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OKC Bear Searching For Other Pigs

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Submissive poz bear cub in OKC, happily partnered, looking to connect with other pigs to have some fun with my partner and I. I am a total bottom cumdump and my partner is a vers top bear. 

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      30 yo cumhole looking for piggy raunchy tops. Don't care if I see your face just want to take ur load.
      White boy. Pink hole. Good body. Blond Fukin pig.
      (619) 752-0586. Text only. 

    • By ATLFreak1
      Hey, masculine attractive in shape 49 yr old looking to bottom for masculine black tops that like to make a guy service them and use my throat and booty for your pleasure. Would like to find a few guys to use & breed me giving me your toxic loads. 

    • By Robw73
      Any hot Top(s) in London, want to have a plaything for the weekend? When you control me, what do you want me to wear for you....

    • By newboy1689
      1. The unseen man pulled his cock back through the glory hole and I licked my lips, swallowing the rest of his load. I sat back on my heels and looked at the now vacant hole in front of me and for a brief moment wondered how I had come to this moment. Completely naked, my head shaved, cum leaking from my hole and covering my face, my cock dripping precum but completely forgotten, and locked in this booth in the back of this bathhouse.
      I heard a rustle behind me and saw a fat dark cock slide through the second hole in this booth. My instructions had become second nature at this point and I got up, bent over and slide the cock into my well fucked hole. Once my as was pressed firmly against the wall, the man on the other side began to pound me. I groaned and smiled.
      At thirty years old I had thought that I knew myself pretty well. Through some experimentation in my twenties I had decided I was vers, not overly kinky, and overall was pretty good about condom usage. So, I how did I end up locked in a glory hole booth in a bathhouse? Good question.
      Sir, well at the time Mike, had been the one to change all that. As soon as I met him in the bar I knew there was something different going on. He had a power over me that I couldn’t explain, and I just sort of gave in.
      I hadn’t gone to the bar that night with any sort of expectations. It had been a long day I thought I would pop in, have a drink or two, toss some coin at a drag performer friend of mine, and head home.
      As I was buying my second drink Sir, as he is now known to me, brushed against me at the bar. I was in awe. At just above six feet tall he loomed over me a little, his broad chest blocking out the rest of the room. His face was strong and square. He had short cropped dark hair, and eyes that somehow just drew me in. He smiled a broad toothy smile, and introduced himself. I practically melted.
      He offered to buy me a drink and made small talk as he got closer and closer to me. I smiled and felt my cock stir as he brushed against me. Soon, he leaned down and kissed me hard on the mouth. I melted into him, his big hands grabbed at my back and pulled me close.
      Within twenty minutes of meeting him we were leaving the bar and walking to his place a couple of blocks away.
      As soon as the door closed something in his demeanor changed. He became more assertive, and I became more aroused.
      “Strip,” he said. There in his living room with the blinds still open I pulled my shirt off over my head and kicked off my shoes. I stepped out of my jeans and hesitated for a moment before pushing down my briefs. My cock was hard as a rock and stood straight out from my dark brown bush, its full six and a half inches exposed.
      Sir smiled at me. “Good boy,” he said. I’d never been called boy before. It made something in me flutter and my cock twitch. He unbuttoned his own shirt revealing his strong chest, and a thick pelt of hair. His stomach was hard and flat, not an over tone gym body, the strong body of a man. Then he took of his shoes and undid his belt. Before he took his pants off though he said “On your knees boy.” I practically fell to my knees. With another broad toothy smile he undid his pants and slipped them off. He now stood in front of me in nothing but a straining jockstrap. My mouth watered.
      “Come over here boy,” he said, and I crawled over so that I was kneeling right in front of him. I could smell his sent, my cock throbbed. “Now you’re gonna get my cock wet and then I’m going to fuck your cute little ass. Understood?”
      I nodded vigorously.
      “When I ask you a question like that boy you will answer ‘Yes, Sir’ is that clear?”
      “Yes, Sir,” I stammered. This wasn’t something I was into I thought, but then why was my stomach doing back flips and my cock leaking like mad.
      “Good. Now lets try that again. You’re going to get my cock wet and then I’m going to fuck your ass, is that understood?”
      “Yes, Sir.”
      “Very good.” With that he pulled out his cock and I gasped. I had guessed it would be big from the bulge in front of me but I had still not been prepared.
      His cock was the thickest I had ever seen. Only about an inch longer than mine it had to be as thick as a soda can the whole way down. His pubes were dense and connected into the thick mat of hair that ran up his stomach. I swallowed hard.
      “Open your mouth boy.”
      I did as I was told and he pressed the broad flat mushroom head into my mouth slowly. I’ve always loved sucking cock and instinct took over. I swallowed as much as I could, slathering all over his cock. He groaned appreciably and his hands came to rest on the back of my head, pulling me closer. Somehow I knew that I had to get his cock as wet as I could, his sudden shift in demeanor told me that he wasn’t going to be providing any lube when he fucked me.
      I choked myself, getting spit all down the shaft of his cock and all over the head. My face was slick with spit, and it dripped down my chin. Occasionally he would force the whole length of his dick into my mouth so that his head hit the back of my throat. He was forceful, but always careful with me at the same time. I felt safe with him. I felt like even if he used me rough I would be ok.
      After what felt like a blissful eternity he pulled out of my mouth and head me by the shoulders. I looked up into his face, and saw that same toothy grin.
      “You ready to get fucked now boy?”
      “Yes, Sir.”
      “Good, now get your ass on the bed.” He shoved me towards an open door to the right, and I darted onto the bed. Without being told I got up on all fours presenting my ass towards the door. I heard Sir chuckle as he walked in behind me, “Good boy.”
      I felt his hands on my ass and braised myself for his cock to start pressing on my hole dry but instead I felt his tongue lap at my hole. It darted about, flicking over my ass, slowly working inside me. I groaned, as I felt my hole opening steadily. I was no stranger to getting fucked and it didn’t take too much to get me ready, but Sir was taking his time. He savored my ass, getting it slick with his spit.
      Once Sir was satisfied that I was properly wet, he straightened up and started to rub his cock on my hole. I leant forward, and put my face into the mattress. After dropping a big glob of spit onto my hole he started to push in. His head was so wide and blunt that my hole resisted for a long moment before finally giving way. I gasped as the first inch of his cock slid into me.
      He held his cock there for a minute, dropped another glob of spit onto his shaft and pushed in again. Little by little he opened me to his massive girth, and I just became a whimpering puddle.
      He fucked me slowly at first, adding more spit and building up speed till there was a steady wet slap filling the room. I groaned with every stroke. It felt so good. I could feel my hole loosening around him. I began to slam my hips back against him drawing his cock into me deeper.
      After ten minutes or so he pulled out of my hole, and in one motion knocked me over so that I was now on my back with my legs in the air. He repositioned himself and sank back into my hole. I groaned and tossed my head back.
      He was hammering me relentlessly and I felt my entire body giving way. My muscles all went slack and I was just putty in his hands.
      “I’m gonna breed this cunt, boy,” he said, sweat shinning on his body.
      “Please, Sir! Breed my hole!”
      “Good boy. Take Sir’s load.” He slammed deep inside me, stretching my hole as wide as it would go, as he spasmed deep inside me. He shook a little as he came, and the big toothy grin came back.
      He stayed inside me, his cock not getting any softer, but finally he was still.
      “Here’s the deal boy, you have a choice now.” He flexed his cock in me, “You can tell me you’re done for the night, and leave now; but know that if you do that you will never see me again,” another flex of his cock, “or, you can stay here. Just know that saying means your committing to taking my cock all night whenever I want your hole,” another flex, “So which will it be.”
      I didn’t even have to think, “Please, Sir, fuck me again!”
      “Good boy, you may just turn out to be a fun new pig.”
    • By BeachsideBare
      I guess you could say that Steve and I are dating - though we've not formalized anything at all. We meet a few months ago on BBRT. He came over and we spent the weekend getting high on tina and fucking. I hadn't partied in nearly 4 years and welcomed the chance to let my inner slut out and be a nasty little cum dump for the weekend. Drugs really let me come alive. 
      Steve is 27, tall and skinny with a fat uncut dick and shaved pubes. Except for his broad shoulders, you might mistake him for a bottom twink, which he is not. He's well worked-out and has tight defined muscles. And he's quite aggressive. When he came over that first weekend he was wearing  a scooped muscle shirt which came off immediately as he entered my apartment. Under the sweat shorts was a sexy jockstrap that contained his 9" dick.
      Waisting little time he brought out the pipe and we started blowing clouds and making out. He started getting all verbal.
      "What do you want," he asked?
      "I need to be used," I said almost desperately. "I need to be a cumdump."
      Steve happily obliged and proceeded to dominate and pound me throughout our cloudy night. I got two thick loads pumped deep in my hole, and plenty of spit on my face and in my throat. This boy knew how to take charge and he liked being a power top pig.
      Now here's the weird part. The following weekend Steve texted to see if I wanted to hang out. Of course I did! He invited me to dinner. I think it was a date! Can you believe that? Me either. 
      Afterwards we went back to my place and fucked. We didn't party again, but that doesn't mean that the sex was watered down. Steve resumed his powerful role over me and pounded my hole raw with his massive uncut dick all the while calling me a nasty cumdump slut -- which got me off so hard.
      We continued hooking up. Not every weekend but enough. And we started talking about what sorta stuff we were into and wanted to do. I had never really opened up about my desires for slutty and raunchy sex with anyone while being sober. But Steve easily got it all out of me. I explained how I wanted to be in a gangbang with a bunch of guys. He told me how he always wanted a regular hook-up who he could pass back-and-forth with his friends. I even mentioned my fascination with taking piss up my hole. He really liked that idea!
      One night we were lying in bed, my ass dripping with his cum -- he always made me sleep with his load in me -- we were talking about sex and fantasies we wanted to do. And then he got kinda serious.
      "So you're, like, really open to some [banned word] situations then, hu?" he asked.
      "Well, yea," I admitted. "Especially when I'm high - I'm down for quite a lot."
      "Well that might happen again soon," he said. I was excited. "So I'm going to share something with you. Don't let it bother you." I was really intrigued. So far Steve has been totally confident and unabashed in bed. Nothing that I've said has thrown him, and he's allowed me to tap into my raunch pig side so easily. 
      "My younger brother is coming into town for a visit and will be around for just under a week," he said. I was, like - OK. No biggie. I figured that meant Steve would be busy playing host and not around much - which was no big deal.
      "He's 24 and straight," he said. "He'll be out here looking for work." 
      Steve sat up on his arm and looked directly at me.
      "I came out in high school," he said. "It wasn't a big deal for anyone in my family. But my brother and I had been sorta messing around a little, like boys do." 
      "And when I went off to college Travis would come up and stay with me in the dorm sometimes. Anyway, he's been fucking me for years."
      I was turned on and really curious. I'm sure my face had lit up some hearing this. "He's totally straight," I asked?
      "Yea. He dates women. Always has. But he's always take advantage of the fact that I'm gay to get off by, basically using me the way I fuck you. He's really dominant and aggressive, the way I am with you."
      "I can't imagine you with your legs in the air bottoming," I admit. At this point I'm stroking Steves uncut cock which is rock hard and leaking pre-cum.
      "He's the only one who I've let  top me. And he doesn't give me much choice. When he visits he sleeps in my bed and has his way with me. I know he loves me as a brother, but when we're together he calls me his faggot fuck hole and uses me like a cheap whore."
      At this point I roll Steve onto his back and sit my cum-filled ass down on his rock hard dick and start riding him hard. The sounds of his last load slosh in my guts as his raw dick slides in and out of me.
      "Fuck! Did that turn you on," he asked?
      "Hell yea it did!"
      Steve then flips us around, throws my legs over his broad shoulders and slides his dick in my sloppy hole but just leaves it there. Then, looking deep into my eyes, which are practically in the back of my head he says in a deep and seductive tone,  "you like the idea of my straight brother using this faggot to get off, hu you nasty little slut?" And with that he spit in my mouth and began fucking me like the slutty faggot that I am!

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