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Guys can be "verbal" with sounds like moans and groans, or with dirty talk.

In breeding videos I only like to hear sounds coming from the top guy and definitely don't like screaming bottoms because they remind me of women in porn. But I love the sweet sounds of the top, including his breathing. Occasional encouraging sounds from the bottom are OK, but it's the top the one I want to hear. I love dirty talk, and again, better in my view for the bottom than screaming, I don't like the bottom blocking the sounds of the top.

When getting fucked I like to occasionally respond to the top's cock by saying things like "Oh,,,,it feels so good" and if the top is silent i talk dirty to describe what's going on with his cock in my hole, but also what will happen when he shoots inside my hole. 

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Not sure hungry_hole quite understands what this thread was about........   and too much screaming isn't really verbal it's just noise.


In any case still interested in speaking with other broadminded guys into the same.   Details up top! 

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