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    Porn, crossdressing, filthy kinky taboo chat, random partners, role/age play.
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    Started crossdressing when I was 8, was with my first man when I was 11. Been with both men and women of all ages. Really really love porn...all kinds. Share your fantasies with me...zero judgement.
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    Miss. Lydia if i'm a brunette, Aubrie if I am blonde, and Sarah if I am a little girl
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    Daddies, mature men over 45, other cd's of any age. I want to be recorded, have pics taken of me, and treated like a pretty girl, fem slut, or your young boy. Share pics with me. Maybe we can meet up and play.

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  1. My ex gf would often dress me as a fem slut, take pics, and join me at the arcade/theater. Anyone else?
  2. Pretending I am a very young boy that has been dressed as a little girl. He shows me porn, takes pics of me, and makes me his toy.
  3. I'd like to share with you, how I became a pervy crossdresser. I first started spying on women when I was 8. If there was a chance to see a naked woman or girl, I was going to take it. My mom and older sister were easy. I would just watch through their windows. If mom was showering, I was watching. If my sister was changing clothes I was there. I even managed to hide in my grandma's closet and watch her lotion up her entire nude body! Also peeped in my neighbors windows a lot. They had 2 girls ages 10 and 16. I couldn't understand why I was so obsessed with naked girls...and th
  4. First tried it with my ex gf. Filled her up, pulled out, spread her ass and watched it flow...awesome! But then I was envious. I wanted to get filled up. So, one night while she was at work I hopped on Craigslist. Loaded some pics of me dressed like a fem slut, and got a reply. The dude was in his 60's and really liked to treat me like a lil girl. We played in the living room for a bit and then he led me to the bathroom. I got on all fours, he slid it in and immediately started filling me up. He pulled out, I aimed my ass into the shower, sprayed like a hose and he fired the rest in my f
  5. Looking for older guys...multiple. 50+. Lawrence, Ks.
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