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    I like to fuck guys. Mostly. If you're older than me and muscular, hell yeah, I want that ass. But I have this thing that makes me give it up for short built guys. And Asian guys. Can't explain. Just how it works.
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    Here in the big city, looking for fun, learning some tricks, fucking some ass, sharing some loads.

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  1. Thanks! Glad to offer satisfaction 😈
  2. Thanks! I was working from lots of conversations with my buddy about some of his thoughts at parties, etc.
  3. Part 5 Ten days later, I would be on my back with my legs in the air and Felix’s cock buried in my ass. Two other guys would be there in my bedroom, watching us. Felix would stop fucking me and launch into a rant about how the fantasies of bottom guys always involved their holes being somehow irresistible to every man within a mile, as if this one bottom was the last one left in the entire city. (And I’d have to beg him to keep going before he finally came inside me.) That night at the party, standing outside the dark room, I didn’t think of it exactly that way. But I had just
  4. Thanks. Our boy is going to get what he needs soon!
  5. Part 4 I turned my head to look at the man who was invading my hole. He was striking. Drew was a boyishly handsome, late 40s man with vivid green eyes. He reminded me instantly of an architect who had lived next to us while I was in high school. Clean-cut, almost intellectual looking, if I can say that about a naked man at a sex party. His chest was covered in grey-blond hair and he was in average shape. I’m sure he looked good fully dressed and, well, I didn’t care so much about his body because his flaccid cock was sporting a Prince Albert. What would
  6. Part 3 I couldn't stop thinking about fucking Nate in the alley and how I wished I had fucked the kid. By the time the weekend rolled around, I could not concentrate, I was so horny. I broke down and called in sick to work. Just after midnight on Friday, I was looking out my window, watching the men who were already drifting into the alley. I was surprised, since a lot of the restaurants were still open and staff was coming and going, putting out trash, taking a smoke break. And then I realized that there was no way all these guys were cruising that alley at that hour.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement and messages, guys. I'm glad to know you like it. Working on a third installment. It's a big one 😀
  8. Hope the story brings back some good memories
  9. Part II I staggered home and freaked out about what I was. I couldn’t get it out of my head and it obsessed me as I jerked off and shot a huge load. Which freaked me out more. And the more I thought about how much I needed to be the kind of cum whore I wanted to be, the more I got turned on. And then I jerked off again, and freaked out more. I didn’t get to sleep until 6 am and I was awake in a few hours. I was online soon, looking at raw porn, reading stories, downloading hookup apps. I swung between states of arousal and fear. I wanted to be fucked raw right out of my mind and I th
  10. This is generally based on what happened to a guy I know. Maybe I helped part of it happen. There will be several parts. I used to tell myself that I don’t know why I changed. But I’ve had a lot of time to think about it and now I know. In my late night porn-watching, I clicked on a link to a clip with a really hot guy in the thumbnail, a geeky (he was even wearing glasses) muscle guy. He was what, in my fantasies, I would transform myself into. Hey, I had the geek part down already, right? The clip was really short but this guy was getting totally nailed by a big dick. I
  11. I don't like the "daddy" & "son" language, but I like topping guys older than me. Yeah, there can be some power dynamic stuff going on there--that's what my shrinks have said and I believe them. My cock is in the ass of some authority figure type and he wants me to breed him? That's hot! But older guys seem to know how to enjoy themselves more too. Less shame/fear, More excitement!
  12. Thanks for the like 

  13. I got a text yesterday from a guy I've met a couple of times at fisting parties one of my buddies throws (so he can get lots of attention). Jeff's mid-40s, bearded ginger, kinda lumbersexual guy with the exaggerated upper body you see on some gym bears. I knew he was in a relationship because at these parties his rule is supposedly that he can fist but he can't put his dick in any holes. His hands are big and he's never fisted me but he has played with my hole while I have fisted my buddy or fucked someone else who's waiting to fist. So yesterday he wanted to know if I was interested in b
  14. Crazy work life, then a change in work schedule meant I haven't been doing much except getting off with some FBs. Finally things have settled down and I am adapting. One big change is that I go to the gym in the morning now, around 10-11 am. Whole new group of guys there! Since I am not cute or really built, I advertise my best asset (a big dick!) by taking my time in the locker room, always showering after a workout, not wrapping a towel around myself, hanging out a little in the sauna. I don't fuck there because it's a hassle to stop and start. Got lots of looks right off the bat f
  15. Loads in asses are totally hot. If I see a guy whose ass I have cum in, it turns me on. Makes me want to cum in another. Swallowed loads don't have the same effect,
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