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  1. Great Start! Looking forward to what happens next
  2. Fucking great story!! Jerking off to it now!!
  3. Fuck Yeah!! Best roommate pact I ever heard of 🐷🐷
  4. Oink!! Jerked off to this! Definitely write Part 2
  5. Fuck Yeah!! Can’t wait for you to write about the parTy i weekend in the City and the 14 raw cocks/loads you took!! 🐷🐷
  6. More!!! So Ticking turned on by this story!! OINK
  7. Dad trained you well. making you a sleazy cum dump slut for all that want to breed you!!
  8. Fucking Hot!!! Wish I was there to get all those dirty loads buried deep in my ass! OINK!!!
  9. Fuck Yeah!! And make sure to share the cum you lap out of the bottom's hole back with a deep sloppy kiss!!
  10. Fuck Yeah!! Breed me DEEP and OFTEN!!!
  11. Fucking Hot Stud!!! If you ever get down to SoCal, my hole is at your disposal. OINK!!
  12. Fuck Yes!!!!! Cum deep in my hole or down my throat as often as you want/can. Don't let those massive loads go to waste!
  13. Nothing that I hate more is a great porn and then you see a condom covering a dick going into a hole. From that second on, totally lost interest. Only RAW COCK enters my hole, why would I want to watch anything but hot, intense, raw fucking!!

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