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  1. Anyone have an update on the fate of 321Slammers.
  2. Looking for recommendations for SanAntoino, visiting in August. Where to take loads, and / best sleepy motel for cum dump fun. (Asking for a friend 😁"
  3. My opinion is these were old school surgeons, not to progressive here in Oklahoma so they go to their default. I should have gone to Dallas, TX. I believe you are on right track.
  4. I have had same problem since I was a teenager. I found Surgens who advertised something similar to the Rafaelo treatment but said i wasn't a candidate and had to have the full on removal. Try easy and everything before doing a removal surgery maybe because my hemorrhoids were bad but it took almost a year before I could have sex. I thought I was ruined. And here's the bad part the jerk surgeon didn't repair it like he said he would and forgot to remove two small ones. I still have issues with those sadly. So im going to try the peppercorns! Let me know how things go for you.
  5. Way to go! So damn hot. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  6. What hookup site(s) do you guys find best to post your information and availability for use.
  7. Thanks for following. Hit me up on bbrt. 

  8. I have notice a trend away from offering edgy gay on PH more and more bi with women in scenes. And no longer tags on Gangbang its orgy or group. Alot of this is probally part of 40 under bluring gender roles. But let's face it single star hosting sites are driving a nail in the coffin of big porn production companies. Just like the shif way from bath houses gays are becoming mainstream prudes. Even the leather scene is loosing way to stright, bi swingers.
  9. Naked, barefoot. The same reasoni am always barefoot even when not in a scene, the look from some guys of discust and others a knowing smile. It tells everyone im not the same, im venerable, submissive, little bitch guy and need dominated.
  10. Twist and tweek them as much as possible.
  11. Good times. Cant wait for next chapter.
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