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    San Francisco Bay Area
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    Sex, sex, sex and more sex!!!!!!! I'm also into man smells: sweaty/stinky feet, pits, ball sacs, rank footie soxs, sneaks and boots...Mmmmmmm, sniff, sniff, lick, slurp.... Better than poppers!!!!!! And oh yeah, sex clubs and bath houses get me rock hard! My favorite food (of sorts): thick, creamy man sperm...Breakfast of Champions.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Vers bottom guy who loves to take it deep, raw and hard. Partnered but my bf and I play both together and separate. Always horny: can never seem to get enough cock...and man spunk!! Luv it deep in my sperm hungry hole! Mmmmmmm.... Also luv 2 top a hot, sexy ass.....
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    hot, raw bareback sex! Luv it deep and raw. Can't get enough cock. Crave thick, hot, creamy man spunk deep in my hungry hole. Give it to me........ And then let's flip....

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  1. Dad's Basement

    Fuck pozpuppy, I'm creamin already!!!!! Lucky slut!
  2. Totally Crazy Day

    Yup, once you've taken raw cock and thick, creamy man sperm up your hungry hole you are addicted 4 life...luv bareback breeding!! Oink, oink!!
  3. Dad's Basement

    Damn pozpuppy, another home run...keep it up!! Sizzlin!!!!!!!! Can't wait 4 the gangbang...hope grandpa, and his poz son and grandson are invied...oink, oink!!
  4. Thanks buddy




  5. decades protected

    Yup curious, once you've sampled raw cock and thick, creamy man spunk deep in your hungry hole and running down your leg there is no turning back: on your back, legs raised, stinky fuck sockies on, and hole lubed awaiting your Tops' raw fuck stick...pig heaven!!!!
  6. Anon Loads? Yes Or No?

    Fuck yeah!!!!! Luv 2 take anonymous cock and loads in the dark room at 442 Natomas (SF CumUnion): bent over, a load already in for lube (cum makes the best lube) and the sexual electricity popping as a horny Top feels the creamy load in your well fucked hole, and bends you over as he forces his hard fuck stick deep into your ass, while crying out "fuck yeah," and breeds you like the animal he is, depositing another load of precious man sperm in your starving fuck chute!!
  7. to shave or not to shave

    I shave my cock and balls regularly...like the look and feel...my Top wants me "furless" since I am his boy...and as he says "boy's don't have hair!"
  8. Thanks for giving pos reputations on my blog posts - enjoy!

    1. backpackguy


      Your posts are hot as fuck!!! Get's me boned for more cock and sperm in my hungry hole...oink, oink.

  9. Bartender Fuck

    Sizzlin...keep 'em cumming!!!
  10. thanks for the follow backpackguy...

    1. backpackguy


      Welcum bbfuckstik...and that's just what I crave in my insatiably hungry fukwhole!!! :drool:

  11. Thanks for the follow.  Would love to meet you and the bf.

  12. Just had my round of STD tests done as a preliminary to my attendance at the 2017 Gear Up Weekend (21-24 July) in Saratoga Springs, CA...and just received a call from my doc...Syph...guess I'll get my shot on Monday...what a slut!!
  13. Answer Ball

    Dan, thanks for the great story...luved it. Keep up the great work!! And Tyger and Russ, congrats on the announcement of Tyger's pending Independence Day and, with your help, the start of his journey into the Poz Brotherhood. Keep us abreast of his progress. Sounds like it is something that you both want.
  14. Spermed

    I absolutely LUV being spermed, spermed and spermed again...can't get enough of it!!!!!
  15. Cody's Raw Sex Adventures

    Fuckin primal...can't get enough of this story...absolutely sizzlin...after all those charged Poz loads from Cody, Chris and Jake there is no fuckin doubt that the fuck flu is on the way...Poz brothers!! And they may not be the only ones who are Poz...there's an increasing chance that I may have joined the brotherhood also. More 2 cum!

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