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    Sex, Sex and more Sex!!!!!!! I'm also into man smells: sweaty/stinky feet, pits, ball sacs, rank footie soxs, sneaks and boots...Mmmmmmm, sniff, sniff, lick, slurp.... Better than poppers!!!!!! And oh yeah, sex clubs and bath houses get me rock hard! My favorite food (of sorts): thick, creamy man sperm...Breakfast of Champions.
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    Vers bottom guy who loves to take it deep, raw and hard. Partnered but my bf and I play both together and separate. Always horny: can never seem to get enough cock...and ball snot!! Luv it deep in my sperm hungry hole! Mmmmmmm.... Also luv 2 top a hot, sexy ass..... Taking a PrEP vacation during lockdown!
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    hot, raw bareback Sex! Luv it deep and raw. Can't get enough cock. Crave thick, hot, creamy man spunk deep in my hungry hole. Give it to me........ And then let's flip....

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  1. Fuckin amazing...makes me feel like I'm Ev...taking hard cock and seed...I wish!! Keep up the great writing!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yup, he's hooked😛...gay boy ass is far better😋than woman pussy...he'll be back!!!🍆💦🐷
  3. PozGinger, maybe it's time to find a new doc...preferably gay. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO as my health insurance. Sure, a little more pricey but it "opens all doors!" I get my all my health care from Stanford (University) Health. A year ago I had to change docs since mine went into medical administration. I took the opportunity to ask for a gay doc. I am now in Stanford's LGBTQ program w/a gay doc...best decision I made in a long time. I talk freely w/no holding back unlike my previous straight doc. And yes, like you, I live in the SF Bay Area! We are blessed that there are a good amoun
  4. The verdict is in!!!!!!!!!!!! Go raw...once you do you'll NEVER again fuck w/a rubber. At the same time, unless you are bug chasin (no judgement) get on PrEP!! I've been on PrEP for the past 5 years w/NO issues...I only fuck raw, constantly ask to be bred, and Never ask a stud's status...Raw is Law!! Oink!!
  5. So do I!!!! Luv a hung stud to raw fuck me deep, hard and rough...slapping my hungry ass as he spits in my face and mouth and fills my boy cunt with his thick, creamy babby batter...yup, just a nasty, cum dump fag!!!
  6. Fuck...I'd luv 2 be the "Bottom boy (whore) of the Evening," taking raw Poz cock and toxic loads all night...oink!!!!!1
  7. On a lockdown PrEP holiday...last took PrEP in mid-April...keep putting off restarting although I am once again taking raw cock and seed...never know...may earn that bio-hazard tat yet...
  8. Began a PrEP holiday due to COVID lockdown in mid-April...still no PrEP although I have began to retake raw cock a few weeks back...not sure when I'll go back, if ever, been resisting the idea of going back...
  9. Fuck Pozdetectable, I'm getting boned with your build up...aided by my PrEP holiday begun over 2 months ago and having unprotected raw sex with other horny guys!!! More please...
  10. Once you take raw cock you will NEVER go back to condums...breed on boyfriend!!!!!!!!1
  11. LOVE this story...soooooo happy for Luca and Mark; Savio and Oliver and Jack and Tony!!!!!!! I had the luck to live in Italy for 3+ years some time ago and visited Tuscany as much as possible...this brings back loving memories...I also can relate to Tony's internal struggles!!!!!! Out and Proud !
  12. Soooooooo fuckin hot...can't wait 'til tomorrow: just received my cage (the Curve) and stainless steel chain collar in the mail...tomorrow my stud is going to perform a caging ceremony, locking me up (both cage and collar), flipping me over onto my back (my new natural position), legs up, spread wide, stinky fuck (Sk8erboy "snif me") sockies on, and impaling me on his thick 8 inch bone burried deep in my hungry boy hole...Oink!!!!
  13. And, oh yeah, #s 1, 5, 6 and 7!!! Luvvvvv the feel of big, hard cock🍆 and thick, creamy loads💦 deep inside my hungry hole🍑...just a bareback cum dump faggot!!!!😛🐷
  14. Luv daddy...son...Oink...daddy needs to raw fuck his chasin son and breed him deep, hard and rough...both dad and son are craving the bug!!!!!!!
  15. Luv to sniff and lick stinky feet clean...and sneaks too!!
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