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I'd like to share with you, how I became a pervy crossdresser.

I first started spying on women when I was 8. If there was a chance to see a naked woman or girl, I was going to take it.

My mom and older sister were easy. I would just watch through their windows. If mom was showering, I was watching. If my sister was changing clothes I was there. I even managed to hide in my grandma's closet and watch her lotion up her entire nude body! Also peeped in my neighbors windows a lot. They had 2 girls ages 10 and 16. 

I couldn't understand why I was so obsessed with naked girls...and then I got ahold of my first porno tape and mag. I was 10 at this point. I was digging around in my dad's side of the closet looking for his binoculars when I saw a magazine with a naked young girl on the cover and under that was a vhs with another nude babe on the case. I immediately took them both down to the basement.

I played the tape and watched as beautiful women showed up on screen in sexy clothes and started stripping. I loved the way they moved! They would get the men in the videos so riled up! That's when I saw a woman in fishnets bend over and start sucking a guy's cock. She looked like it was the best thing she had had in her mouth...ever! I immediately wanted to be her.

I went back a few days later to see if there were more hidden treasures in his closet. Their certainly were. I found a gay vhs, some nude pics of my mom (left those behind) and a small dildo. Had no idea what it was at the time, but figured it out after watching the gay vid.

I showed my cousin the vids and told him that I wanted to dress like a girl. He said he wouldn't tell and would steal some stuff from his sister and bring it over.

A week went by. We were waiting for the perfect time so we wouldn'tbe interupted. As it happened, my grandparents were out of town. We went over there and had the place to ourselves.

My cousin popped in the first video. I took all the clothes into the bathroom and got naked. Then I began to transform. I slid the.panties on first. They felt so good. The string pulling tight between my ass. Then the short denim skirt...my heart started beating harder. Put the small black bra on followed by the belly shirt. Then; very important, the wig my cousin jacked from his sister. About shoulder length brunette. I slipped on the black heels I found in grandma's closet...last thing was the bright red lipstick. I looked in the mirror and was shocked!!! I looked like a girl. I started smiling at myself, trying to make the smile feminine. I knew I only had one true tester...my cousin.

I open the door and walk toward the couch. He's kinda rubbing his dick while watching the vid. I giggle and he stares at me for a long time. He can't speak. I walk in front of him and try and move like the video girls do. Without even really thinking about it, I start taking off my skirt...

I asked if we could pretend that I was one of those girls in the movie. He agrees immediately. I get on my hands and knees with my ass facing him. I start rubbing the dildo on my hole....That's when we hear the door open and close and in walks our grandmother. She is SHOCKED! She instantly tells my cousin to go home and that she will talk to his dad later. She turns off the tape, and just stares at my predicament. She then sits on the couch, and proceeds to explain that there is nothing wrong with being curious and trying new things. She said if I had questions I could always ask her...

I didn't ask her anything. I went back to spying on women and girls, collecting sluttier and sluttier clothes, and getting my hands on as much porn as possible.

Finally met some older men who were into bois like me. I continue to dress up to this day...and still like to see what's going on in windows.

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hot...lotsa incest in my history too. cept i turned out "straight", i guess meaning loving femininity and lingerie, hot makeup and sluts who love creampies. porn refined and perverted my tastes

tell us more about your trans-formation

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