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Soccer Boy's Spiral

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I'm trying an experiment here. I write a fair amount, but don't publish much. I want to publish more. So, here's a project I'm going to try.

This is Soccer Boy's Spiral. Each chapter is short, less than a thousand words, and I write it in a day. I'll post it here a few days later, or "near real time." I don't know what way this story is going to go; I've got a broad arc, but I'm not so skilled that I might just write myself into a corner. On the other hand, this is also a chance for a audience-sourcing. You make a comment, you might see it reflected within a few days.

I'm going to try this for a month. I'll see what happens. If I stop before then, I'll explain why. At the end of the month, not sure. We'll see.

Now, meet Jimmy. He's eighteen, just out of high school, and moving to LA.

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Jimmy landed in Los Angeles on a Monday at 1:00pm. His parents had insisted that he stay through Sunday so he could go to church and see his grandparents. It meant he had to wake up at 4:00am to get to the airport in time. It wasn't that bad; he had worked the past two summers at his uncle's farm, and he was used to waking up unpleasantly early.

He touched his front pocket again. There was a wad of cash; it was his savings from the summer jobs, plus a small amount of money from his grandparents. If he was careful, it was just enough for a deposit on a small apartment and a few month's worth of living expenses. He had dreamed of moving to LA since he was in middle school and decided that he wanted to be an actor. 

He was glad the flight landed early; he collected a large backpack and duffle bag, and then got an uber to an AirBnB in Silver Lake. He was surprised that it only took thirty minutes to get there; he believed that it took hours to get anywhere in LA. He found the key to the small building in the back yard; it was a spartan studio, but it was a place to leave his bags.

He looked at his phone. It was 2:30, and he had an appointment to see a studio apartment nearby at 3:00. He washed his face, and headed out into the September sun. He reached the building just in time. The building was old, but the neighborhood was nice, with a cafe and a few nice restaurants. He was hungry, but remembered he had to be careful with money. He knocked on the superintendent's door.

"Coming," the voice said, gruff, manly, and already annoyed. "Yes?" the man said, as he opened the door. Jimmy was momentarily silent. The man towered above Jimmy. He was wearing a tank top which made it clear his massive bulk was all muscle. He was wearing a pair of sweat pants. Jimmy tried not to stare at the massive boner he could see through the fabric. 

"Uh," Jimmy stammered. "I'm Jimmy. I'm here about the studio?"

"Oh yeah. Give me a second." He disappeared back into the dark apartment, then emerged a few seconds later. "Come on," he said, and guided Jimmy to the back of the complex, and up the stairs. The apartment was on the far side, on the second floor. It was a little larger than the AirBnB. "Here it is," the guy said. "$850 a month, with utilities."

Jimmy found it hard to concentrate. He wanted to stare at the superintendent, but forced himself to look at the small kitchen. There was a stove and oven, and a tiny fridge. He turned around; the super was rubbing his crotch. "You have nice lips," he said. "I bet we can work out a discount on the rent."

Back in Nebraska, Jimmy had sucked off the quarterback several times a week. Jimmy knew what to do, and knelt down in front of the super. He pulled down the older man's sweat pants, and a massive nine inch cock fell out. "I love a boy who knows what to do," the super moaned, as Jimmy took the head of the man's cock in his mouth.

"Oh fuck," the super moaned as Jimmy worked his way down the super's shaft. The superintendent had the biggest cock Jimmy had ever touched, but Jimmy didn't let that stop him. He worked his way down, feeling the dickhead press against the back of his throat. 

"Take it, faggot," the super said, grabbing the back of Jimmy's head and forcing him to swallow more of his thick cock. Jimmy was struggling as the man's thick cock slid down his throat. 

It was hard, because the superintendent had grabbed the back of Jimmy's head and was holding him down. The bigger man held Jimmy in place, even as he struggled not to gag. "I said take it, faggot," he said, ignoring Jimmy's obvious discomfort.

"Please," Jimmy grunted, as he tried to gasp for air.

"That gets me off," the man said, shoving his cock back into Jimmy's throat. "Fuck that feels good," he continued, forcefully pounding the young man's throat. "Oh fuck," he grunted. 

At least it didn't last that long; it was only a few minutes before Jimmy felt his cock stiffen and the superintendent's balls tighten. "Try not to drown," he said, before his cock exploded. It was not an idle warning; the man's orgasm was intense and large. Spurt after spurt of cum shot out of his dick, and directly into Jimmy's stomach.

"Not bad," the super said, pulling his softening cock from Jimmy's mouth, and wiping it off on the stubble on Jimmy's cheek. "$700 a month," he said. "You want it?"

Jimmy was still on his knees, not even sure what just happened. "Uh, yeah, I guess." It was less than he had expected, and giving an occasional blow job seemed worth it.

"Good. Come by at three tomorrow, and we'll do the paperwork." 

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Hot start...love the directness of Super and quick action on Jimmy's part...

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4 hours ago, Petereater said:

Hot start...love the directness of Super and quick action on Jimmy's part...

Agreed. Jimmy has potential, @Gymguy8 - and so does this story.

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He’s been in LA less time than the flight he took and he’s already sucking random cock. I like this boy’s instinct.

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I wonder what he will have to do to live rent free? 


He wants to be an actor in what? 

He will have to take acting lessons? 

Im sure he will  audition  for jobs on the  producers   Couch ? 

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Jimmy woke up early the next day. Most of the morning was spent looking at casting calls, and figuring out the best ones for him. He also made a few calls to agents, but every time, the receptionist told him that the agent wasn't taking new clients. Then, it was time to find some food before his appointment at three for the lease on the studio. 

This time, the superintendent forced him to kneel, his back against the wall as the older man forced his cock down Jimmy's throat. Jimmy still gagged on the thick rod, but reminded himself that even with the regular throat-fucking, it was still an amazing deal.

That evening, Jimmy went out to his first gay bar. The description online said that it was preppy and sporty. He had gotten a fake ID several months earlier, planning for the move, but he hadn't had a chance to test it. His hometown was small enough that everyone knew he was only eighteen. The bouncer spent a lot more time staring at the tuft of chest hair sticking out of his shirt than Jimmy's ID, before waving him in.

Jimmy took a moment to look around. There wasn't a single woman to be seen, and the video screens scattered around the bar were showing a slide show of naked men. He was scared and excited, wondering what possibilities the night held. He tried to be as nonchalant as possible as he approached the bar, and ordered a beer.

"What do you want?" the bartender asked. He was a short, skinny guy, with a day's worth of stubble, and an infectious smile. He must have picked up on Jimmy's innocence, because he continued. "Special today is Blue Moon. $4 a pint."

"I'll take that."

"Most guys like it with a slice of orange. You?"

"Sure," Jimmy said. He handed over a ten dollar bill, and took the change. He was about to retreat to a safe corner, when the man sitting at the bar next to him turned and spoke.

"New here?" he asked.

"Yeah," Jimmy stammered. He looked at the man. He looked to be in his early thirties, with thick brown hair, a dense yet well-trimmed beard, and under a tight white t-shirt, what looked to be a good body.

"Welcome. I'm Josh."

"Jimmy," Jimmy said.

"Well, welcome to LA, Jimmy. This calls for a celebration." He turned the bartender and ordered tequila shots; the bartender poured one for himself as well. The three men quickly knocked back the shot; Jimmy tried his best not to cough.

Jimmy and Josh talked for a few minutes. Josh mentioned he had some weed back at his place; and asked if Jimmy wanted to get high.

"Sure," Jimmy said. "Where do you live?"

"Just around the corner," Josh said. "Come on," he said. Josh quickly settled up his tab, as the bartender smirked at Jimmy. Josh was right; he lived in a giant apartment less than a five minute walk away. Josh grabbed a bong already filled with weed, and took the boy out to the balcony.

The men took a few hits off the bong, watching the airplanes circle downtown on final approach to LAX. Finally, Josh spoke. "Jimmy. Is that short for something?"

"James," Jimmy said.

"Much better," Josh said. "Jimmy is the middle school kid in Nebraska. Jimmy is the kid that plays soccer, and everyone knows is queer." Josh was standing behind Jimmy now, close enough that Jimmy could feel his body heat. "Jimmy is going to be eaten alive by LA."

"But," Jimmy asked. "What do I do?"

"A new name. Everyone does it." Josh whispered into Jimmy's ear. "James is a good name." Jimmy could smell Josh's body. It was sweet and sweaty, and his cock was hard. "James is a fresh face from the heartland. Ready for a leading role."

"James," Jimmy said. In his mind, it was the name his Mom called him when he was bad. Josh spun him around, so they were facing, and kissed him. 

"Hello, James," Josh said, when they finally broke off the kiss. "You're a sexy man." 

"Thanks, uh, you too," James said, trying to take everything in.

"So, James," Josh asked, grabbing his ass. "Did you play soccer?"


"And did everyone think you were queer?"


"You had to suck off the quarterback?"


"Fuck yeah," Josh said. He had unzipped his jeans, and pushed them down. "Show me how you took care of him." Josh's cock was already erect. 

James slid down to his knees, then stared at the shaft in front of him. "Come on. Show me how good you suck." James opened his mouth, and took the head in. "You can do more than that," Josh said. "Give me your best blow job."

James went partially down the shaft. Back home, Eric's cock had been thicker and larger. But the last time had been a month ago; Eric had once more decided what they did was sinful, and Jesus would save him. It was good to taste dick again.

James reached down for his cock, but Josh pushed his hand away. "Not yet," he said. "I want to enjoy this." Josh held on to the arm, reminding James of his job here. "Get me off first," he said. 

James worked his way down the length of Josh's cock. It wasn't as big as the superintendent's dick, so he didn't gag. But it was close; the shaft was like a steel rod poking at his throat. "Fuck yeah," Josh said, grabbing the back of James's head and holding the boy in place. "Let me down your throat."

James did his best to relax. He knew that gagging would be the wrong move here. Eventually, he found a comfortable angle that allowed him to swallow the full length of Josh's cock. He moaned in pleasure; it was the best he could do with a dick down his throat.

"That's it James," Josh said. He let go of his arms, but reminded the man on his knees of the rules. "Remember to focus on me. I'm almost there." Josh started thrusting his cock deep into James's throat, feeling the wet, velvety softness massage him to release.

"Gahhh," James said, trying to take Josh's forceful strokes. "Ugggh," he said, nearly choking on the dominant man's cock. Luckily, only took Josh a few minutes before he shot a thick load. He made sure that the boy swallowed every drop, before finally pulling out.

"Fuck yeah," Josh said. "You're an amazing cocksucker." Just like the superintendent, he wiped his cock off on James's stubble. "That quarterback was a lucky guy." 

James reached down for his cock. Even gasping for air, he was turned on, the way that Josh had just used him. Josh conspicuously checked his phone, his cock still nestled in James's mouth. "Fuck," he said. "I didn't know it was so late." 

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