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    • By bbpissslut
      Versatile mature guy based in Devon, looking for invites to bareback only group/party sessions in the South West.  Up for virtually anything. Genuine.
    • By 1981virginia
      Opening My Boy Up after A Few Months    
      Last year, due to some crazy work circumstances, we decided to take some time off from sex with other guys. We’d jerk each other off, and I’d rim and blow him, but his hole was basically closed for business for a few months, even to me. He just wasn’t feeling very sexy at all and wasn’t in the mood to get fucked by me or by anyone else.
      I love sharing him with other guys, especially hung guys, most especially hung guys who will play raw and will breed him. I just love sliding into his hole after it’s been opened up and stretched out and filled up.
      One night before falling asleep, I got him onto his knees, ass up, and I ate him good, forcing three fingers into his ass with plenty of spit. It made me precum buckets, so I was smearing that from my cock to my fingertips and greasing him up with that. I slapped my bare cock on his crack thinking he might let me fuck him, but he wriggled away. As he flipped onto his back, he kept his legs spread, he pulled me up to his face, and he kissed me hard as he jammed three or four fingers into his now-hungry hole.
      “Babe, why don’t we find a really slutty celebratory way of opening me up for use again, and soon?” I kissed him back and told him I’d come up with something. We jerked each other off, as he told me about missing fresh loads in his cunt. He told me he missed getting bred by guys who might be POZ and came instantly. I lapped his load off of his chest and tongued it into his asshole. He whimpered and told me he was looking forward to tomorrow night.
      The next morning, I went to work. I fired up S**** and G***** and saw who was online. I chatted with a few regular guys we’d hooked up with. I messaged three who were close to my office, one of whom was POZ and usually undetectable, but had let his meds regime slip, and three who were close to our house, one of whom was POZ and never on meds.
      At my lunchbreak, I waited on the corner. My three buddies showed up within about five minutes of each other. They each went to the bathroom before heading to meet me and jerked off a fresh cumload into a styrofoam cup and brought it with them. I’d stopped by a coffee shop and grabbed a carboard cup holder. I collected their loads and poured them all into the same cup. There must have been nearly an inch of seed in that cup. I wrote my boy’s name on it and put it in the staff kitchen in the fridge.
      Before leaving for the day, I texted my boy and suggested that he take a long hot shower and get rinsed out really good. On the way home, I swung by our favorite porn shop. I bought a new bottle of poppers, a clear plastic anal syringe, and a nice thick 10” dildo. While I was there, I went into the booths and knelt in front of a gloryhole. I only needed to wait a few moments before a juicy tan dick came through the hole. I sucked him off as well as I could. Just before he was about to shoot his load, I grabbed my styrofoam cup full of seed and he shot his load into it. I stayed on my knees and had sucked two more strange dicks before firing my own load into the cup. It was now at least an inch a half deep, and three of those loads I didn’t ask status…
      When I got to our neighborhood, I waited on the corner and messaged the three guys close to our apartment. Two of them brought cups with their fresh cum in it. Leaning over a garbage can, I poured their cum into the cup. The last guy, the unmedicated one, showed up and said, ‘I couldn’t cum just by jerking off, man. Let’s go back in that alley and you can suck it out of me.’ I’d already blown three strangers for their seed, so what was one more? I followed the guy back behind a stack of filthy mattresses and got on my knees. The guy whipped out his uncut POZ cock and slapped it on my face. I sucked his cock as deeply as I could and let his balls slap against my chin. The guy rewarded me with a mouthful of POZ cum which I spit into the cup. It was now at least two inches full of cloudy white ball juice.
      When I got back to our house, my boy was still in the shower. I went to the kitchen sink and rinsed out the new syringe and filled it full of cum. With the last guys’ loads there, it was warm to the touch and full. I hid the cum-loaded syringe and dildo under my pillow and joined my boy in the bathroom.
      I climbed in the shower, and we made out as I fingered his hole. Under the showerhead, I knelt down onto the tiles and let him bend over and spread his cheeks. I lapped at his ass and forced in a few fingers. I told him he was in for a fun risky evening. He asked if I’d invited anyone over, to which I replied, ‘no…’ He wondered aloud how risky it could be then without any special guests. I just winked.
      We toweled dry and tumbled into the bed. I presented him with the fresh poppers and he took a big hit. My boy buried his face in his pillow as I reached for the syringe. I squirted a good amount onto my fingers and worked three inside his ass, still too tight and too dry to accept the dildo, but warming up very quickly. I forced in more cum and got four fingers inside my boy, really opening him up. I pulled out the dildo and teased his hole with it. I squirted more seed onto that dildo and forced the head into him. He moaned and looked over his shoulder at me, begging for more. As more and more slipped inside his quivering pussy, I kept squirting more and more of the guys’ cum onto the shaft. I finally got the dildo balls deep in him and flipped my boy over onto his back.
      I was leaking precum as my boy moaned taking every inch of that long fat dildo. I let my precum drip onto it and forced it inside his ass over and over again.
      When I knew I was about to cum, I held up the syringe. He looked curiously at it as I squirted the last of the fresh cum onto my own drooling cock. I pulled out the dildo and slapped my dick against his now-gaping hole. His lips were puffy and red streaked with the cloudy cream of many men. I grabbed my cock by the root and drove it all the way inside him.
      As inch after inch sunk into my boy’s hole, I told him where all the cum came from. He moaned in approval, especially knowing that I’d coaxed out at least one POZ load just for him in a filthy alley.
      Fucking my boy felt so good. He was so wet and opened up that I could barely feel the walls of his pussy. I wrapped my hand around the base of my cock and managed to shotgun my cock and hand into his sloppy cunt.
      Feeling all that spooge squelch and slosh around really got me close. My boy had been huffing the whole time and held the bottle up to my mouth. I took a deep breath and rode the high as I shot ropes of cream into my boy’s cummy guts. At exactly the same time, my boy shot his own load all over his belly without even touching himself. I collapsed onto him and we furiously made out as I rammed my fingers in and out of his stretched-out chute telling him that he’d been bred by at least nine guys’ sperm.
      I had my boy spread his ass wide and took a few snaps of his gaping well-bred hole to send to the guys kind enough to help open my boy up for the first time in months. 

    • By ChemXxx
      BASSAR (part one)
       I have a secret. His name is Bassar.
      Probably the most beautiful man of all men I have ever been with. He is from Puerto Rico but he has a mix of Latin and Arab. His build is the typical ideal gay man bod, muscular, hairy, black hair, brown eyes, and dark olive skin. He has small hands a perfect ass and a huge cock and when he fucks, he means it. Sensual until he pounds my sweet ass into jelly, and a kiss to remember. His scent is of men, men who mate with men, men who fuck men, men who breed together in hot sweaty mating grounds of the city nights or of the tropical paradise he comes from. He smells of Persian spice and speaks Spanish as a native tongue but does pretty well with English though slightly broken, he is learning here in New York how to speak fluently so he can get better at it. He lived in Florida before he came here in Miami, where they speak Spanish everywhere because it is flooded with Cuban immigrants from yesteryears. I really must visit this Florida. I dream of him and I mating, making love, just him and me in a white silk bed in a modern palatial bedroom in a two person bungalow, upon a white sands beach upon a small secluded island of paradise, perhaps a private island within the proximity of his beautiful American Commonwealth, but far enough away to never be bothered by anyone. The daydream starts with myself awaking in our bed under thin cool covers in mid-morning, with a brisk yet temperate wind blows by through the windows as the sun glows bright within through huge openings and windows of the lovers bungalow. I am naked turned upon my stomach when I am roused to the touch of his sweet slow kisses upon my back feeling his hard, muscular hairy body upon me. I know his body, and he knows mine. We both have played this game with others and by now we know what to expect. We know where to kiss, touch, lick, and I feels his semi hard penis getting harder as he’s gracefully kisses down my neck to my back. I feel myself smile as the morning lust makes its call due to nature’s design and from the most beautiful man in the world. He makes it to my ass licking and kissing from the top of my hairy crack to the very center betwixt my round globes of hairy ass cheeks and he grunts as he dives into my asshole, which is so clean and fresh with the scent of me. He loves my smell and I love his. Our scent, permeates the cool breeze of the tropics, our man smells, his spice with my sugar, our sex, our scent, the two us, man beasts in heat, mating, making love within the desire of each other for the moment. He licks first into my asshole with a slow yet vigorous lap that collects the salty sweat that has accumulated over the night and I can smell myself, making me harder because now I know it is upon his lips, his beard, and soon to be his entire face. I feel the sensation and I begin to moan as a man would while getting his asshole lick by such a creature of paradise. He laps at it, slowly but gaining momentum, lovingly moaning with me, holding my ass cheeks apart as my hands slowly wrap around his medium length, thick, black hair. I can tell he enjoys the taste and smell as he breathes his nose into my hole while licking my scrotum and taint, because he is like “mmmmmm” in his masculine manly tone. He moves his mouth up my taint and into my asshole again farting his very long pointed tongue into it making me moan I’m vulnerability, as a man I am to be his mate, his man-wife, his vessel of flesh to carry his love making seed, the man milk that is swollen within his beautiful hairy balls that are shaped like small plums. He gets more aggressive as he laps the oils of my sweet asshole that smell of fine cheddar and salted meat, his grunts evolving to quick deep growls of approval. He enjoys my asshole better than anyone could ever and I open up for him as if pushing out whatever assholes push out through there but I am so clean, there is no dirt or waste, just my gut flavor he collects with his mouth and tongue. I start to moan louder, “fuck baby that’s so good.” “Mmmm hmmm,” he growls lovingly as he laps and nipples at my asshole flaps. Every stroke of the lick counts as me munches my butthole with eager and genuine purpose and I moan louder like the bitch in heat that I am. I sense I am beside myself watching this moment writhing slightly upon the king sized bed with a white bug net failing to conceal us entirely if anyone were to pry. The imagery is spectacular in such a sexually driven way that it should be deemed the greatest love making image ever imagined by yours truly, and I know a lot of men sexually. A lot. Well over a thousand, but I do not boast next to this beast who grinding his chin into my wet gaping asshole. I moan louder and without hesitation for I know no one can hear my loud bellowing moans and even so I wouldn’t mind the quaint audience besides. Like I would ever be ashamed of this man, this beast, my lover and mate, who is about to get me pregnant with his huge load that aches within his pulsating swollen balls. He turns me to my back and downs my engorged cock that seems to be at its biggest and longest, and I look into his dark Persian eyes and his to mine and there is the understanding that only belongs to us, the understanding that we are going to make each other feel so physically profound. I loved I’m and he loves me, I want him as a man, and he wants me the same. The connection is real and it makes me even harder and even a good dose of precum is ejected into his wet mouth as he slurps slowly up and down my shaft. He naturally gulps the tasty ejaculate and closes his eyes as if to experience the flavor of my manhood, and I sense he’s really enjoying it. “Mmmmmmm, fockk” he is able to muster as best as he could with my cock in his handsome mouth, “So gud.” “You like my prejizz baby?” I asked quietly. He pulls of my cock with a satisfying slurp, “you know I love it and crave it.” I do know it. I know because eyes don’t lie and his eyes are on mine as I smile down at him with approval of his skills. He smiles back as he continues to deep throat my cock while lapping up my nuts. Somehow he is able to fit them into his mouth entirely with my huge pulsating cock that is probably oozing sweat and jiz. He keeps them in there for a moment saturating all of my juices and I am growling with both amazement and sheer pleasure of my genitals getting soaked by his saliva. “Oh fuck baby,” I moan with manly vulnerability, “oh fuck, my fucking cock and balls, oh my god...” “Mmmmmm,” he responds to the best of his capability being as he soaks up the salty oils and viscous precum that is now just oozing at a rate of lord know what. He does this until I’m about to cum, then with a loud gratifyingly long loud slurp he lifts his head quickly from my cock and balls and I shiver in moaning, quivering writhement. (Yep I made up that word, it means my writhing at hand) He moves up my body kissing and licking to kiss me finally and I can taste and smell my asshole and it is so good I begin to lick his face as he giggles and kisses mine. The first kiss of the day. “Good morning,” he says and we both chuckle at the notion that it was truly the ideal way to have a good morning. “Morning, my beautiful man,” I say as he engulfs my mouth into his and we hungerly (yep made this one up too though it should exist anyway. It means with the intention of hunger but this is in the figurative sense if you hadn’t guessed.) kiss each other’s wet open mouths for what seemed to be a few moments. We hold each other while we do, and his bod y and mine wrap together and our cock rub against each other, pulsating and oozing so much precum, it becomes our lube as we grind. We hump each other, our dicks getting covered with precum, making him slide upon me as my legs wrap around his buttocks and thighs as we kiss and moan like two men in deep physical ecstasy. I could easily cum this way and I tell him that in between our long, slow, open mouth kisses. Side note, our breath is just fine though it’s morning and I woke up into this. It’s my fantasy so there is no morning breath or excrement or anything that is usually a part of the human condition. So if you are like me and like to ponder the moments described in books and can’t help think about the reality wouldn’t be as ideal, you’re probably thinking “ewwww morning breath?” Well in this daydream our mouths taste like fresh melon and cherries with a hint of mint, as if we were eating these fruits together at once with the juices spilling into our tastebuds, so yeah got it covered. That is along with the taste of salted meat and a fine cheddar being as he just licked my asshole and rectum thoroughly and siphoned what excretion he could from my hairy genitals. Hey gotta have that too, it’s a part of the manly enjoyment gay men have during sex so don’t “ewww” that. Carrying on... Bassar gets up and grabs my leg and brings my feet to his face and sniffs the pungent odor of my toes and soles, then begins to lick and suck them. I’m a little ticklish so when this happens I kinda giggle but I love the sensation of his mouth which is slightly smiling at me while he licks and slurps, making him more attractive than ever. He does both of my feet and then licks and kisses up my thighs, then for a moment he sucks my dick, then kisses and licks up my stomach to my nipples which are hard wired to my fucking cock that is now so hard it almost aches, then my neck and finally he meets my open mouth sharing the taste of my feet. It’s a strong taste but we share it, between a kiss with our eyes open gazing back at one another like an infant would a mother nursing them. I push him to his back and we kiss more and then I start where he left off, down his neck and then to his nipples which are also hard wired to his huge cock, I can feel it is so hard it is vibrating as it grazes my abs. Then I smell the thick odor of his pheromones, his man scent, as it flows into my nose, tantalizing it’s pleasure sensors, producing vibrations through my body and finally to my cock, which now aches with stiffening pleasure. He lifts his arm up and his hairy out is offered to me and I take a huge whiff of it, and the spice of his musk burns within me, this is the smell of him that will mark me, when other males come to sniff me they will smell that I am his... ...and he is mine. In this daydream, he belongs to me. Only me. The only way he would ever. I grind my mug into his armpit and get the scent soaked into my facial hair and skin as he does to my pits in similar fashion. We both lick and slurp the oils of our masculinity and then share the flavors with a kiss, mixing our scent and flavor as we both enjoy because they symbolize our bodies coming together to create love. The physical man love gay men foster and that no other sexuality, not even bisexual men, could ever understand since they have been with women. (This matters because no offense to girls but your flavor can taint the meat, symbolically I mean, not literally. I’ll explain in a future entry possibly about bisexual men. But please don’t be offended, for I am a feminist and I still love women and hold them to high esteem, the highest in fact, but I chemically love men and this is a story for men who love men too if you hadn’t guessed.) After we kiss I jump directly to his hard cock as he lays on his back with his hands behind his head, naturally flexing his broad hairy chest, making him so fucking sexy, which makes me just bob my head on his cock like a white whore on a black cock. I feel his member getting almost too big for my mouth to handle but I manage with almost dislocating my jaw as I saturate his crotch kicked and oils along with the large doses of precum that seem to shoot into the back of my cock hungry throat. He smiles with accepting loving pleasure as he growls in delight. I’m growing too but because of the complexity of managing my mouth upon such a gargantuan stiff cock that smells of his spice and taste of sea salt and a fine cheese. Not the dick cheese, fuck no, gross, but hey that’s your thing no offense but not a fan of excrement. His cock is uncut but he’s clean of course yet the secretions crest a flavor my cock could never and I am envious he is able to share this pleasure with me. I want him to know how good he tastes so with a long yet quick slurp I release his cock and move up to him and we kiss, mixing the flavor between each other adding to the other ingredients of our bodies that we had sampled earlier. He then turns upon his stomach and I lick down his back as he did earlier to me, and as soon as I’m upon his hairy asshole I begin to eat. First by lapping up and down his crack to his taint then back into his asshole with circular methods that cover every crease of his beautiful open butthole. I grind my nose and chin into it as he growls like a man being pleasured by his bitch who is in n heat. His asshole opens even more and I finger it and taste the innards of my love and he grinds into them, chewing my digits with his mouthing asshole. “Fuck baby,” Bassar moans with a gruffest tone, “that feels so good, my asshole feels so good.” “Yeah?” I say as I slowly open mouth kiss his his open butthole with loud smacks of my lips and tongue, “you like when I eat this delicious ass, baby?” “Fuck yeah!” He loans grinding his whole ass into my face, “eat that fucking juicy pussy baby!” As he smears his asshole upon my face like an eraser to paper, I push back with my head as I start to jerk off. I’m about to cum but stop myself because I still have to tend to his feet. So I stop and do just that. We kiss long and deep after I suck off both of his feet clean and the mix of asshole, feet, cock, balls, cum, pits and mouth make the most delicious concoction within our mouths as we exchange fluids and rub our cocks together. He flips me upon the bed and I know that it is time. He places my feet upon his shoulders and we engage into intercourse missionary style. Before he enters me he asks me permission to proceed while he kisses me and I whisper, “yes.” (Sorry but a tangent but it’s my story so, by pass the parentheses to continue, but this is further explanation of a moment like this, which is important and should be practiced even in one way or another, but it’s a matter of preference I suppose. This moment between us, when he asks me permission to enter me, is the moment that is probably the most important of this sex story because of what it means. He wants to enter me in a place that is extremely vulnerable and could easily turn bad if he were to just thrust into me or enter me the wrong way, tearing me up down there, which I’ve been violated in that fashion before and it’s no picnic. Also I’m sorry if the mention of my physical violation ruins my story for you but I’m making a point about this, because asking permission not only seems romantic and touching, also it lets the top know that the bottom trusts him completely enough to give such a delicate place to him. It’s encouraging which fills the top with strong affections and lust towards the bottoms affirmation. Also it lets the bottom feel that the top is actually concerned about the well being of his lover as well as permission to enjoy the bottom, encouraging the bottom. It means both men truly want each other and that is something we all need, is to be wanted by someone, at least one person, in this world. Both men feel desired by one another’s exchange at this moment which in this case would be the best example of exceptional erosian love. It’s quite the honor two or more sexual partners can share, the highest honor in my opinion.) (Erosian, yes another made up word, erosian is derived from Eros the god of love and lust, it means the love that lovers share as opposed to family love and the love of people.) He kisses me for a few moments with the head of his dick grazing across the right creases around my butthole, feeling the delicacy of pleasure he is about to enjoy. I am already naturally lubed up for him as he slowly, while kissing me still, slides the rest of his cock into me, making us both sigh into each other’s mouths, because it is a perfect intrusion. “You’re so fucking wet,” Bassar says to men as me ears my mouth with an open mouth kiss that is wet and his tongue dominates mine as the lead of a dance would do. I let myself loose like putty in his strong hairy muscular arms and he uses my body to mold around his, taking control of it with his affections in mind. He thrusts slowly at first, sensually sliding the shaft of his cock in and out of my asshole which fluctuates with the fifth of his thick shaft. From head to hilt, he enters me, all the way in and almost all the way out until just the tip of his dick is still inside, and then he thrusts it in a little harder and faster each time. He does this until it gradually becomes a balls deep pounding. Suddenly he flips me to my stomach and begins to fuck me and I feel his balls slap mine and each time he pumps me with cock, it seems to get thicker and pulsates faster, making it feel so good to the rim of my hole, which is stretching like a rubber band around a baseball bat. “Fuuuuck baby,” he moans, “this ass is so good. I love it so much.” “Oh fuck,” I moan, submitted to the cock at hand, “oh fuck it feels so good to be fucked by you.” “You love this dick baby?” “Fuck yeah,” I say as he pumps me deeper with it. “You want it all day, baby? Some of this big dick?” “Yes I do,” I say nodding my head while I focus on his pump action. “Want me to slam you? Then do a little g and give you some K to relax your sweet ass?” I stop, “Fuck what are we waiting for?! Let’s fucking do it.” We stop and he pulls out. I’m so clean that I suck his dick to savor the flavor of my gut and we kiss after, which he enjoys immensely. “Mmmmm that sweet salty ass is so good,” Bassar responds after we finish lip locking. I’m drinking orange juice and eating a banana as he prepares the shots and doses of g and k. Everything is organized and he pulls out another shot but this one is trimix. Immediately he injects it into his cock and starts to rub it in, making his cock so massive, it looks like a lot of a tree between his legs. Bassar hands me a pill. “Muscle relaxer,” He says, “it will help with the k so you can handle my big dick.” His broken English is not so broken in this daydream, he’s actually speaking very well. Must be my influence on him. I take the pill and swallow it. Then he sits me down, and ties the tourniquet around my bicep and tells me to pump my hand ten times. So I do and he rubs alcohol on the area of insertion. Before he injects me he kisses the point of entry then looks up at me and kisses me. “Ready?” He asks me. “Fucking born ready,” I say with a smile. He chuckles and immediately inserts the needle into my arm and pulls back the plunger on the syringe. A flash of blood flows like a ribbon in the mixture within the barrel and quickly he pushes the meth into my arm and before he pulls the needle out, he removes the tourniquet and then grabs the alcohol pad and immediately covers the entry point. “Hold on to this for about two minutes, ok?” “Of course,” I tell him, “this isn’t my first rodeo, ya know.” As I finish saying that, the rush hits me and it’s a good thing I’m sitting down because I am fucking high. So high I am dizzy. He injects him self and starts moan with the rush after he takes the needle out and the tourniquet off. He likes to hold his arm up in the air to make the rush more intense. I don’t just because every time I do I get sick and throw up. I am amped and by the look on his face so is he, his eyes are wide open and he tells me to take the g shot before I snort the K, so I do. He does the g but doesn’t do the K because he doesn’t need to. Meth and ghb is enough for him. After all that he picks me up and kisses me and then drops me on the bed.
    • By outdsmn
      any other breeders looking for fun this weekend?
    • By PhoenixGeoff
      I'm in the early stages of planning a sex party for men only in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Bareback only, of course.  Location and date/time TBD. If this is successful, it may become a regular thing.
      Please note that the date of this will be in part determined by current local COVID-19 conditions (so this may not happen for a while).
      No hard drugs of any kind will be allowed. 
      If you are interested, please message me directly with the following:
      A recent photo or photos clearly showing your face (no masks, sunglasses, hats, etc.) and build. May be g-rated (or not!) but must accurately show your appearance Basic stats; must include your age Your preferred position (top, bottom, vers, etc.) Please be honest—if you bottom 99% of the time, don't call yourself "versatile." A little bit about what you like to get into, the kind of men you like, your experience level with groups, etc. MUST INCLUDE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS.  I'll be organizing this through a mailing list. Questions? Message me directly or post them below.

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