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    Whoring out faggots, gangbreeding, cum injection, piss, group sex is the best
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  1. Love verbal too! hmu tasseur
  2. And bottoms say that they remember their ugly fucks usually better than those from hot guys. I think that feel of degradation and depravation turns them on deep inside, even if they may be disgusted by it. They usually return for more.
  3. I never thank them. They're doing as told, and are more than happy to please. Not sure who's taking more pleasure. But I might thank them for taking all those loads from the ugly ones who would never have a chance to burst their spunk if there were no cumdumps. Thanks for your community service, but don't expect a thank you for pleasing me.
  4. You don't have to be single forever, some men out there might just want a relationship with a guy like you. I take pleasure in whoring out my partners. And they can get dicks on their own too.
  5. Exactly. Some tops would chose some depraved cumdump over a hot "classical" bottom. I believe most tops attending those anonymous fucks enjoy a well used slut, just like I do
  6. You're spot on! Hot looking cumdumps taking loads from the ugliest men can be such a turn on, and tells how far the road of depravity a faggot has gone. I'd even go further and say that a faggot getting fucked without blindfold is even nastier. He's seeing all these men fucking him, no way for him to fantasize about hot men breeding his cunt, just the reality of the crowd there to take advantage of him.
  7. If I choose a bottom to breed, I make sure beforehad that he's a total bottom. It's obvious he's gonna please me and do as told if he wants my load
  8. A slut that's addicted to sex, and who will never turn down any cock. A slut that's able to serve groups and always willing to please tops. And also that he has a loose sloppy hole for use.
  9. Glad to see real sluts on here don't discriminate. A dick is a dick . If you crave cum, you better accept any men. That's such a turn on for me, when I see a pretty boy getting fucked by ugly trolls. It just tells us how far they'd go to fulfill their lust and what depraved cumdumps they are.
  10. Exactly DannyBoy, "make me pregnant" or "push your babies in me" turns me on so much. Just as "you're load number xx". Love a sloppy hole
  11. If I decide to breed you, you better keep my semen in your cunt, slut! The only acceptable reason for you to push it out is that I decided so! And that's never the case. Of course if you're flooded, I'll push it all back, if you've got a plug, I'll gladly plug that spunk make sure you absorb all that DNA. If there are drops on the floor, you'll have to lick it up. Cum never goes to waste with me!
  12. As a dominant top, I enjoy to fuck wrecked holes. I enjoy sluts, and what better than a loose, destroyed cunt to show the world what slut you are? I don't enjoy tight holes, most of the time the bottom does not feel comfortable taking my poundings. I love rough sex, where I get to plow my dick as hard as I wish. Trying to turn that manhole into a manpussy. Most sluts I bred are proud to have loose holes, so i have no intention to stop destroying holes.
  13. I love slutty bottoms like you. I have a thing for sluts who give open access to their hole to anyone. Makes my dick harder knowing I'm getting to breed a well-used boy with an insatiable hunger for dicks and cum. When I fuck such a slut, I make it my personal challenge to make sure the boy gets what he deserves. If the slut's still hungry for more, it happens I get to whore him out. So yeah, I definitely encourage bottoms to be just a hole for men to use
  14. Yeah he's name's Dylan. He starred in one of the Drunk on Cum (volume 2 i think) from TreasureIslande. Such a cum hungry slut in those movies! And only fresh loads from the tap
  15. The slut is Bruce Jordan. Been in other TIM's movies too.
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