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  1. 14. Good Decisions, Bad Choices Conrad pressed his face into James's ass. His beard was tickling James's hole, and the boy tried to concentrate. He was bent over the dresser, and trying to focus on the torch and pipe while Conrad ate him out. He could feel every strand of hair in Conrad's beard; it was like a wire brush against his hole. "Take a big hit for me, boy," Conrad said, his voice muffled by James's butt. James inhaled deeply. In between Conrad feeding him clouds, he had also done more of the G. It was hard for him to remember where he was; he thought he was home, but the apartment was too big. Nor could he really remember how he had met Conrad. It didn't matter. Conrad's tongue pressed into his hole, and his world exploded in pain and pleasure. He wanted Conrad to stop. But at the same time, he pressed his ass back against Conrad, forcing the older man's tongue into his own defenseless hole. "Don't be shy," Conrad said. "Hit that pipe as much as you want." James hit the pipe again. It wasn't as intense as the day before. James wondered if he was habituating to the drugs, or if he was just spent for the weekend. Nevertheless, he did feel that familiar energy, and he had always been craving cock. "Please," he grunted. "Fuck me," James said. "Please?" "Don't worry," Conrad said, between pressing his tongue deep into his hole. "There's gonna be plenty of fucking." He was licking the insides of James's hole like an ice cream, savoring every flick of his tongue across the creamy surface. "Plenty of fucking." James took two more long hits on the pipe. As he exhaled the last one, he realized it wasn't that the drugs were affecting him less, it was more that they took longer to take effect. His head was spinning, and it was even hard for him to just stay upright. "Fuck boy," Conrad said. "You're wasted." "Yeah," Conrad slurred. He thought Conrad had asked him how high he was. But he might have asked permission to fuck him. It was already hard to remember what they had just said. "I've gotta get on your level," Conrad said, standing up. He was brushing his dickhead against James's hole. James shivered. It meant he was going to get fucked again. "Give me the pipe, and I'll fuck you while I smoke." "Please," James grunted, and handed the pipe to Conrad. He took it, but before he did anything, he lined up his cockhead with James's hole. "Please," James repeated, pressing his ass back, trying to get the stiff rod inside of him. "Fuck me." Conrad knew a hungry boy's ways, and waited until the familiar thick cloud had filled his chest. Only then did he press into the well-fucked hole. He went slowly, but even with barely an inch of his dick inside, the boy was already struggling. "Fuck," James grunted. "That's... That is..." he started, but couldn't finish. Conrad savored the hit, then exhaled it. "It's ok boy," he said. He took another long hit, feeling the drug take over his imagination. It no longer seemed like a problem that his cock was hurting James. In fact, it was going to fun to watch the boy struggle against the intense fucking. Plus, his struggles would only serve to massage and caress Conrad's cock. "It's gonna hurt a little bit." He took one more long hit, then put the pipe down. He grabbed a bottle of lube from the bed table, and squeezed a thick glob onto his cock. He paused, and then pushed in another few inches. The lube disappeared into James's hole, and elicited a gentle sigh from the boy. "Better?" Conrad asked. From long experience, he knew it was just enough to get him all the way in. It wasn't enough to keep the boy from suffering. The boy nodded. "Thank you," James said. "Of course, boy," Conrad said, and sank his cock deeper into the young man's rectum. It was warm, and he could feel the remaining cum and the lube start to mix. "I want this to feel so good." "I want you to feel good too," James said. "Really good. I'll do anything for you." "I'm glad to hear it," Conrad said. "I want to find all the ways you can make my cock hard." He swapped the lube for the pipe, and did one more hit. As he inhaled, he pressed his dick the rest of the way into James's hole. He stopped inhaling when his balls hit James's ass. He put away the pipe, and held the hit. Finally, he exhaled, the cloud enveloping both of them. He started to stroke his shaft in and out of James's hole. James could feel every ridge and vein on Conrad's cock, as it slid in and out of him. James's mind had gotten completely overwhelmed by the drugs. He knew that Conrad's cock was one of the most painful things he had felt; every movement sent new sparks of pain across his body. He also knew that nothing had ever felt like Conrad's cock. It was hard and stiff and raw and slamming in and out of James's sore hole. He couldn't get respite from the first without losing the second. But he'd endure the pain of the first for the pleasure of the second. Rather than trying to force something with Conrad, James took the easy way out. He grabbed the bottle of poppers, unscrewed the top, and took long hits from the brown bottle. "That's it," Conrad said. "I want you to feel the fuck as well." James held the hit before answering. "Please. Make me feel it," James grunted. He couldn't believe he had just asked Conrad to fuck him harder. The man's cock hurt, like it had sharp edges. He gasped. "Fuck," he managed to say. "I want you to do more poppers," Conrad said. His voice was deep and commanding; it was easy to follow his instructions. "Make you feel really horny. And then you can make me feel really horny too." "Yes," James said, and did another hit of poppers. He savored the warm chemical scent and the oblivion of pleasure it promised. But Conrad was ready. Just as James was getting used to the poppers high, he changed his cadence, and did his best to obliterate that potential pleasure from the poppers. Conrad's strokes were deeper; his cock thicker and longer, and the force was more than James had ever felt. For a brief moment in the popper haze, it felt good. But as soon as the drugs started to fade, the agony of the fuck was front and center in his mind. "I think I need a break," James said. "Just a few more minutes," Conrad said. "You feel so good," he continued. "You want me to enjoy your ass, don’t you?" He paused, and James nodded his head. "You want me to know how good you can make my dick feel?" "Yeah..." James said. Before he could say anything, Conrad interrupted. "My dick feels so good right now. Buried deep in your hole. So fucking hot. So hungry." He pressed his body against James's back, and ran his hands across James's flat, furry stomach. "Just a little longer. I love fucking you." "But, it hur..." James started to say, but Conrad suddenly pulled his cock all the way out of him. He gasped at the white-hot pain from his ass, but the complete terror of being empty was what brought the tears to his eyes. "Let's get on the bed," Conrad said. He had pulled James up, and was stroking the thick stubble on his face. "We've got a lot more to do, don't you think?" Conrad nodded his head, and James subconsciously followed his lead. "Please," was all he managed to say. He was still trying not to scream in pain from his sudden de-penetration. Conrad smiled, and spun James around. The two faced each other. Conrad kissed him. "This is going to be epic," he said. He lead the two of them to the bed, a king-size bed, with thick metal pillars and head board. James noticed a few thick hooks and rings welded to the frame; some of them had thick leather restraints already attached. James stared at the restraints for a second; Conrad saw him. He laughed, and before James could even breathe, the young man was on his back, his arms spread wide and secured in the black leather. "Fucking EPIC," Conrad said, as he grabbed the boy's legs and spread them wide.
  2. 13. Re-Elevation James tried to relax once he was back in his apartment, but it was hard for him to focus. The marijuana that he had smoked had helped, but he still felt edgy and horny. Despite how horny he was, his cock remained alarmingly soft. Still, he was playing with it, as he jumped from video to video on Pornhub. He kept thinking back to what he had done over the previous twenty-four hours. He couldn't even remember how many men had fucked him. He could think of at least six, and there had no doubt been more when he had been half-passed out. He ran a finger over his asshole. Even the slightest touch revealed just how sore and tender it was. Nevertheless, he wondered what it would feel like to have a cock up there. He pulled out his phone, and downloaded Grindr. He had always quickly deleted his account back home; he didn't want anyone he knew seeing him online. But here, it didn't matter. He could be himself, and no one would care. He found a picture of himself, posing in the mirror. He thought he looked older in it, he hoped no one would care about his relatively young age. He filled out the rest of the profile, saying he was a bottom, and looking for some fun. There were a lot of guys online, some even in his building. He had been so used to people being fifty miles away; this was a new experience in freedom. Almost immediately, the messages started to roll in. He ignored them. Instead, he was staring at a profile. "ToPnP, 49," it read. The guy had a thick reddish-blond beard, flecked with a bit of grey. He was wearing leather gloves, and his broad, hairy chest was accentuated by a thick leather harness. James read the details. "Rough top. Hung. Like to play in the clouds." He was only two hundred feet away. Before he realized it, he had tapped him. "What's up boy," he quickly replied. "You look familiar." "Just moved here," James said. "But we're close." "Yeah," the guy replied. He gave his address. It was James's apartments. "Same," James said. "Wanna come over? Just filled the pipe, and looking forward to a cloudy evening." He was direct and forthright. He sent two pictures, one of him in the harness and boots, his thick dick hard. The other was him holding some boy down on his dick. He was wearing black gloves; James wondered what those gloves would feel like against his skin. "Sure," James texted back. He sent two more pictures. One was of his cock, the other was of his ass. "Apart 4F," he sent back. "And bring that furry ass with you." James gathered up his phone, wallet and keys. As he stuffed them into his jeans, he brushed against a wad of cash. He remembered what he had done to get that cash, and wondered if it had been worth it. But it was too late for second thoughts; the men had fucked him, and Tim had taken money for it. That was what had bothered him the most. Even now, he didn't really understand why Tim and Tiago had taken so much. But then, that was what Tiago had told him. That when he understood why, he would want them to take care of it for him. It was confusing, and he wanted to impress the leather man. He ignored the thought, and focused on getting on his shoes and getting out the door. Less than a minute later, James was at the door. For a moment, he hesitated. He had gotten fucked so much, and his hole was still sore and tender. He wasn't sure if he could take another cock. But then he remembered the picture of the man's cock and how it stuck straight up when erect. He wanted to taste it. Before he could second-guess himself, he knocked on the door. "Coming," a deep voice inside called out. A few seconds later, the door opened. The shades were pulled shut, and the lights were dim. "Come in," he said. "I'm Conrad." Conrad was wearing only a tank top and a pair of sweat pants. The tank top showed off his hairy chest, and James though he could see Landon's cock pressing against the sweat pants. "James," James replied. His voice was a bit raspy and hoarse. "Already been smoking, huh?" Conrad's voice was deep and masculine. James wanted to fall on his knees and worship him. "Yeah," "Nice. Been playing too?" "Yeah," James said. James's stomach balled up. He knew the next question. He would have to admit just how much of a slut he had been. "Hot. Get a lot of loads?" "A few," James started. "Well, let's get high, and get you a few more?" Conrad pointed to the bedroom in back. "But first, get naked." James wasn't wearing much already. He kicked off his sandals, pulled off his t-shirt, and then pushed down his shorts. It was a bit uncomfortable, getting undressed in front of a relative stranger. "Nice, boy," Conrad said, reminding James of how Tim had called him boy. He wondered if Conrad would feel as good inside him. James stopped, leaving his white briefs on, and started to go for the bedroom. "Wait boy," Conrad said. "All the way." James stopped, and pushed his briefs down, letting his soft cock swing freely. Conrad stepped in front of him, and ran his hand down James's body. James shivered under Conrad's touch. Where Tim's touches had been caring and respectful, Conrad's contact was possessive and domineering. He ran his hand around James's waist, reaching his butt, and pressing in. James gasped as Conrad fingered his hole. "Wet and sloppy," Conrad pronounced, as he pulled his hand back and smelled his fingers. "Cummy too," he continued. "We're going to have fun." He led the way into the bedroom. The curtains were still pulled tight, and the light was dim. In the middle was a large bed; it faced a TV. On the screen were two men fucking, a long, uncovered cock sliding in and out of the bottom's hole. He stared for a few seconds, mesmerized by the scene. "Gotta catch up to you," Conrad said, and took a long hit from the glass pipe. James watched as Conrad puffed and inhaled. Conrad savored the hit, then he kissed James and exhaled his hit. It flooded his lungs, and he immediately knew this was possibly the worst decision he had made. Or it was the best decision ever.
  3. 12. Afternoon Cocksucker James looked at his watch again. It was two in the afternoon. It was Sunday afternoon, even. He had spent nearly eighteen hours at Tim's place, and he had gotten fucked for almost all of it. His body was sore, especially his hips and knees; he had spent too long on his knees or spreading his legs. The Uber driver was speaking rapidly into a mobile phone pinned to the dashboard, but it was a language James couldn't even recognize, much less understand. He was glad he didn't have to explain what he had been doing. He reached into his pocket, and felt the small wad of cash. Four guys had paid to fuck him. He had gotten sixty dollars out of it, and Tim had even paid for the Uber for him to go back home. But the money wasn't important. It was that he had gotten to spend all eighteen hours with Tim. He loved how the two of them had started to grow so connected, fueled by the drugs and bareback sex. "Here you are," the driver said, pulling into an empty spot right by James's apartment building. "Thanks," James said, and hauled himself out of the small car. His joints hadn't gotten any less sore, and he was surprised at what an effort walking was. He marched himself across the courtyard and up the far set of stairs. On his door was a post it. "See Me. Apt M." He wondered when the superintendent had put that up. It didn't matter. He would go no matter what. He went back down the stairs, across to the other wing, and the familiar ground floor apartment. "Come on in," the post-it read. Even before James opened the door, he could smell the pot smoke. He pushed open the door, and was greeted with a thick cloud of fragrant marijuana. Even after his adventures of the night, he found he had a craving for that familiar warmth of being stoned. He hoped it would take the edge off of the anxiety he had. The superintendent was sprawled on the couch, a bong on the table in front of him. He was wearing a pair of old sweat pants, and a few well-placed holes made it clear he didn't have on any underwear. James stumbled in, and the superintendent looked him over. "Looks like you had a night," he said. "Doesn't bother me," the man continued, and grabbed the remote. He flicked a button, and the baseball game was replaced by some girl sucking dick. "Come on," he said, spreading his legs, and pointing to his crotch. "Pay your rent, faggot. Get me off." James's mouth was dry from all the drugs. He hadn't even had a chance to pour himself a drink at home. But now he was expected to deep-throat one more cock. "Dry mouth?" the superintendent asked him. James realized he had forgotten the man's name. He was just the super to James; not that James thought about him as he did the super's cock. James nodded. "Yeah," he said. "Good. Open your mouth for me." James opened his mouth. The super laughed. "Such a faggot," he said, and suddenly spit a glob of saliva and snot into James's mouth. "Here's some lube for you." He pushed James's head back down, towards his crotch. James grabbed the waist band of the older man's sweats, and pulled it down. It exposed the super's thick shaft, and he wasn't even hard yet. As soon as his cock sprung free, the superintendent pushed it into James's mouth. "Suck it," he said. "Mmmmmmph," James managed to say, before his mouth was filled with cock once more. "Don't need to speak, faggot," the super said. "Just suck. Get me off." He grabbed the bong, and did a hit. James looked up at him, and he smiled. "You're high aren't you?" James nodded in agreement. Right before he left, Tim had made him do a few last hits. "Want more?" James nodded again. The super held the lighter to the bowl. "Right on," he said, before inhaling. His chest was thick and broad, and he filled his lungs with the fragrant smoke. He held the hit, and with a free hand, held James's head down. "Fuuuck," he finally moaned. "You're getting better at this." James gagged slightly; the super's cock was getting now lengthening, and getting harder at the same time. The bit of spit had not done much for his mouth, and it was hard to suck the man properly. At least he was starting to dribble a bit of pre-cum. The first time, James had hated the super dripping pre-cum. But this time he sought it out. He savored each drop, spreading the taste -- and wetness -- around his mouth. Finally, the man released his grip on James's mouth, and let the boy breathe. "Here," he said, and handed the bong and lighter to James. James grabbed it, and lit it up. He craved the pleasant relaxation that the marijuana promised, the edge it would take off the anxious elation from the crystal. He inhaled deeply, forgetting how much harsher the marijuana was compared to the crystal. He coughed a few times. "Try it again," the super said. "Get you ready to worship my dick." James tried again, this time getting a big hit. It burnt his lungs, but he knew it meant it was working. He leaned and swallowed the man's cock, suddenly able to go all the way to the base. "FUCK YEAH," the superintendent groaned. He grabbed James's head with both hands and held him down. Even as James struggled, needing to breath, suppress the gag reflex, and cough, all at once, he held him in place. "That's it. Choke on it." James felt like he was going to pass out, but finally, the top released him. He gasped, but the super quickly pushed his dickhead back in James's mouth. He nursed the head as he caught his breath, then pushed back down the shaft. It was almost natural to take the entire thing down his throat. This time he could breathe easily, and inhaled deeply of the sweaty, musky pubes. He wanted the man's load, and would do anything to get it. "That's it," the super said, stroking James's thick dark hair. "Get me off." The two of them held that position, the superintendent leaning back and getting his cock sucked by James. The two men lost track of time; it was only when the movie ended that the superintendent stirred. "That's what I like in a cocksucker," he said. "Undivided attention." He took a look at his watch. "But, I gotta get going soon. And I bet you want a load." James nodded. "Please," he said. Before he had even finished speaking, the super slammed his cock back into James's mouth, hitting the back of his throat and then sliding deeper. James tried not to gag, but the superintendent laughed at him. "Gagging feels good," he said, and slapped James on the side of his face. His cheek stung, but he couldn't pull himself off of the dick. He was hungry again, and the only thing that could satisfy him was more cum. "That's right, faggot," the super said. "Worship my cock." He forced himself down the length of the super's cock. It was a long, thick, stiff rod, and he was struggling to take the full length. "Come on," the super said. "Take it all." James finally managed to take it, and his nose was buried in the man's thick pubic hair. "That's it." The super held him in place, and face-fucked him short, rapid stokes. Unfortunately, they set off James's gag reflex. "Fuck yeah. Choke on it." James struggled, but after over a solid day of sex and drugs, he couldn't break the larger man's grip. "CHOKE ON IT," the superintendent moaned. James felt the thick geyser of cum flood his throat and drip down into his stomach. He couldn't breath, and he was starting to cry. "CHOKE. ON. IT." Each word was another volley of cum. James swallowed every drop. He needed it; it was the only thing that would keep him alive. "Choke," the superintendent repeated. He had pulled out, and his dickhead was in James's mouth, now just leaking semen in a steady stream. "On." James swallowed each mouthful, wishing he had the lubrication earlier. "It." One last mouthful, and then the superintendent pulled James off his cock. "Getting a lot better. Practice is helping you. Now. I gotta get ready." It was a dismissal; as soon as he said it, he stopped paying attention to James. James got off his knees, and walked out of his apartment. It had been at least an hour sucking off the super. The sun had started to descend, and James was glad he was home. He had a lot to think about.
  4. 11. More of Everything Once spent, Tiago slowly pulled out of James. "Can't have you losing any of my sperm," he said, right before his cockhead slipped out with a faint pop. He turned to Tim. "Think we need another round of G," he said. "I do too. Especially our boy here. What did we do last time?" "1.4" "1.6," Tim countered. "I like your thinking," Tiago said, as he lifted himself out of the bed. "Be good," he said. "Or take pictures." "Of course we will," Tim said, before giving James a long kiss. By the time they broke it off, Tiago had stepped out to the kitchen, carrying the three dirty glasses from their dose of G. "It's just us," he said. "Boy," he finished, before giving James another kiss. "Daddy, I know." "You're a very fun boy," Tim said, kissing James again. As they made out, Tim got James on his back. Immediately, Tim had his cock pressed up against James's asshole. "It was so hot watching you get fucked." "Yeah Daddy?" James said. Tim ran his hand over James's thick chest hair. "Such a hot boy. I kinda want you all to myself." "I want to make you happy," James said. He didn't want to admit how hot Tim was. Or how much he wanted Tim's cock inside him. "You feel so good Daddy." "You want me back inside you?" James nodded in agreement with Tim. "Good." Tim fumbled, and produced the small brown bottle. "Let's do this together boy," he said, and took a long sniff from the bottle, before holding it under James's nose as well. The poppers hit him fast, even before James had finished his second hit. He fumbled briefly with the cap, but then put it down, and focused his attention on fucking. His dick went into James in a single, intense stroke. James gasped. "Fuck Daddy," he grunted. "Ok?" Tim asked. He was being sweet and kind, and it made James feel cared for. He wanted to make Tim feel this good. "Yeah. It's amazing Daddy." "I know. My boy's hole is awesome." He leaned in and kissed James. Their tongues played as Tim's dick explored the familiar depths of James's asshole. "So fucking sexy," Tim said. "I want you, Daddy" James managed to say. The two were silent for a moment, just the music in the background. "That's good," Tim finally said. "Really good." He paused. "Tiago is probably gonna want some of that money." "What?" James said. It took him even a moment to remember that guys had given him money to fuck his hole. "Yeah. He'll probably want a lot of it, boy" "Uh, Daddy" James started. But Tim leaned in and kissed him. Tim took the opportunity to force his cock deeper into the young man. "So much cum up there, my boy" Tim said. "Feels so good. Like a boy should feel." He pushed his dick back in, feeling the accumulated spooge slide around his cockhead. "Don't worry about him," Tim continued. "I'll make sure my boy gets his fair share." "Thank you Daddy," James said. He was glad he didn't have to worry about it. He didn't want to upset Tim or Tiago. His head was spinning again, and all he could process was how good he felt. Tim had his arms wrapped around him, holding him tight and safe. His thick cock was deep in James's ass, and kept him aroused and horny. "Feels good." "Yeah," Tim whispered into his ear. "It feels really good. Boy's hole. Daddy's cock. Making out." He stopped, and kissed the boy. It was long and slow, and James let himself imagine they were boyfriends. "That's hot," a voice from the doorway said. "Two men, making love," Tiago continued. "I've got just what we need." Tim and James stopped kissing, and looked towards Tiago. He had three glasses, barely half-full with orange juice. "Just gets better," Tim said. "Fucking you, and now Tiago brings the G." Tiago handed Tim one of the glasses, and put the other one down on the bed table. "To limits." "And breaking them," Tim replies. The two men clinked glasses, and downed the GHB in a single gulp. "Ugh," he said, and kissed James, sharing the chemical taste with the young man. "There's plenty for him," Tiago said. He swapped out glasses, and kneeled next to James's head. "Gonna give you a g-spout. Just keep on swallowing, ok?" "You're gonna love this," Tim said. "Be a good boy, and Just keep swallowing." Tiago guided his dickhead into Jame's mouth. "Keep you mouth open, ok?" James ran his tongue over the soft foreskin, exploring the hard shaft underneath it. He realized that Tiago was pouring the orange juice onto his dick, and it was dripping down into his mouth. James gulped, remembering his instructions. The orange juice tasted horrible, but he didn't care. He had two cocks in him, and it was all he could think about. He kept on swallowing. The juice was getting warmer and saltier, but the bitterness was always there. Tiago and Tim were making out. "He drinking it?" Tim asked. "Yeah," Tiago said. He focused on James. "Close your mouth now. But keep swallowing." James closed his mouth. The glass of orange juice had disappeared, but his mouth kept filling with the warm, bitter liquid. Tim was still pounding his hole, watching him as his lips wrapped around Tiago's cock. "You're drinking his piss now, boy," Tim said. He was drinking piss. James just kept on swallowing, not sure what else to do. It had seemed so dirty, so [banned word], but now it felt almost natural. It was right to be letting this man piss in his mouth, and he craved more. It took several more gulps before the stream finally died down. "You like my chempiss, boy?" Tiago asked. Tim was flying. He had just drank another man's piss, and he had even enjoyed it. He wondered what else he might do. Tiago started to slowly fuck his face, pushing his cock in deep. Only when James thought he was going to gag did Tiago pull back. Tim continued to fuck him just as hard. Finally, Tiago spoke. "How do you normally divide up the cash?" "He get fifty from both guys?" Tim replied. "Yeah," Tiago said. "Profitable little slut." He leaned into James. "You always been a whore?" "Whore? What?" James muttered. "No. I'm not a whore," he said, but wasn't an emphatic denial. He knew that his ass had been sold to several men. "Well. There's stack of cash over there that says otherwise," Tiago countered. "They paid you well boy," Tim said. "How do you want to split it?" Tiago asks. "I usually take half." James knew this was coming. He didn't know what a fair share was, and didn't even understands why they would split it. He was the one that got fucked. He opened his mouth, but Tim immediately kissed him. He whispered to James, "Let me take care of you, boy" he said. "Make you feel good." James nodded, and kissed Tim back. He felt a new wave of crystal wash over him. "Please Daddy." Tim turned back to Tiago. "Yeah. Me too. Half." "We should leave a bit for the boy?" James heard the inflection that made it question, not even a done deal. He hoped that Tim would get him a proper share. It still felt weird that two men were dividing up his cash. He had been the one that had gotten fucked by the strangers; Tim and Tiago had just watched. "Yeah. We should," Tim said. "The boy did a good job. Didn't you?" He rubbed James's furry stomach. The boy was almost thin enough that he expected to feel his cock. "Maybe thirty?" "So 35 for us?" Tiago asked. He pushed his cock in, pressing the dickhead against the back of James's throat. The boy struggled not to gag. "Maybe forty?" he asked, holding on to James's head to keep him from pulling off. "That's good. Isn't it, boy?" Tim was smiling at James, nodding his head. James felt like this wasn't great for him. He had let total strangers bareback him and had taken their loads. Yet, he was getting only ten dollars per man. Tiago released his grip, and James gasped for air. "But I got fucked?" he finally said. "But Tim hosted. And I brought favors." Tiago said. "But," James started. Tim put his finger on James's lips, quieting him for a moment. "No one likes a greedy boy," Tim said. "Not hot. Not at all, boy." "Boner killer," Tiago said, nodding in agreement. Tim held his cock in place, as Tiago kept his dick just out of reach of James's tongue. "Oh fuck," James grunted. He hadn't realized how good it had felt. Or how badly he wanted them to keep it up. He didn't need the money, and it was stupid to mess up things with Tim over something that small. At least not yet, and everything had felt so good. "Daddy. Please. Just fuck me. Please." The two men laughed when he said it, but Tim started to fuck him. "I knew you were a smart boy," he said, and kissed him again. James felt a warm vibration race over his body. Tim wrapped an arm around him, and held him close. He was safe. He could do anything that he wanted. "You know," Tiago said. "I know how you can get more money." James knew that it would be a bad idea, but nevertheless, he wanted to hear what Tiago had in mind. He could do anything that he wanted with these men, and it would be ok. "You thinking what I am thinking?" Tim asked before James could even answer. "What," James managed to ask. It was still hard to follow the conversation; every time one of the men would say something, his mind would spin off in some random direction of images. They were almost all sexual, and it only made James hungrier. "Let's just find another guy," Tiago said. He already had his phone out, and was tapping furiously. "You'll like that, won't you boy?" Tim said. James clenched his ass around Tim's cock. It was a reassuring presence; it was both a familiar and wonderful feeling that helping keep James's anxieties at bay. James nodded. Tim leaned in, nibbled on his ear, then whispered in his ear. "I love seeing my boy get fucked. It's a huge turn-on for me." "Please Daddy," James said, although his mouth was still full of Tiago's cock. It came out unintelligible, but Tim understood the tone. "Here's a guy," Tiago said, showing a picture of an older, muscular man. He was wearing a pair of shorts, but in the picture, a thick cock was straining against the fabric. "He'd open you up," Tiago said. James just nodded. He could only pay attention to a few things, and the two cocks sliding in and out of his body were high on his list. "Yeah," he managed to say. "Ohh," Tiago said; the disappointment clear in his voice. "He says he spent his cash on party favors. He's only got twenty left." Tim squeezed him. "It's just for fun, you know," Tim said. "My boy would give it away, wouldn't he." "If it makes you hard," James finally managed to say. "James will do it for ten," Tim told Tiago. "Won't you boy?" "Please," James said. He knew he was being very slutty, but it all felt so good. Besides, it was just a bunch of hot guys, just having a lot of naked fun. On Monday, he could just shake it off. "He'll be here in ten," Tiago said. He showed another picture. This was just a thick, hard cock. It might have been one of the biggest cocks that James had ever seen. "Gonna wreck your cheap-ass cunt," the man had messaged for James. "You want that in you, boy?" Tim whispered in James's ear. "Yeah," James said. He couldn't look away from it; the sheer size had him entranced, wondering how much it even weighed. "You going to let him fuck you raw?" Tim continued. "Please, yeah, Daddy," James grunted. Everything was hitting him, and all he could think about was cum. "You gonna let him cum in you?" Tim whispered in James's ear. His cock was rock-hard and pounding his hole. He recognized the new cadence; Tim was getting ready to cum. "Yeah, Daddy. Please cum in me." Tiago had stepped back, and was just watching the two fuck. "Damn this is hot," he said, stroking his cock. He was rock hard; as soon as Tim pulled out, he was ready to take over. "I'm going to cum in you," Tim grunted. "Fill you up." "Give it to me Daddy," James moaned. Tiago stroked his cock harder. He loved how desperate the boy was, the drug-fueled hunger coming out in how he said "Daddy." It was going to be a pleasure to debase the boy. "Oh FUCK," Tim moaned. His cock was throbbing. "I love your hole." "Please, Daddy." "I love cumming in...," Tim started. Then a deep grunt from the depths of his body; James felt the familiar, wonderful warmth fill his guts. "My Boy's HOLE," he grunted, and another thick spurt erupted from his cockhead. He moaned again, and whispered into James's ear. "I love my boy..." James thought he was going to say something more. But he just moaned as his cock spat out several globs of semen. Tim's sperm felt so good inside him. All James could imagine was more. More men. More drugs. More cock. More cum.
  5. 10. Sunrise Sex James realized the light on his chest was the morning sun. He was still at Tim's house, how many hours later. He tried to remember everything that happened, but he could only remember little bits of it. They had smoked from a glass pipe. Tina, Tim had called it. Tiago had also made him drink something. He called it G. Even in the orange juice, James had tasted its ugly flavor. The two drugs together had opened his mind to possibilities. He loved the way he felt when he was high, and he loved getting fucked as well. He hadn't realized having another man's cock inside him could feel so good. There was someone inside him right now. Tim was in front of him, watching him and smiling. "Hey. You were out for a bit," he said. "What time is it?" James muttered. "Tina time, Tim," the man fucking him said. It was Tiago, the doctor who had prescribed him PReP. "Yeah," Tim said, and quickly produced the pipe. He did a long hit, then forced James to inhale it. "That's it boy. We're not done with you yet." "Not at all," Tiago said, shifting position to take the pipe from Tim. He took a long draw, then exhaled it. Tiago managed to do a second monster hit before the first one completely disappeared. He handed the pipe back to Tim, and let his cock sink all the way into James's ass. "So fucking wet," he said. "How many men fucked you?" James tried to remember. He knew there had been many, many men, but it was hard to remember much more than fleeting images. There had been the couple with the drugs. Then there had been the strangers. There had been two of them, maybe. But then there might have been more? Or it might have been Tim and Tiago again. Or maybe one of the couple had come back? "It was a lot boy, wasn't it" Tim said. "Too hard to count?" James nodded. He felt good. The only thing that would help would be another hit from the pipe. Tim could easily read the boy. It had been barely twenty-four hours, and James already had the hunger for the crystal. It would be easy to corrupt the boy. "You want another hit, boy?" he asked. James nodded. "Yeah. I think so to. Nice big one for us, ok?" James nodded again. Tim lit the torch and carefully warmed up the pipe. "Fucking whacked," Tiago whispered in his ear, as Tim inhaled thick clouds. "Don't even know how many men fucked you. But I think I remember." Tiago spun out a list, and as he did, Tim nodded in agreement, his lips still wrapped around the pipe. He only broke the draw to utter a quick interjection. "You got his name?" Tiago laughed, and continued. "Six men in less than twelve hours," he said. "Fucking slut." Before James could say anything, Tim pressed his mouth against James's, and exhaled. The hit was dense and potent, and James's mind went blank. He wasn't sure if he had passed out, or just woken up, but he realized that the two men were still talking about him. "Fucking slut," Tiago said. "All that cum in you," Tim said. "Feel it, boy?" "My favorite lube," Tiago said. "Feels so warm. So alive." James wondered if he was anything more than just a hole to these two men. But then, Tim spoke. "You going to add to my boy's collection?" he asked. He had called James his boy. Maybe it wasn't just sex to him. Hew longed to feel Tim's cock inside him again. He needed more of the man's semen. "Fuck yeah," Tiago said. "Give me another hit." Tiago sat up slightly, just enough to make the pipe easier to manage. There was the hiss of the lighter, and then the crackle of the crystal before Tiago inhaled deeply. Tim held a bottle of poppers under James's nose; James inhaled deeply, thankful for how Tim was taking care of him this morning, from the men to the drugs, it was a scenario he had barely fantasized about, much less ever expected to experience first-hand. Tiago handed the pipe back to Tim, exhaled, and started to pound James's hole. It was hard and deep, and James struggled to keep himself together. His head was spinning, but his hole was hungry, and nursed Tiago to the very brink of orgasm. Tiago pushed his dick all the way in, and held it. "Take it," he moaned, softly at first, as his dick twitched. James felt a familiar warmth in his ass. He remembered it happening before that night, and how complete he felt when a man came in him. Tiago had a big load, but he knew he would still be hungry. "Take it," Tiago grunted, then repeated himself even louder. "Take IT," he said. His cock was still spurting deep in James's hole. "TAKE IT," he repeated. Of course, the young man had no choice. He was too high, too horny to do anything but take every drop of Tiago's sperm. "Fuck," Tim said. "Still not drained?" "Fuck NO," Tiago moaned and slammed his cock back into the young man. "EVERY DROP," he said, thrusting into James once more.
  6. 9. The Fog of Sex James wiped the sweat off his face. He tried to focus on the clock sitting on the bed table. But, between his drugged-out state and the rough slam-fuck he was getting, he failed. It was late. Tim and Tiago had already both fucked him over, before pausing when Tim's friends Vic and Jason had come over. There had been a brief break. Vic and Jason had brought over some G, and they all made James do some more. He had felt so warm and sexy, he had let both new men cum in him, plus both Tim and Tiago had managed to cum again. After that, there was a bit more smoke and G for all the men. That was the last thing James really remembered. The room had gotten dark, except for the large screen TV, currently showing hard-core bareback porn. Even just twenty-four hours ago, James would have been shocked to find himself like this. But much to his surprise, he was enjoying himself. Whenever he had felt alone or scared, Tim has been there with him. It had made the entire night fun, like he was exploring a new country with his best friend. James was also loving getting fucked. He liked feeling a raw cock inside him. He loved feeling a man cum inside him. He was hungry for seed, and Tim kept on telling him to take more. He felt safe with Tim. He knew who was fucking him, and he wouldn't let anyone hurt him. He loved that the Prep he had taken earlier was also protecting him. It didn't matter that they were barebacking. All he had to do was remember to take one in the morning. There was another man's cock in his ass. It didn't feel like Tim or Tiago's cock, and he wasn't entirely sure if it was Vic or Jason's either. He had a vague memory of another man coming over. Maybe more. "Here boy," a luckily familiar voice said to James, sticking the glass pipe into his mouth. "You'll want this," Tim said. He was smiling, urging James on. James eagerly sucked down the thick smoke. "I knew he was a tweaker," the man fucking him muttered. James looked back. It was an older man, and not someone he recognized. James exhaled the cloud, and the stranger shook his head in disappointment. "Not a pussy cloud like that," he said. "Do a proper hit." "Come on boy," Tim said. James looked up; above him, Tiago was stroking his cock and watching Tim feed him the pipe. It was a weird experience, to have his doctor watch as he got drugged up. But it made James feel even more comfortable. Tiago wouldn't let him have too much. This time, James took his time and got a massive hit. "Hold it boy," Tim said, as he took the pipe and inhaled deeply. "Hold it," he repeated. "You want this, boy. Two more guys coming over to breed you." "Mmmm?" James grunted, carefully not exhaling any part of the cloud. "How many boy?" Tim asked. "You don't remember, boy?" James nodded, embarrassed that he had to ask. "Well, there was me. Then Tiago. Then Jason, and Vic. And then Tiago and then me again." Tim finally nodded, and James exhaled. It had been a massive cloud, and Tim smiled. "After that, there was Doug and Max and Eli," Tim continued. "And now it's Jean-Paul enjoying your hole." "Daddy, please," James asked, staring at Tim. "I need it." Tim smiled and nodded. For a near-virgin, James had lost so many inhibitions quickly. Tim almost wished he had laid out some points; it would be almost too easy to convince the drugged-out boy of the dire necessity of slamming. "Beg for it boy," Tim whispered into James's ear. "Beg for it, my slutty boy." James's head was flying from the crystal he had just smoked. He heard the instruction from Tim, from the man he wanted to call Daddy. "Please, cum in my hole," he pleaded, twisting his head back to stare at the man. "Please," James continued. The man had a thick salt-and-pepper goatee; the black and white fur covered his muscular chest and abs. "Please, cum in me." He repeated it like a mantra; it was all he could think to say. Tim put the pipe back in James's mouth. "Another hit for me, boy," he said, and held the torch under the glass blow. James waited, then inhaled deeply. He wanted to make Tim proud of him, proud that he could do so much crystal and take so much dick. He looked up. Tiago was smiling and nodding. James inhaled deeper, wanting to impress both men. "Do some more G," Tiago said. "You'd like that, boy, wouldn't you?" Tim asked him. James nodded. He still wasn't sure what G even was, but Tim had encouraged him. "Let's get you really high," Tim said. "And find another cock to breed you," Tiago continued. He had a phone in his hand already, his face lit by a yellow glow from the screen. "You guys are fun," the stranger said, slamming his cock deep into James's tender, inexperienced hole. "And you're a pleasure to breed," he said. "Right on," Tim said. "Cum in him." Tiago slowly stood up, his attention still focused on the phone's screen. "You want some?" he asked the stranger. "Sure, 1.5?" "This is going to be fun," Tiago said. Tim fed James another hit from the pipe; he made sure the boy was always tweaked out. "Feel free to use that hole how ever you want," he said. "Or as hard as you want." "I'm paying for it," he said. "Of course I'm gonna use it. And I'm gonna use it hard."
  7. 8. Clouds Roll In The next morning, James was woken by his phone buzzing. It was Tim. "We're starting around 7:00PM. Just bring yourself tonight." He followed up by an address. James roused himself from bed, and went to the gym. He took a quick detour to a nearby drug store to pick up the prescription that Tiago had called in the night before. He took one of the oblong blue pills right before his work out. He wondered if it had any effect on the workout, because it was a really good one. He had never felt quite so strong or invulnerable, and for the entire ninety minutes, he was able to push himself harder than ever before. Afterwards, he took a shower, and went back to his studio. Luckily, the superintendent was no where to be seen. His throat was still a bit sore from what had happened with Josh and Tiago the previous day, and James knew the super would notice how hoarse he was. He spent the afternoon reading, before getting ready for Tim's party. James wondered if he'd be able to play around with Tim afterwards. Or maybe it was one of those parties where they would be naked within minutes of walking in the door. But that was porn, not real life. Nevertheless, he cleaned himself carefully. Tim lived far enough away that James took an Uber there. He was conscious of the expense; next time, he promised himself, he would walk there. Or maybe bike. Even arriving nearly twenty minutes late, he was still the first person to arrive. Tim was wearing a tank-top and a pair of shorts. The two hugged and kissed at the door, before Tim invited him in. James noticed a flash of black and skin as Tim turned, and realized that the man was wearing a jock strap under his shorts. James directed him into the large living room. It flowed smoothly into a dining room, where a sturdy wooden table stood. The kitchen was right behind, a careful study in contrasts between old and new. "Something to drink? Some juice or something?" "Sure," James said. He sat down on the sofa, and noticed a bong on the coffee table. It was a unique style, almost like a piece of laboratory glassware than the colorful ones James had seen the stoners in high school use. "What's this?" "Oh. It's going to be a cloudy party tonight. You ever done tina before?" "No," James said. "Just smoked some weed. It was cool." "You're going to love this," Tim said. He came over with two glasses of orange juice. "I spiked it a bit, about a ml, hope that's cool." "Oh sure," James said. He had been studying the bong carefully; rather than a familiar bowl to pack, it has a glass sphere with a white-clear crystal at the base. He tossed back the orange juice. It had a weird taste, but he thought it was just a weird alcohol. "Here," Tim said. "Let me show you how to do it." He took the bong and a lighter. The lighter had a brilliant blue flame, and the glass sphere quickly filled with a thick white smoke. Tim inhaled deeply, several times. Then he leaned in to Tim, kissed him, and exhaled the thick cloud. "Fuck," he moaned, as the two men made out. "Wow," James said, as he exhaled the cloud. The feeling was a bit more intense than the weed, and it was a really good feeling. Already, he wanted more. "Can I try another hit?" There was a hunger in James's voice. "Sure." Tim said. He had heard that hunger before, in the most chemically dependent addicts. James had no idea, but he was already an addict. It would take a while, months, maybe years, before it became obvious, and still longer before it was a problem. Nevertheless, Tim resolved to do his utmost to enable James's addiction. "Let me show you how," he said. He showed James how to hold the lighter, and what to look for as the bulb filled with the white clouds. The boy inhaled the thick smoke, holding it in his powerful lungs. "Now, give me the blow-back." James exhaled his hit into Tim's mouth. Even by Tim's standards, it was a monster hit. They swapped it back and forth several times, before finally exhaling. "Fuck," James said. "Do another one," Tim offered. As James sucked down the clouds, Tim stretched out, and ran his hand along his groin. His cock was starting to get hard. "It always makes me super horny," he said. James stared at the bulge in Tim's shorts. He nodded in agreement, as he continued to suck on the glass pipe. The two men shared the smoke again as their tongues explored each other's mouth. "Fucking horned up," he said. "My friends won't be here for a bit," Tim said. "Let's go into the bedroom." "Yeah! Can we take the bong?" Only three hits in, and the boy was thinking like a long-time tweaker. "Lose the clothes, take the bong," Tim said. James stripped down quickly, pulling off his t-shirt and shorts, then shedding his underwear. Like Tim, his cock was already semi-hard. "That way," Tim said, pointing to the bedroom. The bedroom had soft lights, and Tim had already set out some poppers and lube. "Do another one," Tim said. "My turn to get naked." He pulled off his tank-top and shorts, then pushed his jockstrap down. "Hold it," he said, as James tried to shotgun the hit. He took the bong and did two more large hits. "Fuck, that feels good," Tim said, exhaling his third consecutive hit. He put the bong down, and pushed James onto the bed. The young man landed on his back, his legs spreading instinctively. Tim crawled between James's legs, his cock instinctively seeking out the young man's inexperienced hole. "I want to be inside you." "Fuck me," James moaned. He reached down and grabbed his cock. It had been hard just seconds ago, but now it was soft. Nevertheless, he jerked on it. "Just fuck me hard." "You ready?" James's head nodded vigorously. "Want it raw?" "Stop teasing me. Fuck me," James begged. Tim rubbed some lube on James's hole, then held a bottle of poppers under the young man's nose. "Give it to me." Tim pushed his raw dick into James's hole. The young man grunted, but made no effort to push him off. "Please," James moaned, "all the way inside me." Tim slid in, and James's hungry hole took all nine inches of Tim's shaft. "You're so fucking big," James moaned. He also wrapped his legs around Tim, making sure the well-hung man couldn't pull his cock back out. "So hot. So fucking deep." "Make me your boy," James moaned. "Mark me." James had seen movies with older Daddies and younger boys. They suddenly seemed incredibly hot, when the thought about Tim as his Daddy. "Fuck yeah boy. You want to be daddy's little fuck hole?" The tina was hitting both of them, releasing long-held inhibitions. James grabbed Tim harder, loving how the bearded top was fucking his hole. "Fuck me Daddy. Cum in me Daddy. Make me your boy." He kept on repeating it nonsensically, until he suddenly realized it was no longer just him and Tim. Standing in the door, stroking his hard, uncut cock, was Tiago. "I see you boys wasted no time getting started," he said.
  8. 7. Sauna Sweat James hated that he was in this position again. One more man in his life found him on his knees, the smell of cock and cum on his breath. "Wait," the doctor said. "I know you," he started, then trailed off. He scratched his chest, "Just moved here. Four days. Sucked off four guys, right?" James nodded. "Was that number five?" the doctor asked. "Or had you already serviced him?" Neither answer was very flattering. Either way, there was no way the doctor would see him as anything other than a cheap locker room slut. "I'd sucked him off before," James finally said. were There was a bit of a pause from Dr. Souza. It terrified James: for one, he couldn't remember the doctor's first name, if he had ever known it. Not to mention his little admission of earlier promiscuity. He worried either one would mean he wouldn't get the prescription. "I'm sorry," Dr. Souza continued. "I can't even remember your name. There were three of you. All new to town, all starting to have sex." He raised a leg over James, and sat down in front of him. He had also left the towel to the side, and a hard, stiff uncut cock was right in front of James. He had seen uncut dick before, in porn he had found on the internet. But it had never been right in front of him, and he didn't quite know what to do. "It's just like any other dick," said Dr. Souza. "So just start sucking." James didn't see any other option here. If he walked away, he'd have both pissed off his doctor and given him a reason not to give James the meds. He wrapped his lips around the doctor's shaft, and licked it. Despite how hard it had seemed, as he licked and teased the shaft, it grew further. The foreskin peeled back, exposing the doctor's cockhead and the heady mix of pre-cum and sweat that had accumulated there. James lapped it up, before forcing himself to take more of the man's cock. "Fuck, that's nice," Dr. Souza grunted. "Just what I needed after a morning with hungry sluts. So fucking turned on, hearing your stories." James barely heard what he was saying. The man's cock was a solid rod, with none of the slight give he was used to. It was hard to swallow, and harder not to gag. "Keep it up," Dr. Souza moaned. James could just barely hear the music played in the main locker room. He timed the strokes of his head to the songs being played; it also let him know that he had sucked his way through two songs. The entire time, Dr. Souza had been moaning, or softly urging him on. Now it was just a tight, controlled breathing, and James knew he was on the edge. He swallowed once more, and was able to swallow another inch of Dr. Souza's cock. "FUUUUUCK," he groaned in response, and grabbed the back of James's head. "TAAAAKE IT," he grunted. Deep in his throat, James felt the man unloading into him. It was dripping straight into his stomach, ready to be absorbed by his body. "TAAAKE IT ALLL," Dr. Souza grunted again, and added another spurt of cum to James's throat. Several spurts later, Dr. Souza's breathing finally relaxed as his cock softened. James slowly pulled off the shaft, licking it carefully of every drop of spit and cum that remained. "That's a good boy," Dr. Souza said. "And I got your results. Your prescription will be ready this afternoon." "Uh, thanks," James said. He was a little surprised at the sudden shift, from cocksucking to professional consultation. "That's good." "Yeah," Dr. Souza said. "By the way, I'm Tiago." "James," James said. "Good to meet you. A friend and I, we're doing a party this weekend. Maybe you can join us?"
  9. Very hot story. Looking forward to more!
  10. 6. Being Prepared James woke up in his own bed. He looked at his phone; there was a message from Tim. "That was a lot of fun. Having a few friends over for a parTy on Saturday. You want to come? It'll be a lot of fun." Tim had also told him more about Prep. You took it once a day. It kept you from getting infected with HIV. Tim had given him a name of a doctor; before he crawled out of bed, James looked him up online. He had a website, and James was able to snag a new Prep patient appointment later in the morning with a Dr. Tiago Suiza. The first part of the doctor's appointment was normal. Some paperwork, some blood-work, and the same questions asked by multiple people. The doctor explained Prep. James tried to keep his attention on Dr. Suiza; the dark-skinned doctor had a thick, trimmed beard. He barely noticed as the nature of the questions started to change. Then, finally one he couldn't ignore. "How many sexual partners have you had in the past week?" James blushed; he had to count. There was the superintendent, Josh, Mitchell, and then Tim. "Four," he said. "Just since Monday?" Dr. Souza said. "Yeah," James said. "I can see why you want Prep." The doctor asked a few more questions, and then told James they needed to wait for the blood test results to make sure he wasn't already infected. It would be in an hour or two. He would call in the prescription, then call James. To pass the time, James went to the gym; he had already packed a gym bag. He looked around for Tim, but the trainer was no where to be seen. James spent his time working on his pecs and arms. He was wondering what kind of friends Tim had, and what the party vibe would be. He had a brief fantasy that they would all get naked, smoke some weed, and fuck. After the workout, in the locker room, he stripped down, and went into the sauna. There was one other guy in the sauna; it wasn't until James had closed the door that he realized the man was actually Josh. Then he realized that Josh's towel was by his side, and his dick was hard. Josh had recognized him. "Jimmy, right?" "I took your advice. It's James now." "Good." He stroked his cock idly. "Damn I'm horned up. You want to get me off." It wasn't a question; it was a demand. James was already horned up; seeing such a beautiful cock only made him more so. He got on his knees and took Josh's dick in his mouth. It was warm and wet with sweat and pre-cum. The salt tasted good to James after his workout, and he forced the entire length into his shaft. "Fuck," Josh moaned. "You are good. I'm not going to last long." Josh kept up his cocksucking, not holding anything back. He had already licked up all the pre-cum, now he wanted the real thing. "Feed me," James said, before sliding all the way back down his shaft. "FUCK YEAH," Josh grunted, although not too loudly. His dick pulsed, throbbed, and then exploded. The thick wads of cum filled Josh's mouth, and he struggled to swallow it all. "Oh fuck, that was good," Josh said as he rubbed the top of James's head. "Thanks for getting me off." He grabbed his towel, stood up, and stepped over James. James was still kneeling, wondering why he had just done that. It was in a public area, and anyone could have walked in on them. Tim could have seen it. He wondered what Tim would have thought if he had seen him sucking off Josh in the sauna. It seemed so promiscuous and slutty, and he wasn't sure he wanted to be that kind of guy. But he couldn't deny the erection between his legs. But, before he could do anything, the door opened again. The new man said something to Josh. "...try him out." the new man said; the voice was familiar. James tried to turn to see who it was, but his position made that hard. Then the man spoke. "Josh said you were a great cocksucker, and I needed to try you out." It was his doctor.
  11. 5. Taken Home James woke up Thursday morning. He checked his mail, and he was surprised to see an e-mail from Mitchell. It was a link to a digital representation contract. "Think it over. I'll need a decision early next week." He had only a slight bit of guilt over the blowjob. Mitchell's cock had been amazing. His eyes were still sore, after two loads of cum in them. He had gotten some eye drops on the way back from Mitchell's, but they hadn't done much. He looked at them in the mirror; they were bloodshot from the foreign fluids. He put on some work-out clothes and went to a gym he had seen around the corner. He hadn't worked out in a week, and was just vain enough to worry about it. He was mindful of money; this week had been non-stop spending, and he hoped that Mitchell might be able to find at least a small job for him soon. But, a gym was necessary; he wasn't a model, but he wasn't bad looking. The gym was quiet on a Thursday morning, and the lone attendant was more than happy to sign him up for a month's trial membership. James tried not to stare; he was model-handsome, and perfectly worked out. He wondered if the trainer was gay, and wondered if he even had a chance with him. Unfortunately, the paperwork went by quickly, and James had to do the workout. It was a legs and glutes, and he pushed himself hard. He hadn't been fucked much before; Eric thought it was dirty. Guys online told him he had a great ass, and the few time he had done it, it had felt so good. By the time he finished his workout, the trainer was working with a woman. James went home, and spent some time working on his body and hair. He shaved off the stubble from the past few days, then trimmed his pubes and chest hair a bit. He was a hairy boy; the one time he had shaved it all off, he looked like he was only fourteen. Before long, it was evening. He had seen an ad for a club on the street earlier, it had a Thursday special: two for one drinks. He got prepared, and then it was just a short ride away. There was enough of a line to get his interest aroused, and as he walked down to the end, the guys he could see were all hot, from twink boys, all the way through muscle daddies. The line moved quickly, and soon he was inside. The club was dark and loud; the dance floor was packed. He got his drinks, downing one quickly for courage, and taking his time with the second. When he finished, he got on the dance floor. It felt great to lose himself in the music, and feel the men press their bodies against him. Then one of the men pressed himself much more insistently against James's body, and then grabbed his ass. "I've been wondering all day what this felt like," he said. The voice was familiar. James turned around, and it was the trainer from the gym. "I'm Tim," he said. "James." "I remember. And these do feel very good." "Thanks," James said. The two men smiled at each other. Tim was a bit taller than James, with dark brown hair, and several day's stubble on his face. He was in the last of his twenties, confident and sure of himself. He made the first move, leaning in and kissing James. The two men made out for a several seconds, before the music got each of them moving. They danced together for several more songs, getting sweaty in densely packed dance floor. Once more, Tim made the move. "I live around the corner. Wanna go back to my place?" "Sure," James said, giving Tim another kiss. "Great. Come." Tim grabbed James's hand, squeezing it, then threaded his way through the crowd to the exit. Once outside, the night was still warm. The two men walked the block to Tim's place, their sweat still dripping from their skin. Once inside, Tim guided James to the bathroom. "Let's take a shower. Get this sweat off us." He turned on the shower, and stripped down. James also took off his clothes. "Fuck," Tim said. "Sexy little otter." James blushed, he still felt a little self conscious about being naked, and his cock was getting rapidly hard. Tim watched, and laughed. "You're not a little otter at all." He grabbed James, and pulled him into the shower. His body was warm and hard against his. James realized they didn't have to be quiet. They didn't have to keep this a secret. It was very liberating, and he pushed his tongue into Tim's mouth. "Damn, you are hot," Tim said, between kisses. Between them, both men's cocks were lengthening and stiffening. "Thanks. You too." James reached down, and felt Tim's cock. It was already too big to wrap his hand around. "Fuck, that's big." "Don't worry." Tim said. "I'll take my time with you." Tim spun the boy around so that he faced the shower head. He knelt between his legs, and buried his face into James's ass. The boy yelped twice, once in surprise, then a much slower one, a yelp of pleasure. "OH FUUCK," James grunted. He had never felt a tongue on his ass hole before, and it felt amazing. Tim took his time, carefully stretching and relaxing the boy's hole, first with his tongue, followed by a finger and then two, before Tim paused. "Let's go to the bedroom," he said. The two toweled off slowly, constantly getting interrupted by kissing each other. Finally, they made it to the bed, James on his back, legs spread, with Tim and his massive dick kneeling between them. Tim applied lube to James's hole and his cock. Just as he was lining up, James stopped him. "Do you have a condom?" he asked. Tim's expression changed suddenly. It was clear that the question annoyed him, and James regretted asking it. But at the same time, he knew he had to be safe. "No," Tim said. "I don't. I'm on prep, so it's not a big deal." "Prep? What?" Tim started to smile again. "It's safe. It prevents HIV. So I can't get infected. And I can't pass it on to you." James's cock was hard as a rock, and his ass was throbbing. He wanted to get fucked so badly. "You're sure it's safe?" "Absolutely," Tim said. "I take it every day. And I get tested every three months as well." "I guess it's ok," James said. "Just don't cum in me." "Of course," Tim said, planning nothing of the sort. He pushed his cockhead into James's hole. There was no rubber on his cock, and he could feel the warmth and wetness of James's ass. "Ohhhh, fuuuuck," he moaned. "Oh damn! That feels amazing!" James grunted. He had never been fucked raw before, and he knew he would never fuck safe ever again. James could feel every ridge, every vein on Tim's cock. He had never felt this connected with his partner, and he wanted every fat inch of Tim's cock. "Fuck me," he grunted. "Of course," Tim said. He pushed the full length of his dick into James. The boy yelped for a second, but it was quickly replaced with a moan of pleasure. "You feel so good," Tim said. "You too," James replied. The two men kissed deeply, as Tim continued to fuck James's hole. The younger man loved the feeling of the thick cock inside him. Although he was still afraid, it was hard to deny how good the raw cock felt inside him. "It feels so good raw." "Is this your first time barebacking?" "Yeah," James said. "I've not gotten fucked that much, actually." Tim's cock twitched. There was something hot about James's slutty innocence, and he wanted to be part of the effort to defile the boy. Any doubt in his mind about cumming in James's hole disappeared. He knew that it would be easy to get James to come around to his thinking as well. "You feel so good. It's hard not to drip pre-cum." "Yeah? You're dripping?" James was lost in the heat of passion and hadn't thought through the implications. Tim did nothing to help him. "Fuck yeah. Always do when I'm fucking a hot hole like yours." "The prep? It means you can't catch it?" "Right. And I was tested earlier this week." "Um, would you," James started. Tim didn't say anything. He knew what was going to come next, and what would cum after that. "Would you cum inside me?" Tim leaned in and kissed James. "When the time comes, yes. But I want to enjoy this first." The two kissed some more. Then talked more. Then kissed more. But throughout it, Tim's cock slowly fucked James's hole. They were edging closer and closer, until Tim couldn't hold back. "I'm going to cum," he said. "Please," James said. It had been over an hour of fucking, and James was feeling it. His ass was getting tender, but he wanted to feel Tim's load. "Fuck me. Cum in me." "Fuck yeah boy," Tim grunted, slamming his dick deep into James. He held it there, as his cock twitched and spasmed. "FUUCK YEAH," he grunted, as his cock unloaded into James's guts. Another spurt, another visceral grunt. "I'm CUMMING IN YOU," marked the third spurt. Tim was slamming his cock in and out, wiping down the full length of James's asshole with his seed. "Give it to me," James moaned, wrapping his legs around Tim's torso, holding Tim's spermy dick in his ass. "Fill me up." "FUCK YEAH," Tim grunted another time. And then another. Tim's dick slid in and out easily now; the entire chute lubricated with sperm. "Oh fuck, thank you," James said. "That was amazing."
  12. 4. Agents James wiped the cum off his chest with an old rag, trying to ignore the burning in his eyes. Struggling to focus on the phone's screen, he looked up where Mitchell's office was. It was further than he had thought, and he'd need to get started if he was going to get there in time. He took a shower, and debated about what to wear. Finally, he put on a jeans and a polo shirt. It made him look a little more mature than he was. Jimmy would have been in a t-shirt, but James wore a collared shirt. He got an Uber, and headed across town to Mitchell's office. He made it there with some time; he wandered around the neighborhood. It was mainly low-rise office blocks and strip malls filled with lunch places. It looked like it was becoming more hip, but there were traces of an old seediness; he saw one corner with two adult bookstores. After killing some time, he went to Mitchell's office. He expected the receptionist to answer, but it was Mitchell himself. There was no mistaking the deep Southern accent James had heard on the phone. Mitchell was in his mid-thirties, with dark-blond hair, a thick beard, and brown eyes. He was exactly the kind of man James had imagined from the phone. He was about the same height as James, but twice as big; all of it muscle. He was wearing jeans and a v-neck t-shirt. It went down far enough to expose a thick patch of fur on his chest. James forced himself not to stare at the man, as James offered him a chair in a small living room area. The first part of the meeting went smoothly, the two introduced themselves, and Mitchell carefully went down a list of responsibilities for both of them. James had read much of this on the web, but it put him at ease for Mitchell to repeat it. Besides, it gave him a chance to look over Mitchell at his leisure. "What kind of roles are you willing to play? Would you play a gay man?" Mitchell asked him, snapping him back to the reality. "Well, yeah," James started. "I mean, I am gay." "Would you be open to straight scenes?" "I've kissed a girl on stage." "Nice." Mitchell smiled at him, and James wanted to do everything he could to make him smile like that again. "Would you be interested in soft-core stuff? You know, sexy romance type things?" "Straight?" "No, gay." "I guess. I mean, nudes are fine. But nothing hard-core, you know." Mitchell nodded his head in agreement. "I mean, people don't graduate from porn. They fail to porn." Mitchell started to say something, then paused. "That's old thinking, really. There's a lot more movement between the adult and regular industry these days." "Really?" James's head was swimming a bit; he was entranced by Mitchell, and was finding himself agreeing just to make the older man happy. "Yeah. You just have to own it, and not make a big deal about it." He smiled again. "But there's plenty of work in soft-core. It pays the bills, and gives you experience. You be in to that?" "Yeah, I think I would. What's it involve?" "At most, just a blow job." Mitchell grinned. "And who doesn't like a blow job?" James nodded, thinking about his earlier fantasy of this man sucking him off. "Can I ask you a personal question?" "Sure, I guess," James said. "Earlier, when I called you. Were you jerking off?" James blushed deep red. He realized there was no way to hide the truth now. "Yeah," he said. "I was." "You cum?" "Yeah," he said. "It was a big load too." "I'm sure. What were you thinking about?" James blushed once more. He couldn't tell Mitchell his fantasy. "Just lots of things. Men. Sucking dick." "So, you'd fit right in doing soft-core. Do you like sucking dick?" "It's what I do mostly," James managed to say. "Yeah? When was the last time you sucked a guy's cock?" James didn't know what to do. It was one of the most personal questions, getting to the very heart of James's sexuality. The smile started to fade from Mitchell's face, and James knew he had to do something to keep the handsome older man happy. "Last night," he said. "What happened?" "Went home with a guy, sucked him off." "Nice." He straightened up, like he was about to make an announcement. "This has been good. There's just the last issue of a quick screen test, and then I'll send over some paperwork for you. I can already think of a few productions that could use someone like you." Mitchell stood up, went over to a corner, where a camera was already set up on a tripod. "Ready?" Mitchell asked, as he set up the camera to focus on the couch. "I guess, yeah," James said. "What do you want me to do?" "Just what you've been practicing. Sucking cock." Mitchell turned on the camera, and sat back down on the sofa, his legs spread wide. James didn't try to hide his staring. Even through Mitchell's trousers, he could see the outline of a long, thick cock. "Now? You?" "Well, you need work. And there's no time like the present." James stood up from the chair. He knew this was a slippery slope. But no one else had called him back yet. He wanted at least something he could rely on. Besides, it was hard to deny just how hot Mitchell was. If there wasn't the power dynamic, he would have happily serviced the man. "Is this right?" "It's fine," Mitchell said. He was smiling and rubbing his crotch. It was almost a dirty leer; James knew exactly what was required of him. It was a gut punch: from the feeling of power and competence in the morning, he was back to a helpless cocksucker. "I mean, are you sure? Here?" He looked around, but the office was empty other than the two men. As he closed his mouth, he realized it was also very quiet. "Are you going to be this much trouble on set?" Mitchell asked. "Directors don't like being delayed on set with pointless questions." He undid his belt. "Come on. You said you've gotten some practice in recently Show me how good you are." James was still struggling. He knew nothing good would come of sucking his agent off. But he also knew how hot his agent was. He was also acutely aware that he had only three months of savings. He couldn't afford a false step. "Is this normal?" James asked. "I don't take on first-time clients without one," Mitchell. "But you don't have to do anything." He sighed, then started to put his belt back on. "No," James said, falling down to his knees right in front of Mitchell. "I'll do it." He leaned in and pressed his face into the man's crotch. He inhaled deeply. It was soap and sweat, and a hint of pre-cum. He couldn't help himself, and pulled down Mitchell's trousers and underwear. "That's it boy," Mitchell said, adjusting his position for James to take the head of his cock. "Mmmmmmm," he moaned as James swallowed the head, and worked his way down the shaft. "That's a talented mouth." James forced Mitchell's cock into his mouth. It was thick, firm, and long; it was a perfect man's cock. Despite his initial misgivings, once he had it in his mouth, he couldn't imagine any other existence. He needed to feel Mitchell's cock, and all he could think about was getting the man off, and the creamy reward of orgasm. "That's it, boy," Mitchell moaned. He put his hand on James's head, forcing the boy down his shaft. "It's all right if you gag. I get it a lot." James hated the situation, but knew it was what was still expected of aspiring actors in Hollywood. But he loved the agent's cock, and was determined not to gag. He remembered the times he had gagged on Eric, and how the quarterback had moaned in pleasure at his discomfort. He said it was like a hand-job and a blow-job in one. "Oh yeah," Mitchell said, moaning as the young man worshipped his thick cock. He had already unloaded in another aspiring actor anus that morning, but James was hot and horny. The last traces of James's reluctance had disappeared, and he had thrown himself into the blow job. For the next ten minutes, his world was Mitchell's cock. His throat slowly relaxed, and he was able to take the man's cock more easily. "Yeah," Mitchell grunted. "Open up for me. Let me in your throat." The thick shaft was choking James, but he reminded himself that this was entirely about his future. "Oh fuck, that's good." Mitchell moaned again. He put both hands on James's head, and held the young man's head down on his cock. "Fucking take my load," he grunted, as his cock swelled. Deep in his throat, James felt the thick warmth of Mitchell's spooge draining into his stomach. "TAKE MY LOAD," he grunted, as he continued to unload into James. "TAKE IT," he grunted again. James needed air, and he was struggling to withstand the gagging feeling. Finally, Mitchel released his grip, in time for the fourth spurt to land directly on James's tongue. "Oh hell yeah," Mitchell said. "That was fucking great." He pulled his dick out of James's mouth, and stroked the head to get out a last spurt. As James leaned in to lick it up, Mitchell lifted his hips to force it back into James's mouth. The timing was bad, and instead his dickhead hit James's eye. "Oh fuck," James grunted. "Fuck. I'm sorry. In your eye." Mitchell ran his finger along James's eye. "Red already?" "I hit it jerking off this morning," James said. Mitchell just laughed. "It's all fun and games until someone gets cum in his eyes." "Yeah," James said. He wiped the cum off his face, licking his fingers carefully afterwards. "All fun and games."
  13. 3. Jerk-off. Jimmy's alarm went off at 8:45. It took him a few minutes to properly wake up. After he had sucked Josh off last night, Josh had ordered Jimmy an uber, and sent him home. He had just used him as a throat. It felt just like when he had sucked off the landlord. He hated the feeling, the feeling he was a naive teenager from Nebraska, powerless in this city. But he remembered what the man had said. He was now living in LA, not the small town in Nebraska. He was no longer the soccer-playing, faggot named Jimmy. He was a proud gay man named James. Everything was going to go well. Energized, and with a new sense of purpose, James decided to start calling agents again. He got out his list, and turned to the second page. He typed in the number and pressed "Call." It rang twice, and then the receptionist answered. "Who's this?" "Ji-" he started, and before the receptionist noticed, corrected himself. "James," he said. "James Flannery." She took his message. "I'll have him call you right back," she said. He had heard it before, but her tone was different. He almost believed her. But then, he called another agent, and the response was the same, an eagerness to help that he hadn't heard on Tuesday. He let himself believe that the new name had power. He made a third call. Same result. The realization made him feel a little better. The past two days had been hard: the petty humiliation of sucking off the landlord twice, and the promise of many more, followed by Eric using his throat, not even letting him jack off after. He had woken up feeling so powerless, and now there was a small promise of relief. He lay back on the bed, and allowed himself to relax. He hadn't jerked off last night, and his cock was throbbing. He pushed down his sweat pants, and let his cock spring free. His full 8" cock sprung free from his thick pubes. He had been hairy from the moment he had hit puberty, and just as horny. Normally, he would jerk off twice a day. But between family good byes in Nebraska, and the stress of LA, he hadn't cum in days. He stroked his dick thinking about being on his knees, in front of the landlord, in front of Josh. How he felt like cocksucker. But he loved the idea of a guy sucking him off. He imagined a soccer boy on his cock, then him bending over and taking his cock. And just as quickly, imagined it was another muscular man using his throat. As he was stroking his cock, his phone rang. He looked at it. It was an LA number. Then the caller ID appeared on screen. "Cottonmouth Talent," it read. It was one of the agents he had called earlier. He was getting his call returned. He answered the phone, hoping his arousal didn't show. "Hi, I'm Mitchell from Cottonmouth Talent," the man on the other side said. Mitchell had a deep voice and a southern accent. "I understand you're looking for representation." The rest of the conversation was almost textbook. By the end, James had an appointment for later that day. The minute Mitchell hung up, James started to jerk off again. He had gotten someone to return a call, and it just felt good. As he stroked his shaft, he thought back to Mitchell's call. The sound of Mitchell's voice entranced him; it was deep and dominating. But there was a soft at the core; strict, but caring. He wanted Mitchell to be masculine, a beard, hair on his chest, and a thick cock. James's dick was throbbing now, as his thoughts flashed between alternating images of Mitchell sucking him off and him on his knees, servicing his superintendent. They were messy and complex thoughts, but they were keeping him hard. He grabbed his phone, and took a few pictures of his erection. He'd get on Grindr later and see if could find someone to suck him off. He put his phone down and arched his back, knees bent, and his shoulders driving into the mattress. He had his eyes closed tightly, imagining Mitchell, the super, random guys he'd seen online. He was pushing himself to the edge, and he couldn't hold back any longer. He opened his eyes and focused on his cock. He saw it throb, then pulse as a long arc of white spooge shot out of it. He watched it come directly towards him. It landed directly in his right eye and it took a second before he felt the burn. The delay was long enough for the second spurt to nail his left eye. He had to squeeze his eyes shut, as his built-up load coated his face like icing. It felt so good, the release in his balls. He hadn't realized how much sexual tension he had built up, and he needed the release. He collapsed on the bed, exhausted, enjoying the intense afterglow of a badly needed orgasm.
  14. 2. Jimmy woke up early the next day. Most of the morning was spent looking at casting calls, and figuring out the best ones for him. He also made a few calls to agents, but every time, the receptionist told him that the agent wasn't taking new clients. Then, it was time to find some food before his appointment at three for the lease on the studio. This time, the superintendent forced him to kneel, his back against the wall as the older man forced his cock down Jimmy's throat. Jimmy still gagged on the thick rod, but reminded himself that even with the regular throat-fucking, it was still an amazing deal. That evening, Jimmy went out to his first gay bar. The description online said that it was preppy and sporty. He had gotten a fake ID several months earlier, planning for the move, but he hadn't had a chance to test it. His hometown was small enough that everyone knew he was only eighteen. The bouncer spent a lot more time staring at the tuft of chest hair sticking out of his shirt than Jimmy's ID, before waving him in. Jimmy took a moment to look around. There wasn't a single woman to be seen, and the video screens scattered around the bar were showing a slide show of naked men. He was scared and excited, wondering what possibilities the night held. He tried to be as nonchalant as possible as he approached the bar, and ordered a beer. "What do you want?" the bartender asked. He was a short, skinny guy, with a day's worth of stubble, and an infectious smile. He must have picked up on Jimmy's innocence, because he continued. "Special today is Blue Moon. $4 a pint." "I'll take that." "Most guys like it with a slice of orange. You?" "Sure," Jimmy said. He handed over a ten dollar bill, and took the change. He was about to retreat to a safe corner, when the man sitting at the bar next to him turned and spoke. "New here?" he asked. "Yeah," Jimmy stammered. He looked at the man. He looked to be in his early thirties, with thick brown hair, a dense yet well-trimmed beard, and under a tight white t-shirt, what looked to be a good body. "Welcome. I'm Josh." "Jimmy," Jimmy said. "Well, welcome to LA, Jimmy. This calls for a celebration." He turned the bartender and ordered tequila shots; the bartender poured one for himself as well. The three men quickly knocked back the shot; Jimmy tried his best not to cough. Jimmy and Josh talked for a few minutes. Josh mentioned he had some weed back at his place; and asked if Jimmy wanted to get high. "Sure," Jimmy said. "Where do you live?" "Just around the corner," Josh said. "Come on," he said. Josh quickly settled up his tab, as the bartender smirked at Jimmy. Josh was right; he lived in a giant apartment less than a five minute walk away. Josh grabbed a bong already filled with weed, and took the boy out to the balcony. The men took a few hits off the bong, watching the airplanes circle downtown on final approach to LAX. Finally, Josh spoke. "Jimmy. Is that short for something?" "James," Jimmy said. "Much better," Josh said. "Jimmy is the middle school kid in Nebraska. Jimmy is the kid that plays soccer, and everyone knows is queer." Josh was standing behind Jimmy now, close enough that Jimmy could feel his body heat. "Jimmy is going to be eaten alive by LA." "But," Jimmy asked. "What do I do?" "A new name. Everyone does it." Josh whispered into Jimmy's ear. "James is a good name." Jimmy could smell Josh's body. It was sweet and sweaty, and his cock was hard. "James is a fresh face from the heartland. Ready for a leading role." "James," Jimmy said. In his mind, it was the name his Mom called him when he was bad. Josh spun him around, so they were facing, and kissed him. "Hello, James," Josh said, when they finally broke off the kiss. "You're a sexy man." "Thanks, uh, you too," James said, trying to take everything in. "So, James," Josh asked, grabbing his ass. "Did you play soccer?" "Yeah." "And did everyone think you were queer?" "Yeah." "You had to suck off the quarterback?" "Yeah." "Fuck yeah," Josh said. He had unzipped his jeans, and pushed them down. "Show me how you took care of him." Josh's cock was already erect. James slid down to his knees, then stared at the shaft in front of him. "Come on. Show me how good you suck." James opened his mouth, and took the head in. "You can do more than that," Josh said. "Give me your best blow job." James went partially down the shaft. Back home, Eric's cock had been thicker and larger. But the last time had been a month ago; Eric had once more decided what they did was sinful, and Jesus would save him. It was good to taste dick again. James reached down for his cock, but Josh pushed his hand away. "Not yet," he said. "I want to enjoy this." Josh held on to the arm, reminding James of his job here. "Get me off first," he said. James worked his way down the length of Josh's cock. It wasn't as big as the superintendent's dick, so he didn't gag. But it was close; the shaft was like a steel rod poking at his throat. "Fuck yeah," Josh said, grabbing the back of James's head and holding the boy in place. "Let me down your throat." James did his best to relax. He knew that gagging would be the wrong move here. Eventually, he found a comfortable angle that allowed him to swallow the full length of Josh's cock. He moaned in pleasure; it was the best he could do with a dick down his throat. "That's it James," Josh said. He let go of his arms, but reminded the man on his knees of the rules. "Remember to focus on me. I'm almost there." Josh started thrusting his cock deep into James's throat, feeling the wet, velvety softness massage him to release. "Gahhh," James said, trying to take Josh's forceful strokes. "Ugggh," he said, nearly choking on the dominant man's cock. Luckily, only took Josh a few minutes before he shot a thick load. He made sure that the boy swallowed every drop, before finally pulling out. "Fuck yeah," Josh said. "You're an amazing cocksucker." Just like the superintendent, he wiped his cock off on James's stubble. "That quarterback was a lucky guy." James reached down for his cock. Even gasping for air, he was turned on, the way that Josh had just used him. Josh conspicuously checked his phone, his cock still nestled in James's mouth. "Fuck," he said. "I didn't know it was so late."
  15. 1. Jimmy landed in Los Angeles on a Monday at 1:00pm. His parents had insisted that he stay through Sunday so he could go to church and see his grandparents. It meant he had to wake up at 4:00am to get to the airport in time. It wasn't that bad; he had worked the past two summers at his uncle's farm, and he was used to waking up unpleasantly early. He touched his front pocket again. There was a wad of cash; it was his savings from the summer jobs, plus a small amount of money from his grandparents. If he was careful, it was just enough for a deposit on a small apartment and a few month's worth of living expenses. He had dreamed of moving to LA since he was in middle school and decided that he wanted to be an actor. He was glad the flight landed early; he collected a large backpack and duffle bag, and then got an uber to an AirBnB in Silver Lake. He was surprised that it only took thirty minutes to get there; he believed that it took hours to get anywhere in LA. He found the key to the small building in the back yard; it was a spartan studio, but it was a place to leave his bags. He looked at his phone. It was 2:30, and he had an appointment to see a studio apartment nearby at 3:00. He washed his face, and headed out into the September sun. He reached the building just in time. The building was old, but the neighborhood was nice, with a cafe and a few nice restaurants. He was hungry, but remembered he had to be careful with money. He knocked on the superintendent's door. "Coming," the voice said, gruff, manly, and already annoyed. "Yes?" the man said, as he opened the door. Jimmy was momentarily silent. The man towered above Jimmy. He was wearing a tank top which made it clear his massive bulk was all muscle. He was wearing a pair of sweat pants. Jimmy tried not to stare at the massive boner he could see through the fabric. "Uh," Jimmy stammered. "I'm Jimmy. I'm here about the studio?" "Oh yeah. Give me a second." He disappeared back into the dark apartment, then emerged a few seconds later. "Come on," he said, and guided Jimmy to the back of the complex, and up the stairs. The apartment was on the far side, on the second floor. It was a little larger than the AirBnB. "Here it is," the guy said. "$850 a month, with utilities." Jimmy found it hard to concentrate. He wanted to stare at the superintendent, but forced himself to look at the small kitchen. There was a stove and oven, and a tiny fridge. He turned around; the super was rubbing his crotch. "You have nice lips," he said. "I bet we can work out a discount on the rent." Back in Nebraska, Jimmy had sucked off the quarterback several times a week. Jimmy knew what to do, and knelt down in front of the super. He pulled down the older man's sweat pants, and a massive nine inch cock fell out. "I love a boy who knows what to do," the super moaned, as Jimmy took the head of the man's cock in his mouth. "Oh fuck," the super moaned as Jimmy worked his way down the super's shaft. The superintendent had the biggest cock Jimmy had ever touched, but Jimmy didn't let that stop him. He worked his way down, feeling the dickhead press against the back of his throat. "Take it, faggot," the super said, grabbing the back of Jimmy's head and forcing him to swallow more of his thick cock. Jimmy was struggling as the man's thick cock slid down his throat. It was hard, because the superintendent had grabbed the back of Jimmy's head and was holding him down. The bigger man held Jimmy in place, even as he struggled not to gag. "I said take it, faggot," he said, ignoring Jimmy's obvious discomfort. "Please," Jimmy grunted, as he tried to gasp for air. "That gets me off," the man said, shoving his cock back into Jimmy's throat. "Fuck that feels good," he continued, forcefully pounding the young man's throat. "Oh fuck," he grunted. At least it didn't last that long; it was only a few minutes before Jimmy felt his cock stiffen and the superintendent's balls tighten. "Try not to drown," he said, before his cock exploded. It was not an idle warning; the man's orgasm was intense and large. Spurt after spurt of cum shot out of his dick, and directly into Jimmy's stomach. "Not bad," the super said, pulling his softening cock from Jimmy's mouth, and wiping it off on the stubble on Jimmy's cheek. "$700 a month," he said. "You want it?" Jimmy was still on his knees, not even sure what just happened. "Uh, yeah, I guess." It was less than he had expected, and giving an occasional blow job seemed worth it. "Good. Come by at three tomorrow, and we'll do the paperwork."

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