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Soccer Boy's Spiral

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11. More of Everything

Once spent, Tiago slowly pulled out of James. "Can't have you losing any of my sperm," he said, right before his cockhead slipped out with a faint pop. He turned to Tim. "Think we need another round of G," he said.

"I do too. Especially our boy here. What did we do last time?"


"1.6," Tim countered. 

"I like your thinking," Tiago said, as he lifted himself out of the bed. "Be good," he said. "Or take pictures."

"Of course we will," Tim said, before giving James a long kiss. By the time they broke it off, Tiago had stepped out to the kitchen, carrying the three dirty glasses from their dose of G. "It's just us," he said. "Boy," he finished, before giving James another kiss. 

"Daddy, I know."

"You're a very fun boy," Tim said, kissing James again. As they made out, Tim got James on his back. Immediately, Tim had his cock pressed up against James's asshole. "It was so hot watching you get fucked."

"Yeah Daddy?" James said.

Tim ran his hand over James's thick chest hair. "Such a hot boy. I kinda want you all to myself."

"I want to make you happy," James said. He didn't want to admit how hot Tim was. Or how much he wanted Tim's cock inside him. "You feel so good Daddy."

"You want me back inside you?" James nodded in agreement with Tim. "Good." Tim fumbled, and produced the small brown bottle. "Let's do this together boy," he said, and took a long sniff from the bottle, before holding it under James's nose as well.

The poppers hit him fast, even before James had finished his second hit. He fumbled briefly with the cap, but then put it down, and focused his attention on fucking. His dick went into James in a single, intense stroke. 

James gasped. "Fuck Daddy," he grunted.

"Ok?" Tim asked. He was being sweet and kind, and it made James feel cared for. 

He wanted to make Tim feel this good. "Yeah. It's amazing Daddy."

"I know. My boy's hole is awesome." He leaned in and kissed James. Their tongues played as Tim's dick explored the familiar depths of James's asshole. "So fucking sexy," Tim said.

"I want you, Daddy" James managed to say. The two were silent for a moment, just the music in the background.

"That's good," Tim finally said. "Really good." He paused. "Tiago is probably gonna want some of that money."

"What?" James said. It took him even a moment to remember that guys had given him money to fuck his hole. 

"Yeah. He'll probably want a lot of it, boy"

"Uh, Daddy" James started. But Tim leaned in and kissed him. Tim took the opportunity to force his cock deeper into the young man.

"So much cum up there, my boy" Tim said. "Feels so good. Like a boy should feel." He pushed his dick back in, feeling the accumulated spooge slide around his cockhead. "Don't worry about him," Tim continued. "I'll make sure my boy gets his fair share."

"Thank you Daddy," James said. He was glad he didn't have to worry about it. He didn't want to upset Tim or Tiago. His head was spinning again, and all he could process was how good he felt. Tim had his arms wrapped around him, holding him tight and safe. His thick cock was deep in James's ass, and kept him aroused and horny. "Feels good."

"Yeah," Tim whispered into his ear. "It feels really good. Boy's hole. Daddy's cock. Making out." He stopped, and kissed the boy. It was long and slow, and James let himself imagine they were boyfriends.

"That's hot," a voice from the doorway said. "Two men, making love," Tiago continued. "I've got just what we need." Tim and James stopped kissing, and looked towards Tiago. He had three glasses, barely half-full with orange juice.

"Just gets better," Tim said. "Fucking you, and now Tiago brings the G." Tiago handed Tim one of the glasses, and put the other one down on the bed table. 

"To limits."

"And breaking them," Tim replies. The two men clinked glasses, and downed the GHB in a single gulp. "Ugh," he said, and kissed James, sharing the chemical taste with the young man. 

"There's plenty for him," Tiago said. He swapped out glasses, and kneeled next to James's head. "Gonna give you a g-spout. Just keep on swallowing, ok?" 

"You're gonna love this," Tim said. "Be a good boy, and Just keep swallowing."

Tiago guided his dickhead into Jame's mouth. "Keep you mouth open, ok?" James ran his tongue over the soft foreskin, exploring the hard shaft underneath it. He realized that Tiago was pouring the orange juice onto his dick, and it was dripping down into his mouth. 

James gulped, remembering his instructions. The orange juice tasted horrible, but he didn't care. He had two cocks in him, and it was all he could think about. 

He kept on swallowing. The juice was getting warmer and saltier, but the bitterness was always there. Tiago and Tim were making out. "He drinking it?" Tim asked.

"Yeah," Tiago said. He focused on James. "Close your mouth now. But keep swallowing." 

James closed his mouth. The glass of orange juice had disappeared, but his mouth kept filling with the warm, bitter liquid. Tim was still pounding his hole, watching him as his lips wrapped around Tiago's cock. "You're drinking his piss now, boy," Tim said.

He was drinking piss. James just kept on swallowing, not sure what else to do. It had seemed so dirty, so [banned word], but now it felt almost natural. It was right to be letting this man piss in his mouth, and he craved more. 

It took several more gulps before the stream finally died down. "You like my chempiss, boy?" Tiago asked. Tim was flying. He had just drank another man's piss, and he had even enjoyed it. He wondered what else he might do. 

Tiago started to slowly fuck his face, pushing his cock in deep. Only when James thought he was going to gag did Tiago pull back. Tim continued to fuck him just as hard. 

Finally, Tiago spoke. "How do you normally divide up the cash?"

"He get fifty from both guys?" Tim replied. 

"Yeah," Tiago said. "Profitable little slut." He leaned into James. "You always been a whore?"

"Whore? What?" James muttered. "No. I'm not a whore," he said, but wasn't an emphatic denial. He knew that his ass had been sold to several men. 

"Well. There's stack of cash over there that says otherwise," Tiago countered. 

"They paid you well boy," Tim said. 

"How do you want to split it?" Tiago asks. "I usually take half."

James knew this was coming. He didn't know what a fair share was, and didn't even understands why they would split it. He was the one that got fucked. He opened his mouth, but Tim immediately kissed him. 

He whispered to James, "Let me take care of you, boy" he said. "Make you feel good." 

James nodded, and kissed Tim back. He felt a new wave of crystal wash over him. "Please Daddy."

Tim turned back to Tiago. "Yeah. Me too. Half." 

"We should leave a bit for the boy?" James heard the inflection that made it question, not even a done deal. He hoped that Tim would get him a proper share. It still felt weird that two men were dividing up his cash. He had been the one that had gotten fucked by the strangers; Tim and Tiago had just watched.

"Yeah. We should," Tim said. "The boy did a good job. Didn't you?" He rubbed James's furry stomach. The boy was almost thin enough that he expected to feel his cock. "Maybe thirty?"

"So 35 for us?" Tiago asked. He pushed his cock in, pressing the dickhead against the back of James's throat. The boy struggled not to gag. "Maybe forty?" he asked, holding on to James's head to keep him from pulling off. 

"That's good. Isn't it, boy?" Tim was smiling at James, nodding his head. 

James felt like this wasn't great for him. He had let total strangers bareback him and had taken their loads. Yet, he was getting only ten dollars per man. Tiago released his grip, and James gasped for air. "But I got fucked?" he finally said.

"But Tim hosted. And I brought favors." Tiago said.   "But," James started. Tim put his finger on James's lips, quieting him for a moment.

"No one likes a greedy boy," Tim said. "Not hot. Not at all, boy."

"Boner killer," Tiago said, nodding in agreement. Tim held his cock in place, as Tiago kept his dick just out of reach of James's tongue.

"Oh fuck," James grunted. He hadn't realized how good it had felt. Or how badly he wanted them to keep it up. He didn't need the money, and it was stupid to mess up things with Tim over something that small. At least not yet, and everything had felt so good. "Daddy. Please. Just fuck me. Please."

The two men laughed when he said it, but Tim started to fuck him. "I knew you were a smart boy," he said, and kissed him again. James felt a warm vibration race over his body. Tim wrapped an arm around him, and held him close. He was safe. He could do anything that he wanted. 

"You know," Tiago said. "I know how you can get more money." James knew that it would be a bad idea, but nevertheless, he wanted to hear what Tiago had in mind. He could do anything that he wanted with these men, and it would be ok. 

"You thinking what I am thinking?" Tim asked before James could even answer.

"What," James managed to ask. It was still hard to follow the conversation; every time one of the men would say something, his mind would spin off in some random direction of images. They were almost all sexual, and it only made James hungrier.

"Let's just find another guy," Tiago said. He already had his phone out, and was tapping furiously. 

"You'll like that, won't you boy?" Tim said. James clenched his ass around Tim's cock. It was a reassuring presence; it was both a familiar and wonderful feeling that helping keep James's anxieties at bay.

James nodded. Tim leaned in, nibbled on his ear, then whispered in his ear. "I love seeing my boy get fucked. It's a huge turn-on for me."

"Please Daddy," James said, although his mouth was still full of Tiago's cock. It came out unintelligible, but Tim understood the tone. 

"Here's a guy," Tiago said, showing a picture of an older, muscular man. He was wearing a pair of shorts, but in the picture, a thick cock was straining against the fabric. "He'd open you up," Tiago said.

James just nodded. He could only pay attention to a few things, and the two cocks sliding in and out of his body were high on his list. "Yeah," he managed to say. 

"Ohh," Tiago said; the disappointment clear in his voice. "He says he spent his cash on party favors. He's only got twenty left."

Tim squeezed him. "It's just for fun, you know," Tim said. "My boy would give it away, wouldn't he."

"If it makes you hard," James finally managed to say. 

"James will do it for ten," Tim told Tiago. "Won't you boy?"

"Please," James said. He knew he was being very slutty, but it all felt so good. Besides, it was just a bunch of hot guys, just having a lot of naked fun. On Monday, he could just shake it off. 

"He'll be here in ten," Tiago said. He showed another picture. This was just a thick, hard cock. It might have been one of the biggest cocks that James had ever seen. "Gonna wreck your cheap-ass cunt," the man had messaged for James. 

"You want that in you, boy?" Tim whispered in James's ear.

"Yeah," James said. He couldn't look away from it; the sheer size had him entranced, wondering how much it even weighed. 

"You going to let him fuck you raw?" Tim continued.

"Please, yeah, Daddy," James grunted. Everything was hitting him, and all he could think about was cum.

"You gonna let him cum in you?" Tim whispered in James's ear. His cock was rock-hard and pounding his hole. He recognized the new cadence; Tim was getting ready to cum.

"Yeah, Daddy. Please cum in me." Tiago had stepped back, and was just watching the two fuck. 

"Damn this is hot," he said, stroking his cock. He was rock hard; as soon as Tim pulled out, he was ready to take over. 

"I'm going to cum in you," Tim grunted. "Fill you up."

"Give it to me Daddy," James moaned. Tiago stroked his cock harder. He loved how desperate the boy was, the drug-fueled hunger coming out in how he said "Daddy." It was going to be a pleasure to debase the boy. 

"Oh FUCK," Tim moaned. His cock was throbbing. "I love your hole."

"Please, Daddy."

"I love cumming in...," Tim started. Then a deep grunt from the depths of his body; James felt the familiar, wonderful warmth fill his guts. "My Boy's HOLE," he grunted, and another thick spurt erupted from his cockhead. He moaned again, and whispered into James's ear. "I love my boy..."

James thought he was going to say something more. But he just moaned as his cock spat out several globs of semen. Tim's sperm felt so good inside him. All James could imagine was more. More men. More drugs. More cock. More cum. 

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I believe that their visitor is going to love James. Wonder if he has a thick 0 gauge PA.

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