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    Sex, sex, sex and more sex!!!!!!! I'm also into man smells: sweaty/stinky feet, pits, ball sacs, rank footie soxs, sneaks and boots...Mmmmmmm, sniff, sniff, lick, slurp.... Better than poppers!!!!!! And oh yeah, sex clubs and bath houses get me rock hard! My favorite food (of sorts): thick, creamy man sperm...Breakfast of Champions.
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    Vers bottom guy who loves to take it deep, raw and hard. Partnered but my bf and I play both together and separate. Always horny: can never seem to get enough cock...and man spunk!! Luv it deep in my sperm hungry hole! Mmmmmmm.... Also luv 2 top a hot, sexy ass.....
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    hot, raw bareback sex! Luv it deep and raw. Can't get enough cock. Crave thick, hot, creamy man spunk deep in my hungry hole. Give it to me........ And then let's flip....

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  1. Hey stud, ya won't be disappointed...luv the hard cocks at CumUnion (442)!!! I always leave with multiple loads leaking out of my well fucked ass and running down my leg!! Oink, oink!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks for the rep Backpack xx

  3. Met up w/my new bi fuck bud...had a couple of drinks at a local gay bar and headed to his place (wife was out of town)...Fuck, he was an animal...twisting my nips, slapping my ass feeling me up and then impaling me on his sexy uncut hog...Fuck yeah...rode my ass hard and dropped a thick load deep in my hungry ass...Mmmmmmmm...a good time was had by all!!!!! Can't wait to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time at his ranch...ride 'em cowboy...ride a a horse.
  4. 442 is a great place (go when they are hosting CumUnion (2 Saturday's a month): Sex, sex, sex...most of it raw...the dark room with it's fuck beds is the best...on all 4s, ass lubed with cum and taking all cocks...FUCK YEAH!!!! Not on PrEP, well you may take home a "souvenir" of your trip to SF and 442!!! Let us know well in advance when you are going!
  5. Versbb, this story is amazing...keep it up (pun intended)...Kevin is definitely are all the bottoms at the (conversion) party...Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!!! The fuck flu is imminent!!!
  6. I've been told numerous times by satisfied Tops that my boy hole is absolutely "primo," and is better than any woman's pussy they have fucked!!! We bottom boy faggots know how to treat our Tops...our reward is the hard, rough fuck...and the creamy load blasted deep in our well fucked holes...and oh yeah, a real bottom boy always performs A2M!!!!!
  7. Thanks for the rep xx :*

  8. Thanks for the follow also sir

    1. backpackguy


      Welcum stud, hoping you get everything you want and need in 2017!!


  9. Thanks for the rep


  10. Luv the me so horned I dropped my pants and fisted my horny cock..Poz that young, hot chaser...give him the fuck flu...impregnate him!!!!
  11. My kind of's been a while since I was last mounted by a herd of hung stallions at a sex party...
  12. Well, did you go...and how was the sex...? If it was me, I'd be there on my back, legs in the air, fuck sockies on, hole lubbed, awaiting thick, hard, raw cock! Yup, I'm on PrEP, but realize STIs are an occupational hazard. Luv raw cock and man sperm!!!
  13. Thanx bicycle, I'd like to take a "ride" on that pole...too bad you are on the opposite side of the country...wood luv 2 play...raunchy pig sex is awesome!! Oink
  14. Met up with my pig buddies again...their their play space...horny as fuck...haven't been fucked in 5 days due to a relapse from my bad cold: wore my yellow pig soxs and jock (yup, these are the pigs that gave me my first piss fuck). Was not disappointed...ass was rimmed to high heaven, dirty/smelly socks were thrust in my face while my legs were raised over my head, ass raised and deep fucked like the cock whore that I am. Was rough fucked three times and took two huge, creamy Poz loads deep in my starving fuck hole. Drank from the tap while on my back, legs up, fuck sockies on, and the 2nd pig eating the cum out of my ass...Pig HEAVEN! Oink
  15. Yup, I luv Cum Union (at 442 in SF)...real piggy! Especially luv the dark room...have gotten many loads there...can't wait to visit again...luv the feel of those thick loads dripping out of my well fucked ass and running down my leg...Fuck yeah!!!!

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