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How I Changed

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This is generally based on what happened to a guy I know. Maybe I helped part of it happen. There will be several parts.


I used to tell myself that I don’t know why I changed. But I’ve had a lot of time to think about it and now I know.

In my late night porn-watching, I clicked on a link to a clip with a really hot guy in the thumbnail, a geeky (he was even wearing glasses) muscle guy. He was what, in my fantasies, I would transform myself into. Hey, I had the geek part down already, right?

The clip was really short but this guy was getting totally nailed by a big dick. It seemed like really rough sex to me. But as hard as the guy was being fucked and slapped around, he was clearly into it. His cock was rock solid and his eyes were rolling back into his head. And yeah, it was a raw scene.

So all this stuff turned me on at once and I came pretty fast and hard and then I freaked out and felt guilty and knew that there was something wrong with me. Which I had been doing since I started jerking off about guys anyway, so that part was pretty familiar.

Watching this kind of porn didn’t become an obsession or anything, but every once in a while I’d see some link and click it and, boom! I always busted my nut really fast.

Then I had to move. The condo I rented was sold, the new owners wanted to live there, blah, blah, blah. And when I went looking for a new apartment I found a really good deal on a place that was cheap because it was upstairs above a row of bars and restaurants that were open late. This was cool with me because I worked swing shift doing customer service at a call center (and I helped such nice people). I wasn’t getting home until a little after 2 am which was after the places closed.

It took me a month or two to realize that the alley behind my building was a cruising spot. 

With the light off in my bedroom, I could stand in the window and watch guys walk up and down the alley. The lighting wasn’t great, but I could see enough to fuel my imagination.

Sometimes two guys would stop and talk and then walk away together, going back to somebody’s place to fuck. But I could also see action from right there. A man would drop to his knees and bury his face in another man’s crotch.

Even better would be the times when one guy would turn to face the wall and drop his pants. I’d get a brief glimpse of his ass before another man would step up behind him and they’d start to fuck. Sometimes it was clear that the bottom needed some time to open up and get fucked. But there were other guys who seemed to get down to it right away. Maybe the tops had tiny dicks, but I liked it better thinking that the guys who were getting fucked were sluts who were already full of cum so no lube or loosening up was needed.

And that was when I pretty much gave up porn. I had this show outside my window every night.

I started to recognize some regulars. There was a short, bearish guy with a salt-and-pepper beard who got lots of blowjobs and a slender, dark-haired man, I thought he was Asian, who sucked him off pretty often, as he did lots of others. On Tuesdays, and only Tuesdays, a redhead showed up. He walked with a nervous energy and always left quickly with someone. I think it was always someone different.

I learned a few other things. A lot of  blowjobs happened near my window, but the fucking seemed to happen further down the alley, which was frustrating, because dumpsters could block my view.

Of course, I had to do some exploring. Walking down the alley in the broad light of day, I realized that one reason that fucking happened further down the alley was that one of the buildings on my side of the street didn’t extend to the back of its lot, so there was a space behind it that was more sheltered. I guessed that this belonged to a storefront that from the street appeared to have been under construction for a while, though I’d never seen workers there when I passed by during the day. Financing problems maybe? Who cared?

One Saturday night, I’d actually had a date. It was a total bust--the guy ghosted me mid-date, just walking out of the bar. I hadn’t really liked him but I nursed my wounds with a couple of bourbons before going home. I had another once I got there.

I undressed and stood in front of the mirror, drunk-assessing myself at 27. On the plus side, I wasn’t fat, I had a little definition on my pale body, and at 6’1” I had that to be proud of. On the other hand, I wasn’t cute, I didn’t have great hair (mousy brown) and I didn’t really do anything with it, and I don’t have a big dick. All of which I felt explained the fact that my hand had been my only sex partner for a year.

But, holy Christ. Guys were having sex outside my apartment. Every Night.

My heart was racing as I got dressed again. I felt like I was being incredibly transgressive by not wearing underwear under my jeans. A black t-shirt made me feel more anonymous.

Like so many of the men I had watched, I entered the alley at a slow pace, walking close to the far side. Blow-job bear was there, leaning against a door frame. He watched me go past and as I tried to sneak looks at his crotch. What was down there that got him so much attention?

I could see two guys ahead of me, on the other side of a dumpster. They were leaning close to each other and I thought they were talking until I drew even with them and saw that a third guy was on his knees between them, his head bobbing from one of their cocks to the other.

I stopped and leaned back against the opposite wall. I knew that there was plenty of watching in the alley. It wasn’t out of line to look. I started to get hard and began to rub my cock through my jeans.

One of the guys getting blown looked my way. A hispanic guy, maybe my age, pretty eyes. He turned back to looking down at the cocksucker. The other guy turned his head toward me and checked me out. Kinda handsome, dark blond. He smiled and then looked down again as well.

I decided to be brave and crossed the alley to lean against the wall about 10 feet away from the trio, my heart still pounding. I could see the cocksucker now. It was the (definitely) Asian guy who got so much practice here. He had buried his head on the blond guy’s dick and was really going to town. As the blond grabbed the cocksucker’s head and started to face fuck him, I saw the other guy’s hand slide down into the back of the blond’s loosened jeans. I guessed he was fingering the blond’s hole

The blond started to pant and gasp, “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” and I heard the cocksucker trying to make encouraging noises. Then the blond was shuddering and clearly cumming, his cock deep in the cocksucker’s throat.

The hispanic guy was staring at me now as he pulled his hand out of the blond’s pants. Wordlessly, he walked toward me and I could see a thick heavy dick hanging out of his open pants. It was slick with spit and uncut. I was staring right at it, unable to look anywhere else until he was right in front of me. And then he was pushing the index finger of his hand into my mouth and I was sucking on it and thinking that Oh, God, this was the finger that was in the blond’s ass and it tastes like sweat and man and cum and faintly of ass and I am sucking it because this hot guy with the mean cock wants me to and I am such a fucking dirty slut.

And this man who understood me in a way I had not smiled at me. He used the finger that was in my mouth, the finger that I was hungrily sucking, to push me down. I stumbled to my knees and he pulled my mouth open sideways as he pushed his cock into my mouth.

It tasted just like his finger only stronger. I knew that he’d fucked the blond guy raw and bred his ass. Part of me was completely horrified that I was letting this stranger use me like this and part of me was horrified that I wanted him to use me like this. And another part was angry that the blond guy had been fucked and not me. And angry that the blond guy had been bred and not me.

So I began to suck with a fury. I grabbed hold of his asschecks and held on as I tried to pull his cock all the way down my throat. His finger disappeared from my mouth as he grabbed my ears and asserted control of my rhythm. He wouldn’t let me be fast; he held himself in the depths of my throat with each thrust. He didn’t care how much I wanted him to cum Right Now. He was using me.

My eyes had teared up and my knees hurt from kneeling on the pavement but I stayed there, totally focused on his cock in my mouth. It went on and on and I kept hoping for him to cum but he didn’t.

I heard someone adjusting his clothes and then walk away. And then someone else stood close beside us.

“Can you cum again so soon?” a voice asked.

“Nope,” I heard. “Not after the way I came in you. I’m just testing this one out.” He stopped me completely and pushed my head back off his cock, looking down at me. I was trembling and my eyes kept darting from his face to his cock and back. “Maybe sometime I’ll fuck him. He fuckin’ needs to be bred, don’t you think?”

There was laughter from the blond and then the man who had used me was pulling his pants closed, tucking his magnificent cock inside, and walking away without even looking back at me on my knees in the alley with a rock hard dick still in my pants and a hunger inside.

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Part II

I staggered home and freaked out about what I was. I couldn’t get it out of my head and it obsessed me as I jerked off and shot a huge load. Which freaked me out more. And the more I thought about how much I needed to be the kind of cum whore I wanted to be, the more I got turned on. And then I jerked off again, and freaked out more.

I didn’t get to sleep until 6 am and I was awake in a few hours. I was online soon, looking at raw porn, reading stories, downloading hookup apps. I swung between states of arousal and fear. I wanted to be fucked raw right out of my mind and I then I would be full of shame and fear and my dick would get hard and I would jerk off.

Finally, I sat down and made a list of what I thought a sane person would do in my situation. I still have the list. It’s not completely coherent but since it was the product of my freakout, I think that’s understandable.

  • Have only healthy sex, physically and mentally
  • Stop drinking!
  • Focus on being a good person because a good person gets a boyfriend and has good sex
  • Get a boyfriend!
  • Go to the gym 5x/week
  • Become a vegan
  • New look! Dress like I care

Success was mixed. I dunno why I wrote down vegan. I guess I thought it would be super healthy-smart. I think I ate a bowl of lentils and that was it. 

I did stop drinking. And I did start going to the gym more. The good person/boyfriend thing was definitely going to take some strategic thinking. Ditto the new look because I kind of resented myself for writing that down.

 As for having only healthy sex--I’d gone for a year without having any, so all I had to do was stick to my old patterns, right?

Not so easy. I didn’t go back to the alley, but I did stand in the dark in my apartment and watch what happened there each night. Then I would jerk off again and freak out at how much I wanted to be raw fucked until cum leaked out of my ass.

So I changed my work shift. I actually got a promotion for changing to graveyard, which meant more money. I was out of my apartment from 11:30-8:30 Wednesday to Sunday. Temptation removed! 

Sort of.

That’s when I decided to see if I could train myself to be different sexually. If I was afraid of being a cumdump whore, I would be the kind of guy who used them. 

I found pump-and-dump offers on websites and apps and I went for it. God, there were a lot of flakes and jerks. I think in the first six weeks I actually fucked only two guys in darkened apartments, never seeing anything more than their asses in the air. And both those times I came so fast I was embarrassed. But these guys were all about collecting the loads and they didn’t seem to care. One of them invited me back nearly every week.

I kept pumping and dumping. I built up the ability to last, in part by thinking about how I was giving these anonymous guys what they wanted, making them happy. I wasn’t the biggest cock any of them ever took. But I’d played a game with myself that I could only cum in a guy’s ass, so that meant no jerking off. Which meant I was shooting pretty big loads and some of them at least, really liked it when I said I had a 3- or 4-day load for them.

About six months went by. I looked at my list, stuck on my fridge door, and gave myself some credit. I hadn’t had a drink. I’d kept up the gym. I was probably the only one who noticed a change (and my drive-by pump-and-dumps were not admiring my guns anyway), but I had a new habit.

As for the healthy sex, well, I was getting off regularly. It was consensual. And the guys always said, “Thanks, man!” So that was a great first step!

There was a guy named Nate who was one of my regular fucks. He lived about 10 blocks away, close enough that I could walk to his place when he was in a receiving mood. And one day Nate learned about the alley behind my place.

He had no idea that I lived there, just that I was kind of close to him. So when he messaged me and asked me if I wanted to meet in the alley, he had no idea how easy it would be for me. 

I freaked again. That would be a Bad Thing to do, I told myself. I told Nate that I couldn’t make it and he was totally cool about it. Helpfully, he let me know when he’d be there and what he’d be wearing.

So it was that late Tuesday/early Wednesday I was standing at my window, looking down in the alley. I'd never seen Nate’s face but I knew him as soon as he showed up. He was a little on the chub side and he always wore a backwards baseball cap when he was getting fucked. The image on it was Porky Pig.

He strolled into the alley right on time, wearing jeans and a leather jacket and that hat.

Right away I was hard and was jerking myself before I could even think about it.

Now I had a conflict. I’d decided the alley was a Bad Thing. But I had promised myself also that I wasn’t going to jerk off, only cum inside asses. I had a promise to keep!

That was all the excuse I needed to do down there.

By the time I’d dressed in jeans and a wife-beater, Nate was no longer in sight from my window. I had to compose myself not to rush down to the alley and by the time I got there I had adopted a relaxed, slightly curious stroll. I passed Blow-job Bear, who gave me a very direct look, which I returned boldly, and kept going down the alley.

I walked past the dumpster beside which I had been on my knees all those months ago and came to the wider place behind the storefront still under construction. Nate was there, on his knees already, sucking off a young guy, maybe early 20s, baby face, who was leaning against the building.

The young guy looked wary as I stepped closer. But I was in top guy mode now. I was The Fucker. I was confident.

I looked down at Nate. I guessed he was mid-30s, with a neat brown beard. His face was pushed up against the kid’s groin.

“You gonna fuck him?” I said quietly to the kid.

He looked startled and shook his head.

“He likes to get fucked,” I said.

Nate pulled back and let the kid’s cock drop out of his mouth. It was skinny but long. I’d never used him as a cocksucker but it was no surprise that he was experienced.

“Toby?” he whispered.

My name’s not Toby except on apps.

“Hey, slut,” I said. “Drop the pants.”

Nate grinned and obliged. I slipped a finger into his hole and he gave a familiar moan. He’d lubed himself up well.

The kid was watching us, wide-eyed. I used my other hand to grab his cock. I swear I could feel his heart racing through it but he didn’t shy away as I tugged Nate around, lining his hole up with the kid’s cock.

“Go ahead, fuck him,” I whispered to the kid.

He started to stammer something but I leaned in and kissed him. In a club or on a dating app this guy might never have given me the time of day, but here, in an alley dedicated to sex, he let my tongue into his mouth as I held his manhood. I squeezed his dick and he shuddered a little. 

“Come on, Nate,” I said, “Back up on this.”

I moved my hand away as Nate’s slick hole began to engulf the kid’s engorged cock. I slipped that hand down the back of the kid’s jeans and toward his own hole, just putting a little pressure below the hole itself.

“Look at you, man,” I whispered in the kid’s ear as he began to slowly slide his cock deeper into Nate. “You’re using that hole. You’re fucking him. Your cock is inside him and he loves it.”

The kid turned his head and started kissing me again. I moved my finger up and started pressing it against his hole directly now.

The kid slowed his fucking. He was distracted by all the sensory input. But Nate was eager and he began fucking himself on the kid’s cock as I worked my finger fully inside the kid. There was no lube in the kid’s hole. He wasn’t prepared to be a slut like Nate was, but he wasn’t freaked out about being fingered and I was fully hard, my cock still in my jeans as I thought about fucking this kid’s ass raw right there.

But Nate was too good at what he did. Suddenly the kid was cumming, shooting his load in Nate’s guts. I shoved my finger all the way up his hole as the kid climaxed with near spasms. He gasped repeatedly and I heard him saying faintly, “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

Nate and I laughed quietly, ruefully and then I kissed the kid again, his dick still inside Nate’s hole. “You’re a hot fucker,” I said as I broke off the kiss. “I’d be glad to show you how to really enjoy that. And a few more things.” My finger was still up his hole and I pushed against his prostate.

The kid had flushed a bright red. He looked confused. I had an idea about why.

“Any time you see me, you let me know what you’re up for,” I told him. “This is a great start, but it can be just a start.”

There was a “plop” as his dick slid out of Nate’s hole as Nate stood up. “Thanks,”  the kid whispered to me, and then again, almost as an afterthought to Nate. He started grabbing his pants to hike them up and in about 30 awkward seconds he was walking away down the alley.

I fucked a load into Nate right there that night. Blow-job Bear had wandered down from his usual station and watched us from the shadows but as far as I could tell he never even fondled himself as he did so.

Nate cleaned my cock off after I’d unloaded in him, something he’d never done before. But I stick a finger from my left hand in his ass before I left him there and walked home with a glob of pungent cum and ass juices on it. I carefully avoided touching anything with that hand.

At home, I savored it. My cum, the kid’s cum, and Nate’s juices, they tasted amazing. 

I didn’t know who I was but it was fucking hot.

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Part 3

I couldn't stop thinking about fucking Nate in the alley and how I wished I had fucked the kid. By the time the weekend rolled around, I could not concentrate, I was so horny. I broke down and called in sick to work.

    Just after midnight on Friday, I was looking out my window, watching the men who were already drifting into the alley. I was surprised, since a lot of the restaurants were still open and staff was coming and going, putting out trash, taking a smoke break.

    And then I realized that there was no way all these guys were cruising that alley at that hour.  Maybe 30 men had walked by. Where could they have gone? Investigating was all the excuse I needed.

    I slipped into a pair of jeans, motorcycle boots, and a wife-beater and headed downstairs, calm, confident, and horned up.

    Blow-job Bear was not in his usual position, but I guessed it was too early, a little past 12:30. Then, as I approached the spot near the abandoned storefront where I had fucked Nate and fingered the kid, I saw him. He was standing beside a door into the storefront. Red light leaked from around the doorframe and I could hear a throb of bass. Jesus Christ, there was a club here?

    The bear looked at me,  the first time he had looked me in the eyes, and jerked a thumb toward the door. I walked over.

    “What’s up?” I asked.

    “Private gathering. You might like it. No admission.”

    “Nice of somebody to throw a party like that.”

    “I’ve seen you here. You could have a good time. Check it out.”

    He reached over and pulled the door open. The light and the sound poured out into the street and I stepped inside.

    The red light filled the first room, which had no furniture, no decoration. Three doorways led out of it. It was hard to make out what lay through any of them; it seemed like only the red light illuminated them. I chose right.

    It was a hallway. I took a few steps and stopped, letting my eyes adjust. The music seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere. I took a few more steps forward and realized I could see a doorway of some kind another fifteen or so feet ahead. I walked carefully toward it and stepped into a large room.

    It was lit by the faint light of a large screen showing raw porn. Five or six men stood around the room, several of them paired off and making out. I knew that if I stayed and watched, I could probably join in some kind of action. But I wanted to know what else this place held and there was another doorway directly across the room. It turned out to be a stair and in the faintest of light I made my way carefully down below street level.

    The light here was so much less than upstairs. I could hear much more than I could see, the wet, sloppy sounds of men fucking and sucking. I edged to my right and found the wall. At the same time I bumped into someone.

    A strong hand gripped my wrist. I started to whisper a “sorry, man” when the other hand pulled mine to a thick cock. Partly engorged but not fully hard, it was slick already--saliva? Lube?--and I automatically began to stroke it.

    The man’s other hand gripped my head, pulled it forward and I was being kissed, hard, invasively. I felt another body pressing against me from the right and someone else was massaging my crotch.

    The cock in my hand had a heavy foreskin and although I could not see it, and I could not really see anything of them men beside me, touching me. I started to drop to my knees. The man kissing me sensed this and held me in place. He was taller than I was and the tight skin of his groin told me he was fit, whoever he was. He seemed to be naked.

    The hand on my crotch was moving up and down my body, playing with my nipples before moving back to rub my now fully hard dick. I felt this second man press himself against me from behind. His cock was hard too and it pushed insistently against my ass. Instinctively, I pushed back against it. I ground my ass against him.

    “Like a bitch in heat,” I heard him say. I moaned a little into the mouth of the man who was kissing me. 

It was like I was bipolar. Last night I had been the one taking charge, making decisions, choosing to have the kid fuck Nate. I had told myself that I was coming here to do the same things. And now, with the slightest contact with another man’s hard cock, I was ready to do whatever these men wanted, even though I had no idea who they were. I could pass them on the street tomorrow and have no idea.

I reached behind me with my free hand, eager to feel the cock that was pressing itself against my jeans. It was slick too. Had these guys already fucked someone in this room tonight? Had they bred him? This one curved upward and to the left slightly. God, how would that feel inside me?

The hair at the base of the cock was dense and curly. Maybe this man was black?  Was he my age? Old enough to be my father? Handsome? It was part of the unknown that I had stepped into, where the only clear thing was that I wanted this cock and the one I held in my hand and any other cock I could get.

    Suddenly he stepped away from me and I felt a cold absence where he had pressed against me. I reached back to find empty space. And then the owner of the thick cock I had been jerking pulled away too. “Later,” I heard him whisper. “Way too soon. And check your clothes if you wanna be a pig. Upstairs to the left.”

    He walked away and I stood there panting for a few minutes. I was so full of lust and there was so much opportunity here, even if I had no idea who it was with.

    I carefully made my way upstairs, through the room I had crossed before and into the intense red light of the entrance. And yes indeed, I saw that the door to the left led to a long room, slightly more brightly lit than the TV room, where a tall, actual black guy, magnificently naked, with sleek muscles and a mushroom headed cock, handed me a clear plastic bag. I shucked everything but my boots and handed the bag over in exchange for a tag with a number on it. The tag went into my boot, the bag onto a table marked into sections with tape.

    I’d been nervous stripping down in front of this incredibly hot guy. He was polite, if not friendly, and didn’t seem to give me a look that wasn’t business like. I kept telling myself that this was just like the gym and I was heading for the showers but my dick didn't know what to do. Stand up proud? Hang loose? It was as confused as the rest of me.

    As I turned to head back and continue exploring, several other men entered the room and began exchanging their clothes as well. I recognized the sleeve tattoo on a short, blonde guy. I ‘d pumped a few loads into his ass. I’d never seen his face but he always pulled his cheeks open to facilitate entry, so I’d seen the tat.

    I decided I was here for fresh encounters.

    Back in the entry room, I chose the middle door. It was much larger than the TV room, with weak overhead lighting. There were a few naked guys here but most were clothed. I got some considering looks as I walked in, but there was no action happening here yet. 

    I considered the “too early” comment I had heard downstairs. Had I shown up at a sex party--my first sex party--too soon? Was everyone conserving their loads for the perfect moment? 

    I returned to the smaller room with the porn TV. Things were better here. I could see several guys on their knees, including a pair in front of a silver daddy who had a power-lifter’s body and was wearing a studded leather harness. If things were heating up here, then my odds were better downstairs.

    Once I had made my way into the basement again, instead of immediately sliding against the wall, I started to move cautiously into the center of the room. I could hear men around me, whispering, grunting, making the wet, forceful sounds of sex. I stood there, waiting once again for my eyes to adapt. 

    Other than figures in movement around me, the only other thing I could make out was the faint outline of some other opening. I walked toward it and as I neared it, a hand reached out and grabbed my cock. I slipped away. I wanted to know more first.

    A short hallway turned left into another better lit room. The first room must have been some kind of test to see if you were really ready to play hard.

    Just to my left, a beefy guy, early 40s, with a hairy dadbod was leaning forward, grasping two poles that came down from the ceiling, holding on hard as someone plowed him repeatedly. “Shit, oh shit,” he was saying over and over.

    I stepped over to get a better look. I wanted to see the cock driving into that hole. And that’s when I noticed the guy fucking him, especially when he gave me a goofy smile even while driving his cock into that hairy ass.

    Friends had set me up on a blind date with Felix, maybe because we were both of us were, well, not cute. We hadn’t clicked. Enough that we hadn’t fucked. Maybe that had been a mistake. Felix was an ectomorph like me, strongly inclined to skinny, and much shorter at around 5’7”. I knew he was self conscious about his height. But he was a lot more defined than I was. And judging by what I could see, he was hung.

    He jerked his head at me and I took that as an invitation. I gave him a long wet kiss, doing my best to stay out of his way so as not to interrupt his rhythm. As I pulled away, he grinned again and said, “Play with my tits. I’m gonna unload in this guy.”

    I slipped behind him and reached around to rub his nipples. My hard cock pressed against his back just above his butt crack but he didn’t seem to notice. “You can be rough,” he said. “Fuck yes!” the guy he was fucking moaned and Felix laughed. He picked up the pace.

    Felix’s ass and back were bouncing against my cock and it was driving me crazy. I was twisting his nipples as hard as I had ever twisted a guy’s but he didn’t seem to mind. “Breed him,” I urged. “I wanna see you breed his ass.”

            That was a hell of a way to say hello. But he clearly didn’t mind.

    “You wanna be bred, Randy?” Felix grunted. “You want my load again?”

    “Oh yeah!” Randy panted. “Deep inside. Deep inside.”

    Three or four other guys were standing around us now. A tall guy in his 50s shoved his cock into Randy’s mouth and I felt hand on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart.

    Then Felix started to really buck, hard almost wild thrusts of his hips. “Yeah,” he grunted, “Oh yeah!” and he shuddered then shuddered again. “You are fucking bred,” he almost shouted.

    He staggered back a little, right into me. Hands were reaching out from around us for his cock, but I said clearly, “Mine!” and I slid right around him and down to my knees. Gently, reverently, I took his cum-covered cock in my mouth. He shivered--I could tell he was sensitive like I was after cumming--and instead of teasing the head I let all 8 thick inches of his sloppy dick slide to the back of my throat and just held it there.

    There was jostling around us as another mind lined up to enter Randy’s hole. But I stayed on my knees, looking up at Felix. I swallowed gently and he twitched but he smiled at me.

    “Jesus,” he said, and then used my real name, not Toby. “What did I overlook? You’re a hot fucking slut.”

    He patted my face and pulled his cock slowly out of my mouth, then grabbed me under the arms and pulled me up to stand in front of him. “I gotta rest for a few so I can do this again.” He wiped some cum or saliva off my lips.

           The hand was back on my ass again, a finger probing my hole.

           “Oh hey, Drew,” Felix says. “My buddy wants to get fucked. Help him out while I recover.”

            Felix gave me a quick peck on the lips and walked right out of the room.

           “You’re tight and your hole isn’t lubed up” said a voice behind me. “Gotta fix that before you get loaded up.”

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Part 4

I turned my head to look at the man who was invading my hole. He was striking.

             Drew was a boyishly handsome, late 40s man with vivid green eyes. He reminded me instantly of an architect who had lived next to us while I was in high school. Clean-cut, almost intellectual looking, if I can say that about a naked man at a sex party.

             His chest was covered in grey-blond hair and he was in average shape. I’m sure he looked good fully dressed and, well, I didn’t care so much about his body because his flaccid cock was sporting a Prince Albert. What would that do to me?

            He pulled me toward another pair of poles near the wall and I realized there were lube dispensers mounted on the wall like soap dispensers, except these were to help you be dirty instead of clean. Drew pumped out a few heavy shots and let them rest in his hand to warm up.

           “Always better to get fucked before you come here,” he said, casually. “Makes it easy to start playing as soon as you arrive.”

            When he inserted the first finger, it was the middle one, giving him the deepest access. I gasped but said, “God, I want that.”

            Drew leaned his face near to mine. “I might fuck you,” he said quietly. “I wanna see if you’re up for the challenge. What’s the most times you’ve been fucked in one night?”

           I swallowed and said, “twice,” doubling my actual record.

           Drew smiled. It was an evil smile. “How many raw cocks have been in your ass?”

           Now I hesitated. I didn’t want to get laughed out of this place. I didn’t want to spoil my chance to get Drew in my ass. But the only person I lie to well is myself.

            “I do lots of pump and dumps where I breed guys,” I said, looking directly in those green eyes. “Now I wanna be rawfucked and bred like I do to them. I don’t wanna keep thinking about it. I wanna do it.”

            “You dirty fucking cum whore.” With each word Drew pressed his finger hard against my prostate and I gasped. I couldn’t hide how much I wanted him to do this. “I saw the way you swallowed Felix’s cummy dick.” He kissed me hard and asked, “Do you eat your load out of the asses of those men you fuck? Do you swallow the cum of all the other men who have bred them?”

           He laughed as he saw from the expression on my face that I realized what I had missed. “You will now, I bet.”

           Drew had a second finger pushing at my hole and I pushed back on it. It slipped in. “Please fuck me,” I begged.

           He looked me right in the eyes and said, “You mean, please blow my load in your hole and breed you? You mean, please, Mr.I Don’t Know Who You Are, won’t you cum in my ass?”

          “Yeah, oh yeah!”

          Several men were leaning against the wall around us. I could tell by the smirk on one guy’s face that he had been listening. He was a muscular man in his mid-30s, with the kind of exaggerated body of a Jersey Shore bro. His dark hair was buzzed into a flat top and one arm and one leg were covered in sleeve tattoos. His cock was flaccid and stubby.

          Drew beckoned him over. He said, “Hey,” as he joined us and Drew quickly made introductions.

          “Michael here is a high-performance fuck hole,” Drew explained and Michael grinned. “How many loads tonight, Michael?”

          “I just got here, so only two that I brought from home.”

          “Whose are they?”

          “ Fuck if I know their names,” Michael shrugged. “Some black kid who shot really fast and a dude who said he was visiting from Chicago.”

           “Time to share,” Drew said. Michael willingly turned to present his muscular ass to us. It was clearly very hairy but he kept the hair trimmed not waxed. That turned me on even more. It was impressive to think that it was a receptacle for so much cum. I would have fucked it eagerly. But thought of that disappeared as Drew withdrew his fingers from my hole. “Spread his cheeks,” he told me.

          Michael obliged us by arching his back and I pulled his glutes apart to reveal a bright red pucker. It was shiny. I wanted to dive right in but Drew’s finger beat me to it. He slipped right inside. For a moment he wiggled it and Michael said, “What a tease” before Drew pulled out, a shiny glob of cum and mucus on his finger.

          I leaned forward to lick it but Drew pulled it away. “Not in the mouth, you hungry slut. Turn around.”

          I obeyed as I heard Drew say, “Michael, now you spread his cheeks.” 

          I tried to arch my back as I felt two strong hands parting my ass, and then Drew’s wet, cum-covered finger was slipping inside me.

          It was all I could do not to grab my dick and start rubbing one out for all I was worth. The sexual thrill in my body and my brain was electric. I had the cum in my ass. I didn’t know whose it was. I hadn’t even been fucked yet and I had anonymous cum inside me.

          Drew slipped a second finger in again, and then a third as he used his control of my hole to turn me back to face him. He was looking at me with powerful intensity and I wanted him to do it forever. I wanted any man to do it.

         “Is that turning you on? Are you a bigger cumslut than you were before? You thought you were one when you got here, but I keep showing you that you have no idea how low you can sink. Is this what you want?”

          “Fuck, yeah!” I panted. “You’re making me so fucking turned on. Jesus, I need it.”

          Drew push my head down and to the side. I saw briefly that Michael had been jerking his cock while he watched what Drew did to me. It had grown much longer. It wasn’t thick but it was nearly 7 inches. And then I was swallowing it.

          “Get it slick, slut.” Drew said. “Michael’s gonna be your first fuck of the night. You wanna be a cumwhore, you can learn from a champ.”

          Michael held my head in place and face fucked me. I felt him grow harder and I had to work not to gag. After a minute he pulled out and I looked at his glistening cock. It was beautiful and raw.

          "Fuck me, Michael,” I begged. “Breed me.”

          Drew pulled me up from behind and once again turned me, so that now my ass was facing Michael. I could feel Michael fingering my hole for a second and then the head of his cock was pressing against my anus. I pushed back slightly, trying not to wince, and then he slipped in.

          He barely waited before he thrust fully inside me. I yelped but at the same time I felt an incredible rush of excitement. I had a raw cock inside my ass!

          “You’re fucked now,” Drew said to me, almost angrily. “You’re nothing but a cum dump for one of the biggest sluts in town.” He stood right in front of me, looking intently at me, even as my head bounced around from the fuck that Michael was giving me. “All these men here”--there were at least 20 guys in the room now--”they see you with Michael’s raw cock in your hole. And they can see how much it turns you on. No secrets for you any more.”

          “Yes!” I gasped. “I want that. I want that!”

          A glistening ball of spit appeared on Drew’s lips. I stuck out my tongue and tried to lean forward to lick it off but he spat it at me instead. It landed on my cheek,

          “You sick, twisted fuck,” he growled. “Now we’ll see what kind of trouble you can get in.”

          I moaned as he turned and walked away, out of the room and into the dark room.

          Behind me, Michael slowed and then unceremoniously pulled out of my hole with a plop. Before I could even protest, he put a hand on my shoulder and said, “Way too early for me to cum and your tight hole is dangerous. But good start at being a fuckhole, kid. Maybe we’ll find each other later tonight.”

         And then he walked away, too, into the dark room, leaving me there alone in the middle of the room with a wet sloppy hole and unbred.

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