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How did this happen to me?

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I tried to lean my head on my hands, but the smell of piss from the urinal was too strong. I looked down and realized I was probably kneeling in piss and cum too. Those floors hadn't been cleaned in a while. I'd never felt so degraded in my whole life. Suddenly, John got on his knees behind me, and I looked back to see a hard dick, hung, with a PA. "Whores don't get lube," was all he said before he shoved it inside me. I started to cry--from the pain, but more from the humiliation and the fear. He fucked me hard and fast. The pain was piercing, and I'm pretty sure my hole tore a little bit. But he didn't care. Five minutes of fucking, then he grunted, grabbed my hips, shoved himself all the way inside me, and came. He stood up, pulled his jeans back up, and reached into his pocket. I assumed it was for some scissors or a knife or something to let me go. But instead he pulled out a sharpie and uncapped it. He wrote something on my back, dropped the sharpie on the ground next to me, and walked out. I called after him, "Wait, what the..." but the door slammed shut and I was left alone again. I turned and looked in a mirror to see what he had written. It said, "POZ loads," and he had made a tally mark down below it. Holy fuck. I hadn't even thought about John having HIV. And he came inside me. What was I going to do? I'd heard if you got to the hospital fast after exposure, there was something they could give you, but I was zip tied to this urinal and I wasn' going anywhere. Then I realized... I was zip tied to a urinal in the bathroom of a sleazy gay bar. How long would it be before someone else found me? I didn't even want to consider the fact that it could be my own father who found me like that. I put the thought out of my mind--it was too scary to think about. Would the guy who found me let me go? Or would the night get worse? It wasn't long before I heard the door open behind me and turned to look.

(to be continued)

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