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    San Francisco Bay Area
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    Sex, Sex and more Sex!!!!!!! I'm also into man smells: sweaty/stinky feet, pits, ball sacs, rank footie soxs, sneaks and boots...Mmmmmmm, sniff, sniff, lick, slurp.... Better than poppers!!!!!! And oh yeah, sex clubs and bath houses get me rock hard! My favorite food (of sorts): thick, creamy man sperm...Breakfast of Champions.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Vers bottom guy who loves to take it deep, raw and hard. Partnered but my bf and I play both together and separate. Always horny: can never seem to get enough cock...and ball snot!! Luv it deep in my sperm hungry hole! Mmmmmmm.... Also luv 2 top a hot, sexy ass.....
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    hot, raw bareback Sex! Luv it deep and raw. Can't get enough cock. Crave thick, hot, creamy man spunk deep in my hungry hole. Give it to me........ And then let's flip....

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  1. backpackguy

    How Rank Can clothes get.

    Woof!!!! Hope those boot soxs have been worn for at least 2 weeks and are nice and ripe...sniff. sniff..."Pig Heaven!!" 🐷🤩😋
  2. Horny ,full blown, no medsIMG_20180110_045325.thumb.jpg.463b00474812d4e973ff83e8346cde85.jpgIMG_20180110_045107.thumb.jpg.ae4e3fad3bbbeff1a1c117710bd01a85.jpg.ff2ee72f56b5f8eba576b3d536060394.jpg

  3. backpackguy

    A Brother in Trouble

    Thanx chi4, here's hoping you get as much SEX on your vacation as Kyle and Joe got on theirs...Oink, Oink!!! ☣️🐷 As 4 me, heading next week to GearUp Weekend, a 4-day gay bareback fetish retreat in the forests of Northern California w/150 similarly minded, horny gay studs...I'll be spending my nights on the sling and/or fuck bench taking raw cock and loads...yup, I'm the bareback bandit...stealing loads!! 😋
  4. backpackguy

    A Brother in Trouble

    Wow chi4, luv a romantic Poz fuck story line...hope Francisco gets what he desires and needs!! Woof, Oink!! ☣️?? Keep up the great work! Best story on the site.
  5. backpackguy

    A Brother in Trouble

    Another home run chi4loads...looks like 2 more horny, young chasers have boarded the fuck flu train...wooooooooowooooooooooo....?☣️?
  6. backpackguy

    Ripe Pits While Getting Plowed

    Woof!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely luv ripe pits, stinky feet and sweaty/smelly soxs...shove some stinky feet and soxs under my nose while I'm getting fucked and I'm in pig heaven...OINK! ?
  7. backpackguy

    sf cumhole @ 442 on 6/24

    Fuck yeah Aimless...pound me good and load me up!!!!!!!! Oink! ??
  8. backpackguy

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Went hiking this past week in the mountains south of Reno, NV. Found a nice secluded spot under a small grove of trees next to a small spring. Dropped my cargo shorts and bent myself over a large tree stump. Took my partner's horse bone deep in my hungry fuck hole (spit was my only lube). Was pounded hard, moaning like the bb whore that I am...begging my stud for his seed. My stallion did not disappoint...dropping a multi-day load deep in my well fucked hole...Pig ? heaven!!! Was nice and wet for the rest of the hike. LUV bb fuck in the woods...my fantasy has now become a reality...More, more...Oink! ?
  9. backpackguy

    sf cumhole @ 442 on 6/24

    They have a limited number of lockers ($5 deposit for a lock). During busy event CumUnion's like this Sunday (special Pride CumUnion) they will be packed w/horny gay/bi boys from all over the world (Mmmmmmmmmm...Fuck yeah)! Get there early or be prepared to wait to get in until more lockers open up. Fun, fun, fun!!! ??
  10. backpackguy

    Ripe Pits While Getting Plowed

    What a lucky whore...sweaty man pits ? smeared all over your face as you are getting boned...Fuck yeah!! Oink!!!! ?
  11. backpackguy

    A New Strain is Born

    Oink?Oink?Oink☣️☣️☣️☣️!! Fuck yeah, 2 hot twink Poz brothers...the fuck flu is racing down the track for the second young cum dump...a true whore ?
  12. backpackguy

    sf cumhole @ 442 on 6/24

    442 does not have private rooms...they were banned in the City during the AIDS pandemic, but it does have theme nights. They are open Fridays thru Mondays and host CumUnion every other Saturdays. It is one hot place: dark room, slings, fuck benches, dental chairs, breeding beds...Mmmmmmmmmm... never leave without a well fucked hole dripping seed. ?Check out their website. Condoms are available but most fuck raw. ? And Welcum to The City! Pride is this Sunday
  13. backpackguy

    Sore Ass from Cumunion

    Yup, luv going to 442...always cum home with my well bred ass leaking seed...fuck yeah!! ??
  14. You and I are soul mates...Fuck! ??
  15. I luv it!!!!!!!!!! Oink. ?

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