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    Sex, sex, sex and more sex!!!!!!! I'm also into man smells: sweaty/stinky feet, pits, ball sacs, rank footie soxs, sneaks and boots...Mmmmmmm, sniff, sniff, lick, slurp.... Better than poppers!!!!!! And oh yeah, sex clubs and bath houses get me rock hard! My favorite food (of sorts): thick, creamy man sperm...Breakfast of Champions.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Vers bottom guy who loves to take it deep, raw and hard. Partnered but my bf and I play both together and separate. Always horny: can never seem to get enough cock...and man spunk!! Luv it deep in my sperm hungry hole! Mmmmmmm.... Also luv 2 top a hot, sexy ass.....
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    hot, raw bareback sex! Luv it deep and raw. Can't get enough cock. Crave thick, hot, creamy man spunk deep in my hungry hole. Give it to me........ And then let's flip....

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  1. The Conversion Club

    Luv this story RB, "keep it up!!"
  2. hot nikes love to fuck them and then cum on your backpack 

  3. Becoming the Pig

    Damn ks, that chapter was sizzlin...keep up the great work...a bug chasin cum dump doc...Hot!!! Give us more please...
  4. Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    Never been to the Mare's Fuck Market in Germany (would luv 2 go) but played a version of this scene a couple of weeks back at the Gear Up (fetish) Weekend (Saratoga Springs, northern CA) a couple of summer ago: as usual, I was a raw fuck mare (wristbands). It was awesome taking all that anonymous raw cock and sperm...mounted, rough fucked and creamed...like the cum whore that I am!! Would luv to do it again...whineee....
  5. First time with KL the 18 yr old

    Fuckin sizlin...nothing better than having an 18 year old twink as part of your stable...Luv the fact that he is verse!! Give us more KL Tales!!
  6. Becoming the Pig

    This story is fuckin sizzlin...know the burning urge to be a fuckin bareback cum dump...luv the feeling of a hung stud filling my hungry hole with his swimmers...just got bred and I need and want more!!! Keep it up kspoz!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Wide Receiver

    Luv the story Ranger..."keep it up"...sounds like Shane is now playing tight end!! More please!
  8. Fucking The Passed Out Quarterback

    FUCK...this story is so Hoooooottttt!!! Luv Mitch's transformation from a straight star quarterback to a gay bareback cumdump whore...keep it up pervin!!! More, more!!
  9. There's a purely SEXUAL BEAST around here that needs to be FEED.

    1. backpackguy


      I'm always hungry 4 raw cock and thick, creamy man spunk...Fuck yeah!! Off to SF Folsom tomorrow to feed and be fed...oink!! :drool:

  10. I like long weekend's for hardcore flipping. Pushing each other's limits until we're dripping wet from depositing mega load's inside each other's manholes. The rougher,  raunchier the better between ourselves. 

    1. backpackguy


      My kind of fun!!

  11. Question of responsibility

    Get tested and treated...then raw fuck with wild abandon! 442 Natomas holds a special Folsom Cumunion beginning at 4pm: get your hungry ass down there, hold court in a sling...or ass up in the dark room and take load after load after load..Mmmmmmmmm... Oink!!
  12. What Was Your First Std ?

    Gono in my ass. Fuck bud gave me gono after an afternoon of hot fucking...he picked it up from a bottom slut at Cumunion a few days before. Fuck, that ass shot hurt...but not as bad as the ass shot I got earlier this year when I was diagnosed with Syph. Damn that shot was strong...cured the syph but messed up my stomach for a whole month. Yup, I'm a slut...
  13. Dad's Basement

    Fuck pozpuppy, I'm creamin already!!!!! Lucky slut!
  14. Totally Crazy Day

    Yup, once you've taken raw cock and thick, creamy man sperm up your hungry hole you are addicted 4 life...luv bareback breeding!! Oink, oink!!
  15. Dad's Basement

    Damn pozpuppy, another home run...keep it up!! Sizzlin!!!!!!!! Can't wait 4 the gangbang...hope grandpa, and his poz son and grandson are invied...oink, oink!!

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