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OKC Bear Searching For Other Pigs

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    • By PozAnonCumslut
      Ill be in orlando at club o this weekend. Looking for a no loads refused weekend. Ill post room number when i have it. U walk in, breed me and leave. Cum as many times as u need. My hole craves your load! Down for tops to whore me out too!

    • By Hungnreadytofuck
      It all started on my 22nd birthday, I had just broken up with my boyfriend after finding out he was seeing someone else on the side and put up a post on Adam and I started getting hits. My boy friend and I had fucked a few times bare when we were drunk but generally always used condoms; I put up a safe only post and showed my hot ass and body.  I am lean and have a bubble butt that my bf loved!  Standing all of 5’9 weighing 150 with a 28” waist I carried my weight in my ass  
      I started to get lots of hits, and a few were tempting but in looking at their profiles most were either poz, undetectable or no answer.  I did not respond to them but did run across a hot profile from a guy who post he was bi, just loved ass and had a gf.  His file said he was neg and hung 9.5 with the most beautiful dick.  I could not help myself, I had to hit him up.  There was no response for about an hour and then he hit me back.
      He told me what a beautiful ass I had and thanked me for hitting him up.  He never asked to fuck me or anything.  I sent him another email and asked if he was looking and he responded with we are not looking for the same thing, I do not think you are into what I am.  I hesitated and thought maybe he wanted to get fucked again and asked him straight out if he was looking to get fucked also?  His response was fuck no, I am bi and have a gf and just love some hot boy pussy on the side.  I just want a hole to fuck and unload in. 
      I closed the email after reading it and thought, no you can not do that. I had to look at his pics a few more time and then emailed him back and said I normally only fuck with condoms, I have only ever barebacked with my ex-boyfriend, but I would take your big dick bare.  I am waiting for what seemed like forever and then he finally emailed me and said that is good to know. Probably still more than you want to get into and all.  I have some other straight and bi buds and we are looking for a regular bottom. We had a hot little bottom who serviced us, but he moved last month, and I have been looking for a new boy to take his place.  Do not get me wrong you would be perfect, but it may be more then you are looking for.  We just want a hot hole to use on the side.
      I read the email a few times and, in my head, I said no, this Is way too much and finally writing him back and said I would try it with him and if all went well, we could talk about his buddies.  No response for thirty minutes and I knew he opened it.  I followed up and said okay, I want to do it.  How does it work?
      Five minutes later he emailed me and said the guy are only into anonymous, we do not want to marry you just want that hot pussy on our big dicks.  We want to find you ass up and blindfolded and ready and we will lube you up and slide in and fuck you till we nut and leave.  No talking unless spoken to and you will be nothing more than a hot ass for some big dick. 
      Okay, lets do condoms okay, I emailed back.  Right away he emailed me and said never mind boy, I told you, it was not for you.  I emailed him back and told him I would be ready in 20 min and sent my address and that I will take it bare and be ass up on sofa in the living room, blindfolded.  He emailed back and told me I was a good boy, that I liked hearing, and that when his buddy arrived, he would knock and wait five sec and head in, and I should be ready.
      I asked if he were coming and he told me no, he only liked wet cummy hole and that a few buddies would use me first.  I almost pulled the plug on the entire thing but really wanted his cock inside me and I emailed back okay. I was nervous as fuck and twenty minutes later he emailed and said get ready and I slipped the blindfold on and got into place on the sofa in my jock and then the knock at the door.  Five seconds later the door opened, and I heard footsteps and then a hand on my ass.  I almost jumped and the hand worked its way to my hole and felt my tight little hole as he unfastened his belt with the other hand, and I heard his pants drop.  His hand withdrew and without a word I felt a tongue on my hole, and I was moaning as he ate my hole and tongue fucked it.  I was loving it but still wondered if I should stop and cancel the entire thing, but it felt so fucking good I just let him French my hole as I moaned and then suddenly, he stopped and stood up and slapped his big dick on my hole.  He grabbed some lube I had out and rubbed it on my hole and his dick and them slide slowly inside me as I lost my breath, fuck his dick was big. 
      This guy who I had never seen was sliding his bare cock inside me and I had not even asked what his tats where.  He said nothing as he pressed deeper inside me and soon, he was balls deep and he let me catch my breath before he pulled almost all the way out and then slide back in and after the second bottoming out, he handed me a bottle, I knew they were poppers and I grabbed them and took several hits and then he started to slow fuck me as my hole relaxed.  OMG is all I could think of as his big dick slide in and out of me, still saying nothing and then his pace picked up and I could not help but moan and beg him to fuck me.  I could fee his tight body against mine when he leaned in and whispered in my ear. “You have a great fuck hole boy”.  His first words and I then knew he was manly and had a bit of an accent.  He fucked me for ten more minutes and shot his load in me while he said take my nut boy.  He then pulled out and came around and made me clean off his dick before he pulled away and started to zip up while he said, stay blindfolded till I leave boy.  I said okay and I heard him walk toward the door and then it open and close. 
      I slid off the blindfold and felt me hole. It was open and cummy and I could not help it but to slide my finger inside and then taste more of his load.  I got up and went back to the computer and as I was getting ready to email my new friend, he sent me one. His email read.
      Congrats boy, one of the pickiest tops in our group has just passed you as our new bottom.  There are a few more that need to agree but my bud who just left said he would need you tomorrow at the same time.  We can talk about that later but for now you have another top on the way and he will be there in five minutes.  Make sure you are ready, and you can leave the cum in you boy.
      Fuck I thought, another, my hole was a little sore from his thick dick.  He wanted me again, Hot!  I might be good with just him.  I started to type that I could not do another but before I could send it there was a knock on the door. I rushed to get in place and put my blindfold on.  I made it just in time, I heard the door open and close and then a hand on my ass and hole just like before, he slides his long finger inside me and then another. He broke the silence and told me what a hot cummy hole I had.  Love that you have a lot inside you.  He then handed me poppers and told me to hit it, I did, and he finger fucked me and slide another finger inside me and my hole opened for him.  He twisted his fingers around inside me and I had never thought about how hot it would be to take a fist but suddenly, I was hot for it.
      I just moaned as he played with my hole and he spoke. “I see you like ass play, fuck you are going to a lot of fun.”  He made me moan with his fingers for another two to three minutes and then he pulled out and told me to hit the poppers again and then I felt it.  I huge dick at my hole and he pressed forward and the hand that had been in my ass came around and covered my mouth as he pressed that thick fat cock inside me and I whimpered and asked him to pull out and he said he could not hear me as he pressed deeper and It hurt like fuck, I tried to pull forward but he held me with his other hand and finally my ass gave away to his thick dick and he was all way inside me.  I was not sure I could breathe it
    • By newboy1689
      ----the story of my transformation----
      The summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college started out as the most boring summer of my life. I had stayed at university to take summer classes and was subletting a room in a shitty four-bedroom apartment of which I was the only resident. I worked at a local movie store fifteen hours a week and was taking two classes both of which were over by two pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. The rest of the time I just spent watching Netflix going for runs, and jerking off.
      I had run track in high school and still kept up with my workouts keeping my lean frame in shape. At that time I was five eleven, one hundred and fifty pounds, with short-cropped black hair and the starting of a rather thick pelt of hair across my body. Puberty had come a little late to me and I had been hairless all through high school for the most part, but freshman year it had struck with a vengeance and I now grew thick coarse black leg and arm hair, my pits long bushy shrubs, and my chest hadn’t sprouted a patch in the middle but rather was slowly becoming carpeted in black hair. I loved it, I thought all the hair made up for my slight build and made me look manlier so I showed it off every chance I got.
      Normally when I went for a run I just ran round the campus, but on this particular day I was in a mood, bored with my solitary routine, sick of not seeing any of my friends cause they had all gone home for the summer, and over feeling trapped on campus so I made my way to a bike trail that ran through most of the town and started to run as far away from campus as I could.
      It was a hot day and the sweat ran down my bare torso and I jogged along for several miles. Most of the trail was bordered by trees, but every once in a while there was a gap and you could see into the back gardens of the people who’s houses back onto the trail. I had run the trail before and there was almost never anything of interest happening on it, in fact the only real appeal of the trail was that it was away from the school.
      I suppose before I continue with my story that I should mention that at this point in time I believed myself to be straight. This is in fact the story of how I came to realize that not only was that not true, but just how very much of a fag I really was. Despite believing myself to be straight I had always been interested in the male form. I could never help but to look when I saw a real manly man out and about. So what happened next really should have been no surprise.
      As I ran round a bend in the trail I found myself facing one of those patches where the trees thinned and you could seen to some random person’s back garden. This back garden however didn’t belong to just anyone. There in the clearing pushing a wheel barrow full of dead plants was a six foot six inch tall sweat soaked muscle bear. He had a strong pronounced jaw line sprinkled with salt and paper stubble, his head was shaved but the skin was tan from the sun. His arm muscles flexed under the dark bronze skin and hair as he moved the wheel barrow across the yard his bare chest glistening with sweat from the heat.
      Though I was staring intently at this perfect specimen of manliness I was still running until suddenly I caught my foot on a root and tumbled ass over elbow over the small bush that separated the trail from the Adonis’s backyard and landed sprawled face down on his perfectly kept grass.
      “Holy shit,” I heard him call out, “you ok kid?”
      “Yeah, I’m fine… just tripped… sorry.” I wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could even and though I was already flushed from the heat running I felt my cheeks burning with embarrassment. I rolled over and started to stand up when the ankle that I had caught on the tree root gave way underneath me.
      “You don’t seem ok kid, come on… let’s get you inside and make sure that ankle’s not broken.”
      As he walked over to me I was overwhelmed by his smell, a thick pungent musk that I found to be intoxicating. My head was swimming as I tried to focus through the haze of his sweat stink and I hardly noticed him picking me up and helping me to stand so that we could hop back to the house.
      He took me into the kitchen, sat me at the table and started to unlace my shoe to look at my ankle. I barely paid attention to anything that happened, till he said it was just a bad sprain and that I should just rest my leg for a while.
      “How far did you run kid?”
      “From the north side of campus,” I replied.
      “Shit that’s half way across town, tell you what. I’ll drive you back later so that you don’t have to run on that twisted ankle.”
      I graciously took him up on his offer, and sat in the kitchen icing my ankle and watching the man, who’s name I had learned was Eric finish up the yard work before he drove me back to campus. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and I didn’t understand why, I thought that it was because he looked like the man I whished to become, but I was wrong.
      When Eric had finished the yard work a little over fourth five minutes later he came back into the kitchen bringing with him that glorious smell once more.
      “Ok, let me grab a shirt, and right a note to my husband telling him I’m out in case he comes home from work while we’re gone, and then we’ll be off.” He said off of this as though it were the most natural thing in the world, but my head was spinning: HUSBAND? Was this perfect specimen of man a homosexual, could that be? I didn’t have much time to think before Eric had returned with an white a-line t shirt one along with the same basketball shorts he had been wearing to work in the yard.
      I set my foot on the ground gingerly, and Eric leaned in to help pick me up, but once he had pulled me upright he just held me for a minute and stared into my eyes. His eyes were slate blue and stood out against his tanned skin and dark hair. After what seemed like an eternity he said, “So why did you trip kid?”
      “Ummm…. I…” I spluttered.
      “I thought so,” and he leaned in and kissed me. Several things all happened at once within my body: I panicked; I tried to push him away; and my cock sprang to life becoming instantly hard.
      I staggered away from him for a moment my brain screaming. And then it all stopped and all that I wanted to do was be in that man’s arms, I wanted to feel him against me. I dove back into his arms, grabbed his face and stuffed my tongue in his mouth. His hands wandered up and down my back, grazing but being careful not to go past the waist band of my short bright yellow running shorts, as we kissed and I clung to him as if I never wanted to let him go.
      Eric broke away, “I guessed that that’s why you tripped, but I wasn’t sure till you sat in here and practically drooled as you watched me work in the garden. Plus your cock hardened every time I touched you. Your brain my not be ready to admit it but your cock certainly isn’t” He said all this staring into my eyes, his hands still roaming over my back, but with that last part he reached forward and grabbed my throbbing cock through the thin nylon on my shorts.
      I gasped.
      He smiled, “You ever been with a man, kid?”
      “I’m straight.”
      “And I’m the Queen of England,” he said, kneeling in front of me, “don’t worry boy I’ll teach you hot to please a man.” With that he pulled my shorts down exposing my rock hard cock and before I could protest further he swallowed my whole seven and a half inch cock to be base.
      Within seconds he had me moaning and groaning and holding on the back of his head to keep my cock from slipping out of his mouth. I started to feel my balls tensing up and seeming to sense it too Eric pulled off of my cock and stood up again.
      “Now you try.”
      “I’m straight,”
      Eric pulled of his shirt revealing his massive hair covered chest in all its glory.
      “You want this I can tell. Now get on your knees and suck my cock.”
      I don’t know what made me do it but I sank to my knees, Eric pulled his cock from the waistband of his shorts, smacked me in the face a few times and then I opened my mouth wide and began blowing this beautiful man. As I emulated what he had just been doing to me his cock began to grow and engorge until I was convinced that it wouldn’t fit in my mouth any longer.
      “Good boy, you work that man cock, get it good and hard.”
      What the hell was I doing? I was gagging this man’s ever hardening cock down my throat and loving every second of it. This was better then anything I had ever down with a girl. The smell of Eric’s sweat burned in my nose and I could taste the sweet salty liquid on his cock and I swallowed. He placed his big strong hands on the back of my head and guided me to begin bobbing up and down on his shaft. His cock brushed against my tonsils and I heaved for a moment before swallowing hard and feeling his cock slid down my throat. Everything was perfect.
      My jaw stretched as wide as it could, I felt pubes around my nose and balls against my chin and opening my eyes I found that I had slid Eric’s entire massive cock down my throat and was now sucking it with ease. I looked up at Eric and saw that he had his phone in one hand and the other holding my head in place as he started to thrust in and out of my mouth. I panicked a little, but never thought to take his cock from my mouth. There was the click of the camera and I widened my eyes in shock.
      “Don’t worry boy, just a pic for my husband to show him what’s waiting for him at home.”
      My brain was screaming at me to spit his cock out, pull my pants up and run, but my cock was throbbing, my mouth was drooling and for the first time in my life I felt an itch grown inside of me that I did not yet understand.
      “You’re a hot little cock sucker aren’t you.”
      Without knowing why I nodded, and grabbed Eric’s well built thighs pulling his cock into my mouth completely once more.
      “I’m gonna have some fun with you tonight.”
      Eric let go of my head and grabbing me under the armpits pulled me to my feet and kissed me again. This time was rougher, he shoved his tongue into my mouth and held my face close to his with his rough hands. I melted into him, feeling his warm sweaty body pressed against mine, his massive cock trapped between up.
      “Turn around,” he whispered in my ear.
      Don’t do it, my brain told me, you’re not a fag. What the hell are you doing?
      I turned around obediently. Eric hugged me from behind, his hands resting on my pecs as he kissed my neck. I could feel his cock nestled in my ass crack, and I couldn’t help myself, I rocked back on it rubbing his cock with my tight furry ass.
      Eric began to kiss down my body, his tongue tracing my spine as he once more sank to his knees. His tongue came to my tailbone and I shuddered, it was as if a bolt of electricity had gone through my body. I involuntarily arched by back.
      “A natural bottom,” Eric muttered and with one hand between my shoulder blades and one on my hip he forcer me to bend over so that my chest was resting on the table. He spread my ass cheeks with his hands and I felt cool air on my hole. Then something warm and wet touched my hole.
      Two reactions shot through me, the one from my mind of RUN, the second from my ass: GOD NEVER LET THIS STOP. It was as if the way I thought about myself and my body and what I wanted was at war with what my body was experiencing. That itch I had started to feel earlier began to become a burn and find a home in my ass Eric’s tongue brushed against my tight hairy little virgin pucker.
      Eric pushed down on the small of my back forcing me to push my ass out more and I felt his tongue make it’s first attempt at entering my hole. The war raged on inside my body but I made no attempts to stop Eric, I just kept moaning loudly. I could feel my hole becoming slick with his spit and weather it was from the spit or the warmth or his breath or the repeated darting actions of his tongue I could feel my hole slowly starting to relax and bloom allowing more of Eric’s tongue to dip inside.
      My cock was hard as a rock and dripping precum but I felt no interest in jerking off my focus was on my internal conflict and on the waves of pleasure that emanated from my steadily loosening hole.
      “God you have a beautiful hole, tight, pink, and furry. I love it. Nice virgin hole.”
      Something rough pressed against my hole for a moment along with Eric’s tongue I looked over my shoulder trying to see what he was doing and I gasped when I realized that it was his finger. He briefly sucked on his finger and then pressed it again to my hole. Now slick with spit his finger didn’t just rebound off of my tight pucker but pressed inward a little bit, but my hole resisted. Eric returned to working my hole with his tongue but kept a steady pressure on my hole with his finger. My mind was becoming foggy and the argument between my brain and my body was becoming less and less. I started to think things like: if it feels so good how can it not be what I want.
      Eric increased the pressure of his finger on my hole, hocked a big glob of spit onto my hole and suddenly something gave way and his finger just slid inside of me. I gasped, it didn’t hurt, not at all, it was like a when you finally manage to scratch a really bad itch on your back that you couldn’t reach; and there ended my internal strife, a decision had been made, my body won and silenced my brain. I pushed back against his finger trying to swallow more of it up. Eric responded by slowly and deliberately sliding his finger in and out of my hole making me moan loudly. I felt sweat spring up on my back and it was hard to catch my breath. Eric chuckled softly to himself and withdrew his finger. I felt empty and alone for a moment and then I felt the finger return but it was thicker this time; two fingers.
      He repeated the same process until over the course of the next half hour he had worked all four fingers into my hole and was slowly twisting them in and out of my now loosened hole. Eric kissed my ass cheek and stood up with drawing his fingers from my hole. God I missed his fingers, the transformation that had taken place within me over the past forty minutes was complete. I no longer questioned what I was feeling and I knew that I wanted to keep his fingers inside my hole forever. That is until what happened next.
      Eric rapped an arm around me and pulled me up from my bent position, kissing my neck, his warm musky body pressed against my own. “You have such a sweet virgin hole boy,” he shifted his weight, “but I think you’re hole is ready for more,” with his free hand he bent his cock down from where it rested in my ass crack and aimed it at my now slick and loosened hole, “what do you say we bust that cherry?” I was grinding my ass back against his cock, relishing each time I felt his cock snag on my ass ring, but this was not enough for Eric. He let go of my chest and pushed me back down on the table so that my ass was once again spread out before him.
      My whole body seemed to have become electric and I sensed every tiny shift that Eric made as he shifted himself into position and began to ever so gently press his thick mushroom headed cock against my hole. His four fingers had opened my up a lot but my hole as still far to tight for Eric’s cock, he pushed harder, hocking up another big glob of spit right onto where his cock head met my hole. The itch I had felt earlier was getting worse, I felt as though there was a burning inside of my hole and only getting Eric’s monster cock inside of me could make it stop. I flexed my ass muscles and twitched my hole like I was taking a shit and felt for a brief moment my hole open up and a tiny bit of Eric’s mushroom head slip inside. I did it again this time pushing back against his cock and felt a little bit more slide inside.
      “Jesus, you can’t wait to pop that cherry can you boy? Alright then lets do this. When I push you flex your hole.”
      Eric grabbed me by the hips and started to push hard against my hole, he managed to force a little bit of the head inside without my help but then I flexed my hole and between his pressure and my open hole the head of his cock shot into my ass with a pop.
      It felt like a soda can had just been shoved up my ass, but I loved it, I wanted more. Eric stopped pushing for a moment, then spat on his cock and pushed hard again sinking about another inch of his cock inside me. He did this several more times till at long last I felt his thick black pubes against my ass and his balls resting against mine. Sweat covered my whole body and I was shaking a little. My hole was twitching around Eric’s cock trying to pull more of him inside of me.
      After what seemed like a glorious eternity he began to pull out until only the massive mushroom head remained in my hole, and then just as slowly he pushed back in again. A whimper escaped from my lips.
      “You like that thick cock deep inside you boy? You like feeling your cherry disappear as my cock invades your sweet wet boy cunt?”
      “Yes,” I said breathlessly. There was no denying what I wanted, no claims of being straight, no claims of wanting to be a top either, my cock was hard as a rock but I had no interest in it, all that mattered was Eric’s cock.
      “What do you want now boy?” Eric pulled out to the tip again, “Do you want me to fuck your boy cunt?” He plunged back in, harder then he had before, “You want me to pound your hole?”
      “Yes,” I moaned.
      “Yes what?” He withdrew again.
      “Yes I want you to fuck me.” And there it was, there was no taking it back, I had admitted what I wanted.
      “Good answer boy.”
      Holding me by the waist Eric started to make me grind forward and back on his cock and he pulled in and out picking up his pace rapidly until in a short while he was hammering away as though he were fucking a well broken in hole. I was moaning like a bitch in heat and I knew it. Everything else in my mind had gone blank and all that I could focus on as my hole and his cock. Faster and faster he went, now slamming his cock in hard so that the room filled with the sound of flesh smacking flesh.
      He grabbed my shoulders for better leverage and I started to buck back harder, meeting each thrust with equal force. By now I was practically screaming my vocabulary reduced to three phrases: Yes; Please; and Fuck me.
      “You wanna ride my cock boy?”
      “Fuck yes”
      Eric pulled his cock from my ass with a soft squelch and layer down on the floor his cock sticking straight up to the ceiling. I practically flung myself on his cock, positioning it at the opening of my no longer virgin hole and sitting down hard. I bounced up and down letting gravity pull me back onto Eric’s cock each time. Both of us were covered with sweat and it was as if the whole world smelled of sex.
      Eric’s breathing began to change and he started to buck his cock up into me as I rode. Quicker and quicker he pounded till after ten more minutes he growled, “I’m going to cum, I’m so fucking close. I’m gonna breed that sweet cunt and make you into a real bottom boy.”
      “Yes breed me,” I groaned, not really knowing what I was saying.
      “You want my seed boy?”
      “God yes!”
      “Ok, well get ready cause…. FUCK!” He never finished his sentence he just grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me to bottom out on his cock while I felt his shaft pulse and throb deep in my guts and a new kinda warmth spread through my body. His cum filled my hole and started to leak out a little down his cock onto his balls. I was panting, but my lust was unslaked.
      I leaned in and kissed Eric as he had kissed me before he started eating out my hole, rough and hungry. I ran my hands up and down his hairy body feeling the mixture of the hair with the sweat. Eric pulled me close and kissed me too before just hugging me to his chest, his cock still buried deep in my stretched out hole.
      “Jesus when you sent me a picture of some cock sucker on your tool I expected to find a twink waiting at the door to suck my cock, not find you with your cock still inside of his cunt and your load leaking out.” I sat up, dropping down all the way on Eric’s cock in so doing and gasped, when I heard the new voice.
      “I took one look at this cherry hole and I had to breed it.” Eric said to the new comer.
      “Cherry hole you say. Well then I’ll need to taste it too.”
      “Kid this is my husband Matt. Hope that hole’s feeling good cause it’s in for a long night.”
    • By FuckhardSF
      This is a true story… It happened one fall night two years ago…
      I was nervous as my Lyft made its way around Buena Vista Park towards his house. I had wanted this to happen for close to a year since I first saw him on Scruff. When I saw his photos and read his profile I knew immediately that I wanted him to do things to me that I’d only fantasized about. I wanted him to use me hard for his own pleasure. To treat me as an object and a fuck-hole.
      He’d made it clear in our messages that once I entered his place that I would be his sub for the night and that he’d do with me as he pleased. As the car rounded a corner and was yards from his house I realized that I wasn’t as high as I wanted to be. ‘I should have done a parachute. Maybe he’ll let me do one when I get in’ I thought to myself. The car came to stop outside his house and I stepped out into the brisk San Francisco night air. I stood there on the opposite side of the street staring at his house. And then I saw him, he was holding the door next to his garage open and motioned me over.
      He was shorter than I expected. Thinner than I expected. He looked older than his 65 years, a tough looking bearded face with bushy eyebrows, and a shaved head, He was wearing just a jock and big black leather boots. As I approached he said ‘Hi Boy, get your ass in here.” He stepped inside the garage and I followed closely behind. He led me through the garage and into a bright red room. It was an extremely well kitted out play room complete with fuck bench, four poster bed with various riggings and stirrups hanging from the wooden posts, there were lots of gas masks hanging from the wall. A ton of but plugs and dildos ranging from fairly small to the shockingly large. There was fetish porn playing on the TVs. And a long desk / counter that contained things like various lengths and widths of rope, chains, hoods, restraints, etc. As my eyes darted over the counter I noticed that there was a fine layer of Tina all over the counter. And a plastic food storage container containing a large amount of the stuff. My hole immediately twitched at the sight of the drug. It definitely knows what it likes…
      ‘Take your clothes off, boy. Put them over there in the box that says ‘Whore” on it.” And he sat down in a rather low profile chair across the room. I quickly took off my clothes, opened my bag and pulled out my pipe and poppers. ‘Good you brought your pipe. Is it empty?’ And I nodded yes. ‘The proper response, boy, is ‘Yes, sir!’ He barked at me. ‘Fuck, I’m already screwing this up .’ I thought. ‘Yes, sir!’ I nearly shouted back. ‘Give it to me. I’m going to fill it with my stuff. My stuff is very strong and very good.’ He proceeded to load the pipe and hand it back to me. Then he started rummaging in the container and pulled out a rather large shard. He gave me an almost unnerving smirk and told me to bend over the bed, spread my legs and to start taking big hits off the pipe.
      I did as he told me. There I was less than 5 minutes into this adventure and I was already stripped down to my jock strap and bent over his bed with my hole exposed. I started taking big, long hits from my pipe. ‘Fuck!’ I thought as I exhaled the second hit. ‘This is amazing shit.’ My body was tingling, I felt lighter, slightly spaced out, and I immediately needed a cock in my hole. ‘Keep hitting that pipe, boy.’ He said from behind me. Another minute or two went by and I continued to smoke. And then I felt a finger on my hole. It searched around for a bit, pushed on it a bit, and then I felt a bit of lube being rubbed on and then a finger penetrated me. I was so happy to have something - anything! - in my hole that I instinctively backed up on it so more of his finger sank into me.
      ‘Not yet, boy.’ He said and pulled his finger out. And then he pushed in again, but this time there was something hard being pushed in as well and my hole began to burn. I realized he was putting the shard in my ass. And I got very excited. I love Tina in my hole. It makes it insatiably hungry to get fucked and bred by as many dicks as possible. ‘Boy, I hope you’re prepared for this. That was a very large shard I just put up your hole. In about 30 minutes you are going to be flying. And you’ll be my fuck whore. And you will do what I want.’ He said very matter of factly.
      I took several more hits from the pipe and he returned to his chair. “Boy take several  long and deep hits of your poppers and then come stand in front of me. I took two hits from the poppers bottle and wished I had also brought a can of maximum impact. “Boy! I said LONG, DEEP hits. Do it again. And this time don’t stop taking hits until I tell you. By the fourth hit my head was spinning and along with the effects of the Tina my entire body was buzzing and and my hole was hungry. No not just hungry, it was screaming to have something, anything, shoved deep in it. Finally he told me to stop. I was having a hard time standing up.
      ‘Come stand in front of me, boy’ He instructed. And I obeyed. He looked me up and down and again flashed me the most devious smirk. “Ok, boy. Now get down on all fours. Then slowly rub your lips, tongue and head on my bulge. But do not take my dick out. And I moved forward and began licking the dirty, stained, and smelly jock strap. ‘After a few minutes he said, ‘Good boy. Now anytime your mouth is on my dick I want your hands on my nipples working them hard. I obeyed and managed a slight ‘Yes, sir.’ He then pulled his jock aside and freed his very thick, quite large cock. His dick looked rough. Like it had been beat up, run over, and chewed up. It was the angriest looking dick I’d ever seen. Like it would slap you if it could. And I was beyond turned on by it,. ‘I can not wait until that is plowing my hole.’ I thought to myself.
      I sucked and worshiped his dick for quite a while. And then he stood up, told me to stay on all fours and not to move and then he walked behind me. He started to put crisco on and in my hole. Again I instinctively backed up on it. And he said, almost under his breath, ‘Mmmm, good boy.’ He pulled his finger out again and then I felt a large, cold object pushing against my hole, he began to work my hole open and pushing what I now realized was a very large butt plug into my hole. I had never had a butt plug that big in me. I took a deep breath and settled in for it to be slowly worked into my hole. But that’s not what happened. After working the tip of the plug into my hole, in one shocking, hard push he shoved the massive butt plug into me. I saw stars and I lost my breath for a second. And then I was so incredibly happy to finally have something filling me hole up. And not just filling it up, but stretching my hole wider than it had ever been.
      ‘Take some big, long hits off your pipe boy. And then go to the foot of the bed, lay on it on your back with your ass just at the edge.’ He commanded. “Yes, sir!’ I excitedly shouted. When I had taken another 8 - 10 hits from the pipe I went to the foot of the bed and laid down with my ass just hanging over the edge. As I laid down the plug in my hole shifted and I realized that it was going to have to come out eventually, and the thought of how this massive thing was going to come out made me nervous. But I didn’t have long to think about that. He approached the bed, and again had that same smirk on his face.
      He grabbed my right leg, lifted it in the air, pulled down a stirrup from the top of the bed frame, and anchored my leg in. Then he did the left. He grabbed two wrist restraints and got on the bed behind my head. He placed the restraints on my wrists and lifted them above my head and then chained them together. He looked down at me from where he knelt above my head and said, ‘Do not move your arms from that position. Leave them just as I’ve placed them.’ So now I’m on my back, ass hanging off the edge of the bed, legs suspended in the air, and my arms restrained and placed above my head on the bed. I thought that had to be the extent of it. But he had walked over to a wall of rope and chains, and after a minute or two he selected a large length of very thick rope that had been tied into a noose. He came around the foot of the bed, between my legs, leaned forward, and put the noose around my neck. I almost came right there. Just from the noose being put around my neck. Then he tightened the rope quite tight an my neck and he pulled the end of the rope toward him.
      I couldn’t have been both more turned on and more frightened. It occurred to me as he was placing the noose around my neck that I just met this guy an hour or so ago, and I let him do what I’d always wanted done to me, but had never allowed anyone to actually do it. And now high as a kite, spun hard, and restrained on his bed I realized I could not get out if I wanted to. I was completely dependent on him. It turned me on even more.
      He started tugging at the butt plug. Slowly at first and then more assertively. And then he really began to pull it out and I thought my hole was going to explode as this fucking huge plug was pried from my tight hole. And just when I thought it was never going to come out without causing major damage, POP, the walls of my hole released and relaxed and out popped the plug. It took my breath away again. But then I felt so empty. I immediately needed something back in my hole and I prayed he was going to shove the plug or something else in.
      He started applying crisco to my hole again and this time using all of his fingers in my hole to stretch it open and push the lube in. This went on for a while and then he went back to the counter, back to the container with all the meth, and again he rummaged through. I was sure that I was higher than I’d ever been andI couldn’t believe he was going put another shard in my hole. But that’s just what happened. He walked back toward my ass, and in one motion shoved the shard deep in my ass. This was immediately followed by his big angry daddy dick thrusting , again in one motion, as far into my hole as it could go.
      I took a deep breath. He put the bottle of poppers under my nose and told me to take hits until he said stop. Six or so big, long hits later he removed the poppers and began to thrust into me. And then he grabbed the end of the rope with the noose around my neck and he pulled it hard and taught and it got MUCH tighter around my throat  and was constricting my ability to breathe. But I said nothing. I realized all I had to do was settle in for what I had always wanted — to be used like a whore by some random, trashy, old man. And he then fucked me with more vigor and aggression than I thought his mid-60s, small framed body could possibly do. He literally pounded my hole with his cock and pelvis. Deep, hard, long thrusts. Like he was trying to wreck my hole. He never loosened his grip on the rope, in fact it got much tighter around my neck to the paint where I was sure I was going to pass out. And I almost did several times. But I managed to stay conscious for the entire ride.
      He began to tremble. To thrust harder and more quickly, and his breathing got heavy and labored. And then I could feel him exploding into my hole. “Take my load you fucking meth pig whore!” He shouted at me. ‘Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!’ I shouted back. “Breed me like a bitch, please sir.” When he was done he continued to fuck his spent load into my hole so that it was deep in my guts.
      He pulled out, walked around the bed and released my wrists, and removed the noose. ‘You can get your legs out of the stirrups on your own, boy. I need to piss. I’ll be right back. Drink the water I left out for you before I come back and get back on the bed.’ He said as he walked out of the room. So I did exactly what he said. But I could barely make it to the counter for the water. My legs were wobbly and very tingly. I was spun and fucked up. And all I wanted was more dick.
      I was laying back on the bed, my feet back in the stirrups when he came back. He chained the restraints above my head again, And then brought out a long rubber tube and plastic wrap. Without saying a word he began to wrap my head in the plastic wrap. I started to panic when I couldn’t breathe, and he grabbed a knife and cut a small hole in the plastic on my mouth. Then he pushed the tube through so I could breathe. Once my head was completely encased in the plastic wrap he then blindfolded me.
      Then POP in went the butt plug again. I laid there for what had to be 10 minutes wondering where he had gone and what he was going to do to me next. And I could feel the second shard hit my system. And my hole got hungrier. And then I felt motion on the bed near my head. And the familiar click of a torch being lit up. He then began to blow big clouds through the tube inserted into my mouth, which forced the clouds into my lungs. He did this over and over again. And I was buzzing, tingly all over, and hornier than fuck. I felt him get off the bed and then there was silence again. I love forced clouds!
      Minutes later I felt the noose being placed over my head and around my neck again. “Fuck YES!’ I thought. And then he yanked the butt plug out. Not gently. Not slowly, But fast and hard. Again I thought my hole was going to explode. Then he shoved something in the tube and I immediately got light headed. A rag soaked in poppers. But wait I couldn’t breathe really with the rag in the tube. I struggled against my restraints and the noose, and after a minute or so he removed the rag. I was literally spinning.
      I didn’t even feel his big, angry daddy dick when it thrust into me again I was so high. He fucked me hard for what seemed like half an hour. I just laid there and let him use my hole. I was happier than a pig in shit. Yes…this is what I had wanted. This is what I had fantasized about for so long and never ever spoke a word about it out loud. I’d kept this wish quiet and un-acted upon for so long that the fact it was happening made me so happy my eyes teared up in joy.
      And then he stopped. And he leaned forward — I could feel his head beside my head. And he whispered through the plastic into my ear, “I’m going to whore you out like the meth pig you really are, you fucking worthless slut.”
    • By a6uldeve84u
      CHAPTER 1
      A local university has a humanities building that I heard has a reputation for a certain rest room being “festive”.  I found a map of the campus, located the building, and looked for parking.  One of the saddest features about this university is that parking is at an extreme premium on all days at all times.  Parking permits are required almost everywhere which required a little reconnoitering on my part.  Luckily, I did find a handful of spaces not too far from the building for visitors.
      I entered the building walking around the first floor until I found a stairwell.  I went up to the second floor.  As I opened the door and stepped out into the hall, I glanced around and with great fortune had come out diagonally to the men’s room for which I was looking.  I opened the door finding there was an inner door as well.  I opened it and went in.
      I stood there momentarily glancing around to get my bearings.  To the left were several lavatories and urinals in a room.  To the right were several stalls.  A couple of men were at urinals separated by the typical unused urinal between them.  (Fearful heterosexuals no doubt.)  I nonchalantly moved to the right.  I noted that the first two stalls had feet in them and doors closed presumably locked.  I moved down the line finding the remaining three stalls empty.  I went in five, locked the door, unzipped my shorts, dropped them to my ankles, and took my seat.
      I had come prepared or at least as prepared as one can be for rest room sex.  I was thoroughly cleaned out, had my bottle of lube, and had my balls strapped into my favorite leather strap pulling them down.  Now, all that was missing was a pair of feet in a stall next to me.
      I heard the flushing of two urinals followed by water at lavatories.  Paper towels dispensed, hands wiped dry, and departure of the two from the urinals.  That left only stalls one and two now.  As I sat there, I realized that my bladder was pressing a bit, so I drained a little into my bowl.
      I sat there thinking that maybe my good reference for this place had been sadly mistaken or that I had come at a decidedly off time.  A few minutes more passed when I thought I heard shuffling feet.  I strained to hear.  Silence.  More minutes passed.  Then, I heard a definite sound of a metal latch.  Immediately, I heard someone pull up pants and zipper, the commode was flushed, a latch unhooked, someone walking, and the inner door opening and closing, and finally the outer door opening and closing.
      I sat on my commode in silence.  I looked down and surprisingly my dick was bobbing and leaking.  What?  Just hearing sounds in a public rest room that all indicated that men had completed their business?  I smiled at my silly self.
      Then, I noticed that my last rest room companion was moving around.  I tuned in.  I thought I heard him quietly unlatching his door.  I focused on listening but heard nothing until I heard the stall door next to me open and then close with the latch engaged.  I noticed a shadow as it backed to the commode sitting down as a pair of shorts hit the floor mostly covering his feet which were in sneakers.
      We sat there together in silence.  I knew we were both there for the same reason; he could only assume I was.  Soon, I noticed his shorts bobbing as he began the foot stretching and movements of inquiring as to my intent.  I returned the signal of bobbing my foot and scooting it closer to him.  Now, there was no doubt as to the intent of either of us.  It was now a matter of seeing if we were there for the same reason and for different roles.
      We sat there a bit more when suddenly a piece of paper was pushed part of the way under the wall.  I took it.  He asked what I was looking for?  I put my hand under the stall and imitated writing.  I was handed a pen.  (How was I to know writing was going to be required?)  I wrote back that I was looking to suck a dick and with luck to get fucked, too.  Why lie or beat around the bush?
      I handed the pen and paper back.  I got the note back as I heard my stall neighbor begin to dress.  I slowly read the note and then re-read it quickly.  “Not here; follow me to a safer place that is more private.”  I thought quickly and decided to chance it.
      I had to hurry.  Once away from the building, my stall neighbor stopped to let me catch up.  We introduced ourselves.  As we walked, he told me that he knew a rest room that was very private.  I eyed him as we walked.  About six feet tall, broad shoulders, hairy thick arms and legs, tanned, blond hair, hazel eyes, clean shaven, and a slight drawl in his speech.
      As we neared one of the older buildings on campus, we slowed.  He told me we were going in the building together but that inside we would split up.  Hmmm.  Now, I began to wonder.  He told me to slowly walk through the first floor looking at the exhibits until I reached the far side of the building.  There would be a set of stairs on my left.  Go down them.  At the bottom, go through the door that had a pane of glass in it turning right as soon as I was through the door.  I was to continue down that hall until I came to a door marked “Men” on it.  Go inside and wait.  He would follow shortly.
      We entered the building together, and he waited by the elevator as I continued down the hall looking at the exhibits along the way.  I took my time not only looking at the exhibits but also thinking if this was actually a good idea.  Obviously, no, it wasn’t.  I became apprehensive but continued on until I came to the other end of the building.  I was faced with three choices:  I could return the way I came and leave campus; I could go out the door now in front of me; or I could continue down the steps on the left and follow through with this walk for a maybe fuck.
      I hesitated on the last exhibit making up my mind.  I glanced around and down the steps I went.  I found the door with the pane of glass, went through it, turned right, and found “Men” on a door.  I opened it and went inside.  I knew why no one came here.
      This rest room was down a darkened hall which was lined with obvious junk items waiting to be trashed.  I wondered when the last time the rest room had been used though it seemed to be clean; well, as clean as a public rest room can be.  It was the size of a large walk-in closet perhaps containing two stalls, one urinal, and a lavatory.  It was isolated and my apprehension grew.  The minutes ticked away.  I unhooked my keys slipping the clip into my right rear pocket where I could easily reach for it.  Not much but I could use a handful of keys with one as a projectile if needed.
      My ears perked up as I heard sneakers coming down the hall.  I stepped away from the door and waited.  There was a light tap and then it opened.  My stall neighbor stuck his head in looked around seeing me and grinned broadly.  He came in quickly quietly closing the door and locking it.  He came up to me and said, “I can bet you are not sure about this, but this is a lot safer and a lot more private.”  With that, he pulled his shirt up and over his head, unhooked and unzipped his shorts and stepped out of them.  I hesitated but finally followed in stripping.
      I put my clothes on top of his on the radiator.  As I turned around, he stepped up to me.  I could feel his dick already hardening pushing upward into my crotch area.  He pushed a bit and let it slide up between us as he wrapped his arms around my chest.  I wrapped mine around his neck.  Our lips met that finally led to wide mouthed spit swapping and tongue wrestling.
      We kissed for several minutes.  He finally pulled his tongue from my mouth and said, “Feel okay now?”
      I shook my head yes.
      “Good.  Now, we can get serious.  I have spent most of the morning trying to find someone to fuck.  All they want to do is suck.  I need ass,” he said.  “You don’t know how much I love to fuck.  Thing is, I like it rough.  Really hard slam fucking.  It gets me going and turns me on hearing how hard I’m hitting a guy’s ass when I’m fucking him.  And, if I can hurt a guy when I’m fucking him, that turns me on even more.  I guess this might not be what you are looking for.”
      I looked up at him and grinned.  “Well, as long as you don’t break a bone of mine or rip me so much that I need medical attention, that fits on my dance card.  I love it hard, deep, and harder still.  But, only if you cum in my ass.  I can’t stand it when a guy pulls out and shoots on my back.  That’s gross and wasteful.”
      Phil’s eyes widened in disbelief.  “You are for real?  You seriously love a rough fuck?”
      “Yes, as long as no hospital is needed,” I said.
      He laughed and stepped away from me.  His dick lowered itself from my body but remained upward curved with its tanned look and now slimy pink head pointed at me.  I knelt immediately consuming it almost to the shortly cut pubic hairs.  The upward curve was a deterrent for sucking but would be welcomed for a standing fuck.
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