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    Bareback, anonymous loads, gangbang, verbal, daddies, dom tops, creampie, role play, oral, blindfolds, foreplay, being spit roasted, slings, poz talk
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Haven’t always played raw but on and off again with randoms and boyfriends but now prefer raw cock and taking loads. I’ve unlocked my inner cumdump.
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    Just amateur stuff during hook ups. Those videos are probably floating around somewhere out there.
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    Love verbal tops who like to take control. Love hanging out with a small group and taking loads. Really love long sessions with hot foreplay and cocks that leak precum.

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  1. James is one lucky boy! Makes me wish it were me! Can’t wait for more!
  2. Holy fuck this is hot! Damn I can’t wait for more!
  3. Oh yeah, he lived directly above me in college. We got drunk together in his room and he made a move. We started kissing, making out and then I ended up having his 10 inch dick in my mouth, gagging on it. He pushed me onto his bed and started humping me and fingering my ass. Thank god he used lube to fuck me because he was thick and long. Fucked me bare over the course of two years on and off, let a buddy of his breed me too. He’s now married with kids.
  4. Barebacking is so addictive, you’ll never what condoms involved again. The feeling of a guy’s cock swelling inside of you and then feeling his cum unload is quite a sensation.
  5. I’ll always let a top cum where he wants to cum but I equally love getting down my throat or a full facial. It just depends. I love it in my ass, on my face or down my throat, it’s all good to me.
  6. At any given time I’m 1, 2, 4 or 14. Sometimes all of them in a single night.
  7. I haven’t really noticed a big change but there’s an monthly sex party I go to that a friend hosts and it’s been cancelled this month. It may not happen next month either.
  8. I typically love to suck a guy’s cock first, savior is precum on my lips and tongue but sometimes tops just want to bend me over and slide right into my bare hole. I’m not going to stop him from using me however he wants too.
  9. I love getting fucked doggy or from behind because with doggy the top can pull me in deep. If he’s on top of me, I can feel his weight as he’s thrusting. It’s really hot though to be fucked missionary and lock eyes as he’s breeding me.
  10. I’ll take it wherever the top wants to give it to me. I don’t care if it’s down my throat or up my ass, just fuck me full of cum.
  11. Bareback seems to be the norm. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a top want to use a condom, they almost never get brought up now. When the topic of condoms does come up, the top almost always ends up not using especially when I don’t ask to use one.
  12. I usually get tested every few months or sooner depending on how much I’m getting fucked. If it’s a higher risk situation or I feel like I could have caught something, I’ll go sooner. It’s usually every few months I’ll catch something and just have to do the normal doc visit and treatment and then my ass is back out there looking for fun.
  13. I think I love being locked up in a sling is that I have no real control over who fucks me or how they fuck me. I’m completely at the mercy of who put me in the sling and who’s fucking me. I also love being blindfolded in the sling and not being able to see but only feel who’s fucking me. I go a regular party where I usually end up taking a turn in the sling at least once during the night, it’s so hot and I always leave leaking and used.
  14. It’s been awhile since I’ve done it but it’s great! There’s nothing like feeling hands on you and cocks sliding into you because you’re a fuck hole that’s available to use. No other reason other than my hole is open and has nothing to do with visuals or having strings attached.

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