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    Bareback, anonymous loads, gangbang, sleazy verbal, daddies, dom tops, creampie, role play, oral, blindfolds, foreplay, being spit roasted, slings, poz talk
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    Haven’t always played raw but on and off again with randoms and boyfriends but now prefer raw cock and taking loads. I’ve unlocked my inner cumdump.
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    Just amateur stuff during hook ups. Those videos are probably floating around somewhere out there.
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    Love verbal tops who like to take control. Love hanging out with a small group and taking loads. Really love long sessions with hot foreplay and cocks that leak precum.

    Bottomsup_boi on kik and bottomsupboi on wick love some dirty chats

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  1. At the very least, some body hair. Such a turn on and so fucking sexy.
  2. Parks, bathrooms, parking garages, ikea, hiking trails, cars, the restaurant I used to work in.
  3. I’m usually thinking about milking every last drop out of him. And then it’s about cleaning him off and getting him hard again for another round.
  4. I didn’t choose to be a gag but I did choose to be a slut whore who lets anyone fuck me raw and cum in me. I choose to let men use my holes as they wish.
  5. Damn this was fucking hot to read! I’d love to meet those bikers!
  6. Rhyheim Shabazz, Austin Wilde and Kieran definitely come to mind.
  7. Two different ways. First is on my back head hanging over the edge while he’s face fucking me or on my knees while he’s sitting on the couch, legs spread while I choke and gag on his cock and he’s getting verbal with me in both cases.
  8. I prefer to feel it and usually can tell when he’s ready to shoot. I love it when a top’s cock swells and he makes me feel each shot of cum as he’s unloading in me. I want to hear him as well, hear his orgasm and feel him slam deep when he’s cumming. I love tops that can do that. Makes me feel even slutty!
  9. It was a complete surprise to me. He might have planned it but it was a total surprise for me. I ended up being a lot of fun though 😈
  10. A guy was fucking me and said “you’re going to take me loads tonight and Anton else I can get to come fuck you, you’ll take their loads too.” It was the first time a guy whored me and I spent the night getting fucked by whoever he invited over.
  11. It happened only once when I was in college. You mom had been trying to reach me and called while I was getting fucked by a hung frat guy I had met in class. I was on my stomach with him on top of me thrusting. My mom called a few times before I answered and told I couldn’t talk at the moment while trying not to moan. She never knew I was getting fucked raw by a guy I’d basically just met.
  12. Depends on my mood and what I’m looking for. Sometimes I want a top who will fuck me for a long time before cumming. But only as long as he’s putting me in different positions and moving me to new places and then shoving back in and fucking me. Sometimes I want a quickie and other times I have some tops lined up and don’t want them taking an hour to cum. Just depends.
  13. Like others have said, douching and other good hygiene practices are a must but I also recommend moisturizing your body. You don’t want any rough or dry skin being grabbed. Nothing with a fragrance though. Also make sure your hole is ready to take a beating if there’s a lot of tops and your the only bottom. You will get stretched out and used so make sure you’re ready for that.
  14. Mmmm I just reread the first set of chapters and then these. Gets me hard and horny every time and I can’t wait to read more of James’ “adventures”.
  15. I was trying to plan a stay at a resort in Palm Springs this past summer but obviously land changed. One of these days I am going to live out this fantasy and it’ll probably be at a place like that.
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