn’t prep me properly, didn’t open me up and didn’t use enough lube. I hated anal sex for years after until someone else introduced me to raw sex. Ever since then, I’ve only fucked raw. Part of me wishes he had done it properly, perhaps I would’ve learned to enjoy condom sex... not that I have regrets, and love raw sex and still hate condoms; it you wonder if your life’s trajectory may have been different had he been a better lay!!!!
  13. @BBFCKR, this is by far the best story on here! I keep coming back for more! Please give us more of this twisted tail!
  14. I was sick in bed for three weeks. A mate of mine spent four weeks in hospital. Very nearly died. Everyone reacts differently. One of the big misconceptions out there when I converted was that the fuck flu was a regular thing when you were poz... I.e., you’re poz, you shag someone and the next day you feel like you’ve got a cold, then it goes away and the event repeats itself every time you fuck. Lol! What bullshit... but we’re going back many years and people had all sorts of urban myths in their heads. The other thing that muddies the water is that people don’t understand the word “flu”... The common cold is not flu. The flu is “influenza” that can really fuck you up. So, yeah... the fuck flu is exactly that: fever, aches, for me, I also had extreme diarrhoea... like water... headaches. And the absolute terror of knowing I had tested poz. It certainly wasn’t something I wanted (with apologies to the bug chasers!!!) Now that I AM poz, I’m fine with it all... but the fuck flu laid me low and wasn’t very pleasant all round.

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