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  1. 6. Dance with the Devil "Those boots do great things for your ass," Jon said. He was walking down the hall, now fully dressed with a dark red harness, a matching cod piece, and a pair of aggressive motorcycle boots. His chest was airbrushed lightly in red, and there was a bit of devil make-up as well. He was hot. "Thank you," I stammered. I was trying not to stare too much. I would sell my soul to have him fuck me. Jon turned to Leo. "You want to find Cal in the kitchen. He'll want the supplies. I'll take our boy?" "Right on," Leo said. "Head's in the clouds," he said, as
  2. Just in case there's any questions, there will be no more chapters in this story. BUT, the story continues in Soccer Boy's Screen Test. "Screen Test" picks up right where "Spiral" leaves off. "Screen Test" has over ten chapters done. Nor is James entirely done: there's at least 5 more chapters in Screen test, and he'll also soon make a special appearance in "The Party After Halloween."
  3. love your stories 🙂

  4. 5. Skeleton's Bone "Please. Just give it to me." I was hungry, and I needed what Leo was offering. Normally, I was pretty horny. But tonight, my arousal was all-consuming. All I could think about was dick inside me. Leo's cock in my ass. Seth's cock in my mouth. Jon's cock in my mouth. Jon's cock in my ass. And all of them cumming in me. It was dirty and filthy, but I loved it. "Of course you're gonna get it," Leo said. He arched his back and pushed his dick deeper into my guts. I gasped, but took it. The alternative would be far more unbearable than this minor, temporary discomfort.
  5. 4. The Skeleton's Pipe "Come on," Seth said, motioning for me to follow him. I was still stuck in the sling, and I didn't have any idea how I got out of it. I did my best, and managed to climb out with some grace. Jon was watching me and smiling. He had gotten rid of the tank top; his muscles were now framed by a dark maroon leather harness. His muscles and face were highlighted with red now. He still looked like a devil, and the transformation was stunning. I would have gladly sold my soul just for the briefest taste of his cock. "You're really hot," he said. I stood up from the s
  6. 3. Sling Sex "Now," Jon said, taking the glasses from each of us, "What were you thinking?" he asked Seth. "He's so cute and boyish," Seth said. Jon had dealt with the glasses, and was now right in front of me. I looked up at him. With the beard and eyeliner, he looked like a kindly old devil with seductive, dangerous ideas. I kissed Jon. Seth continued. "I knew the moment I saw him." "I think I know," Jon said, breaking off the kiss. "What?" I asked. I had know idea what they had planned for me. "Peter Pan," Seth said. I blushed. It wasn't the first time I had been a
  7. 2. Toasts I didn't see Seth at the gym again before the Friday of the party. We messaged a bit on line, but he had been busy with school, plus all the regular parties around Halloween, so we didn't message that often. I went to a few parties, and made out with a few guys. But even when I was making out with some cute freshman, all I could think about was Seth's partners. I wanted to feel their hairy chests against my body. I wanted to feel their beards brush against my lips. Most of all, I wanted to feel their thick cocks stretch my hole open. Other than Seth, I hadn't seen any of th
  8. 1. Halloween Preparations I had met Seth at the gym. He was a senior, and I think he noticed me checking him out. He was beautiful: about 5'11", muscular, but not too muscular, brown hair and eyes. He had a rugby player's build, stout and muscular, with a muscular ass. I was far to shy to say anything, especially after he caught me checking him out. But he just smiled at me, and despite my blushing, I smiled back. Luckily, we both moved on to different parts of the gym, and then he disappeared. I resolved to never work out at that time again. Unfortunately, he was waiting for me outs
  9. 11. Opened for Business "Let him pound your slutty hole," Tim said to James. He took the phone from Fabien, and trained it on the young man's face. James's face was taut and anxious, but he revealed his innocence when James smiled in response to Tim smiling. "We're going to have such a good time tonight," he continued. He stood up on the bed, getting an aerial shot as Fabien took position between James's legs. "I'm looking forward to this," Fabien said, as he spat a bit on his dick a bit. "Good thing Tim gave you some lube." "It's great lube. Loosens you up. Mind and body." Tim
  10. 10. Men's Rights "You're gonna take our cocks." Tim motioned to Fabien, who was still recording the entire scene. The Black man leaned in for a close-up. Tim smeared the spit all over James's face. The young man was still in shock; he did nothing but stare at Tim. "You took all the other men's dicks. And now you're going to take ours." James was now crying. The tears mixed with Tim's spit, leaving his face wet. James hated being like this, especially in front of Tim. He wanted to please the man. He wanted to impress him. "Please Daddy," he whimpered. "This is just the start,"
  11. You are my favorite author on this entire site. It’s never a disappointment 😉

  12. 9. Penetration "Please, Daddy. Fuck me," James moaned. He exhaled the rest of his hit; there was still enough to leave a dense cloud. "Fuck me." "You're sure, boy," Tim said. He kissed the boy again, but also reached back and grabbed James's ass. The boy gasped, but it wasn't long before he pressed back against Tim's hands. "Yeah," James moaned. The crystal was now washing over his brain. "It doesn't matter. I need you, Daddy. I need you cock." "Of course, boy. You were always going to get Daddy's dick. That was never in doubt. But first, give it a bit more love." Tim let
  13. 8. Recorded Confessions There was a second knock. Not too hard. "Fuck," James muttered. "Who is it?" "My friend. Tim. He said he would be over." James had climbed off of Fabien and was trying to find his clothes. "Wait," Fabien said, putting a hand on James's ass. "He's fucked you, right?" "Yeah," he said. "But, I don't want him to see me. I mean, like this." "I think he'll figure out. Does he know you got raped?" "No. Not the details." There was another knock. "Just get it," Fabien said. "I don't mind." He grabbed the pipe and torch, and started a hit.
  14. 7. Clouding Over James knew he shouldn't hit the pipe again. He was already fucked up. His mind was frantic. He couldn't stop thinking about Conrad. He hated the memories. He didn't want to be out of control like that, but the drugs weren't helping. "Maybe..." James started to say. He wanted to wait. He didn't want to do another hit. He wanted to calm down. Not think about Conrad's raw cock sliding in and out of his hole. He remembered Conrad had told him something while he had been fucking. It was important, but he realized he couldn't remember anything about what it was. "Just..."
  15. 6. Safe as Homes Fabien watched James quickly drink the contents of the juice box. He knew that there was another 1.5ml of G in each one. Unlike James, Fabien nursed his drink, suddenly having to chug it as the Uber pulled in to the curb. "Here," the driver said. "You boys have fun," he said, smiling. "Don't forget your bag," he mentioned to Fabien. "Thanks," Fabien said. He reached back into the car to grab the party bag Tiago had given him. "Gonna fuck him up?" the driver said. "Your friend?" Fabien noticed the driver for the first time. He wasn't that tall, but he had a tight
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