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How I Changed

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Part 5


Ten days later, I would be on my back with my legs in the air and Felix’s cock buried in my ass. Two other guys would be there in my bedroom, watching us. Felix would stop fucking me and launch into a rant about how the fantasies of bottom guys always involved their holes being somehow irresistible to every man within a mile, as if this one bottom was the last one left in the entire city. (And I’d have to beg him to keep going before he finally came inside me.)

That night at the party, standing outside the dark room, I didn’t think of it exactly that way. But I had just been fingered by one hot guy and fucked by another who used cum out of his own ass as lube. Most of the men there had seen it happen. And they weren’t lining up to fuck me themselves.

So it dawned on me that my asshole, hungry as it was for raw cock, was not a scarce commodity at a sex party.

I headed into the dark room. It was more crowded than before, full of growls and whispers and wet sounds. I felt hands reaching out, feeling my body as I tried to move slowly through the crush of naked me. I wasn’t ready to stop yet. I was absorbing the mood, trying to understand it.

For every hand that found my ass and lingered, there were many more that groped for my cock. Several men tried to back up right on me, even as I was moving through the crowd. I realized I had something a lot of these guys wanted.

I moved more slowly now, deciding I could be as picky as I wanted, here in this dark room full of men who didn’t care what I looked like. After some furtive groping, I found a smooth, very firm ass of a guy who had a hard body. In my mind he was young and blond, fresh off the football team, but who knew? I never did.

I slipped a finger down and played around the edges of his hole. He grabbed my cock and began to jerk me. I used my other hand to see if I could find his cock, but he was cupping it in one hand. “Just fuck me,” he whispered.

“I won’t pull out. Is that what you want?” I said. “Me to cum inside you?”

“Yeah, do it!”

I slipped a finger inside him. He was well-lubed. I was pretty sure that was all it was so far.

“Here’s the deal,” I said. “I’m gonna fuck you and give you a big load. And then you’re gonna fuck me with my load running down your legs. And your hot muscle cum is gonna blast inside me with the other men’s cum that’s already in there. And I bet that while you’re fucking me, some other guy is gonna start feeling your ass and he’ll be in your hole by the time you cum in mine. Sound hot?”

I could hear him breathing faster. I pushed at the hand covering his cock and he let it fall away. It felt it then, a mushroom head on a cock that was otherwise pretty skinny, but long enough to make itself known inside my ass. There was a drop of precum oozing out of the slit.

“You wanna get fucked. I wanna get fucked. We help each other out and there are still lots of chances for more.”

“Yeah, okay” he said breathlessly as I wiggled around inside him.

“Cool,” I said. “And by the way, I’m done whispering.” I smiled but he couldn’t see it.

“Fuck,” I said then, in a voice that I would have used upstairs. “That is one beautiful ass. You gonna spread it for me?”

He whispered something and I said, “Yeah, well I am gonna fuck it.”

There was some nervous laughter around us but I could tell by the change in sounds that some guys were listening more seriously. And my new partner was starting to get into it.

“Do it, man, Fuck my muscle ass.” His voice wasn’t as loud as mine, but it wasn’t a whisper any more.”

“I got two fingers in you already. You ready for some cock now?”

“Oh yeah! Fuck me,” he said at full volume.

I could feel other hands at his hole now. Someone had stepped up behind me and grabbed my cock. I could feel him grinding his own dick against me.

“Help me out, fucker,” I told him. “Line me up and let’s get my cock into this hole.”

My helper obliged just as my muscle boy leaned back. The head of my cock pressed against his pucker and I said, “Let me in, let me in. This is the cock you’ve been waiting for.” 

I slid in a few inches and began a slow pump. I had to loosen him a little more but I also had to be careful because the head of my cock was getting all the sensation from his ass and that could push me over the edge fast.

I felt my helper start to kiss the back of my neck. He had some serious stubble and I realized he was an inch or two taller than me, and pretty hairy. Lean, too, but not muscular. His cock was resting against the small of my back. It felt thick.

I decided the muscle boy needed more inches.“Ready?” I said. “Here comes the rest of it.” I pushed my cock deeper into him and I heard a yelp and then a grunt. He shifted his body position, leaning further forward and started to say, “yeah, yeah, yeah,” with each thrust I made and then suddenly stopped. I heard some muffled sounds. Had someone shoved a cock in his mouth?

The guy behind me wrapped one arm across the top of my chest, holding me tight. I felt a finger at my hole, and then another one. Someone else had joined us and one of them pushed into my hole.

“Jesus,” I said. “Push that finger in deeper. Help me blow a huge load into this hole.”

I had both hands on my bottom’s ass now and had a good deep stroke going. Someone from my left started kissing me and both hands at my hole now had a finger inside me.

I felt the orgasm start and then it burst out of me without warning. In all my pumping and dumping adventures, I thought I had learned better control, but I hadn’t ever been so stimulated before. “Fuck! Fuck” I almost shouted. I was blowing so much cum into the hole in front of me I could hardly stand.  The guy behind me kept me upright as I groaned and shuddered.

Normally when I cum its like my sex drive shuts down for a few minutes. But in this situation I had no choice, because at this point I lost control of events.

I slipped out of the ass I had been in, and as I did so I felt another hard cock pressing right in where I had been. I felt like I should object and say, “He has to fuck me,” but then the arm around my upper chest tightened and pulled up around my neck, almost as if to choke me and I had to take a step backwards to keep from falling over.
“Now you,” a deep voice with some accent I didn’t recognize ordered. 

“Yes, fuck me, dude!” And no sooner had I said yes than I felt him maneuvering behind me. One of the fingers slid out of my ass and a moment later something much larger was pushing in where the finger had been. The other finger slipped out as I grunted and then said, “Fuck!” again. This was a big cock.

At this point, I could smell poppers and someone nearby held a bottle kind of under my nose. I grabbed at the hand to bring it close so I could get a serious whiff. My head started to spin and I was tingling all over as I took a second big whiff and then the cockhead burst into my hole.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I moaned. Whoever it was with the poppers let me take one more whiff, which was just what I needed because now I was being fucked, hard.

My ass was screaming but I was so turned on. I had just cum and my body wasn’t ready for this. My mind, however, was totally into it. This intensity, this lust, this sense of being used. This was what I had been wanting ever since I had started jerking off to the idea of forbidden raw sex.

I had no idea who this man in my ass was. I had no idea what he looked like, or who else he had fucked that night. Maybe ten guys had fucked him and I was the very bottom of the heap. The darkness had brought us together and we were each getting what we needed.

My cock was hard again and hands were grabbing at it. The sensation didn’t compare to the feeling of being fucked, even as my ass relaxed that little bit that it took for its resistance to go away and for the cock inside me to pound even deeper into my guts. I was standing almost on my tiptoes as each thrust from the taller man drove me upward.

“I want your--”

“Shut up,” he growled. His other hand went over my mouth. The arm around my chest slid all the way up to my neck and now I really was afraid I wouldn’t be able to breath. He pumped even harder into me and I yelped again.

“Shut up!” he shouted into my ear.

Some guys fuck like a rabbit, quick almost spasmodic pumps. This guy was more like a hammer, drawing back carefully before coming back hard. He was crushing my prostate and my cock was leaking as it bounced uselessly in front of me. Someone seemed to notice and tried to blow me but the fuck I was getting meant my groin bounced off his head and he stopped.

There were hands on my torso, touching me as if somehow they could absorb some of the power of this fuck.

I never would have tolerated being used like this after a date or on a hookup. But here, in a room full of men, I was ready. All the shame I had ever felt about my desires, all the guilt  that had haunted me for wanting to have sex with men, to taste their cum, to have them inside of me: these things required that I be fucked raw in the dark.

Hammer man was cursing in my ear now. “Fuck. Shit. Jesus. Fuck!”

I moaned and without stopping his cursing, he tightened his arm. He really was cutting off some of my air now. I could have panicked. I almost panicked. I would have panicked except that he began to shake. He arched his back, pulling me up off the floor completely, and roared as he came violently inside me in a series of short spasms.

After just a moment his hand came off of my mouth, and his arm fell away from my neck. I gasped for air for a moment but then his dick slipped out of my hole and he was turning me around and kissing me, holding both sides of my head as he invaded my mouth. I wrapped my arms around him--he really was hairy everywhere--and embraced the first man to breed my hole.

With surprising tenderness, he broke off the kiss, patted my cheek, and slipped away into the crowd and the darkness. I never found out who he was.

I reached back to my tender hole. I could feel cum running out of it and I wiped some up with my finger and brought it to my lips, savoring it. I imagined that some of it was his and some was the cum from the anonymous men who had fucked Michael.

Then there was another hand on my ass and a face pressed close to my ear and a voice asking, “Let me eat your ass.”


Felix texted me the next day and invited himself over, teasing me about how I lived right on top of the alley. We didn’t fuck, we just talked and I told him about how I had taken only one more load the night before, in that same dark room, from a guy who had seemed incredibly tense and had shot inside me in less than 2 minutes. I’d been fucked by two other guys who didn’t cum, and I’d fucked several myself without cumming, including a dude with a PA.

“Might have been Drew,” Felix said. “He only gets fucked when it's a dark room. But then he always gets fucked when it’s a dark room.”

It took me a while to admit that the party had been my first raw fuck as a bottom. I wasn’t only going to bottom: fucking ass was hot! But I was not going to be afraid to go after what I wanted, when I wanted. The party had changed that, changed me.

 “Dove in at the deep end of the pool,” I said. And Felix pointed out that was really the best place because the shallow end was a pretty stupid place to dive. Smartass.

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