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    Finally realized that I need to be pozzed up and am very turned on by the thought. Totally into bug chasing. Looking to join the poz brotherhood. Seeking HVL toxic tops to breed my neg ass and knock me up. Give me you AIDS babies. Very much into poz talk/chat especially during sex.
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    None but have a major thing for guys who have.
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    Vers Leather Daddy Bear looking to breed, seed and get bred. Really enjoy group scenes and love eating and fucking an ass filled with other guys' loads. Love to eat hairy hole (the furrier the better) before I fuck it. The following quote from Joe Gage's classic film, Heatstroke, sums up my feelings about good sex: The best homosexual sex is anonymous, promiscuous, and public...

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  1. myDNA4u

    Breeding the new member.

    Especially a pozzed up hairy ass leaking toxic cum. Yum
  2. myDNA4u

    The Tattoo Artist

    This is one of the hottest stories on here. And I'll add that the author is one fucking hot man. I know from personal experience.
  3. myDNA4u

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    I think I'd rather see the boy stay with his "daddy", go off the PrEP and be turned into a willing and happy pozzed up cumdump.
  4. myDNA4u

    A Brother in Trouble

    Hope the swim team gets to gangbang their coach.
  5. myDNA4u

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Just chatted with masctravelingpup. He's still banned from posting until the 15th. He does have more chapters to post. I know many of us are looking forward to them.
  6. myDNA4u

    Sex Roulette RP game

    1. Bill 2. 66 3. Conversion party with multiple toxic tops. No blood slams or hard drugs 4. Spin the wheel
  7. myDNA4u

    New Owner

    Fuck yeah. Jim needs to take loads from all the other poz guys at the party. He's got a whole weekend to be filled full of toxic ball juice.
  8. myDNA4u

    New Owner

    I totally agree. So much hotter if he winds up begging for Hank's poz load up his ass and hopefully all the loads from the rest of the toxic fuckers at the conversion party
  9. myDNA4u

    Stealthing Weapon

    Love to hear more about the stealthing spree
  10. myDNA4u

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Extremely well written and so fucking hot. More soon please.
  11. myDNA4u


    Got me boned and leaking
  12. Hi.....I live in the NW burbs of Chicago.  I'm off meds and VL climbing.  It's at 26,000 and only climbing.  

  13. myDNA4u

    porn that (tries) to tell a story

    Not really into porn with a story line. However in the unlikely event that one of the major BB porn producers would actually do a true bug chasing / gift giving video I'd be more than into it. I know Treasure Island has gotten near this but a whole vid with nothing but chasing/gifting with lots of poz verbal would be a dream cum true for me.
  14. Fuck can I be your slave. He's a very lucky guy. With any luck he'll be a pozzed up STI ridden fuck hole in no time. Then it's your turn

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